Want to know more about werewolves and werewolf societies? Well you have come to the right place.

An explanation of what the difference is between Genetic and Bitten Werewolves.

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Here are links to the twelve major werewolf clans:

Bone or Storm Werewolf

Dragon Werewolf

Dyan Werewolf

Frost Werewolf

Ghost Werewolf

Hunter or Blood Werewolf

Ice Werewolf

Lightning Werewolf

Oak Werewolf

Singing Werewolf

Wild Werewolf

Wind or Death Werewolf

Links to all the major werewolf Mythos and Alliances coming soon. In the meantime you can use the drop-down menu under Lycanthropology in the menu bar to get to all the information that we have on the site.

415 thoughts on “Lycanthropology

  1. I need to become a werewolf not for the reasons you may think. I’m not a delusional kid. I’m a man seeking revenge and need the ability to carry out said revenge in the most horrific manner possible. I traveled with an elite private military unit and have seen some things so I know you exist. Please help me destroy these men for what they’ve done.

    • I’m sorry. But the only way you can become a lycanthrope is by being born one. And the lycanthrope’s are usually peaceful creatures. We are very misunderstood. Humans have changed our stories to make them more amusing. and most of them are made up anyway. And if you do happen to become one ( there is a way but you’re not know that ) You should never abuse the privilege of becoming la lycan.

    • Try to set it as a life long path and do meditations with the wolf spirits. Try to assimilate. It takes years.

          • I don’t meditate… Meditation has never been a thing and never will. Whenever I try to meditate I don’t feel like gathering enough focus to accomplish anything, and after a meditation session I never felt like becoming closer to shift. To me, possible shifting triggers are extreme emotions and “letting the wolf out”, mostly prey drive. But not by any means meditation or connecting with wolf spirits.

            • What lululala is talking about is a way to bond with a wolf spirit/wolf totem. It’s a method used by shamans, medicine men, and tribsmen to gain the ability to shapeshift. What you’re saying is a method of activating or triggering a werewolf ability that’s already present natually. Let me know if I’m wrong.

  2. ….I was asked to check this out by a friend of mine. He is quite odd in his ways I know what he is and he says I am too. I don’t know what he thinks entirely I do wish to find out. At this point he is panicking because April 29 the next full moon is coming up. He has puts bars on the windows and got more locks for all the doors, he said that I need to stay inside after dark now. I listen to what he is saying and I hear alot of noise outside at night, I’ve only checked once because he yelled at me after. But it was a group of guys and there eyes looked different underneath the porch light and I swear they had hair everywhere like an sterotypical Italian. After that I made him explain and he said I smell like the others he’s found but at the same time different. I’ve been really good about processing everything but now I’m getting scared and more emotional. Smells are stronger and I can feel people coming closer to me without knowing who it is or looking. I can taste everything he’s put into the food he makes, I can see alot better then before even without my glasses. I don’t fully understand and he refuses to explain anymore and I really don’t want to get into a fight with him.

    • First of all, he his not a lycan and neither are you. First of all you don’t turn on a full moon. And The only way you can become a lycanthropeIs by being born one or another way, but you’re not allowed to know that. He’s probably just being weird or creepy and when you do turn you have full control. And if you really were one you’ll be able to turn since you were first born

      • I don’t know about everybody else but I would appreciate the opportunity to be something so majestic and make something more out of life than just be on this earth to pay taxes until my deathbed it would be nice and quite an adventure course when I hear lycan I think about underworld style now that’s a good look but either why it would be nice any wolves out there truly hehe enjoy it

  3. Need advice, my mother is a werewolf, my eyes turn yellow when I’m angry, and I need to know if I’ve inherited my mothers lycanthropy.

  4. For those of you who think everything everyone is saying is true, then you know nothing. A werewolf is the same as a lycan And we don’t change during a full moon. However there is no way to be turned except for one way, but you are not aloud to know that. The main way you can become a lycanthrope is by being born one. But each lycanthrope’s birthday happens to fall on a full moon. I Doubt that any of you are not lycanthrope’s and don’t know anything about them. First of all, we are peaceful misunderstood creatures. Except for a few rouges. And if your over 13 and haven’t turned, then you are not a lycanthrope. Feel free to message me.

    • Just so you know, not all weres shift when they turn 13, some shift later on in life, mostly when they’re 18. Half weres shift when they’re 18 or a little older and the first shift always occurs on the full moon and after they can shift at will, but it takes time to master it. The first shift takes about 10 minutes or less. And when we first shift, we are never in control. And after, we become bigger in size, harder in look and substance, we become faster, stronger, more agile, more flexible, we have better reflexes, endurance and senses and are voice may or may not deepen. Our fur coats are not dependent on our hair color, for example, I’m a larger black wolf with gold eyes and I’m an alpha. And I’m also something else, but cannot tell anyone and I can turn people by biting them and so can all wolves, their just to afraid to try.

      • You forgot about dormants which would be the children of someone who’s a quarter werewolf and/or possibly their descendants.
        They can have werewolf tendencies but won’t shift until it’s activated usually by getting bitten. The difference is that dormants already have some Ulfr DNA and thus survive being bitten better than normal humans.
        Other than that though it sounds like you know your stuff. Right down to the golden eyes. How did you become an Alpha? if you don’t mind my asking. Also does the name Fenris Ulf mean anything to you? I’m also a wolf and something else, or I was more something else right now though.

  5. Hey lupa have you heard of a nephilitic gene and werewolf hybrid there able to channel the werewolf gene but not being one

  6. The other day my daughter and I were walking to the store and someone tried to cat call and pick us up I got so angry within 5 mins my pulse was racing , I just wanted to get home quickly is this a symptom I have others

  7. I was born a lycanthrope and I found my mate, who turned out to be the Alpha of his pack. My father had explained to me that I became his Luna once we…mated. We have mated and he has marked me as his mate. I’m not sure how, but I think I have another mate. Is this possible? Since I have found my true mate, could this other wolf, a Beta in the pack, just have been a possible mate? Our family’s histories go back to the English and French war, so I have my doubts. There is a rogue pack that has heard of me, since I was late coming into my lycan blood, and their Alpha wants me for himself… Also, are there any other lycans here that can use Magicka? I can “tame” a flame of any size and enter random people’s minds D’s, as well as feel what they do. The pack calls me the Seer, because I have dreams that are truly visions. Things yet to come…

    Am I a special type of lycan? Or can a lot of others do this too?

    Please let me know if you can do these things GS. These abilities worry me. I’m a target due to them.

    • Your abilities may have nothing to do with your lycanthropy. Humans have a surprising amount of potential with the supernatural, and it may just be a gift. As far as being a target, try to protect yourself. As I often say, “If you can see the world, the world can see you.” This is especially true for a seer. Be careful, and good luck!

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