Wind or Death Clan

Wind Clan or Death Clan are two different clans who share the same moon and many of the same powers.

Your Moon: As a Wind or Death Werewolf as you may choose to become, you draw power from the Wind Moon in March (Northern Hemisphere) or in September (Southern Hemisphere).

If you didn’t experience your first transformation beneath the Death Moon you will likely be called upon to survive a terrifying ritual on your first Death Moon ritual while Wind Werewolves will experience a gentler transformation into the Wind Clan.

Human Form: Both Wind Werewolves and Death Werewolves are considered driven, intense, willful, intellectual, mystical, musical and stubborn. In human form you Wind Werewolves may be identified by your crazy hair and your love of music.  For example you can likely carry a tune or remember a song easily and/or play an unusual wind instrument. You may also love wind sports like surfing and sailing or flying kites and travel.

If however if you have gone to the Death Clan, then your talents and skills while similar to that of Wind Werewolves are often put to more mystical or abstract pursuits. You may also at times be called upon by the reapers who are allied with your kin to assist one of their kind on a mission so be prepared…

Wolf Form: Whether Wind Clan or Death Clan is your final destination, your wolf form is sleek and fast with spiky fur. Your powerful howl can strike fear into an opponent’s heart or summon an ally to you in no time.

Hybrid Form: Both experienced Wind Werewolves and Death Werewolves can achieve a hybrid wolf-human form with the help of training and certain clan secrets, however this form can be unstable and short-lived for you under some conditions and it takes you a considerable degree of energy to maintain.

With the right training Death Werewolves can also achieve a shadow form that will enable you to visit the Underealms with the reapers.

Habits & Customs: Both Wind and Death Werewolves carry a tiny instrument, often a whistle worn around the necks or wrist (gold not silver!) This whistle is silent to human ears but when you blow into it long enough, the sound will trigger your transformation processes and help you to channel some of your powers. Losing that whistle can mean losing control over your inner wolf.

Wind Werewolves are encouraged to keep their human and lupine separate and secret but they are not obligated.

Social Structure: Wind Werewolves are very social in both human and werewolf form yet they need open spaces. For this reason they tend to travel in groups of no more than three, and often prefer to live and crib in coastal areas.

Death Werewolves are more solitary, and may be found cribbing up in the sailboats or lighthouses or abandoned castles by the sea.

Allies:  Wild Clan has two unusual alliances with the leprechaun kind as well as a more troubled history with angelic beings while the breakaway Death Clan is by definition allied with the reapers who will call on you to pay for your powers by assisting them with their work from time to time.

Powers: As a Wind or a Death Werewolf, you can use your powers in different ways depending in part on your choices, including your choice of of Alliance and Mythos.

Wind Werewolves may choose between Akasha and Aeolian Alliance. Those who choose the Akasha Alliance sometimes choose to go by the alternate name of Death Wolves.

When challenged, Wind Wolves gain power from the North East and in the early morning hours, particularly at sunrise and in wide open spaces.

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  1. Okay so I know I am a wind werewolf, but I came here to see for more wind werewolves. If y’all are out there and close to NC or any were in the US, and are a loner or have room for someone else in your pack, then PLEASE message me.

  2. Does anyone know if im a werewolf. I’ve gotten stronger my hair fizzes up I love meat and I feel free in the wild like I want to stay forever. The app said I was a wild werewolf so dose anyone know and wild wolves who can help?

    • It doesn’t have to be a wild werewolf to help you get started, it ca be any werewolf.


      It sounds a bit like you are a werewolf. I have this list of questions and if you answer them and I check over them and see how many answers point to the “YOU ARE A WEREWOLF” direction and how many point to the “SORRY, YOU’RE NOT”. I’ll search for the questions… I’m sure it’s in one of my drawing pads somewhere…

  3. for a long while I thought I was a Wild wolf until recently after having visions and an experience this morning where I was a Black wolf like being with red eyes. And recent visions of the Underworld..

  4. Hey guys I’m a wind wolf of the hydran join the alliance. P.S anyone who lives in Ireland Lets start a pack :lol:

    [Edited: Please do not post personal information like your full real name, birthday, age, address (state or country is okay but not town or city) or email. This rule is for your safety. Thanks.]

  5. I find something a bit flawed with this clan: It is called Windclan, which is also a cat clan in a popular book series called “Warriors.” Either this is just a coincidence, or absolutely fake. :|

  6. It says I’m a Dyan wolf and I have an ex friend and he’s a werewolf and I haven’t changed yet is it a certion age he says I’m a wolf and I’ve turned but I don’t remember anything of when I change it’s like i black out and I can’t figure out y

  7. Hi. I am a werewolf and I have always known that, but could somebody please help me with the clan?
    My personality and look is completely a Wind Werewolf, I am very good at playing ocarinas, flutes etc, I have very strong howl, I do not feel cold, my name means “Wind” in our language, I can hear the sound of a dogwhistle, I love flying planes, my hair is a messy mohawk (Im a girl:3) etc. But I still have strong connections to Dyan Clan. For example, I draw the power only from the Northern Hemisphere Dyan Moon (I have born twelveth day of June, the fullmoon day), when I look into my wolf mirror, I see myself in my wolfform, and it also helps me to trigger and control my transformings, I always carry something silver or silver-coloured with me, ’cause it makes me feel lots of more self-confident. If I dont have any silver with me, I’ll become sad and depressed in couple hours.
    Also there are things that tells me I definetely am NOT a Dyan: I HATE cities, I never could even think to be in a place with so many people, scents and loud noices, and I am absolutely NOT going to build my crib there. Small villages are okay, but if I had a chance to choose, I would live in the deepest woods, where a human could not get. Also I would love to live high up in the mountains, where a strong wind could blow and I could feel myself alive.
    So should I choose Wind Clan or Dyan Clan? I sense that I am a Wind Werewolf, but is it okay to be one if you draw the power of Dyan Moon and are addicted to silver? I am a bit scared what you will answer, ’cause I dont feel myself as a Dyan Werewolf ;).

    • Kuroi,

      Well the advice that I can give to you is to choose the one that feels right. You might want to try and meditate a bit and truly find which Clan you want to go with. Also I would like to inform you that just because you’re born in the month of a certain moon, doesn’t always mean that that’s the Clan for you. I know I myself am an exception to this. Born in October, also known as the Hunter/Blood from where I’m from, and I’m a Hunter wolf. Really it’s up to you on which Clan you choose. Either way I feel that you will be great in which ever Clan you pick.


  8. I thank you, Accalia. I spent last night meditating in the woods, and a white sleek wolf with very blue eyes came in front of me. She told me something in an ancient sounding language I don’t understand and then disappeared in shadows. Also there was a strange wound on that wolf’s forehead. It looked like this:
    Does it mean something?
    I really can’t say was it a dream or was it not. But when I woke up early in the morning, I felt something had changed. I had decided for sure, that I’m a Wind Werewolf.
    Sorry if I explained it too difficulty: I’m from Finland and I’m still very young werewolf.

  9. Hi fellow wind wolves out there, I’m a wind werewolf and I’m XXXXX. I just wanted to know when do you start transforming? I also thing I might be a hunter/ blood werewolf, but I don’t know. I have short blond hair, I have verry pale blue eyes, I have really long feet and legs, I am super strong, I am really good at basketball and I don’t know what to do. :cry: :oops: :shock:

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

    • I can’t because 1. I probably don’t live near you, 2. I don’t meet up with people on the Internet and 3. I don’t want to.

  10. I haven’t been a full wolf for long and I’m learning so much, but I feel like I still have so much more to learn. I love being able to run so fast but am having a hard time controlling it. Any help would be nice. Thanks.

  11. K i just found out i am either a Death wolf or a Wind Wolf,is there anyone who can help me transform? Ive experienced all the symptoms, and have been having dreams. I also know that i once transformed half way. I would go out and meditate but i cant. How do i transform all the way? I NEED HELP :?: :!:

    • i am a wind wolf in i am going to run away from home i told my mom i was a werewolf she thinks i am crazy and she wants to send me away but where should i go

  12. I honestly can’t figure out if i am a werewolf or not. i definitely have a lot of the wind/death clan human traits. but is there a way to tell if i am going to be one or not? (nothing requiring apple products)

  13. Do all wolves of a clan look the same? And how do you know what clan you would belong to if you did end up being a werewolf? Is it when you were about to turn?

    • Yes there is a difference between werewolves. You can tell the difference with smell, highlight, muscular build, and eye color. Ya that 2nd question I don’t know

      • What’s highlight mean? And also I have had a couple of dreams. The first one I cant remember too well. But I was hunting with a white wolf with blue eyes. I think I was in human form as I remember looking downwards. The second was last night so I remember more. I was in a paddock or something when these four huge dogs started chasing me. I thought they were irish wolfhounds they looked that big. But then I tripped in a ditch and they caught up to me. And instead of attacking me, they all sniffed me. They were all big white wolves with blue eyes.

        • I hate memory loss sometimes. I have nothing to say about that except it could just be a regular dream unless. Did it feel like it was real?

        • So, I have some “expertise” in dealing with dreams and dream signs, especially supernatural kinds, such as psychic visions or spirits contacting you.

          The way you describe the white wolves with blue eyes might very well be the appearance of your future pack-mates when and if you transform. This could also be your appearance. The description of the wolves greatly resemble the Frost Clan. I’d recommend you check the Frost wolves out, and see if they fit your personality at all. As for your dreams, I can also assist you in that. Memories tend to fade a bit, but here’s something you can do to help remember your dreams a bit better:

          I’m not sure when you go to sleep or when you wake up, but you could set an alarm for around 3-4 hours before you wake up or 1-2 hours after you fall asleep. This helps you capture your dreams better, as you’ll be deep into the REM phase of your sleep. When the REM phase is complete, your dreams will be completely gone. You don’t want that, especially not right now, since your probably being contacted by a spirit, or your wolf telling you a message via sleep. You might also want to start writing your dreams down in a diary (or “journal” if you prefer that term ;) ), since this will help you decipher your dreams better.

          Hope it helps. You can always PM me for more help!

  14. Anyone in Tennessee I need to find a pack my roommates keeps picking battles over stupid things more and more order to keep calm I have to go like 30 minute into the woods every day. They make me have physical symptoms last night I almost shifted but LuckilyI did not. I need tips on controlling this new anger at this intensity and I need to find a pack.

  15. Hi. I have always felt that I was a werewolf. When I downloaded this app and then took this test it just confirmed it. I fit the perfect description if a wind wolf. I wanted to ask. When will I shift? I have never shifted before and am a but eager. I am in the 13-18 age range. Also. If I do shift. Will it be painful, and will I remember anything? Also will I be able to shift whenever I want?

  16. Hello Wolves, I have a couple questions and I hope y’all have answers I’m looking for because I truly need help. I have visions as you will say, it’s like a dream like state. I have a strong feeling something huge is going to happen and it has something to deal with the strongest wolf. Right now I’m searching prophecies. I have searched for witches maybe they can give me some insight about who I truly am and my purpose. So if you close to MI, hit me up. Or message me, the wolf is important to me but I don’t know why though. Please if you can help even a little, I’ll greatly appreciate it. Thank y’all for all y’all time. Until we speak again.

  17. So I feel like giving up. It’s getting harder to sleep now. All I see is his face when I close my eyes but now it’s getting to the point he is always on my mind and I don’t even know him lol smfh. I’m tired of searching for answers that never come. So if my better half is out there, I’m soooooo done searching. It’s time to permanently remove myself. I’ll find away to do it. I’ve been searching for years and I’m losing hope and I’m always full of hope and light but I feel my light dimming.

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