Wild Clan

Wild werewolves have allies everywhere in the animal kingdom.

Your Moon: As a Wild Werewolf you draw maximum power from the Wild Moon in April (Northern Hemisphere) or in October (Southern Hemisphere) in the morning and anywhere life is blooming.

You will be initiated to your new clan in a ritual beneath the Wild Moon. If you transition the first time on your own beneath a Wild Moon you will likely be recruited later.

Human Form: Members of Wild Clan are usually funny, cheerful, unpredictable, lively, curious, flirtatious and quick.

In human form Wild Werewolves are fun loving, you love a good joke or party. You have lots of friends and you annoy them all with your ability to spring out of bed early in the morning, refreshed ready for a big breakfast.

Wolf Form: As a wild werewolf your wolf form will likely have brown or reddish fur and your eyes and claws will probably both be green-ish owing to your ability to channel the power of light into and out of green plants… not to mention your clan-learned practice of dipping your claws into plant-based poisons and healing ointments!

Your ability to communicate with other animals enables you to temporarily borrow the power of a nearby animal to do something you couldn’t do otherwise, for instance climb a tree or burrow a long way.

Wild Werewolves are sprinters, very fast over short distances and in short fights.

Hybrid Form: As an experienced Wild Werewolf you can learn to adopt and maintain a few wolf-human hybrid forms using certain secret clan tricks and training. But while this form is very useful you will only find it stable in relatively peaceful situations. Under the stress of conflict or a battle, you fill find it becomes prone to shift in real time more toward wolf or human form, in ways you don’t intend and you may not like…

Habits & Customs: You probably have to get a lot of haircuts because your hair grows really fast which is the reason why many Wild Werewolves just wear it long even though they tend to get a lot of things stuck in their hair that way.

Wild Werewolves like most animals a lot and can communicate with them, although not every animal appreciates this ability. Just accept that they don’t ALL want to talk to you!

Wild Werewolves are not obligated to keep their human and lupine lives separate or secret and because they have many different and ever-changing transformation triggers, it’s hard for them to do so.

Social Structure: Wild Clan members make their cribs in the woods, sometimes high in the tree tops in ever-changing group sizes.

Allies: The Wild Werewolves’ “green claws” make them a natural friend of Witches, who work with Wild Clan to find and grow plants for potions and poisons.

Powers: As a Wild Werewolf, you can use your wild powers in different ways depending in part on your choices, including your choice of of Alliance and Mythos.

Wild Werewolves may choose between Terran Alliance and Pyran Alliance.

When challenged, Wild Wolves gain power from the East and in the early hours of the morning.

231 thoughts on “Wild Clan

  1. I was told the clan was based on the month u were born. I’m not really like a wild, I’m more oak than wild tho i was born in April. I’m absolutely NOT a morning person and tho yes it has some of my interested with the animal communication and nature potions and poisons and the long hair(I love it long but it is a bit of a hassle sometimes) but I’m not sure I’m really much of a wild. I am more for the astral stuff and night time than I am morning and day. Oak I found was perfect for me. Or singing clan ^^ I absolute LOVE to sing all the time. *blushes a bit* my friend said I sound like an angel and always say how good I am. People like my voice tho I’m why with it but still try to sing anytime I want to. ^//^ I actually feel I could be more singing clan. But oak would also be like a second choice :P

  2. I think I may be a wild clan. I have an unspoken connection to any animal I meet. Also I managed to copy the tune and lure of a bird I never heard before today. It followed me to a park and waited till I left and followed me for a full half hour. Birds cats and dogs have a stronger connection to me than other animals I think. I’m a little confused on what to do now. A little help? The description matches almost perfectly.

    • I would believe so, especially if they align themselves in the Terran Alliance. They would be more in tune with nature due to the experiences with the witches they are allied with.

  3. I’m a wild no dout I have all those things and I have 2stray cat friends and I have lots of dog friends and I can copy any animal

    • If your friends are witches can you tell one of them to make me bron as a werewolf so can she make my mom marry a guy that is a werewolf so i can be born on the different day but not the same day as my brith but make me born as a werewolf but i want to be a drangon werewolf just like louis pines

      • Wolf girl I need your help I am a new ww I just turned yesterday wht do I do a baby dragon thinks I’m it’s mom and I need to protect it from demons but I am just a new ww I am able to tht I am good with swords but tht won’t help protect the baby cause I don’t have a sword

        • make a sword just go to youtube and to will find how to make a sword ok an how did you shift and you better be ready for the super moon is on the 9th ok and how did you become a werewolf were you born a werewolf if you were can you bite me i live in 1000 simson street just look it up on google maps and when i am out side to see the super moon i will be on my bike ok and you can bit me but dont let no one see you bit me ok

      • Wow looking back at my old comments I was a crazy kid I was pretty young when I got on the website sooooo comments like this happened plus what was I thinking that is kinda messed up

  4. Help!!!!! I’ve been bitten and I am craving prey, and flesh. I need to know how to control my hunger, and when my 1st transformation will be! I don’t want to end up killing a friend of mine, or worse! I’m very scared and frightened, I don’t wanna be killed. And, my family doesn’t know!! How will I be able to keep it a secret from them?! Plz, I need to know all I can learn, so I can control myself! I have friends, and I think at least a friend of mine is a witch.

  5. Though i admit I was in denial for a long time since werewolves are the most popular and thats the first thing most (no offence) would jump to. could denial be a factor on why I have not changed for a while? i never could change willingly how can it be controlled?

  6. to experianced Wild Wolves. I have been away from nature for alittle while. I have been drained with next to no energy. What can bring my energy back? Would any house plants do? basicly what is the best way for a Wild Wolf to regain energy when away from nature?

    • Well, do you have any pets? That will problaey help, or mabye just take a little time of your day and just sit on the grass or something to bring some of your energy back. That is what I would suggest.

  7. can someone plzz tell me if i wasnt bitten and i was not born a werewolf and i drank a potion that made me a werewolf what does that mean does it mean im a gecnitc werewolf

    • No. First, genetic doesn’t mean that you are bitten or that you drink potions and you’re a werewolf.
      You are a werewolf through a spell.
      But a genetic werewolf is one that is born like this, that he always was a werewolf from the beginning; he wasn’t bitten or he isn’t a werewolf through any spell. He is a werewolf from the beginning… he is original.

      • A lot of werewolves just call us ( and by us I mean me and others, yes I’m a wolf from a spell I think. I found a spell on line, did it and like a month later all this weird stuff started happening) But anyways we are called spell wolves. We chose are own packs and some of are packs are formed by the spell wolf. We are the second most powerful of the werewolf world.

          • The spell is, well there are a lot of spells but the one I used went something like this. By the light of the moon, and are piercing howls. We are further transformed into cunning beasts. By the circle of life and the evolution of men. I shall be reawaken as one with the land. That’s how the spell goes thx for responding to my comment it’s nice to talk to other weres

    • Genetic:
      of or relating to genes or heredity.
      “all the cells in the body contain the same genetic information”
      of or relating to origin; arising from a common origin.
      “the genetic relations between languages”

  8. Hi I’m Kate, and well I think I’m a werewolf I mean I’m not really sure. I have really sharp canines, love the moon, love going into the forest, my favorite animal is a wolf, and on full moons I can’t sleep. Sometimes I wake up and my clothes are really tore, and I will sometimes wake up on the floor in my bedroom. I have dreams where a gray and white wolf is running threw the forest that looks exactly like the forest I have behind my house. So can someone please tell me if I’m a werewolf or not? And all the things that they just described for a wild wolf is just like me, so can someone help me please? Thanks

    • dude cant you read what you just said everyone keeps on asking this question and they say what is happening to them and they say they are not sure read what your saying what do you think not what other people think ask that same question to your self say to your self am i a werewolf or not? and say things that you have that is the same as a wolf so what do you think people cant just answer that for you

      • Well idk I mean I kinda already thought I was a werewolf but I wasn’t really sure so yea I guess I am a werewolf thx for the help I haven’t had my first transformation yet but I think I’m a wild wolf so I’ll check when my the next moon is

        • Are u 16 cuz you might turn at the age of 16 or your transformation might take longer to come what I mean is that you might shift on a older age

          • Omg looking back at this this dude says he hasn’t transformed yet he doesn’t realize that dream wasn’t a dream it was probably reality or I’m and idiot for saying this

  9. I think I could be a Wild Wolf but I don’t know when my first trasformation/shift will be I am only between the age of XXXX-XXXX and I think I might be too young. Can someone please help me?

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  10. I really want to join this pack but i forgot my userne in lupine life can anyone help me i’ll be a good bets

  11. Any Alpha volunteer to bite me i have all the traits of a wild
    Wolf . Its not a whim and no one will find out i just want
    To be bitten and a pack. I’ll be an excellent beta

    • Alphas won’t volunteer to bite. There are steps to prove yourself to become a member. Position of beta goes to the member most trusted by the alpha making them second in command. I am as well looking for a pack but I might start my own.

  12. Hi I’m a wild wolf but I have yet to transform I get really figgity during half moons but I never transform. So can someone help me with what to do? being adopted I don’t know what or who I truly am

  13. Anyone in Tennessee I need to find a pack my living situation with my roommates keeps getting more and more hectic and in order to keep calm I have to go like 30 minute into the woods every day I need tips on controlling this new anger at this intensity. How do I know what clan I am part of I was born in July, had my realization of being a wolf and getting closer and closer to my P shift.

  14. Anyone in Tennessee I need to find a pack my roommates keeps picking battles over stupid things more and more order to keep calm I have to go like 30 minute into the woods every day. They make me have physical symptoms last night I almost shifted but LuckilyI did not. I need tips on controlling this new anger at this intensity and I need to find a pack.

  15. never mind the frost clan this clan fits me perfectly I always thought I was crazy when I tryed to communicate telepathecly with my cat and heard something talking to me and I’m a boy and have 2.5 -3.0 inches of hair in about 1 month And my first shift was on the wild moon. :mrgreen:

  16. Hey everyone, im new to this site and think that I’m a wild werewolf. For the past couple weeks I have had a huge connection to werewolves, they never leave my thoughts and I feel like I hear people calling my name, maybe wolf telepathy, and every morning (only this past couple weeks) have I woke up with hair all over my bed seeing no change in my length of hair anywhere on my body. Please could someone respond to if I have phased over night and I’m just not concilia during or if im a werewolf at all it would really help!

  17. I kinda need some help lately I have been hearing a ringing noise in my ears it started yesterday and I can still hear it most of the time it goes away but then it comes back and the noise sounds like a dog whistle but I don’t think it is it might just be in my head or I am having problems with my ears can someone maybe try to tell me what this means?

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