Wild Clan

Wild werewolves have allies everywhere in the animal kingdom.

Your Moon: As a Wild Werewolf you draw maximum power from the Wild Moon in April (Northern Hemisphere) or in October (Southern Hemisphere) in the morning and anywhere life is blooming.

You will be initiated to your new clan in a ritual beneath the Wild Moon. If you transition the first time on your own beneath a Wild Moon you will likely be recruited later.

Human Form: Members of Wild Clan are usually funny, cheerful, unpredictable, lively, curious, flirtatious and quick.

In human form Wild Werewolves are fun loving, you love a good joke or party. You have lots of friends and you annoy them all with your ability to spring out of bed early in the morning, refreshed ready for a big breakfast.

Wolf Form: As a wild werewolf your wolf form will likely have brown or reddish fur and your eyes and claws will probably both be green-ish owing to your ability to channel the power of light into and out of green plants… not to mention your clan-learned practice of dipping your claws into plant-based poisons and healing ointments!

Your ability to communicate with other animals enables you to temporarily borrow the power of a nearby animal to do something you couldn’t do otherwise, for instance climb a tree or burrow a long way.

Wild Werewolves are sprinters, very fast over short distances and in short fights.

Hybrid Form: As an experienced Wild Werewolf you can learn to adopt and maintain a few wolf-human hybrid forms using certain secret clan tricks and training. But while this form is very useful you will only find it stable in relatively peaceful situations. Under the stress of conflict or a battle, you fill find it becomes prone to shift in real time more toward wolf or human form, in ways you don’t intend and you may not like…

Habits & Customs: You probably have to get a lot of haircuts because your hair grows really fast which is the reason why many Wild Werewolves just wear it long even though they tend to get a lot of things stuck in their hair that way.

Wild Werewolves like most animals a lot and can communicate with them, although not every animal appreciates this ability. Just accept that they don’t ALL want to talk to you!

Wild Werewolves are not obligated to keep their human and lupine lives separate or secret and because they have many different and ever-changing transformation triggers, it’s hard for them to do so.

Social Structure: Wild Clan members make their cribs in the woods, sometimes high in the tree tops in ever-changing group sizes.

Allies: The Wild Werewolves’ “green claws” make them a natural friend of Witches, who work with Wild Clan to find and grow plants for potions and poisons.

Powers: As a Wild Werewolf, you can use your wild powers in different ways depending in part on your choices, including your choice of of Alliance and Mythos.

Wild Werewolves may choose between Terran Alliance and Pyran Alliance.

When challenged, Wild Wolves gain power from the East and in the early hours of the morning.

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