Werewolf Mythos

For as long as there has been recorded history, there has been werewolves like you. On every continent and every era, we find stories to explain the first werewolves who walked the earth.

Whether you take these stories literally and believe every word of them or you just accept them as guiding symbols, you may look for and even find many mystical and historical objects that relate to these stories. These objects, if you do succeed in finding them, may be very useful to you. Very useful indeed.

These are just a few origin histories of the werewolves. Some say there are many, many others.

57 thoughts on “Werewolf Mythos

    • you never really know until you do research. I found out I haven`t shifted because I am a dyan werewolf, and I don`t have a wolf mirror.

  1. Does anyone know what this one dream I have means? It always starts out the same: I’m running on a street or more often in a field or a forest (as a human) but I can’t seem to move as fast as I like so I drop down into all fours and then…I run so fast and it’s exciting. At the end a brown and white wolf with green eyes appears.

    • First off what is that symbol?
      The dream is rather simple, you’re stressed a bit aren’t you? Things aren’t working, that’s the part where you’re struggling to run. Then when you go on all fours, it signifies a change. Perhaps you need to come at a problem a different way. Anyway the wolf at the end is you too, just different.

    • i kinda had a dream simalar to the way urs was i had this dream last night that i was running with these people an they looked like vikings to me cuz they were wearing think furs on them an there shoulders epecillay this one blond women an some kids were running threw the woods laughing an playing an its almost like it was a game of tag an as we jumped over this fallen tree with moss on it i was no longer playing with humans they all were wolfs i stopped an looked around an i could still understand them when i looked down i had paws to an the lady that had blond hair didnt change yet she smiled at me an said its ok everthing is fine come with us but she was kinda blurr i rember her teeth as she was smiling at me an her face an as she ran she turned into a wolf as well but in fast poof kinda way an i had a sence of free dome but i woke up after i ran past a ever green tree it was an amzing dream i havent shift yet but coukd these dreams be a sign im going to this is not the first dream i haved ether

  2. Hey everyone, I am a werewolf, I have looked for years but no one in my country just me so pls if there are real werewolves in Ethiopia pls contact me I wanna join a pack

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  3. If there happens to be any pack in south africa, please don’t hesitate to make contact

    I might not be a werewolf just yet, however I can become quite the asset**
    My instinctive behaviour is very much wolf like**

    So I urge any alpha in south africa that is in search of change to not hesitate to make contact with me ASAP

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  4. Do you have to have a mythos? Idk what clan im apart of, or if im even a werewolf. I have similar characteristics to hunter and a few others.
    Any advise will be greatly appreciated thnx :-)

  5. I have a special abilities that involve me getting visions about a lot of things, mostly about me transforming into a black, gold and dark gold wolf with a white crescent moon on my forehead and I know I am genetic werewolf. I don’t really understand the vision ability. I also have really good hearing, a really good noise and sometimes have good strength (meaning my strength goes in and out). I have bad things happen to me with Great Danes, I don’t understand that because they can be very nice to other people, but they will chase me up a tree and wont let me out of the tree.

    Is there a rare thing about werewolves having a crescent moon on their forehead?
    Does anyone else have the vision abilities?
    Is there any werewolves around XXXXX, AZ?
    Does anyone else have problems with an certain dog breed like I do?
    Does anyone know why that certain dog breed will chase me like that?

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  6. So It all started with one dream… When I was younger I was obsessed with werewolves and every night I wished to be one. For a few years I didnt even think about it… But then I had a dream where I was trying to prove I was a werewolf but I couldn’t transform… Then eventually I finally did it. Then I woke up. After that I suspected it for a while and on one full moon I’d been outside for a while (I was at the lake) and I had a really bad headache. I took my usual headache medicine and it still wouldn’t go away. Then later, when school started I got another dream that I was in a room with some hooded people and they told me I was a werewolfail, etc etc. The main thing I remember though is every dream I somehow aassociate it with me being a werewolf? Like I wake up thinking that’s what it was about. Finally, I began to realize real signs like ghost limbs and tingles of anticipation… And when it’s dark out I feel like transforming and running through a forest… My city has no forests and I actually get depressed because of that. Now I think I’m going to transform on the Hunter moon. (The changes started 3 days ago or 7 days before the Hunter moon.)

  7. Can anyone help me? I have been having werewolf dreams for a while, but then they stopped. A few months after they stopped, they came back. My eyes were once fully brown, but are now a brown/hazel with a few millimeters of gold from my pupil out. I do not have any mirrors in my room and no way to record myself. Some full moons, I get really hyper yet tired. I don’t get it. I had a dream a while back that I was able to see the past of this abandoned school. I can hear the sound of mice scurrying. I’ve had a runny nose for a few days and a bad cough that is off and on every winter. At night, my left hand goes slightly to completely numb minus a tingly feeling. My right hand isn’t as bad, though. I share a room with my sister and she is a light sleeper but she claims she hears nothing. I growl at dogs sometimes. My friends just laugh. My submissive dog doesn’t even look me in the eyes anymore. I have an extremely high pain tolerance and metabolism. Am I going crazy or was I lucky and somehow got the werewolf gene from my, as far as I know, human parents. I need another opinion on this.

    • No no one can really help at that point best you can do is join a pack they’ll help the best they can.

    • Hey… so just wondering if there are any myths of a wolf finding a really sharp, blue, black, tan, clay red, brown, yellow, orange rock? it looks like south carolina. pls reply if you know a myth with a rock like this.p.s. im a gold/white wolf with purple eyes and a shape that looks like a full moon on my fore head. thank you.

  8. I would like to be bitten an turned into a wherewolf by Halloween yes getting bitten by a alpha wherewolf in a full moon will work so if anyone out there is a REAL ACTUAL WHEREWOLF HELP ME PLEASE AND I WILL JOIN YOUR PACK AND BE LOYAL TO YOU I PROMISE ANYONE OUT THERE A REAL ALPHA WHEREWOLF HELP ME PLEASE

  9. your kidding right?.. no legit werewolf is going to *bite* a kid. Not meaning to be mean or rude but by your typing style you seem like a very young kid. Go to school and live life. Don’t beg for a bite by anyone. your begging for predators of the human kind to take advantage of that. Please people stop begging.

  10. my freaking nose is changing due to it…. like dog’s nose… should I get stressed…? This is one of my partial shift. I don’t know what emotion should I have towards my shiftings and growings…. kindda confusing. people shift and back but I have some permenant effect…ahhhh

  11. I just have a question are there any true werewolves. I am asking because i dont have the desire to become one but i do respect the werewolves. I am currtnly studying this and would love to get an inerview with a true alpha. Let me know please be very serious no kid games.

  12. So I feel like giving up. It’s getting harder to sleep now. All I see is his face when I close my eyes but now it’s getting to the point he is always on my mind and I don’t even know him lol smfh. I’m tired of searching for answers that never come. So if my better half is out there, I’m soooooo done searching. It’s time to permanently remove myself. I’ll find away to do it. I’ve been searching for years and I’m losing hope and I’m always full of hope and light but I feel my light dimming.

  13. So I’m in need of some serious help and need serious and truthful people only. So I’m tired of waiting for my other half to find me, that’s if he’s even looking. But seriously what do I have to do, travel around the world and stand in the middle of the woods for him to come to me, that’s if I don’t die before then by a bear or something. But forreal seriously what does it takes to find my king huh. :cry:

  14. Are there any Packs in WV I think I may have hacked off a Pack there purley by accident, they should not watch or follow someone just doing thier job especialy me. I dont know what I am but I know that when I sense something or someone watching and following me the non human part takes action and I have no choice in that like your hand automaticly pulling away from a flame because the brain told it to. I no longer work that job or at that site nor do I go to that area any longer if I do its throught the area on the interstate so there only seconds. I would like to find them to find out why they followed me and watched me as I was a Gurad making rounds On a coal processing facility. so noting could be more boring. I mean who wants to watch someone touch the electronic wand to the dot in tweny different places once an hour.

    I stopped working at the mines due to the fact at night you could hear voices from the mine portal (knowing the mine was empty no living person in there) calling join us come join us here forever. That was enough for me to leave the job and never look back. that s how I first learned I could cause pain with a thought I also caused whatever was calling from the mine pain thats how I got through the first couple of nights before transfering to the processing facility miles away from that mine. That is also How I believe I got the werewolf pack pissed off as well since without thinking like an involuntary process I caused them to have pain by thought as well, while drawing the energy for it from the woods that suround the facility. well here I am being way tooo long winded.

  15. I have found out what I am and as I had stated its not werewolf, however I knew that much, it turns out to be a hybrid mix of Draconian and something else yet to be determined as for that pack in wv I did return to the aera of the processing plant and I could sense them around but never found them I guess thatsthe way they want it I could sense them wathcing for a while then they left.

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