Werewolf Clans

For werewolves, a clan is different from a family, although clan affiliation does tend to run in families, passed down from one werewolf generation to another. But a clan is actually a group of like-minded werewolves with many shared interests and a shared purpose who trains, hunts and hangs out together on a regular basis.

Each clan has its own moon. Some werewolves think that it is the moon itself that gives each werewolf his or her powers and characteristics, but many more werewolves believe that while the moon of your first transformation may contribute to your character, that both your character and your clan affiliation are more a matter of choice and training.

However, it is indisputable that each clan claims a different moon of the year. Many clans will initiate new members on this moon and some of these rituals are super secret.

Some clans actively recruit new members but other clans are more secretive, they require new recruits to find them.

There are 12 main werewolf clans active around the world who agreed to be listed on this site. In fact there are many more secret clans and in time hopefully these clans will agree to let themselves be known to the world. But until they do, you can find more information about the twelve main clans here on the site and consider which clan you might like to join, if you get the chance.


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    • I would love to have someone teach me to control my shift better I know how but sometimes I guess you can say I get stuck and I can’t shift back I get scared I might hurt someone.

        • I Have Sharp Teeth When I’m Angry My Pupils Looks Like A Cat , My Iris Turns Red When I’m Angry I Have Body Hair Like Crazy , And I Can Change At Will

          • Hi…

            I just was reading the comments…

            I am a hybrid too…

            I can’t shift…

            I am a Demon ( It is NOT as cool as it sounds ) and I am a werewolf…

            But I’m also an Avian…
            By which I mean I have wings…

            If anybody on here, and I mean anyone, is near Southern Illinois, I really could use someone to talk to about this…

        • It it dangerous just to randomly turn a human, I am a hybrid, half werewolf and half vampire, I don’t just turn humans,I see their backround if they have any history of violence or if they have a chance of being a psycho, I don’t turn them, especially into a hybrid, being a hybrid is a lot harder than being just a werewolf or being just a vampire, sometimes it is hard to keep the hunger down, but I keep it down, you have to be strong to be “worthy” of being a werewolf or a hybrid. You should be lucky you were born human, I wish I was, now I have to be on this earth for all eternity. It isn’t always cool being a werewolf or any supernatural creature, you humans think that it is cool, I am just here to warn you, it isn’t what you think it is.

          • I am also a werewolf/vampire hybrid, and it’s tough having the life of a hybrid and I cherish it.. Humans just don’t understand like you said..Born Hybrid..

            • I think I might a hybrid between witch and werewolf but I’m not sure about the werewolf part.
              My sense of smelling has upgrade
              I just noticed that my canines are getting kinda sharp
              And I don’t like shaving but I think that’s a habit not a trait.

              • I can agree.
                I am still learning how, but I know I’m a Winged-Demon-Lycan.
                But I don’t know how, but I can sense auras…
                Every time I am near my siblings, however, I can tell we are not the same.
                They are human…

                “What does this make me?”

                I used to have an Aunt and Uncle, Our family had torn apart though.

                Around 2015-16 I thought I had found my cusin… She was a vampire… When I was near her I felt safe, but she was like… she looked like the person that I saw right before I heard my BFF had died… I don’t know where I’m going with this…

                But If she IS my cusin, and my siblings ARE human, and my bio dad really WAS a demon…

                “What does this make me?”
                – Harvey Simington

          • I would like to become a hybrid can you teach me attorney I would do whatever you asked for me to do if you want I could meet and it’s just me

          • i understand that it isnt always fun or cool and ik that there are people who try to hurt others just because there different like that and they dont understand but you have to admit its also a gift…

          • I am a born vampire and a werewolf as well, although my family has were-bear blood. :p The combination of vampire and werewolf is called a Blood Wolf. ‘Wolves here in our reality are mostly incapable of the physical change. Our reality does not support it, and anyone who says different is not being truthful. I CAN change in the Astral and Spiritual worlds. The longing for a physical change is often maddening. As for the Vampire side, just try to get real human blood. t is certainly not easy! I am a Psi Vamp fortunately, so I do not need blood to live, but I will die without human prana (energy). People say they understand, but they are massively afraid of what I am, on both sides. smdh. I have never had a need to kill humans, and feeding my vampire sides does not even hurt them, but they ttreat you as if you are stealing from them, even when it is cast off energy they no longer need.

            • You sound really closed minded. It’s almost like you’re just here to troll, and are making things up to trick people into following a false reality. I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you’re just misguided with a traumatic event blinding you, or you’re expecting the laws of science to be sound and their beliefs to be absolute despite the reality you’ve shown. I petty someone that can see but pulls wool over their own eyes, but I can’t forcefeed wisdom into you. It’s up to you to acquire it and accept it as you see it.

        • I’ve always dreamed of becoming one ever since I could remember I even have dreams about running away from people with a boy I’ve never seen before I could feel everything the wind in my fur and running it was the best feeling of my life and not to mention mates! I live in texas and I always live getting away into the woods :cry:

      • Hi, I would love to help, I am not a werewolf, I am a hybrid, but I can still help you cause I can still shift the only thing that is different is that I am immortal and I drink human blood and sometimes animal blood, but no need to be afraid I don’t eat other werewolves, but anyways I can still help you. :) I would be glad to help. If I fail to help you my friend can help you, he is a werewolf like you. :)

        • can i ask a question. I keep seeing a black wolf like figure with blue glowing eyes and i live in a state where wolves arent comon like at all please help me figure out what it is im not sure if it is a spirit or wolf or what. it is very pretty tho

    • I’m a lone wolf. I’m looking for a pack. I don’t want to hide from the world anymore. I want to run wild and free. I want to stand for something, something bigger, well greater than myself.

    • Please be careful in North Carolina and if you ever decide to travel to South Carolina I would love to meet you it is just me there are no others I will bring and I hope you find a way to control yourself if not I can try to help the best I know how I’m looking for a wolf who needs a friend and willing to turn another person if the bond is there and Trust

    • Please be careful the North Carolina hope you can control it and if you need someone to talk to I live in South Carolina I will be your friend if you need it and don’t worry about you’re shifting if we was to meet I won’t be scared maybe a little but you will not have nothing to worry about you are the others that is only here in running wow

    • How can I be a werewolf ? I always had a wish to become one. Actually since I was 3 I believed I am not what I am an animal & used to howl in Nights & always felt connection with moon. I live in India – Mumbai. Please accept me in your clan. Please I request you.

      • Sadly, I don’t know as much about werewolves as I would like, I have Pyrokinesis the ability to manipulate fire.
        But if I am correct, I think you have to be bitten, cursed, or born a werewolf.
        But I will be more than happy to talk to you ;)

    • I am one as well however after the first time giving the bite she became an alpha and I lost the ability to change at all. I still have the reflexes as well as the eye change however sometimes now my eyes change to a dull grey. I have done research and from what others have said I may have became an evolved form who keeps his strengths while in human form but I want to know.what yall think

      • not sure if this is really true , but do tell me should someone want the bite how do they get it ?

        intriguing to me curious as well

        • listen you don’t get bitten if there smart. its a scratch they do . the more scratches the faster your first turn is. I’ve found most of the comments to be lies.also the scratches also indicate who your turner is. they also can cancel out scratches from other wolves if there strong enough.

    • I am one as well however after the first time giving the bite she became an alpha and I lost the ability to change at all. I still have the reflexes as well as the eye change however sometimes now my eyes change to a dull grey. I have done research and from what others have said I may have became an evolved form who keeps his strengths while in human form but I want to know.what yall think

    • I am one as well however after the first time giving the bite she became an alpha and I lost the ability to change at all. I still have the reflexes as well as the eye change however sometimes now my eyes change to a dull grey. I have done research and from what others have said I may have became an evolved form who keeps his strengths while in human form but I want to know.what yall think if you dont mind telling me what you think

  1. Hey all!
    As you might expect I am sceptical if the existence of actual Lycanthropes and am unsure if I came to the right place… when i search for lycanthrope chats or forums, as you’d expect, I find gaming advice for Skyrim and old forum game and rpers… if this is a mental thing, I get it, if it is in face physical or in a matter of spiritual I would love to know and understand. Please let me know, I am dying to know!

  2. Hey do any of u actually have proof because I want to become a werewolf and join a clan so I can leave my life behind me.

    • Listen if you want to turn call apon one. if there in the area you will be turned if they chose you. Only you should be aware its not what you think. it comes with powers and a lot of pain. there are other monsters: insectsides who make you like shino only eat you. vampires also like to turn Werewolf into hybrids witch makes it a lot harder on you due to your Werewolf family thinks you are the enemy. also there is a lot more problems that come with it. Problems: loss of muslce, your alpha could take your new muscle that your wolf gave you. they can take your power and give it to others. and leave you to be weak and helpless. Bats could drop there fleas on you and you could be killed by them by eating your brain. Plus side of humans is they never deal with any of this. So its your choice.

  3. I would like the mark and I truly think I will be worthy I need someone in ohio and reach out to me I been having dreams of running in the woods and following a wolf that kinda looks like a spirit it shows me it wants to mark me but I get the feeling I have to reach out to a true Lycan and obtain the bite Idk but it makes sense to me

  4. I am looking for a pack in southern Nevada. I have not physically shifted but have several time when protective and angry felt her almost come out. I have known my wolf for many years and we are friends. I have lived as a lone wolf my entire life and would like other wolves who understand.

  5. How does on become a werewolf, I actually met a few HONESTLY. I was also given the option to become one but I didn’t trust the werewolf willing to turn me.

    I’ve also been followed and watched by both werewolves and vampires in the community. Why do werewolves and vampires feel they have the right to do this? I’m kinda annoyed by that and the aggressive controlling attitudes of both species!!!

  6. I need some serious help I don’t know what happend I keep having dreams of some type of battle and a wolf that is grey yet have some reddish orange shadings I can’t stop hearing things I don’t want to I can smell things that I should end be able to smell please help me I think I’m going insane

  7. Guys I’m not sure if anyone knows or believes what I’m talking about as I have a hard time to believe it myself. But I feel my dreams are trying to tell my something. In my dreams I run as a wolf and yet everyone still sees me as human, either that or I dream I am a wolf and everyone sees it and fears me. But the strangest parts are not the dreams I have but what I wake up with the next day, I have pains in my ribs and all my bones and my leg muscles ache as if I’d ran marathon and the worst part is that I can never remember anything I did the night before not even going to sleep, I woke up with a symbol literally carved into my wall and I have no clue what it means, I wake up with pieces of broken things that don’t fit anything in my house or the houses of anyone I know no matter how many times I search. I need answers, since I was small I’ve always wanted to be a werewolf, and the dreams only started surfacing within the last year. And I don’t want the one thing o hope to be true to be a lie that my mind plays on me. Please I need help from anyone who is willing…

  8. Ok Your’e Definately A Werewolf , You Can Join My Pack I Already Have 13 Members Plus You 14 .And Your Theory Is Correct Puberty Does Trigger The Werewolf Transition And I Can Shift At Will .

  9. I need some urgent help… I think I might be a Lightning Werewolf. I’m not really sure but I have a strong resemblance to the Human Form description and I’m wondering if I should be concerned about the Lightning Moon on the 26th. I’ve heard that some Lightning Werewolfs experience their first shift around this time… Should I be concerned or excited… :| :| :|

    (I’m not 100% sure I’m a Werewolf but like I said be for I’m almost a perfect Human Form match and I’ve been getting weird… urges such as howling and thinking about eating raw meat, and does insomnia count?)

    Thanks if you read the whole thing BTW.

  10. Ok I cant believe I am here as I have never believed in anything like this. I’m not religious and my background is in science and what we can actually see ! And I have SEEN some things in the UK that just cant be explained. They call themselves the WOLF BROTHERS and the closest thing I can describe them to is the adrenaline junkies from point break. Extreme sports, Ultra running, MMA/Bare Knuckle fighting etc
    I went along in the capacity of a sports journalist and all I can say is these people cant be human ! Each one of them has to be around 250lb and can ultra run like nothing I have ever seen in the realm of human capability. WTF is going on ? Can anyone else explain or have a similar story ? I hear myself saying this, typing this and I want to cringe but the fact is I think I have seen something I shouldn’t have. Something that has not yet been covered by science. This is not a group looking for sponsors or showing off on youtube which makes me wonder even more if theres something here thats for want of a better word “Supernatural”

  11. i’m a relatively new werewolf; i was bitten, by whom i didn’t know. over time i knew what i was in for so i continue down this path and hope for answers. as for one question, is it possible to be truly in control of yourself so that you may use this to protect one’s family?

  12. Are werewolves actually real? I always had a curiosity about them but always had some doubts that they never actually exist if they’re real i always wanted to meet one in person.

  13. i have dreams of a white wolf with black ears, black paws, and a black tipped tail her name is tala and in the dreams i am her what does this mean

  14. i have been having weird dreams and visions and i am starting to freak out and there is a full moon 3 days away i don’t know what to do?!?!

    *and yes i am not afraid to show my real name and i can defend my self*

  15. I would like to talk to or meet a real werewolf I want to know all about them I am interested in how they live, eat, sleep, (ect.) because I am willing to help any one I can I have been helping people since i was 5 years old I like to help people no mater who or what they are

  16. Plz help me I feel as if I should be a werewolf but I only have vissions of being one in my dreams. What does it mean plz help me.

  17. I have dreams that feel real and in them I am a black wolf with feathery wings. I feel like I should be a Werewolf and need some advice as to what this means

  18. Hey so I need some advice. Umm I am a human and feel like I should be a werewolf but I have vissions of me being a wolf with black feathery wings. What does this mean plz I need advice.

  19. Ok so I am a person that is into Mysteries things like werewolfs vampires and so on, and I have soo many questions and I need answers. I ask my self questions like in order to become a real werewolf does that person make a pact with the devil or a demon, and I wish someone explain to me the simple truth. I myself take things seriously when it comes to things like this because i know with these things you dont play around , i like to analyze things and understand them. So if there is someone who can really explain to me the truth i would glady love to know

    • I real wolf, nether of my parents are wolves but both Carrie the gene, you Don’t need to make a deal with the devil or a demon. I also need to contact a clan, can someone plz help me, I love exploration and want SOMETHING exiting to happen to me, I am not completely cold resistant, and steam casses me to become weak, anyone know a clan I can join?

    • Well a dark pact followed by a ritual that I won’t describe here is the easiest way. It’s also guaranteed to damn your soul and strip you of your free will so the nearest servants of the Dark can use you as their guard dog. This is discouraged here for, hopefully, rather obvious reasons.

      There are other safer ways. And many wolves fight the demons and act to protect humanity. Still I wouldn’t recommend seeking this out it won’t fulfill you or make you better it’s just another piece to add onto life with its own problems and stresses.

      • Ice Fang could you please send me all the ways you know I’ll be coming more lycanthrope or if you’re in my area and willing to teach me I can keep secrets and I will really appreciate it I will do whatever I have to I keep what is going on a secret whatever it takes for me to achieve that’ll what I really want

      • Hi, I was just wondering if I could get some more information on Werewolves, Vampires, and Hybrids? And I would like to meet one if it’s possible. I take this opportunity very seriously and don’t want to waste your time. I’ve been interested in Vampires and Werewolves for years. If I could even just get some information and understand the truth. It would mean everything to me.

  20. I don’t know what I am, I just know I am different from other people. I have the signs of a werewolf, but I don’t know if I really am or not. I get angry, so angry I want to rip anything apart and destroy it. I crave raw meat constantly. I have these urges to run and to never stop running. The only place I have to let these urges happen is in a cemetery near me. I love to go out when it’s dark at night and just wander. I am fast and agile. I have good hearing and smell. I don’t usually share this, but I have been doing research for over 5 years. The thing is I’ve never shifted, that why I am not sure. But at times, usually leading up to the full moon. It’s like my bones crack and my shoulders and spine adjust in my back. It’s like my teeth grow and my jaw cracks. I also feel faster nights leading up to a full moon. I’m all alone. I can’t tell my family or closest friends. That’s why I came to this page. I need some answers on what the hell. Could I be a werewolf…

  21. I would like to learn a lot about becoming a werewolf and everything it is to know if they are any why living in South Carolina who is willing to teach me even online or in person I will be happy for the help and if there are any of you out there havina a human problem and you are in my area or North Carolina let me know and I will do what I can to help any way possible

  22. I have no idea what to think about all this, Trust me I believe in things you can’t see but I also know that people will tell you anything you want to hear. If there is any real werewolves out there, I am very interested in becoming one as well. I can’t get this dream out of my head about meeting a werewolf and becoming his soulmate/ his mate. I have this dream every night for years and I try to put it out my mind because, like it’s really going to happen. I’m going to find him and he finds me and he turn me and we live happily ever after in wolf land. Any way if it happens and this is real, I can’t wait to meet you… if your out there waiting for me as well. Fingers Crossed.

  23. I wish I can get these dreams out of my head of becoming a wolf and meeting my soulmate/mate. How often does that happen? A human meeting a werewolf and get turned successfully and becomes his mate. I don’t know maybe it’s all the books I’ve been reading and I fall into fairytale land. I guess a girl can dream even though it’s been the same dream for years.

  24. So I had another dreAm. I was going camping in Michigan and I was on my way to do a little shopping and I felt this pull and I looked and I saw him. Then he was gone. We went to the camp grounds and later that night trouble started and I was being taken before I was rescued by a pack of wolves. After hitting my head on a rock I saw one transform and came my way and told me everything will be ok before picking me up. Everyday and every night I keep having these dreams. Anyone knows what it means? Please tell me! Future mate hopefully

  25. Um hi I’ve been told I’m a werewolf I found this forum and decided to ask if I am one here is my syptoms I may have forgotten some.

    I was born on a full moon reported to have furry ears. I react to the full moon and has been growing stronger. I have sharp teeth but they are also strong. My senses have been off but that’s because I was abused and was made to eats foods I am intolerant to and that messed up my senses but I’m good now and they are going nuts they are still recovering. I heal really fast so fast I often over heal. I walk on my toes occasionally. And I’m hungry after eating. I’m sure I have forgotten some I haven’t been sleeping well lately and it’s making me forget stuff. Can you tell me I’m XX going XX on the XX when will I shift if I’m a werewolf and I I don’t can I be bitten I wish desperately to be a werewolf if I am I may get a friend. And also I dream of being able to turn into a wolf. I’m in Australia Qld Gold Coast Elanora if there is werewolves near me can one come to my house and bite me I will keep all the secrets I’m good at keeping them I promise to be good. I’ll email my address if I can be bitten. Would you come in wolf form I would feel safer that way. Thankyou for reading this sorry if I’m annoying you this is why no one likes me. Also why I want to be a werewolf.

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  26. Is there any Alpha’s that still looking for their mate? That stay in Michigan? Or out of Michigan? For the ones that in Michigan you might want to see if that are around the Wayne area. For the ones that’s out of Michigan, might want to see if their mate is in Michigan. She might be a wolf or human who knows. Good luck Wolves, Lisa out.

  27. Hi i’ve been having troubles after my latest birthday. I’ve been craving raw meat and when there’s a full moon I can’t stay inside it’s been getting worse the past few month’s any advice. FREAKIN OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I have to agree…
    You humans think that life of a hybrid goes like this:

    You get mistreated till you’re a teen, Then everyone learns your a hybrid and they love you, and you live a good life.

    This is not even close to how it goes ( From my knowledge ):
    Bad childhood { parents died, abandon, loved ones died, ect.}
    Then you have a mostly happy childhood from there,
    Then around the age of 10 ( yes, 10 ) you start to get a close connection with something {activity, animal, ect.}
    You start to learn you arn’t human ( you learn part of what you are )
    Then around the age of 11, you start to find your other part(s)

    This is what I’ve learned…

    But really,
    If you’re human, Be glad.
    Trust me…
    I am a Winged-Demon-Lycan…

    I honestly sometimes wish I were human…

    « Just… Please… If you have any knowledge of a place that hybrids are welcome… tell me… Please.»

  29. i need some serious help from someone who can help me with my first transformation. IceFang i believe you could help me after i read what you posted on November 25th last year. Now my only question would be are you willig to help me? If so can we talk please?

  30. Anyone in Utah that is in a pack, or clan?? anyone in Utah that has Physicaly Shifted into their Were-wolf form??…Looking for more answers i seek; in return to answer other questions Were-wolves might have; if i can meet them in person that’d be perfect.

  31. Would you not be able to tell me what that means? Doesn’t it mean… well…. I can’t say for sure, but here is my instinct…..
    This (kir) or some word similar to “this”, for example, the, that, it, this, those, then…. etc.
    Nondulath- one part of me thinks- new moon. Another part thinks the Non is new, or no.
    Aldraelet- Something tells me freedom but perhaps that is not the word. I may not be a werewolf- or a mature one- at all.

  32. hey ice fang I’m a werewolf that turns into a normal wolf I wanted to know what your clan is an if i can join it

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  33. hey ice fang I’m a werewolf that and turns into a normal wolf I wanted to know what your clan is an if i can join it

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  34. Is there a way I can learn to speak that language, I myself am a werewolf, I triggered my Werewolf a few days to a week before this last full moon which was a lunar eclipse. However I was not able to transform be cause on a lunar eclipse a werewolf does not complete their full transition. Therefore it technically got post-poned. Though I was on my menstrual cycle and that morning I woke up screaming and grunting and moaning in pain, it wasn’t until I looked up how I could trigger my transformation that I then found out puberty can trigger a werewolfs transition. I was surprised by how it all started to come togethef. At the moment I am a lone wolf and hoping soon to find my pack, I’ve tried howling upon other wolves to come find me on the night’s of a full moon. I even went out in below freezing temperatures in January to call upon other werewolves but no one answered, if that doesn’t tell you how seriously I take this, then maybe this will, every month when the full moon comes around and my parents are inside asleep on the couch or in bed, I sneak out of the house at around midnight and go into the field behind my garage which is essentially another person’s huge backyard, and try and get my wolf out though I haven’t had a physical transformation yet, I still get pretty moody and animal like. I’ve already eaten raw meat and infront of my mom no less, I climb trees, growl at people, howl at the moon, and run like hell. My sense of smell has defined me to smell when someone is near or coming, and I can hear things from the greater distance.

  35. Hey you. Fe-”Icefang”. I’m not sure if you know or not but out of curiosity I went to check out old stomping grounds aka sethonsurvival. The link no longer works. I think it might be officially done, I guess nothing lasts forever. What an odd feeling of nostalgia. I wonder a lot of things and I will always wonder them and so I’ll throw them in the pit because they do not “spark joy”.

  36. Actually humans call it Elder Futhark and it is the oldest form of runic alphabet. So yes, I would see how a lycanthrope would know or even dabble in it, like I understood wunjō īsaz which means the “joys of ice”.

  37. that happens to me too…. it freaks me out cuz i dont know what im saying……. usually it happens when im really mad at someone……. or when wws i dont know are in my area….. it feels natural to speak this language but i never heard it from others

  38. Hey what ever u said… Is it true….i want the bite… I just don’t fit here…. Since childhood I have been kind of obsessed with supernatural….. Please help…… Every morning I feel something is missing I have researched a lot…. Begged to god… Literally…. Plz… Any way…. Any bite or venom…. Help

  39. Hi Icefang, can you please tell me if there are any werewolf clans in South Africa because I want to become a werewolf. Don’t try and talk me out of this because I have meditated a long time on this, so please can you just help me out. Thank you.

  40. ok, but “Ethelar” is a person. A person that i dont know, and that i only know about because it was shown to me by something.

  41. Do you know any Lycan clans out in NC in the united states? I know there are a lot of Lycan clans out in Canada but thy are way to far away for me to try and communicate with them. I’m in some trouble and I need help from a Lycan clan, and I’m a Lycan btw.

  42. I think I’m starting to see things. Today I was in a steer saddling event. One of those steer, was not a steer. Some of the horses were not horses. And one man had scales and a tail.

  43. Do you know of a clan/pack in Ok United States? I really what to be bitten and become a werewolf. Plz dont try to talk me out of it I’ve thought about it for years now and I think I’m ready for the thansformation. I have always loved wolves and to be in the wild with nature. Plz help me!

  44. Do you know of a clan/pack in Ok United States? I really what to be bitten and become a werewolf. Plz dont try to talk me out of it I’ve thought about it for years now and I think I’m ready for the thansformation. I have always loved wolves and to be in the wild with nature. Plz help me! Also asking for a friend.

  45. May I ask you to elaborate more as to why you should be turned? What reason has a werewolf to turn you? Do you even know what happens to you once your bitten? Your more likely to die than be turned. Any wolf that bites a human is not a friendly wolf. No matter what they tell you. This is a no bite zone the ones hear do not bite humans this is a very dangerous way to turn oneself into a werewolf. It’s less that a 20% chance that you will even locate a werewolf much less one who will willingly bite you. Then it’s less than a 5 % chance that you will live to fined out if you will turn or not. Then there is the possibly of you turning feral… I have spoken to much. Forgive me if I seem rude I’m just telling the facts if you wish to become a wolf no one can stop you. But there are bad and good outcomes as a result of your decision that may or may not be what you intended upon making this decision. So make sure you look at all the options. Before you act please it will be worth the extra time.

  46. No you didn’t come across as rude you made some valid points. I did some google searching and I can’t find anything on the good vs bad outcomes of turning in to a werewolf. If you could lead me in the right direction (I.e. links or personal experiences) I would much appreciate it. As to why a werewolf should bite me I would like to learn more about the good vs bad outcomes (excluding death and turning feral). Then I will make my decision. And if you don’t mind me asking, where did you get you statistics? Sorry if I come across as rude, I’m not trying to be.

  47. I appreciate the attempt you are feeling the emotion behind them at least. Kir is pronounced with the hard k and an ee sound like fear.
    The a In Nondulath is short.
    and the last word is really Aldrælet (the æ pronounced more like an I) I didn’t have a key for it at the time.

    Kir is we.
    Non means not sort of. Here a prefix for dulath (doo-lath) which means bent, but is related to the root for to kneel.
    and Andrælet which means eternal/ timeless.

    The whole means:
    Forever we are Unbent/Unbowed

  48. I already know what’s going on.(BTW, did not try to sound rude, sorry if i did.)
    But I could always use a someone to talk to about this.
    Only my girlfriend knows about this, BC she is also a werewolf.

  49. It depends some start out taking the form of wolves completely so it would be impossible to tell them from natural wolves except for the size. Other start out almost human. As you grow in power you can do more combinations. The strongest wolves can do almost any combo of human and wolf features.

  50. Also, neither of my parents are werewolves, but I never knew my grandfather, and neither did my father.
    I suppose he was one then?
    I was never bitten.

  51. Your parents may not be werewolves, but one or both may carry the gene. Alot of people have wolf blood in them, but those that are considered werewolves are the ones that have the stronger gene, thereby showing symptoms and eventually shifting. For some good info and fuel for thought, I would suggest studying the shifting methods documented by the Pariah Pack.

  52. you seem to know alot about werewolfs sooo? can you tell me why one attacked me and my Friends for no reason yes we had guns but we didnt do anything

  53. I have a question.. I am not a wolf.. I am wiccan.. And so is my daughter with Irish traveler.. She just found out that he boy friend is a practicing wolf and he bit her.. She did not tell me.. But now she is scared and wants away from him but he tells her. She cant.. Is there anyway I can get my daughter out of this pack and it not be a messy ordeal. How can I protect her from him.

  54. Hello jerret im phasingmoon its good you did not shoot wearwolves travel in pack’s alot like what you see with your common gray wolf pack and if your friend was bitten by a wearwolf then hes either wanted by a pack or there is a rouge wolf in the area and needs to be takend care of by a special kind of wolf pack that deals with rouge wolves and in witch case your friend may not survive the bite did your friends bite heal up ?

  55. Hello Jarrett. Yes, I know a thing or two.i might be able to give you some answers.
    Phasingmoon gas a good point. If your friend’s bite healed up already, it most likely means two things: That your friend will survive, and that he’s a werewolf.
    And yes, there is a possibility it was a rogue wolf that attacked you.
    You said that your were all attacked, but only your friend was bitten- and no shots fired? This wolf did not lunge at you too? And if you don’t mind me asking, where was the approximate area in which you were hunting? Do wolves frequent the area often, and was there any indication that the were other wolves present in your proximity at the time? And what indicated to you that it was a werewolf and not just a rabid/deranged ‘normal’ wolf that bit your friend, unprovoked?
    Sorry if all my questions were a bit lengthy. I will try to help you the best I can.

  56. Hello Icewind, I suspect that I may be a genetic werewolf. It is likely that it is from my father’s side, but I have never met him. I doubt it is from my mother’s side. Here are my symptoms: I have been having pretty bad fits of anger. I had a dream about being by a waterfall, and a teenage boy a couple years older than me tell me that he was a werewolf, and he shifted into a wolf. I have good hearing, good sight, and I have been able to jump higher and easier than I could before. My agility has improved as well. I have unexplained cuts that I don’t remember getting. When I was little, around six, I used to instinctively growl at the people I didn’t like. My hair grows fast, and my nails grow really sharp. I love running, and I enjoy meat a lot. I have psychic abilities from my mother’s side. Last year, when it was the “Triple Threat Moon” (When it was the Harvest moon, Super Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse in one night) I suddenly kind of crouched down, and started running across the street. It only took me a couple of seconds to cross it. But what was weird was that it was like I couldn’t control myself. This may or may not be related, but once a squirrel got really mad at me for no reason. Once, I moved so fast that I could gear the wind howl in my ears, and it was the most amazing sensation. Sometimes I get such intense itches that I wanna scratch my skin off.
    Can you please tell me if I am a werewolf and if I am, what type am I? Please respond asap, I really need to know.

  57. Hello shelli this is phasingmoon i am a wiccan as well i come from a long leniage of witches and wearwolves and its unusual for a werewolf to bite a human so if you dont mind me asking what realm and time were you both in when she got bit ? There are different types of packs so get as much info on him if you can and e mail ne back i might be able to help

  58. In my opinion I would try and put a protection spell on your daughter. Another one in my opinion is to have a werewolf protect your daughter that you can trust and will only do what you ask. I protect a wiccon sorry about the spelling and I do it because she fears her live and is afraid something will happen. Their are some good werewolves that will be happy to help.

  59. Most werewolves turn into the wolf man form, they don’t turn into a larger feral wolf. You’re a bit confused about what you look like mate, Lycans are the purest blood of the Lycanthrope blood who have the blood of Lycans before them , next comes the GeneWolves (Genetic Werewolf born whos parents were werewolves, then the Bitten, werewolves who were bitten by Lycans, GeneWolves or other Bitten, there are also the Half Bloods, one of their parents being of Lycanthrope blood (the blood we all carry)

  60. Well this stinks, never got one… I don’t understand. That Is my number AND it’s right, but no message, and you got no message from me earlier either…. Is it because of this site?

  61. Ice fang I need help I don’t know what’s happening to me you can read the rest that I have posted a couple comments up but I really need some help

  62. I’m a werewolf. I just found this out a few months ago when I had a dream about a black wolf hunting and another wolf callling my human name.

  63. Are werewolves actually real? I always had a curiosity about them but always had some doubts that they never actually exist if they’re real i always wanted to meet one in person.

  64. Yes and no. That philosophy is newer and has to do with the lucian nobility remaining in power. The virus and the magic work the same regardless of the source so, if there is a noticeable difference it’s basically because of training.
    Also any of them should be able to go full wolf or any state in between the two if they’ve shifted a few times and practiced it. Most of you just practice eyes and claws as the only partial shifts they do.
    The clans lost SOOO much knowledge when the Wolf King died and the council took power.

  65. Hey maybe we can work together about getting the bite because I’ve always be fancied by the supernatural and that kinds of stuff, I really want the bite to become a werewolf can someone please help me please I beg you.

  66. Hi SMLMystery1,

    THe SOS website was down but it seems to be back up. It looks very different so I think there may have been something catastrophic happen and they have had to rebuild it.

    Check it out: SMLMystery1

    Thanks for stopping by.


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