Werewolf Clans

For werewolves, a clan is different from a family, although clan affiliation does tend to run in families, passed down from one werewolf generation to another. But a clan is actually a group of like-minded werewolves with many shared interests and a shared purpose who trains, hunts and hangs out together on a regular basis.

Each clan has its own moon. Some werewolves think that it is the moon itself that gives each werewolf his or her powers and characteristics, but many more werewolves believe that while the moon of your first transformation may contribute to your character, that both your character and your clan affiliation are more a matter of choice and training.

However, it is indisputable that each clan claims a different moon of the year. Many clans will initiate new members on this moon and some of these rituals are super secret.

Some clans actively recruit new members but other clans are more secretive, they require new recruits to find them.

There are 12 main werewolf clans active around the world who agreed to be listed on this site. In fact there are many more secret clans and in time hopefully these clans will agree to let themselves be known to the world. But until they do, you can find more information about the twelve main clans here on the site and consider which clan you might like to join, if you get the chance.


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  1. i think im a werewolf and i have extreme anger issues and all of a sudden like 6 months ago my strength and agility drastically increased and i almost font feel any pain my teeth are sharper i got really mad because this girl was clawing at my arm i walked away to wash my face in the bathroom of my school i looked up my eyes were tinted gold i got surprised and went to my wiccan friend and i told him and i asked him why that happened he said im pretty sure you are a werewolf and my nails and hair grow fast i cut my hair that was below my shoulders and about 6 months later it was longer than it was before and sometimes i get this extreme adrenaline boost its like i almost like i can control my adrenaline my muscles ache sometimes and i can lift 3 time my weight i weigh 130 and i have almost enhanced hearing i could hear high frequency noises and i can smell ridiculously better i also found out i could almost heal like this got dead armed he couldn’t feel his arm so i told him let me try something so i touched his arm and kept it there for a min and all of a sudden he said it was like nothing happened and he never bruised and im able to run at 26 mph i saw that on a tread mill and was like that wasnt much but i looked it up the fastest person to run was 28 mph i was shocked i can heal realy fast

      • You basically have to be bitten or cut by an infected werewolf like some on this site if you are strong enough you’ll become one, sadly I can’t help any further as I’m only half wery

      • There is a book by William R. Wraithe called MTHOS that goes into extreme detail on how to become a werewolf and other stuff. It’s a long ritual that take over a few months but if you put in the effort you will like your results.

      • Yeah on a full moon go outside when the full moon I on its highest peak then chant 10times “with the light of the moon and our piercing howls we are further transformed into cunning beast. The circle of life to evolution of man I shall be reawakened as on with the land.” Good luck~

        Side effects
        Head ache tooth ache back ache bone ache upset stomach enhanced hearing and sense of smell uncontrollable anger eye color change sharper teeth.
        After you do that you should have a dream about a wolf remember that wolf as it is you in your wolf form.

      • Unfortunately, you can’t become a werewolf, being bitten and that is just a myth. Really the only way to be one is to be born as one

        • Im sorry my dude but if a real werewolf/lycan were to bite you would die :/// There is no actual way to become one except being born one.

        • Sorry you have to be earn being bitten and the moon goddess will decide if u earne it or not, and only your alpha will be able to bite you so please don’t give anyone your info if there claiming they can but you and turn u one there lying

          • how does the moon goddess decide and how do you know if she has or not. i really wish i could be a werewolf but as you said its up to the moongoddess.

        • Puneet be careful what you ask for and for the rest of yall their is a huge difference between us lycans and you werewolves see lycans are originals we were here first then came the lessers (werewolves) and for anyone who claims a physical transformation you are a wanna be the transformation is spiritual like astral projection we do not attack humans and If your not an alpha you have yo have permission from first either your maker or your alpha if not then the council will have your ass and maybe my name as listed above is not my human name for this body is but a vessel a mere disguise to blend in with the human race and I’m going to say this once and I don’t want any backtalt if any of you lessers are revealing yourselves to humans i will hunt you down in the night. With me being the second born original lycan and an alpha I don’t need a transformation my anger and strength agility and speed comes naturally for I was born as a lycan so that I just to clear things up I’ll be watching and waiting

          • If you are an alpha, I’d suggest you spend your energy on the greater good of your pack rather than on proclaiming your almighty lycanhood on a website.
            I can agree that shifting is a largely spiritual occurrence, but there is a point at which the border between physical and spiritual is blurred beyond recognition. What’s it to us that you’re a lycan? Those who come here looking for proof need experience, and those who come looking for recognition need purpose. Credntiality does not exist on the internet.

            • Hey im a royal wearwolf by blood its not just lycons i come from scottish and english royalty my ancestor king henry the 8th was quite a good god loveing persons so please don’t be bashing wearwolves because you are just a different breed Roderick ok its not nice or becoming of an alpha

              • Number one king Henry was a human so ypur royal blood is on your human side and number two i have every right to bash you lessers their is no royal blood in werewolves and it is like an alpha original lycan to control we run the wolf world it is you who is disrespecting me you do not have any right to backtalk me so we can settle this in tje old lands if you want if not tuck your tail between your legs and walk off GOT ME

                • One i know who he is and two you did not know him like i did and two i was an alpha but got knocked down for drinking human blood and three i dont back down and tuck my tail and three no one should be on here saying there higher tan anyone and for i also am a descendant of the norse god gibbious and i also come from a long german line of wotches so i dont want to be rude not my intention im still down from silver and blood thirst

                  • how could u know him he live centerys ago in fact its not possable no mater what u are to live that long i mean im a witch and i cant do that so ur story is messed up

                • If you were any kind of royalty you would recognize my name you do not know how this works lycans were first and always will be if you drank human blood without permission from the council you should be banished and i can and will show im higher than you lessers like is sais enough talking we can settle this in the old lands you getting knocked down from alpha is a disgrace to the wolf and lycan creed so yeah like i said im doing what real alphas do

                  • wow as i said before you are real arrogant. your NOT royalty or anything for that matter because if you were sooo royal and such a high muckity muck, you would not be on a website full of kids boasting about how high and better you are. Wow your soo royal lol your nothing. Leave my friend alone she did NOTHING to you. All you are is some troll thinking he is some high horse Alpha. Your boasting and ego prove you are nothing.

                    • I couldn’t agree more with you this guy is full of it. If i was a werewolf id fight him just cause he thinks he is better than everyone .He needs to be taught a lesson.

                    • And these kids are begging him to bite them? wow just wow. Kids wake up this guy is an ego maniac and your begging him? *sighs*

                    • These kids don’t even know what they are saying. They have no clue what it would be like. If they were smart they would know that Rodrek wouldn’t bite anyone if he was one.

                    • Exactly its impossible to find somebody to bite on the internet u would never know if they are worthy. Plus i respect everybody on here but a lot of people here are just little kids. They wouldn’t be able to handle it and wont know what they are getting into.

                    • I thought you couldn’t be bit? Everyone says different things. I dream of my wolf but can never become her.

                    • you can’t be bite. Sorry to say a bites not going to change anyone you have to be born this way. No bite nor spell.

                    • Yeah I figured that but I will keep her in my dreams. Maybe one day she will stop feeling like she trying to break out.

                  • and as for u i may be only a human witch but i know that even if u are a alfa ur not my alfa and i also know that ur not phasing moons ether ether so back down i mean for i know ur just two aragrant humans who don’t respect each other

                    • One i am an alpha but im also a witch from long decent and ive been reborn over and over the centuries so don’t go there like him thinking your all high and mighty young one there are wiccan and pagan pages on fb why dont you go there and no phaseingmoon is just a name i came up with its not my actual name

                    • Could you help me become a where wolf please an I will join your pack and be your loyal beta I have wanted this wish for a long time could you please help me PLEASE

                  • You have been given power. Power makes you arrogant, selfish and cruel. Times are changing little wolf you’d be wise to not hold old ideals and ways of thinking. Open your mind don’t be rude to others I may not be wolf like but I do know that no creature high or low is lesser than the other.

                  • i respect you, your words are true and honorable. I am a wolfblood, my wolf is a pure black wolf with a greyish birthmark on her head. she is called Alissa. but i give you respect lycan. :smile:

                • For a “Royal Alpha Lycan” you’ve got some pretty terrible grammar and punctuation.. One would assume somebody of such importance would be better educated than this. Nonetheless, if you would accept me, I would love and appreciate becoming one of your pack, Alpha Rodrek. I would be a very loyal Beta. I heard to be turned, you must be bitten or scratched by an Alpha. One of blood, not choice. Is this true?

              • I never meant I was any better than u all I’m saying its this is not a site to brag bout ur heritage on I just don’t like snobs
                and yeah iv gone to other chats for wiccans but they won’t what I was looking for
                only reason I’m here is because I want a pack and people who accept me for who I am OK??

          • Is this true !

            ah .. introduce me purwo from indonesia. I am only human.

            whether you can lead me to be a werewolf like you. it’s ok if I have to teach by andah from a distance

          • Rodrek…..please help me……..i want to know your world……i know some people call u guys animals or they don’t believe in you and some call u monsters but i know what u truly are………being a royalty you know what it is like ……..u guys are nothing less but more………..i want to be one of you ………..i want to live like you………..I want you to be my alpha, my mentor,my friend and my prince ………..and i want to be a lycan ……..I will pay any price……….u can take my test ………i can prove it that i am worthy of being one of you……..for once please…………..i just ask one thing

            • literally????
              do u realize there is a 50% chance he isn’t a lycan and if he is turning u is very painful so just give it up i happy with the fact i’m a human and my friend isnt cuz he’s a vamp changing what u are wont change u as a person
              dont live in a fantisy that this will change how u are seen

          • Hi i dont know where to start. Well i am human and have always been fascinated by unexplained events or things. I would like to know if i could interview you, since you are a true alpha. I mean no harm nor disrespect i would just like to know please Rodrek.


            Hope to be in contact with you soon.

          • Yes though your name is interesting Rodrek. You’re an oldblood but twisted, if you keep this up, a shadowhound is all that will be left of old Rodrek longclaw. You forget your place, I am firstborn and you are a fool. You were the 7th created after several others and you received the gift only because I took pity on you, not because you were superior.

            • Hi i am new to this i am nothing but a “human” who is intrigued by the unexplained. Would you be open to an interview for my bog??

          • FINALLY! someone understands Lycans are not werewolves! Yet i dont know if they are lesser than lycans….I know lycans were made first but that doest mean anything

    • I want to become a wolf i don’t care if i have to go through pain i will even risk my life to find a way to become one of them so if theres any real wolves out there plz tell me!

    • I have the same side effects as the Guy above I believe I’m a werewolf to. I also have Native American ancestors.

    • Im new here, and im form malaysia. So how can we be a part of wolf pack? Is werewolf is real? Some one can tell me the True?

    • If this guy is really a werewolf than prove it
      Send me a pic or something
      If there are werewolves out there ill be hunting rhem down so watch your back

    • I totally agree with you. Hello everybody I am 9 years old and my dad was a hybrid of a vampire and werewolf. So when I was born I was born as a werewolf. But my dad said he lost his vampire self so now he is just a werewolf. But I know it is all true because I run like an animal, I bark and sit like one, I usually like staying up at night, I have cravings for meat, I love animals and nature, and I always ALWAYS run super fast. So if you have all of those things about you than you are a werewolf. And you might get easily bothered or angry.

  2. Hello Um i don’t know what I am, I also don’t know my family history but I always wake up around 3am and feel really hungry and then I see things like shadows and things move or hear howling alot but I don’t really know and I get these instincts to kill and eat, whenever I smell blood or meat I get so dizzy and I go crazy for it, and I find animal hair on my bed but I don’t have pets, I also see very well and hear very well, my abilities are pretty fast when I come to running, I need help please.

    • I think your making what you put in this made up because I don’t know any creature that would go dizzy for blood, unless your allergic to humans and blood makes you nauseous then crazy to get to it and the hair part you should shed alot when in human form and awake to if you are a werewolf but it just said you found animal hair in your bed but we wouldn’t just stay in a bed for long cuz its not resting time it’s hunting time! anyways it is probably a spirit messing with you with the animal hair so if theres any lost animals in your area then…

  3. Have a lot of passion for werewolves. It has become a secret dream of mine to find one. I feel close to the moon and the night and I am looking for a friend to understand.

  4. I would like to become a werewolf. I have strong native american in me, I’ve been told that matters. I live in Arkansas USA, can anyone help me out?

    • If u r truly a native American then u can be helpful to me as well I can be helpful to u but for that u have talk to me personally as I have some really good research and I strongly believe I can track down werewolf in America……. I have a plan and I have info….. U have to get on a personal chat… If u r truly a believer

  5. So, I just made an account and can’t login. Right credentils and stuff, my phone is just stupid. Anyway, I’m looking forward to becoming more familiar with werewolf culture abd customs, and like many other humans that come here, I can’t wait to hopefully join your ranks!! :smile:

    • If u r truly a native American then u can be helpful to me as well I can be helpful to u but for that u have talk to me personally as I have some really good research and I strongly believe I can track down werewolf in America……. I have a plan and I have info….. U have to get on a personal chat… If u r truly a believer

      • Heya look if I just read all these responses they’re saying that it’s painful and dangerous to do, but I don’t care I’m with you on this one plus I hardly feel pain trust me I’ve been stabbed at school and been hit by both golf clubs and baseball bat, so pains an old friend.

  6. Plz anyone werewolf out there help me…… Any alpha… Or beta or omega help…. I want the bite at any cost…. Not on someone’s life but please if anyone out there or really looking for a recruit or want to hunt a werewolf I have some really interesting research and info….. Plz text or message on this website….. I am in INDIA

  7. Hi. I think I may be a werewolf although I’m not sure. I generally start to act differently when there is a full moon, my body craves red meat even though I’m not a huge fan of it, I have a really bad temperament and by teeth, most notably my canines, pain from time to time. Please can somebody just help me with this. I live in South Africa

              • Reincarnation and totems. In ancient traditions, different creatures can reincarnate in different bodies. So, there can be a human reincarnated as an animal, or there can be animals reincarnated as humans (therians), or mythical creatures reincarnated in a different body than their spirit kin (otherkins).
                In 1692, Thiess of Kaltenbrun proclaimed in front of the Church that he is a werewolf, a hound of God, as he told. They couldn’t p-shift, their spirit was a werewolf trapped in a human body, and they could shapeshift as spirits in the astral realm through astral projection. Benandanti could do this as well, they could shapeshift in the astral realm as their spirit kin.

                  • Is a very long story… between the material body and the soul there is so called the astral matrix or the astral od. It is a substance that keep both bodies together while you are incarnated.
                    Through the control of elements, beside many other things, someone can achieve a slackening of the astral matrix, which will result in a separation of the astral body from the material body. During astral projection the material body must not be moved or touched by anything, because the antahkarana or the silver corde is very fragile, and it can be a risk of physical death if there are such dangers. A ritual for the protection of physical body, and for the protection in all three spheres (physical, astral and spiritual), must be done before astral projection and while you are in your astral body. The unconscious astral projections, during sleep time, are not that dangerous because they happen naturally.
                    I have some books about those things that I can give you. Just send me a private message, if you wish… from your account, if you have one. :)

          • Also is a half breed considered a werewolf that can walk between darkness and light? Ps the 13th circle is looking for him. Would he be considered a werewolf or something more? He was born with a halo. And he has the fingerprint on his nose from Gabriel.

    • Between the material body and the soul there is the astral matrix. It is a substance that keep both bodies together while you are incarnated.
      Through the control of elements, beside many other things, someone can achieve a slackening of the astral matrix, which will result in a separation of the astral body from the material body.
      If you have an account, you can send me a private message, and we can talk more.

  8. I am the alpha of the London pack and I want to increase my numbers so I can take over other territories for example the Russians are strong because of there money I want to take over there territories so they bowl down to me

      • Spells and potions don’t transform you or from what I’ve seen at least if you want to become a werewolf talk to a full wery

    • Russians aren’t only strong due to their money my friend. There is a reason no one really invaded Russia successfully in WW2.

      • namely according to history being because Hitler got cocky didn’t plan ahead and his troops froze and starved in the harsh winter and the Russians laughed at him because he was an idiot but I can see how due to lycanthropy the Russians would be able to better withstand the cold

  9. IceFang, just out of curiosity, would you be willing to assist me in a study, I’m making a grimmore of things I learn about various topics, one being my ability to enter some sort of library of glass and light when I meditate and enter the Astral Realm, please contact me, help from a druid or of one such as yourself would be much of value.
    I can not offer much other then knowledge in exchange for now.

    • I’m writing a story about werewolves. Can anyone prove that they do exist. Many many boys and girls claim to be ones. But how true can that be?

      • The main issue with proof is that physical shifts take quite a lot of time and energy to achieve. For the first few years, if not longer, an awakened werewolf (one who is aware of what they are) has to work on energy control, mental shifting, and phantom shifting, as well as attempting to conceal their true nature from those around them. Since this process is very taxing, many give up hope of ever physically shifting – which I assume is the ‘proof’ you are after.

      • hey I know and have most of the symptoms but I was wondering if there is any way to tell for sure if ur a therian
        I don’t want to be one so I’m trying to prove I’m not that way I know I’m not one u see I’m a witch and am afraid that it might drain power and magick
        please answer

      • Hi MissRosePearl i too am writing a story about the truth of the werewolf claim, if you know anyone who would be willing to speak with me in regards to it please let me know.


  10. My entire life I’ve felt as if i was born to the wrong species I’ve always felt more closer to wolves always been completely obsessed with the Moon when I’m lonely or sad I tend to howl I don’t know if this page is serious or just some type of joke but if it is truly any way to be turned if there’s anyone who can help me around the Arizona area please tell I don’t care if there’s a chance it will kill me because with being what I am I’m truly Better Off Dead

  11. I have never considered myself a werewolf. Yes I have always loved the wonderful canines, but never thought to be one. However, if the symptoms as have been stated lead to being one, perhaps…?
    I have a dreaded underlying anger that I have worked incredibly hard to keep in check. I have a strange understanding with animals, especially dogs. I act instinctively on most occasions and do my best to read people. Though I’ve always found it easy to stand alone, I tend to do well in groups, especially as a leader-like figure.
    My hunger can be… extravagant, but I also can eat sparingly. I have always had a nocturnal habit.

    Any ideas?
    I originally am in search of a local pack to look into, see if I really am this sort of creature.

  12. So basicly two weeks ago i said two different werewolf spells on a clearly visible full moon and two days ago i had a dream in which i was Sitting in my room by a window at night and saw a shadow in my yard rwo seconds later i was attacked by a white werewolf it just bite/scratched me then ran away then i woke up and ever since then i have been hearing a ringing noise in my ear.

    • I’ve been hearing a ringing sound since I was a child but it’s so weird I keep hearing about a white wolf in this page. One time I dreamt of being a white wolf and I ran with my dog or a black wolf can’t really remember

  13. I’m new, I had people mistakingly asking me how to turn into a werewolf. I’m a different creature. Some of them I’m hesitant to say anything about anything supernatural. 1 of my close freinds is determined to get a wolf bite. What ways are there to turn besides bites? I don’t believe most spells but for purpose to talk some1 down any info would be greatly appreciated

  14. Not really sure if I’m a werewolf. But I know what one of my ancestors is and my dad always says he doesn’t believe in super natural stuff but my mom does. IF I were to have lycanthropy it would be on my father’s side. I haven’t gone through transformations at least I don’t think I have when I was younger I used to have dreams of a wolf or being a wolf but they stopped after a while or I just forgot about them. I don’t think I’m part of a clan/pack but I could be my father has a lot of ties if I am part of a clan/pack my grandmother took me away from it. I have always had suspicions I might be a lycanthrope namely due to behavior and physical traits but as I stated before I am unsure. I have been trying to do research but can’t find anything on any families that may pass down the lycanthropic gene. I don’t know if any of this is real but I am in a serious relationship and I need to know if I am and if I pose a danger. My father has always warned me not to wrestle or rough house with other children because I “could easily kill another child” and never elaborated on why he said that and he keeps saying it throughout my whole life. My mother’s side and my father’s father’s side all the women have been some form of medium I have been told I am the strongest so far by all the women around me who are also mediums. My physical traits are very different than all my other relatives except for the males on my father’s side; pretty much hairy, larger body proportions. My father’s last name is Finan which we trace back to St. Finnan and I don’t know much about him other than what my dad has told me is he was the patron St. of insanity. I don’t know what else has to be told I would love to converse with someone who might have some insight to helping me figure this out.

  15. I believe werewolves are real but most people here are most likely lying. If anybody is actually a real one private message me. I’m fascinated in werewolves and would love to learn more about them and maybe one day see proof.

  16. how do u test to see if ur a therian ?
    I mean I have the normal symptoms but I want to know is there something only therians can do or cant do
    please help I want to be human!!
    I just want to make sure I’m human

  17. Hello everyone.
    I’m a young lone wolf, not having yet shifted but working on it.
    I am curious about these types of werewolves and also this elder language you speak of, l would love to learn it. It sounds familiar on my tongue.
    I do know I’m a wolf, but if you need further affirmation,
    well, I’ve shifted in almost all ways except physically since I was very young. Every fall, my obsession and belief and self-belief in werewolves returns… and every fall I feel closer to shifting.
    If someone could help me, and also perhaps teach my this lnaguage, I would love to learn.

  18. Hi.. So I found this site while doing some research and I thought it might be worth a try. I’ve been trying to find online communities of actual supernaturals, and been pretty skeptical most of the time. So if you wouldn’t mind being honest, is this 100% true? Are you all Lycans, witches, etc? If so, I have a few questions.

    What other supernatural creatures are there that you know of that look human, and can have abilities passed down through generations, maybe only manifesting occasionally? How old were you when you inherited your abilities? Does the age of 18 hold any significance (as is implied in most things) or is it younger? How can you know for sure if you have any supernatural blood?
    For most of my life I’ve had a fascination with the supernatural, and a gut feeling that I was different than everyone around me in some way. I’ve never been able to really describe it well, but it’s like there’s fundamentally something in me that’s not the same as everyone else I’m around. I’m more sensitive to certain things, and I feel emotions and sensation a bit differently- like my anger is like this frozen cold rage or burning fury, and sometimes I feel downright animalistic. I have fairly sharp canines, enough so that my dentist pointed out it’s uncommon in female- so I have male canines essentially. They’re sharp enough that I’ve hurt my lip before.
    I’ve felt drawn to the night for some time now, along with the moon and the wind. I can always tell when a storm is coming because I go outside and i can just feel the power behind the wind, and it feels like there’s something wild inside of me that wells up but kinda fades away. I’m very drawn to anything paranormal- I feel like i have more in common with people that have abilities (think harry potter, LOTR, true blood, anything with supernaturals or magic). It feels like there’s something missing, and maybe something supernatural might be it.
    What do you think? Does it sound familiar to anyone? Is there a certain age that something might happen at? is there any way for me to know for sure?

    • Also I don’t know if this is important but when I was younger, I wanna say in the summer while I was in elementary school, I woke up in the morning with blood on my pillow, where my neck had been. I’m pretty sure I felt kinda out of it that morning, but what was weird was that there was no blood on my body anywhere, and I had no bug bites. The blood was two circles about maybe 2 inches apart with blood trails going down my pillow from the circles. Before that I knew this kid called Roovens who said he was a vampire and that another one named James was after me for some reason, and he would always get all stiff and panicky when we were in a room full of a lot of people and then he just sort of vanished, like I never heard from him again.

  19. Hello! I just found this website and I need help! I have no clue how to add friends or look at profiles :roll: If anyone could help, it will be greatly appreciated and I will share your helpfulness to my family, a direct line from one of the founders of the lycanthrope world.
    May the wolves bless you,

  20. I’ve seen a ghost, a dragon fly, met a blue wolf, saw demons dance, saw a cross of light appear on a window, was scolded (with words) by a cat, spoken with paintings, stalked by death for three days, could see auras, had psychic dreams, but the weirdest and strangest thing that ever happened to me is that I legit grew a spider leg. ( All this is true) There are many more things I’ve experienced, but I have yet to find proof for lycan.

  21. I’m looking for answers. i have strong native american blood in me and i know im different i just dont know what i am. when i was younger my step mom trained me in the ways of the witches and ive devoted my self to the gods and goddesses. but i can run faster then anyone i know i tend to run in the woods where i can hear everything and sense everything. I know when things are about to happen before they do i have dreams about the future and i can feel peoples emoitions. im just looking for answer im tired of being in the dark….

  22. Would you not be able to tell me what that means? Doesn’t it mean… well…. I can’t say for sure, but here is my instinct…..
    This (kir) or some word similar to “this”, for example, the, that, it, this, those, then…. etc.
    Nondulath- one part of me thinks- new moon. Another part thinks the Non is new, or no.
    Aldraelet- Something tells me freedom but perhaps that is not the word. I may not be a werewolf- or a mature one- at all.

  23. hey ice fang I’m a werewolf that turns into a normal wolf I wanted to know what your clan is an if i can join it

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  24. hey ice fang I’m a werewolf that and turns into a normal wolf I wanted to know what your clan is an if i can join it

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  25. Actually humans call it Elder Futhark and it is the oldest form of runic alphabet. So yes, I would see how a lycanthrope would know or even dabble in it, like I understood wunjō īsaz which means the “joys of ice”.

  26. that happens to me too…. it freaks me out cuz i dont know what im saying……. usually it happens when im really mad at someone……. or when wws i dont know are in my area….. it feels natural to speak this language but i never heard it from others

  27. Hey what ever u said… Is it true….i want the bite… I just don’t fit here…. Since childhood I have been kind of obsessed with supernatural….. Please help…… Every morning I feel something is missing I have researched a lot…. Begged to god… Literally…. Plz… Any way…. Any bite or venom…. Help

  28. Hi Icefang, can you please tell me if there are any werewolf clans in South Africa because I want to become a werewolf. Don’t try and talk me out of this because I have meditated a long time on this, so please can you just help me out. Thank you.

  29. ok, but “Ethelar” is a person. A person that i dont know, and that i only know about because it was shown to me by something.

  30. Do you know any Lycan clans out in NC in the united states? I know there are a lot of Lycan clans out in Canada but thy are way to far away for me to try and communicate with them. I’m in some trouble and I need help from a Lycan clan, and I’m a Lycan btw.

  31. I think I’m starting to see things. Today I was in a steer saddling event. One of those steer, was not a steer. Some of the horses were not horses. And one man had scales and a tail.

  32. Do you know of a clan/pack in Ok United States? I really what to be bitten and become a werewolf. Plz dont try to talk me out of it I’ve thought about it for years now and I think I’m ready for the thansformation. I have always loved wolves and to be in the wild with nature. Plz help me!

  33. Do you know of a clan/pack in Ok United States? I really what to be bitten and become a werewolf. Plz dont try to talk me out of it I’ve thought about it for years now and I think I’m ready for the thansformation. I have always loved wolves and to be in the wild with nature. Plz help me! Also asking for a friend.

  34. May I ask you to elaborate more as to why you should be turned? What reason has a werewolf to turn you? Do you even know what happens to you once your bitten? Your more likely to die than be turned. Any wolf that bites a human is not a friendly wolf. No matter what they tell you. This is a no bite zone the ones hear do not bite humans this is a very dangerous way to turn oneself into a werewolf. It’s less that a 20% chance that you will even locate a werewolf much less one who will willingly bite you. Then it’s less than a 5 % chance that you will live to fined out if you will turn or not. Then there is the possibly of you turning feral… I have spoken to much. Forgive me if I seem rude I’m just telling the facts if you wish to become a wolf no one can stop you. But there are bad and good outcomes as a result of your decision that may or may not be what you intended upon making this decision. So make sure you look at all the options. Before you act please it will be worth the extra time.

  35. No you didn’t come across as rude you made some valid points. I did some google searching and I can’t find anything on the good vs bad outcomes of turning in to a werewolf. If you could lead me in the right direction (I.e. links or personal experiences) I would much appreciate it. As to why a werewolf should bite me I would like to learn more about the good vs bad outcomes (excluding death and turning feral). Then I will make my decision. And if you don’t mind me asking, where did you get you statistics? Sorry if I come across as rude, I’m not trying to be.

  36. I appreciate the attempt you are feeling the emotion behind them at least. Kir is pronounced with the hard k and an ee sound like fear.
    The a In Nondulath is short.
    and the last word is really Aldrælet (the æ pronounced more like an I) I didn’t have a key for it at the time.

    Kir is we.
    Non means not sort of. Here a prefix for dulath (doo-lath) which means bent, but is related to the root for to kneel.
    and Andrælet which means eternal/ timeless.

    The whole means:
    Forever we are Unbent/Unbowed

  37. I already know what’s going on.(BTW, did not try to sound rude, sorry if i did.)
    But I could always use a someone to talk to about this.
    Only my girlfriend knows about this, BC she is also a werewolf.

  38. It depends some start out taking the form of wolves completely so it would be impossible to tell them from natural wolves except for the size. Other start out almost human. As you grow in power you can do more combinations. The strongest wolves can do almost any combo of human and wolf features.

  39. Also, neither of my parents are werewolves, but I never knew my grandfather, and neither did my father.
    I suppose he was one then?
    I was never bitten.

  40. Your parents may not be werewolves, but one or both may carry the gene. Alot of people have wolf blood in them, but those that are considered werewolves are the ones that have the stronger gene, thereby showing symptoms and eventually shifting. For some good info and fuel for thought, I would suggest studying the shifting methods documented by the Pariah Pack.

  41. you seem to know alot about werewolfs sooo? can you tell me why one attacked me and my Friends for no reason yes we had guns but we didnt do anything

  42. I have a question.. I am not a wolf.. I am wiccan.. And so is my daughter with Irish traveler.. She just found out that he boy friend is a practicing wolf and he bit her.. She did not tell me.. But now she is scared and wants away from him but he tells her. She cant.. Is there anyway I can get my daughter out of this pack and it not be a messy ordeal. How can I protect her from him.

  43. Hello jerret im phasingmoon its good you did not shoot wearwolves travel in pack’s alot like what you see with your common gray wolf pack and if your friend was bitten by a wearwolf then hes either wanted by a pack or there is a rouge wolf in the area and needs to be takend care of by a special kind of wolf pack that deals with rouge wolves and in witch case your friend may not survive the bite did your friends bite heal up ?

  44. Hello Jarrett. Yes, I know a thing or two.i might be able to give you some answers.
    Phasingmoon gas a good point. If your friend’s bite healed up already, it most likely means two things: That your friend will survive, and that he’s a werewolf.
    And yes, there is a possibility it was a rogue wolf that attacked you.
    You said that your were all attacked, but only your friend was bitten- and no shots fired? This wolf did not lunge at you too? And if you don’t mind me asking, where was the approximate area in which you were hunting? Do wolves frequent the area often, and was there any indication that the were other wolves present in your proximity at the time? And what indicated to you that it was a werewolf and not just a rabid/deranged ‘normal’ wolf that bit your friend, unprovoked?
    Sorry if all my questions were a bit lengthy. I will try to help you the best I can.

  45. Hello Icewind, I suspect that I may be a genetic werewolf. It is likely that it is from my father’s side, but I have never met him. I doubt it is from my mother’s side. Here are my symptoms: I have been having pretty bad fits of anger. I had a dream about being by a waterfall, and a teenage boy a couple years older than me tell me that he was a werewolf, and he shifted into a wolf. I have good hearing, good sight, and I have been able to jump higher and easier than I could before. My agility has improved as well. I have unexplained cuts that I don’t remember getting. When I was little, around six, I used to instinctively growl at the people I didn’t like. My hair grows fast, and my nails grow really sharp. I love running, and I enjoy meat a lot. I have psychic abilities from my mother’s side. Last year, when it was the “Triple Threat Moon” (When it was the Harvest moon, Super Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse in one night) I suddenly kind of crouched down, and started running across the street. It only took me a couple of seconds to cross it. But what was weird was that it was like I couldn’t control myself. This may or may not be related, but once a squirrel got really mad at me for no reason. Once, I moved so fast that I could gear the wind howl in my ears, and it was the most amazing sensation. Sometimes I get such intense itches that I wanna scratch my skin off.
    Can you please tell me if I am a werewolf and if I am, what type am I? Please respond asap, I really need to know.

  46. Hello shelli this is phasingmoon i am a wiccan as well i come from a long leniage of witches and wearwolves and its unusual for a werewolf to bite a human so if you dont mind me asking what realm and time were you both in when she got bit ? There are different types of packs so get as much info on him if you can and e mail ne back i might be able to help

  47. In my opinion I would try and put a protection spell on your daughter. Another one in my opinion is to have a werewolf protect your daughter that you can trust and will only do what you ask. I protect a wiccon sorry about the spelling and I do it because she fears her live and is afraid something will happen. Their are some good werewolves that will be happy to help.

  48. Most werewolves turn into the wolf man form, they don’t turn into a larger feral wolf. You’re a bit confused about what you look like mate, Lycans are the purest blood of the Lycanthrope blood who have the blood of Lycans before them , next comes the GeneWolves (Genetic Werewolf born whos parents were werewolves, then the Bitten, werewolves who were bitten by Lycans, GeneWolves or other Bitten, there are also the Half Bloods, one of their parents being of Lycanthrope blood (the blood we all carry)

  49. Well this stinks, never got one… I don’t understand. That Is my number AND it’s right, but no message, and you got no message from me earlier either…. Is it because of this site?

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