Werewolf Clans

For werewolves, a clan is different from a family, although clan affiliation does tend to run in families, passed down from one werewolf generation to another. But a clan is actually a group of like-minded werewolves with many shared interests and a shared purpose who trains, hunts and hangs out together on a regular basis.

Each clan has its own moon. Some werewolves think that it is the moon itself that gives each werewolf his or her powers and characteristics, but many more werewolves believe that while the moon of your first transformation may contribute to your character, that both your character and your clan affiliation are more a matter of choice and training.

However, it is indisputable that each clan claims a different moon of the year. Many clans will initiate new members on this moon and some of these rituals are super secret.

Some clans actively recruit new members but other clans are more secretive, they require new recruits to find them.

There are 12 main werewolf clans active around the world who agreed to be listed on this site. In fact there are many more secret clans and in time hopefully these clans will agree to let themselves be known to the world. But until they do, you can find more information about the twelve main clans here on the site and consider which clan you might like to join, if you get the chance.


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  1. I was born on the morning of the first day of the last full moon of the year, I was supposed to be born a month later but my mothers water broke early. My mother always told me that I howled before I spoke, I would grind my teeth on my crib, and I hated to be swaddled as a baby. I have always loved being outside especially at night. Sometimes I just spend hours on end just staring up at the moon and stars, I was wondering if I am a werewolf. I always have felt that I am, but I was never really sure, so I was wondering if anybody could help me answer the question on whether I am one or not

  2. Does anyone know if there are packs in South Africa.
    There is something coming and I don’t know if I can take it on alone.

    Don’t want blood to be spilled

    • I’m from South Africa Pretoria and I want to become a werewolve. If anyone can help, I ll gladly join your pack. I just want to be able to protect my family and everyone else I love. Please help if you can.

      • im a wild werewolf and i became a werewolf by this potion i found on youtube and just look up vampire and werewolf potion and you will find it and my name is amberly

        • Hey Werewolfgirl did the potion really work and I was wondering if you could give me your email so I could email you please bec I really want to become a werewolf and it would be nice to have a werewolf friend to talk to please I’m not a hunter I LOVE WEREWOLVES please I beg.

  3. I need help. I need to find a pack in South Africa urgently. Something dark is on its way and I don’t think I can stop it alone. I would not ask over the forum but its serious and I’m running out of time.

  4. Hi can someone help me find a werewolf clan somewhere near CA, because I want to become one. And I know the reason on why I want to do this, I want to be able to protect my friends and family. And don’t try to talk me out of this because I’ve thought long and hard about this and its what I want to do.

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    • hi I am a girl in Missouri if you would find me and make me like you I would be very grateful for your help please reply. XD

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  5. I’m quite curious if there are any of us inthe north west florida area?


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  6. anyone know of a werewolf pack in va? i insanely wish to become a werewolf but honestly dont know how. i know i have a bit of werewolf blood in me bacause of the fact that whenever i get mad at someone my first instinct is to lunge and bite into the flesh. ive even done it before. drew blood too. kind of liked the feeling. anyways if u think u can help then let me know.

  7. can someone help me find a werewolf in va? i have werewolf blood in me but have never transformed and would like to learn how in person. i know i have werewolf blood because i have actually bit a person before, drew blood, and liked it. anyways any help would be aprieciated.

  8. I’m an Aneckactolyte my husband is a Lycan plz we r serious trouble we live in NC in the U. S. If any Lycan clans are in America plz come help us I cant telepathlically speak to anyone yet but my husband can his name is Josh AXXXXXXXXXX. I have a Malificaren after me thats a demon full vampire.every time we have tried to get help they are either caught by this hoard or killed. Plz if there are any real Lycans or telepaths or shifters out here in America plz help us me and my husband are not unlocked yet we need a healer and reader. Contact me on here

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  9. Ice fang me and my husband have been trying to vet help for over 2 years. I need to see a healer and reader and so does my husband. This secret Orginization called the Aldemeri are the ones who we really need to see. But for now we need to see and speak with any lycan clans that are not rogue. Btw if u dont know who or what I am then u cannot help me. Real Lycans know about my kind Aneckactolytes if it were not for my kind female lycans would not exist today. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then never mind what I have said. The question is do u have any information or ate u of any use to help me Ice fang?

  10. I need help. Can someone help me find my clan? I’ve not transformed yet.
    I love winter, hate heat, like baking and l

  11. Can someone help me find my clan?
    1. Personality: I am slightly timid but slightly brave. I am somewhat random and a bit submissive. However I will fight for myself. With my friends I goof off and act a bit hyper, and am otherwise serious. I like earning my rewards and hate favoratism towards me. I am often too hot and I hate summer. I love winter and overcast days, especially foggy days.
    2: Hates: I hate favoratism at me, summer, hot days, I also feel lazy since I do things at my own pace. I am stubborn but witty. I hate mushrooms. :P
    3: Likes: animals, I have a strong prey drive. Love hunting, strong stomach. Like sweets and steak really rare. I like wolves and getting up early in the morning though I usually sleep in. I like stars and nature. Love horses. Wild raspberries rock.
    4: Physical Appearance: *not too detailed for security*- Short and light, fleet footed and talkative but quiet around strangers. I have stocky lower legs and am slightly strong. Freckles and blond hair I am growing out but seems to want to stay short. Big, gapped teeth that need braces. Open mouthed smile, often wear jeans and cowboy boots. Silver, somtimes green, eyes. Small feet.
    5: Attributes: not particularly fast but very agile. Strong(er) senses, than most. Talkative but learning to be quiet, like to stalk up and practise stalking. Often like to do things in my own time. Like nature
    6: History; I used to be a bratty kid but my (step) dad fixed me up at age 4 turning five. I was born the HUNTER FULL MOON 2001! Also, I don’t know my biological dad and dislike my mother. Btw, have great memory. Excellent; quite vivid.
    7: Noticable Things: I like social things like visiting but I like time alone too. Great, vivid memory. Love to practise things like stalking. Vivid storyteller, like to read. Like heavy blankets in bed.
    8: Temperament: A bit rough likes to practise wrestling. Kind a bit impatient. Strong stomach.
    I hope this help!!!! I really do! Please help!!!! I will need it. Kurag andalpr hurwoan birasa. Is that a language?

  12. Hello! An administrator recently changed the clan options at YLL to avoid confusion between Singing/Harvest wolves and Hunter/Blood wolves. The September clan was previously listed as Hunter, which mislead many people. Are you a Singing/Harvest wolf or a Hunter/Blood wolf? Please pass this message on to the other werewolves you know in the months of September and October to get this change out in the public!

  13. Hey everyone, I am a werewolf, I have looked for years but no one in my country just me so pls if there are real werewolves in Ethiopia pls contact me I wanna join a pack

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  14. Why don’t you omegas make a pack of your own, draw strength from one and other to protect yourselves from rival packs.

  15. Can somebody help me become a werewolf I’m in XXXXXXXXXX

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  16. Anyone know of any clans or packs near XXXXXXXX, Texas? I’ve been waiting quite a while to try to find a way to be turned, and I’d be extremely grateful if someone could help in some way

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  17. :?: I have a few concerns, why do I get hungry when I see people bleed, why do I feel rage towards perfect strangers, why do I sleep walk and have horrid nightmares, why do I heal quickly, why do women give me attention when I don’t try them, why do I feel as though I can understand animals, why is it that when I relax my mind all I can think about is hunting, why do I feel constant wanderlust, why can’t I seem to give ground to people with aggressive personalities, why does Orion intrigue me, and last of all why does Christ feel like a lie? I wouldn’t have come here in jest so please reciprocate that respect.

    • I’ll try to answer one at a time for you.

      You get hungry when you see people bleed because you may be either vampiric or have bloodlust.

      You rage towards perfect strangers because you may be highly guarded or territorial.

      You sleep walk and have horrid nightmares because you may have some deep unconscious issue that needs to be resolved.

      You heal quickly because your body’s natural physiology is strong.

      Women give you attention when you don’t try them because they may find you to be attractive.

      You feel as though you can understand animals because you may have a deep connection towards nature.

      When you relax your mind all you can think about is hunting is because you may have a lust towards the kill.

      You feel constant wanderlust because you may be unsatisfied being in one place.

      You can’t seem to give ground to people with aggressive personalities because you yourself may be unable to ground your person.

      Orion intrigues you because you may be an astrologer or stargazer.

      Christ feels like a lie to you because you may not be destined to follow Christianity.

      I am completely approachable if you would wish to speak with me about anything.

      Elfida Echoleaf

  18. For as long as I can remember I dreamt about wolves and werewolves. They feel so real that I think I’m awake. Though sometimes when I have a dream that I’m fighting with wolves the next day I feel violent and really aggressive. My husband s dog sometimes will try to keep me from my family he’ll try an corner me an he snarls and growls, but a lot of time he loves me, and others he seems to be scared of me, he acts like I’m a threat to my family. Anyways my husband says it’s nothing that the dog is being a butthead but I’m the only one he does it too. I would love to be a wolf and run but I’m scared that I would lose myself and not change back. So I wanted to talk to a real wolf who could put my mind at ease

      • There are almost no wolves in NY. THIS SUCKS. Can some one call the hunters and just f-ing shoot me? Seriously. I am one of the more pack-oriented wolves, and I am seriously beaten down. I shifted early, because of some rouges and hunters, hence why I hate hunters, and I found my mate early too. Only problem is HE DOESN’T KNOW I’M HIS MATE and doesn’t want me in his pack because it’d be to much of a hastle getting me there. seriously, I’m ready to die. it’s been a year and three quarters since I started searching for a pack, and I am soon going to give up. I do want to know if I should tell my mate im his mate tho, he might not believe me. Help,

        Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  19. Hi! Um well i don’t know what my clan is or if i’m a werewolf. I was wondering if someone could help me? And i need more information about transformations. I already know about the stories of Fenris/Fenrir, etc, and for a long time I talked to Hatter off of sethonsurvival. But I do need help.

  20. I am the Wolf Mother and mate of the Death Wolf. my mate and are the Alpha of Alphas. We are reaching out in regards to joining a clan near NC in America. I bear the mark of the wolf mother in my full form and am the largest female lycan in the world, as for my mate he is the largest Alpha male lycan in the world. Unfortunately me and my mate have oddly not run across any Lycans in NC we have not caught a scent of another Lycan either. We have ran across mainly shifters and telepaths but if anyone has any information that could be of some assitance plz dont hesitate to reach out.

  21. I have 2 forms as does my mate lycan form as a black wolf and my final form as a very large black wolf with red eyes. I have my own special ablities as do other lycans I have more than one ability.

  22. I can track I never said that I couldnt. I’m asking if any clans are near by because if it was so populated we would have picked up on something by now. We have not caught a scent of another Lycan in over 3 years. Its odd and dies not make sense. Thats why I believe there are not any in NC either you have information Daxus or you dont. I was not raised by Lycans so plz understand that I had to learn a lot on my ow. My birth parents gave me up and I was raised by humans. Id why I was given up, my adopted parents have no idea what I am. Only thing I know about my biological parents is that they are from norway.

      • Its alright its hard saying that I need help. I need to join a pack if anything take my place as pack leader. What’s really odd is that I have known my mate since we were young pups. From what he tells me he knew my parents he from Germany and was placed here in America near me and we found each other and we imprinted on each other when we were 17. If you know any clans in Norway thats a start my parents are from there and ive never seen or heard from them. My mates family like I said is from Germany and my father in law is dead has been for 10 years is the one that placed me with the family I was raised by. They raised me since I was a newborn and I was born in Norway. I knew I was not the child of the family I was raised by because I dont have the scent of either one of them in my blood. Im trying to find clans near NC and find my birth parents in Norway

        • do you ever get mad a turn are you an adlt i want to know can you track me do you have a family or you live alone can you plz track me see if you can im a werewolf too i live in nyc and i live in 1000 simson street

  23. Yes Daxus its very strange.like I said its been 3 years since ive smelled another Lycan. Id if they all left or there arent any in NC but its urgent that I find a clan immediately. Do u know of any that may possibly reisde in the mountions or close to the coast?

    • There are some in the mountains near Pennsylvania. But the Dark has sent assassins out to hunt us.
      You claim to be powerful… interesting I see you’re telling the truth. I know of the prophecies relating to the high alphas. Though it is unusual for two not to have a pack.

      • Thank you ice fang. I very much appreciate the I formation given if any lycans can cone to us or meet us half way I’ll be forever greatful. I know its strange for us to not have a pack but like I said we have not run across and lycans in over 3 years. I sense something is not right its almost as if me and my mate r the only lycans in NC. May seem far fetched but considering our circumstances we have been left with no other options but to resort on here in seeking help. We were both raided by human families and learned everything we know on our own as far as tracking, and uses our abilities and senses.

  24. Werewolf girl. I live with my mate and we have a pup. I’m an adult Lycan age 23. Tracking is done by your particular scent idk what you smell like except for you bein a lycan I know that smell anywhere. I live in NC near the coast. How old r you? And have u been accepted into a packand do u know anyone that can talk to me about joining a clan I’m in trouble and theres more going on with me and my mate than I care to share unless I meet some real lycans in person

      • Well if you want to know what familiar it is to me…I would say its a friends name of mine and I mess up every time I try to spell it or say it…I end up saying fen nar in my head and I laugh because my brain never gets it right…it’s trying to deceiver Spanish all over again…I HATE SPANISH. I DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR SAYING!!!

  25. If you really just know the truth Daxus 3 months ago is when I found out I’m the wolf mother and that my mate is the death wolf. A dark an evil entity is after me and my mate. This entity is the one that told me who I am. I always knew as young as five years old I was different but didnt know what I was until I was 15. I was told by the last lycan other than mymate that I encountered that I was an Alpha but the most powerful female alpha this lycan had ever encountered and he bowed when he saw me. He also told me I was a black wolf and the older I got the more I would learn and find out about my destiny. For my sake and lycans across the world. The prophecy says that I as well as my mate will not reach our fulland final fform until I birth a new death wolf in other words a male. Before I birth the new death wolf I’m in desperate need of help. I know it does not make sense and it does not to me either but I will take my place aside my mate and defend mykind. Thats why it is vital that I join a pack. How do hunters find us I’m new to all of this and are they associated with the government?

    • Hunter’s belong to ancient orders that see us as evil monsters,the more powerful their target the more they will hunt it,humans are heartless they would kill you and your mate and your pup simply because they are evil, I live in south Africa,I’m XX haven’t changed and am on my own so if I could help I would

      Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  26. those who are in need of a pack in south africa reply now. there is a pack in s.a and im part of the pack. we are
    1 year and 11 months old as a pack so we ae willing to teach and turn those who are willing to be a part of our pack..

  27. hi! I have learned a little bit about werewolves (i know a few things). but now, i’m starting to think i might be a werewolf. from previous teachings I know it’s no game. so i was wondering if someone could contact me? also, if you know a lot about werewolves or the transformation, i’m interested in learning more :smile: ! But i really would like help.

  28. Ice fang do u know any clans that you can contact in America and spread the word to all clans tha are not rouge. My ideas was to have all clans come togethe and help bring back balance and rid this evil order of hunters. Daxushow will I know if a hunter has found me I sense that I’m being watched when I go out at night patrolling
    . What ever it is that I sense near me its more than one I believe humans but they keep there distance but I can still sense their presence even from a far distance. Ate their any certain characteristics or features that make them noticible that a lycan woul detect.

  29. Daxus this ancient evil organization of hunters you speak of have they been around since the 11 century??. I ran across hunters before they never catch me every time. I fully aware of their tricks and technology of weapons that they us. I also know they can sometimes use rouge Lycans to track us.

  30. Tea I figured they kill the rouges after they get what they want. Is this ancient order of hunters were started by the Vertgoosh family I believe. This family made a pact with the devil to kill me and my mate and bring an end to race of Lycans as we know it. This evil entity that I told you of is the one respossible for why me and my mate have not found other clans.when I was placed her in America as a newborn there were lycans but when I became full grown they misterysly disapeard. I wish I could find my real parents and find out why I was given up I was told by my mate that my parents placed me here in america because I was reborn and they knew I would one day be the wolfmother. My parents also had the same evil entity after them that is now after me and my mate. My mother and father risked their lives up until the day I was born to hide me away so this evil entity could not find me. Butme and my nate have been dealing with this entity for over five years.

  31. Yes Daxus that has crossed my mind that my parents may be dead. But I feel a bond that my real parents are still alive. The entity is the only living decendent to my knowledge left of the Very good family that sold their souls to kill me and my mate and any of our decendents. This entity has minupulated our situations to jobs stealing money from our accounts even as far as making our adoptive families turn on us and then they have no recollection of the things they said or did. Its been a long and tough road but we r both strong and will not accept faliure. My parents risked their lives may have even given them so that I could live and make a difference for my kind for the better and future generations to come. Its not easy dealing with this entity now. Id how to get rid of it or keep it contained long enough to destroy it. Do u know of anything I can do to deystroy it? And exorcisom or ritual?

  32. I think I need help from someone. An older werewolf. I was bitten and transformed, I am extreemly scared, I dont know what to do. My mom thinks Im acting weird and my friends ask if I have anger issues. I need some help.

  33. Daxus how do I get help from angels. I’m well aware that I could be killed fighting this entity but Evil never wins. I know it won’t be easy but Idk what to do as far as summoning angels or seeking help religiously.

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