Werewolf Alliances

Alliances are a sworn peace pacts between werewolves. Every member must sign and adhere to the treaty on pain of death. Werewolves of any clan who are allied with each other can be called on to protect or help each other, even if it means fighting members of their own clan! If this happens, a secret message goes to each member of the alliance, and every werewolf is obligated to come and help fight, even if it means fighting against a member of your own clan.

But alliances are more than peace treaties. Alliances are also organizations and sometimes even secret schools for sharing information, skills and training, where gifted and/or older werewolves research and teach stuff to other werewolves. The alliances are

Every alliance member must meet four times a year to train to train, talk and just hang out.

59 thoughts on “Werewolf Alliances

  1. My pack is the “Hale” clan, i speak on their behalf when we ask that we need more people in our pack. We face great threats, the hunters and a new pack that is fighting us to gain our land and town. Please i implore you join us.

  2. Hey everyone, I am a real werewolf, I have looked for years but no one in my country just me so pls if there are real werewolves in Ethiopia pls contact me I wanna join a pack

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  3. Idk if I’m a werewolf or not but I would like to join an alliance. If I’m not a werewolf I’ll be happy to become one and I will gladly fight with you. I can only fight with you if you live in near the capital of Washington.

  4. I need help yo become a werewolf. Contact me if you can help.

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  5. I m human just seeking real wolf to know more about them.
    I m form corner of the world.
    Hope any real werewolf will reply me

  6. I m human just seeking real wolf to know more about them.
    I m form corner of the world.
    Hope any real werewolf will reply me

  7. I am looking for a new clan. My previous clan was… well lets not say by the θάνατος clan copy and past it in google translate. I’m looking for a new clan email me and find if we can work something out.

  8. I am not a werewolf. I am a vampire just wanted to let everyone know that I am trying my hardest to find a werewolf around me, for I have a friend that I believe would like to be one of your kind

  9. For as long as i can remember, I’ve always known I’ve been different.
    I know I am not human.
    When I see people on the street or meet someone, I normally know who they are. (Demon, Angel, Vampire, even just human, etc.)
    But I need help with myself. That seems to be the one thing that I cannot really figure out.
    I’ve done a lot of research and at first I thought maybe I was a vampire, all of the research I’ve done confirmed that I was a pure bred vampire and I thought that I had gotten it from my father. I know my father is not just human, I do not know who my father was, I was adopted but I do remember his a black outline of his whole body and him being extremely tall.
    There were some things that didn’t add up though, that were pointing to me being a werewolf. I also at one point started thinking maybe I was a hybrid, although i never really thought of myself of being a werewolf.
    But then my boyfriend told me that I wasn’t a vampire, he is a vampire and he can sense when others are as well and told me that I was not one.
    So, I told myself I was not one. I felt like then I had lost myself and I had not even considered the fact that maybe I was a werewolf. I honestly feel lost.

    But recently I’ve been going through a change.
    I’m 5’1″ and I’m about 100 pounds and i’m very strong for my size. I have no problem building muscle.
    I’m also very fast, I have great reflexes and I tend to catch things right before they fall as if I already know they’re going to before they actually do. I’m always really aware of my surroundings. My smell has increased. Sometimes smells are so strong I can literally taste them. My hearing is also extremely good. I was sleeping downstairs one night and I started to hear two men talking, it sounded like my dad had turned the tv on, but he and mom were upstairs. So I came upstairs around 3:30 am and I was going to go into the bedroom to see why my parents where up but there was no light coming from under their door, when the tv is on, there is a bright light I can see. I went into my room which was just down the hall from my parents room and closed the door which blocks out a lot of noise. A few minutes later I started hearing the talking again, I opened my door and it was pitch dark in my parents room. I went to sleep and tried to ignore the talking. When I woke up later and went into the living room I asked mom if she or dad turned the tv on in the middle of the night, she said no, but when she woke up and went into the living room, the radio had turned on and there were two men talking on and the volume was also extremely slow. It was so low that if I was in my room, I wouldn’t be able to hear it, but I heard it all the way downstairs.

    I’ve always loved meat, I even crave it, even more now then even just last year.
    I don’t cook my steak a whole lot and when I eat it i can’t help but tear it and basically eat it like an animal. It feels natural and it makes me feel warm inside to eat a bloody steak. I’ve also recently had really terrible problems with my anger. It has never happened but I will want to punch a wall or I will want to tear something apart to shreds. Because of that, I ordered boxing gear so I can control my anger a little better. When I get angry I feel this thing burning inside me and it wants to come out but I push it down and my nails will dig into my skin and I will breathe heavily so it doesn’t come out. I also try not to cry, because most of the time, me crying will lead to me having this any feeling in the middle of my core. I know it’s not something that humans just have. It started a few months ago and it has only gotten worse as the weeks have passed.
    I stay up every night and I can even go days without sleeping. I don’t really like going out during the day but at night I feel so comfortable and at home.
    My nails have always grown very quickly, I cut them constantly but they grow right back and after they get so long they will literally become clear and I feel like I can never shave my legs enough. I might wait 2 or 3 days before I shave them and when I do, that same night, it’s like i didn’t shave them at all. Sometimes I don’t know why I try.
    I’ve also had moments where my teeth hurt and there really is no reason for them to be and they’re always my canines that hurt.
    I have stood in front of a mirror and watched my eyes change color right in front of myself. They’ll go from a light brown, sometimes it looks like they’re almost red to them being so dark they look like they’re black.

    I will also get very tempted to run and sometimes even want to climb a tree.
    I’ve had one dream of vampires. I was it and I had been attacked my a werewolf. I ended up killing it and it had bitten me across my chest. But just in the last week I’ve had 2 werewolf dreams. In the dreams I always see a full moon with a cloudy sky, and the dream I had just last night, I saw a man transform.
    But it’s strange that I am just now dreaming of werewolves. I’m not sure why.

    Anyways, I’d really like some help, Thoughts or ideas of who I may really be would really help me out. I hope I’ve provided some information to give an idea to who I am.

  10. life today is so stuped i only find too things worth living for well three with is this i wish i was one im not all human but not a werewolf ether but if you can help me out id appresate it i will join your pack and do anything i can to help I hope i am a werewolf but i never tranform i half amost all the sings of one im just cant shift

  11. oops Plus I’m 6″2 and realy buff for who i am I love to run almost anything I do i want to run plus i love meat i’d take a bucket of steck over candy any day but i cant shift i font get it

  12. So I feel like giving up. It’s getting harder to sleep now. All I see is his face when I close my eyes but now it’s getting to the point he is always on my mind and I don’t even know him lol smfh. I’m tired of searching for answers that never come. So if my better half is out there, I’m soooooo done searching. It’s time to permanently remove myself. I’ll find away to do it. I’ve been searching for years and I’m losing hope and I’m always full of hope and light but I feel my light dimming.

  13. So I’m in need of some serious help and need serious and truthful people only. So I’m tired of waiting for my other half to find me, that’s if he’s even looking. But seriously what do I have to do, travel around the world and stand in the middle of the woods for him to come to me, that’s if I don’t die before then by a bear or something. But forreal seriously what does it takes to find my king huh. :cry:

  14. I usually don’t like to talk but I need to talk about it, it’s been my fate since I was born but I think I found my mate… my dad signed a contract with a enemy pack because of the high ranking pack allied with the packs, I have to be mates to his son but he’s cruel, when I was around 8 the pack became restless and uneasy so my dad let me stay with them I don’t wanna say names.. the one I was supposed to become mates to tried horrid things, when I got away from the pack I ran into a lesser ranking packs territory I was cornered and the pack had got to me but the residing packs sons told them to leave, I felt something I’m scared Ik what it is but I don’t want to end up hurting more ppl, I’ve been with them for now 4 years, I’m still constantly in danger and the highest ranking pack their alpha is my bestie but she’s cold and ruthless and follows the laws, she doesn’t let nothing happen to me but her grandfather was the one who signed the contracts for me to be forcefully mated to someone at the age of 18, I just want someone to talk too that I can’t hurt. Sorry if I’m being obscure…

    • I want to rip put his throat!!! It seems you have a choice stay with your mate. Which is the message between the lines I’ve gathered. Or follow a contract you never intended to be part of and be paired a sick, low life. The moon goddess doesnt get I wrong! If the man who saved you is your true mate no contract can stop that. War will happen regardless behind this. Because if you’re feeling it I guarantee he is too and he wont just let you leave him without a fight. So finish the mate bond. Prepare for what’s to come and end the life you once knew to embrace what is in front of you. Your best friend will understand

  15. I am the daughter of an Alpha female. Born under the moon. I am 28 and have come into contact with many packs willing to take me in. But none felt like home. I’m of the Enhi pack upstate. I just want a home. It seems the activity on here has died down over the moon phases. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

  16. Long shot here but im in LV, NM. Ive had a huge pull towards the lycan species…..growing up i never thought about anything but vampires….however i have found myself now as an adult getting strong pulls. I am a believer of many things and have always felt like maybe i belong in something not known…..ive come here to see if i have a mate…or if someone would be willing to find me and help me out. Id love to join and learn the ways of the species.

  17. Hello everyone, my nickname is Ulfith, I am from Spain, specifically Aragon, I am looking for packs of werewolves around the Spanish peninsula in general, soon I will make a long nomadic journey, even going into France and Germany, I am looking for serious contacts. leave your messages here as an answer.

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