Singing Clan

The deadly howl of Singing Clan

Your Moon: As a Singing Werewolf, or Harvest Werewolf your draw power from the Harvest or Singing Moon in the month of September (Northern) or March (Southern) and will be initiated to the clan beneath the full Singing Moon.

Human Form: As a Singing Werewolf you are likely easy-going, relaxed, optimistic, sociable and attractive. Not surprisingly in human form, Singing Werewolves like to sing and are famous for doing it all the time, constantly writing their own material, much to the amusement of clerks who just want to take their order. As a Singing Werewolf you will have a powerful voice even in human form but not as powerful as when your are in wolf form when your super acute wolf ears help you keep howling perfect pitch. Singing Werwolves tend to favor mismatched clothing, vintage and leather. They also tend to like physics and math.

Wolf Form: In wolf form, Singing Werewolves likely have very pronounced ears that can locate and detect frequencies like no other wolf. Then they can use their large muzzles and unique vocal cords to produce powerful and strangely musical growls and howls within these frequencies. This permits them to create vibrations with various special powers.

Hybrid Form: As an experienced Singing Werewolf you are likely to learn certain singing skills that will enable you to achieve a human-werewolf hybrid form and like many singing werewolves you will be tempted to use this skill in public. While this may add drama to your life and public personae this is not advisable as it also may bring the kind of attention you don’t want.

Habits & Customs: Singing Clan is generally careless about exposing their wolf side to the world. In fact, they love to sing about their lupine lives. It’s probably their second favourite subject to sing about and often include references to werewolves in their lyrics or even in the names they choose for the act.

Some Singing Wolves have a secret transformation song that will alternately trigger or control their speedy transformations into wolf form. Others may be seen wearing a small instrument like a tuning fork around the neck, tuned to a special frequency to trigger their transformation process.

Singing Wolves splintered into a second clan, called Harvest Clan. Harvest Wolves can also sing but they keep it private, between themselves and the plants and as a result their singing abilities are used only for healing.

Social Structure: Singing Wolves are generally urban dwellers. They tend to crib up in acoustically perfect  modern recording facilities. However their splinter clan mates, the Harvest Werewolves keep to themselves in rural areas.

Allies: Singing Wolves are often friends with the local kitsune who are attracted to their singing ability.

Powers: As a Singing Werewolf you will be able to use your powers in different ways depending in part on your choices, including your choice of Alliance and Mythos.

Singing Wolves prefer to travel and fight in square formation and are strengthened by facing West and facing challenges in the early evening hours.

Singing Werewolves may choose to join either Akasha Alliance or Terran Alliance. In general those who join the Terran Alliance become members of Harvest Clan.

143 thoughts on “Singing Clan

  1. My journey still continues but I do remember a key point. My hums and howls have put others to sleep or have calmed them. I am of the Terran Alliance and that may be how I get my energy from nature. I am though Harvest i feel since I keep to myself and am more private. I don’t feel my voice is great at all I would be kicked out of American Idol but if I howl right and hum right it works great for healing.

  2. That’s good news next hopefully you can take a drive with your husband to a dirt road some were and try to become one with nature soon so hopefully you can change and feed so you can get a good night sleep and I will check my email address lol

  3. Could anyone tell me if I’m a real werewolf? I haven’t transformed yet, but I think it’s going to happen next harvest moon. I am extremely fast, hairy, love nature, wolves, the moon, and I have sharp senses. Also, I have really sharp canine teeth. Soooooo any advice

    • You may be, but right now let’s say your a dormant. (Werewolves that have not shifted yet.) I have not yet experienced my transformation but I almost do… before my body finds it too stressing and I blank out, still in human form.
      A couple of questions to ask yourself:

      1. Do you have dreams of being a wolf, transforming, letting slip you are a werewolf or doing something wolf-like and everyone stares at you in shock/fear/anger/confusion/awe? (These are a bit of a smack in the face to the people who think your not a werewolf since its a dead giveaway you are.)

      2. Do you crave meat that is medium rare or rare all the time and not eat it if it’s overcooked?

      3. Do you feel free in the woods?

      4. Do you run with your friends and find yourself saying: pack, pack formation, howl (if you yell their name), prey (if your playing tag)? Also, can you sense when the others are going to move? (If so, your destined to be one of the high ranks.)

      5. Do you find yourself getting in a trance at the sight of the breathtaking beauty of the moon?

      6. On full moons, do you ever get stressed, sweat, feel your senses peak and drop and feel surges of energy surging through your body every few seconds?

      If the answer is always yes, I’m pretty sure you are.
      Happy wolfing!

  4. A few days ago, I was humming and the two people near me got in a trance and stared at me. They were completely calm and relaxed, both of them a few seconds before were nervous and scared of something. Without thinking I howled and everyone looked at me, shocked for a moment, before looking calm and peaceful. I had no idea how I did that but at least it improved the atmosphere because that room was getting me on edge. Let’s hope someone who hates werewolves doesn’t check the cameras…

  5. Hello… I NEED HELP I think I’m a werewolf but I haven’t transformed yet. Here’s why I think I’m a werewolf.

    1. Almost every night I start feeling nervous and start looking out the window looking for the moon.

    2.I growl sometimes… A LOT

    3. I’m VERY hairy and I’m a girl so that’s kinda weird.

    4. Yesterday I looked in the mirror and saw that my eyes changed slightly to a lighter brown, I always thought that my eyes were dark brown.

    5. I can almost hear EVERYTHING that’s going on in my house, one time I heard someone putting down a cup on a table… FROM UP STAIRS IN MY ROOM!!!

    6. I get a bunch of random wounds and I don’t know how, since I got the wound on my forehead I started acting weird I think it is a werewolf bite.

    7. On the internet I did a bunch of werewolf quizzes to se if I was really a werewolf and most of them said yes. time my mom was looking for a book and I found it by using my nose.

    So that’s why I think I’m a werewolf, there are some more reasons why but I don’t want to waste time, someone please explain what is going on with me!!!

  6. Anyone in Tennessee I need to find a pack my living situation with my roommates keeps getting more and more hectic and in order to keep calm I have to go like 30 minute into the woods every day I need tips on controlling this new anger at this intensity. How do I know what clan I am part of I was born in July, had my realization of being a wolf and getting closer and closer to my P shift.

    • Me and my friend had this dream on the same night and it’s really bothering me… so in the dream me and my family were driving to a church. There was heavy snow on the ground but i saw fire and a burning pentagram and a burning upside down cross burnt on trees( we were driving through a wooded area )When we got to where the church was supposed to be instead of the church there was a huge pile of ash still smoking. My family didn’t seem surprised they didn’t say anything . And for some reason the pile of ash was on top of a small shop and held up with ropes and tape.

      • The next day at school I told my friend about the dream and he said he had a similar dream and saw me and my family in the dream THE SAME NIGHT. He described what my family looked like even though he never saw some of them ever….in his part of the dream he saw the church before it was burned. A hooded man walked into the church and then it exploded he saw me and my family loking at the ashes . He was a german shepherd in the dream and approached me and my sister. He howled but I didn’t recognise him me and my sister laughed. In my friends dream he remembered getting chased by two hooded men like the one that burned the church. One of them got his throat sliced open and died. He said he knew it was my wolf spirit that killed that hooded man. When i was in the car driving to the church i sat unmoving because my wolf spirit was helping my friend… can someone please tell me what this dream means

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