Singing Clan

The deadly howl of Singing Clan

Your Moon: As a Singing Werewolf, or Harvest Werewolf your draw power from the Harvest or Singing Moon in the month of September (Northern) or March (Southern) and will be initiated to the clan beneath the full Singing Moon.

Human Form: As a Singing Werewolf you are likely easy-going, relaxed, optimistic, sociable and attractive. Not surprisingly in human form, Singing Werewolves like to sing and are famous for doing it all the time, constantly writing their own material, much to the amusement of clerks who just want to take their order. As a Singing Werewolf you will have a powerful voice even in human form but not as powerful as when your are in wolf form when your super acute wolf ears help you keep howling perfect pitch. Singing Werwolves tend to favor mismatched clothing, vintage and leather. They also tend to like physics and math.

Wolf Form: In wolf form, Singing Werewolves likely have very pronounced ears that can locate and detect frequencies like no other wolf. Then they can use their large muzzles and unique vocal cords to produce powerful and strangely musical growls and howls within these frequencies. This permits them to create vibrations with various special powers.

Hybrid Form: As an experienced Singing Werewolf you are likely to learn certain singing skills that will enable you to achieve a human-werewolf hybrid form and like many singing werewolves you will be tempted to use this skill in public. While this may add drama to your life and public personae this is not advisable as it also may bring the kind of attention you don’t want.

Habits & Customs: Singing Clan is generally careless about exposing their wolf side to the world. In fact, they love to sing about their lupine lives. It’s probably their second favourite subject to sing about and often include references to werewolves in their lyrics or even in the names they choose for the act.

Some Singing Wolves have a secret transformation song that will alternately trigger or control their speedy transformations into wolf form. Others may be seen wearing a small instrument like a tuning fork around the neck, tuned to a special frequency to trigger their transformation process.

Singing Wolves splintered into a second clan, called Harvest Clan. Harvest Wolves can also sing but they keep it private, between themselves and the plants and as a result their singing abilities are used only for healing.

Social Structure: Singing Wolves are generally urban dwellers. They tend to crib up in acoustically perfect  modern recording facilities. However their splinter clan mates, the Harvest Werewolves keep to themselves in rural areas.

Allies: Singing Wolves are often friends with the local kitsune who are attracted to their singing ability.

Powers: As a Singing Werewolf you will be able to use your powers in different ways depending in part on your choices, including your choice of Alliance and Mythos.

Singing Wolves prefer to travel and fight in square formation and are strengthened by facing West and facing challenges in the early evening hours.

Singing Werewolves may choose to join either Akasha Alliance or Terran Alliance. In general those who join the Terran Alliance become members of Harvest Clan.

143 thoughts on “Singing Clan

  1. I suppose it kind of describes me, except for being sociable and attractive (at least according to what I think.) I also am not too public about my singing, and my tastes in fashion and locations differ, I prefer smarter loathing and like a nice combination of a lonely sea and small village-like environment.

  2. This post almost completely describes me except I’m shy to sing in front of people and about being attactive well from at least what people told me

  3. yes it almost perfectly described me. I hate my voice but others said (at least very few) I could humm others to calm and sleep. I am probibly a Harvest Wolf mainly because I do not do very much in frount of people. I keep to myself. Attractive I don’t think so but I guess I do have some kind of charisma..

  4. This whole post describes me, I sing everyday, I’m in choir, and I hum during my classes at school. As for the attractive thing, I guess I am. So, yea,that’s pretty much what I think.

  5. I love singing people say I have an beautiful voice……but I not an wolf I am a goddess but even then it’s natural ability I sing for healing and prophecy….but singing can be use for evil too…so be careful what you sing…’s powerful….

  6. I love singing. It makes me feel grounded and centered. I don’t believe I have a good voice, but my mother says it possesses a quality she can’t quite pinpoint. I love the wind and the breeze, in fact, I am considered to be a double air sign. You can message me if you don’t understand. Now I will wait for this September’s supermoon on the 8th. Any Singing/Harvest Wolves willing to lend a hand/paw, any help is greatly appreciated for preparation of my first transformation. Thank you.

  7. I love to sing but can’t sing around people. The only friend of mine who has heard me sing says i have an angel voice but I don’t buy it. I hate urban areas completely. This almost completely fit me but its kinda close.

  8. Can someone please tell me what the first transformation experience is like….. Cuz I feel like everything is broken under the same moon every month….. I’m not quite XX yet and I’ve been told before that I am a werewolf but I had never changed that I know of…. I have had weird experiences at night dreaming of wolves and waking up with blood on my face and tasting blood…… Can someone please help me out because I am totally freaking out

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  9. Dreaming that I am a wolf I meant….. Under the same moon every month……. I also have enhanced sense of smell, hearing, and I can see in the dark….. I am very strong and quick and I can never stop singing or “howling”……. I need some answers before something bad happens…. I don’t wanna change unknowingly and hurt my little sister…. I am extremely protective of her and the rest of my family…… I request your guidance and knowledge….. It would help me very much….. Please help me

    • if you change,you will be fully aware of it,it will be the most painful experience of your life when you change you need to be far away from your family because you might hurt or kill them so distance is key on that part also keep pictures to help you remember them when you change this will lessen the chances of killing them,to prevent an unexpected change you must be calm at all times,control your breathing think of how much you love your family try not to loose your temper,one of the negative effects of being a wolf is a shorter temper and increased aggression the closer you get to changing the more severe the symptoms get and at some point your going to want to kill everything that upsets you this is where the self control needs to be applied,after your first shift it will get easier and less painful, you’ll have more self-control in wolf form but any severe emotional trauma can cause you to change,if you need more information please just ask don’t be shy

  10. I was born a werewolf under the harvest moon but I am right the opposite I an not sociable I don’t get along with others I can sing but I am very reserved and keep to myself I am looking for friends here so if anyone would like to talk to me please feel free to reply thank you :-)

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

    • Well, if you are a Terran wolf as well (belonging to the Earth Order) you may be a Harvest wolf, which is a splinter Clan broken off from the Singing Clan.

      Some of the more secretive Clans do not wish to be found so easily, or known publicly.

      I myself am expecting to belong to the Ice Clan, belonging to the Akashan (Spirit) Order, which would make me eligible as a member of the Choas Clan if I accept the offer.

      Lupines of the March moon are even more complicated, as the March moon holds three Clans, the Wind Clan (Air Order), Death Clan (Spirit Order) and the less-known Reaper Clan, a splinter Clan broken off of the Death Clan. One of my closer friends is a Reaper wolf.

    • Oh of course friend. I could introduce you to a Harvest wolf on this site if you wish. Her name is Riya of Creek Valley. If you go to your profile and click on Harvest Clan, it will take you to other lupines of the same Clan. Riya should be in that list.

      Ariana Katlyn

    • well hi I’m powerwolf345 aka werewolf girl and I’m a wild wolf element earth and I’m egyptian wolf and I’m also a friend of leaf but I don’t have an account and leaf helped me when I didn’t know what kind of werewolf I was

      • Hello wild wolf nice to meet you I am known as phasingmoon leaf is a very nice and honest wolf I am glad to hear that she was able to help you so wild wolf if you don’t mind me asking are you a genetic wolf or were you turned :cool:

  11. I also do not recall being turned. So i think I was born a wolf. I do not really know my real father though mom always said he was abusive ect. So i never really knew him. I suspect mom did not know what he was IF it was him. if not then i have no idea who in the family possibly many generations. I do though have flaws of my own such as bad eyesight and not so skinny… (something I am working on though)

  12. So you are more than likely to be apart of the harvest moon clan we are considered the singing clan or you could be like me same harvest moon but part of the terren clan who are a little different from the singing clan the terren clan tend to be mor quite and reserved and not so much sociable like the singing clan but make no mistake the terren clan is still part of the harvest moon clan

  13. Yes you are right about the moon but it can help pinpoint exactly when you could be initiated into an actual physical pack and I definitely know alot about being not very sociable im still awaiting my turn to be initiated into a physical pack I have been turning into my wolf form for about 4 or 5 years now befor that I mostly turnd in the spiritual relm thinking that they were just dreams but insted it was what to come little did I know :cool:

  14. ahh yes i do love to Howl alot but I do not understand physics and hate math which lol i am very bad at. So not all describe me. I fit more with the Wild Clan at least so far. I am not skinny nor attractive.

  15. O I can definitely relate I live in a small town but the mountains are 2 maybe 3 hours from me my dad was the only person who understood my need to get out of town but sadly he moved away to Arkansas so I have know one who can take me away from were I live it can be suffocating sometimes so when I do fase I run to the mountains as much as possible but it’s only to hunt and feed and it’s nothing compared to being in human form with my dad so yes I understand were you are coming from its hard when there’s know one who understands you :sad:

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