Oak Clan

Oak Werewolves are most powerful in the forest, at the darkest hour of night.

Your Moon: As an Oak Werewolf you draw power from the Oak Moon in December (Northern Hemisphere) or June (Southern Hemisphere) and will experience your transformation initiation beneath the full Oak Moon.

Human Form: As an Oak Werewolf in human form, you may become easily entranced by bright lights, fire places and warm sweaters. This is because of the hours that you spend in wolf form, in the darkest, coldest hours of the coldest nights. Oak Werewolves are traditionally very intense, direct, resolute, intellectual and somewhat demanding but highly loyal individuals.

Oak Clan teaches you to burn oak logs and incense in order to cover your werewolf scent from others.

Most Oak Werewolves have very mixed feelings about the holiday season. For those who didn’t exactly choose a lycanthropic life, it remains a bittersweet time when a family holiday is mixed up by an unexpected first transformation.

Wolf Form: In wolf form, Oak Werewolves have the thickest coat that changes color with Moon Age. New wolves have black fur and with each moon it gradually turns gray and then white and finally true silver. There are very few true silver wolves because most werewolves don’t last that long but they do exist as more than just legend.

As an Oak Werewolf you will also have the best night vision of any clan under most conditions and are known for your excellent ability to maintain a true human-wolf hybrid form.

Hybrid Form: As an experienced Oak Werewolf you will acquire certain techniques to enable you to achieve and maintain a stable human-werewolf hybrid form. You will need to train them extensively however as the risk of persisting in this form far longer than you intended is very real for an Oak Werewolf. This is particularly important to remember if you choose to train an Akasha if you don’t want to be stuck between worlds.

Habits & Customs: As an Oak Werewolf, you learn to build your crib in the trunks of oak trees in the deepest parts of old forest and to trigger and control your deliberate, methodical transformations with the help of a talisman made of true oak.

Oak Werewolves love to be outside particularly in nature and around trees. They love stars and so they often try to get far out into the forest away from city lights and find a clearing where they can look up at the stars.

Social Structure: Oak Clans are usually made up of packs of 12 wolves but many Oak Werewolves like to be in charge which can sometimes lead to friction in a pack.

Lone Oak Werewolves are also frequently observed.

Allies: Oak Clan commonly finds allies in faeries and druids who share their appreciation for the power of trees in general and Oak trees in particular.

Powers: As an Oak Werewolf you can use your powers in different ways depending in part on your choices including your choice of Alliance and Mythos.

As an Oak Werewolf you can join one of two alliances, either Akasha or Hydran Alliance. Your skills and abilities will vary depending on which one you join.

When challenged, as an Oak Werewolf you draw power facing due West, closest to midnight and in forested locations with freezing cold weather.

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