Oak Clan

Oak Werewolves are most powerful in the forest, at the darkest hour of night.

Your Moon: As an Oak Werewolf you draw power from the Oak Moon in December (Northern Hemisphere) or June (Southern Hemisphere) and will experience your transformation initiation beneath the full Oak Moon.

Human Form: As an Oak Werewolf in human form, you may become easily entranced by bright lights, fire places and warm sweaters. This is because of the hours that you spend in wolf form, in the darkest, coldest hours of the coldest nights. Oak Werewolves are traditionally very intense, direct, resolute, intellectual and somewhat demanding but highly loyal individuals.

Oak Clan teaches you to burn oak logs and incense in order to cover your werewolf scent from others.

Most Oak Werewolves have very mixed feelings about the holiday season. For those who didn’t exactly choose a lycanthropic life, it remains a bittersweet time when a family holiday is mixed up by an unexpected first transformation.

Wolf Form: In wolf form, Oak Werewolves have the thickest coat that changes color with Moon Age. New wolves have black fur and with each moon it gradually turns gray and then white and finally true silver. There are very few true silver wolves because most werewolves don’t last that long but they do exist as more than just legend.

As an Oak Werewolf you will also have the best night vision of any clan under most conditions and are known for your excellent ability to maintain a true human-wolf hybrid form.

Hybrid Form: As an experienced Oak Werewolf you will acquire certain techniques to enable you to achieve and maintain a stable human-werewolf hybrid form. You will need to train them extensively however as the risk of persisting in this form far longer than you intended is very real for an Oak Werewolf. This is particularly important to remember if you choose to train an Akasha if you don’t want to be stuck between worlds.

Habits & Customs: As an Oak Werewolf, you learn to build your crib in the trunks of oak trees in the deepest parts of old forest and to trigger and control your deliberate, methodical transformations with the help of a talisman made of true oak.

Oak Werewolves love to be outside particularly in nature and around trees. They love stars and so they often try to get far out into the forest away from city lights and find a clearing where they can look up at the stars.

Social Structure: Oak Clans are usually made up of packs of 12 wolves but many Oak Werewolves like to be in charge which can sometimes lead to friction in a pack.

Lone Oak Werewolves are also frequently observed.

Allies: Oak Clan commonly finds allies in faeries and druids who share their appreciation for the power of trees in general and Oak trees in particular.

Powers: As an Oak Werewolf you can use your powers in different ways depending in part on your choices including your choice of Alliance and Mythos.

As an Oak Werewolf you can join one of two alliances, either Akasha or Hydran Alliance. Your skills and abilities will vary depending on which one you join.

When challenged, as an Oak Werewolf you draw power facing due West, closest to midnight and in forested locations with freezing cold weather.

106 thoughts on “Oak Clan

  1. On you’re app I took a test, it said I was an Oak Werewolf. My only question is basically I’m not sure I’m a werewolf yet I have all of the signs and symptoms. My birthday is coming up and it’s on an Oak Moon. My birthday is Dec, 13 well today is Dec, 8th I think and here’s what’s been happening. I’ve been sick with a runny nose (but like when ur in the cold to long) and I’ve had stomach pains, bad heartburn when I’m mad, a sore throat and now I’m getting a head ache. I’ve been getting angry at every little thing and ive been told by people that they get scared by my eyes cause they look like I’m about to kill something. I’ve been getting dreams that I am a werewolf. I just want to know, am I going to have my first transformation on my birthday, which is the Oak Moon? Please answer

  2. The first test I took says I was a wild werewolf and I was born on the dyan moon I’m a bit confused and I do the test again exactly the saim way and it says I’m oak can someone tell de facks goin on

  3. I honestly thought this was a game when I found the app but I took the test and such. After reading what Luna went through I noticed that I’ve been feeling that way myself around the full moon but have yet to “transform”. I should add that I’ve been feeling this way for about a year now. And about a year or so before I slept walk out into my street on a full moon (I remember this night very well after all this time). I’m an Oak (Dec 27) and am wondering if I am a werewolf. I am XXXX if that affects the transformation thing.

    {Please don’t post personal information like ages and real names or locations – Thanks!}

  4. I think I’m a oak werewolf because I have always been cold even when I have on three shirts and a jacket two pairs of pants let me rephase that I’m always freezing I also have the same personality as most other oak werewolves

  5. There’s a average chance dat i’m a werewolf from the oak clan i’m starting a pack dus anybody wants to join

  6. I might be an oak myself. is it possible to be a Hybrid of 2 Clans? I love the trees and forests of the right temp. I hate the freezing cold but everything else fits to a T mostly. My B-day is in April though. But after a dream or maybe not a dream that took place in deep woods.. I may be an oak.

  7. Hi guys I sense I’m a werewolf, see it on Seth On survival werewolf page. I’m DarkOne. Anyways, I did the quiz three times. 1; Ghost 2+3: Oak. I love forests but my birthday is at the end of October. (?) Please help me, perhaps tell me more details of what an Oak Wolf is like! I fit about 90% of the above! I also like the heat but like winter! I don’t like the cold just likw the snow! Thanks! Also, any packs in Upper Alberta in which i could possibly be initiated in? Please help me if you can! Who ever and whatever yuu have! Nomatter how small!

    • Oh and this morning I got “ghost wolf” twice. Is it possible for me to be a ghost wolf hybrid? I don’t fit the ghost wolf description, only the colorful colors and painting parts. I love winter and fit Oak better. Maybe is ghost wolf a mistake or something? i mean, i’m short but that’s it. i have a tendency to learn things just by listening to people and have learned to become unnoticed, BUT NOT INVISIBLE! (?) Not sure help me!

      • Email me a FimriteEmma@pwsd76.ab.ca

        We can talk and I’ll give waaaayyyyy better information and details! Thanks.

        NOTE: Okhem starts with Ok, “oak”. A sign? Help please.
        Also I need to talk in person to a werewolf or pack! Help locate one with me so I can get help…..

  8. Hey guys :) I have a update! I am looking for answers to my Clan. Although I get Ghost, I know that’s imposible for I love the cold too much ;). I’ve never gotten Frost Clan but have gotten these four: Blood (once), Wild (three times), Ghost (4), and Oak (5?). Here, why don’t I write about myself? If you would like to help or have questions/answers, reply to this comment. on the Frost Clan page I also have a comment.

    I love the cold, in fact lately I’ve been going out in the snow without a coat and curious to try it without a shirt (blech think I have full moon fever coming up that’s part of the reason I suspect Frost :/ ) In the hot tub I sit on the edge loving yhe cold air. I have heard Oak wolves dislike cold because of the time with their wolf….. (cold). In a bath or shower I do not notice if it goes cold unless it’s suddenly and if it is it feels good but I can’t stay like that… I’m okay with bright lights and fires though they do not transfix me. I like starting fires but that’s about it. I like stars… I am talkative, outgoing, serious, have lied before (yes lots), and I can blend in with many friend groups at the same time (eg nerds, popular, artists), and change my atitude for different friends. In the morning I need to lay in bed for a while, usually an hour, unless I need/force to get up. I walk leisurely never in a hurry, often my dad says “hurry up”, and I am slightly lazy (though I can be quite energetic). I have a tendency to blend in to the shadows and my surroundings VISIBLE and go unnoticed unless I “suggest myself”. I have experienced deja-vu and love cold air, ice cream, and root beer floats (though not the root beer taste as much). I am small and light on my feet. I am the youngest in my class and yet do very well, and I have yet to decide my rank (Omega or Alpha). I can be dominant but in my family though I am not youngest I say i’d be omega. I am searching for a pack. I don’t like to be shivering cold just nicely cold. I am sensitive to heat and hate summer and hate heat. I love blizzards and snowstorms in my world they aren’t storms but beautiful weather, infact my fav. ;) I can get hypnotized actually be falling snow. I am insensitive to cold. I love curling up in the snow. I dislike the dark, though my window shades are ALWAYS closed. I am not afraid of the dark just skittish, cuz even in our own house I am nervous in the dark always suspecting danger. But yes I LOVE THE WINTER AND SNOW! I hate gym and love steak of course! I like Nickelback (if music affects anything), and I believe my werewolfism is a blessing and inheritance. Though I know i willl most LIKELY NEVER USE A CRIB I HATE CRIBS!!!!! It makes me feel trapped…. At least I know it will. I am not really super organized I keep my stuff in MY order. I suck at paying close attention though when I want I can pay better attention than anyone. I always notice small things. I don’t listen the best either though I do listen….Some people say I’m argumentative but really I’m only standing up for me/friends/beliefs. I am stubborn and fairly calm and loyal. That’s about all I can post here, I’ll think of some if I get an email helper.
    Ah yes, I also will need advice on surviving without a crib. So far I know I will never touch one. I hate them. i love freedom, not being trapped!
    Okhem :)
    Help please! Anti-crib advice and Clan finding info! :) :) ;)

    • You don’t have to have a crib it’s just a suggestion. I mean they kinda want you to have one because they don’t want you/someone to get hurt. If you think you can control your power then I think you won’t need one but if you can’t then at least go to a friends house ( good if that friends house is out in the woods) spend the night there, and when there asleep go into there back yard and get into the forest some how. Hope this helps!
      -Kate the Wolf

    • Hi!

      So, I’m unsure whether or not I am a werewolf yet, but I’ve been reading around a lot, and I think I might be able to provide just a few answers to your question.

      Regarding your clan, you can’t be sure until you’ve transformed, but if you already have, your personality fits well with the fall/winter clans, much like me. Your personality description is very much like a combination of Oak and Bone wolves. I don’t know if you’ve read about the Bone/Storm werewolves yet, but I think you should. They sound very much like you.
      If you haven’t had your first transformation yet, I think that you should expect it near the fall or winter. Though this may not be the case, since the personality descriptions really are just to describe the majority of the clans in order to assist people in finding their clan.

      Referring to your crib situation, cribs are not necessary, but are highly recommended to keep you and other people safe. You also wouldn’t want to alert any hunters in your area of a werewolf presence. Again, I’m not sure if I’m a werewolf or not, but if I were in your position on the brink of transformation, then I’d definitely head for the woods, or an area nearby where you would be hidden from humans and hunters. Some clans find it very important that you crib, like Hunters and Ice wolves for example. Their traditions for transforming involve reaching a place far from human society to transform safely. Others like Singing wolves don’t really have a barrier between their wolf and human lives, and most transform closer to humans than these strict clans.
      Personally, though, I’d have to agree with the strict clans on this one, for the safety of everyone in general. Whether you crib or not is truly up to you, however.

      I’ve read around a lot, so if you want more information on traditions of the clans, my opinions on said traditions, and more, then you could always come to me. (However, I’d personally ask IceFang first, since he can provide more accurate information. If you don’t want to bother him, I’ll be glad to help!)

      I wish you luck on your future endeavors!

  9. I took the test and it says I’m a oak werewolf,I read the facts about it and it sounds like me. On full moons I can’t sleep and mostly I stare at the moon. I also sweat on full moons,no matter the temperature. Am I a werewolf?

  10. I have no time for games by young pups. Do not respond if this is a joke to you. I’m older than most in here and would be very appreciative if an older member responds. I was born on the First quarter moon in December. I have always been drawn to the cold and forest as mentioned above in information. I am confused if I am actually a werewolf. I will list symptoms as I have noticed through the years. Headaches and swelling of the chest. Calm but quick tempered. Very protective of family and friends (Overly protective). I will explain more If I feel that I can trust you. Dont play games with me. Not very nice if I feel you are not trust worthy.

  11. My predicted transformation is on December 8,2014. I have been on this before and I’m waiting to make an account for when I transform. What I want to know is what I should do when I transform? I just moved to Tennessee,so I know there are wolves around. Do I go only with werewolves or can I hang with the normal wolves? Also,how do I know where to go? How do I find werewolf packs?

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  12. My predicted transformation is on December 8,2014. I have been on this before and I’m waiting to make an account for when I transform. What I want to know is what I should do when I transform? I just moved to Tennessee,so I know there are wolves around. Do I go only with werewolves or can I hang with the normal wolves? Also,how do I know where to go? How do I find werewolf packs?

  13. I’m a oak clan wolf. And I was born December 24. And I have been starting to have symptoms of headaches, over heating and joints pains. A friend of mine says I might be getting ready to shift for my first shift. And in afraid cause I’m alone.

    • Hey, i experience joint pains too. Idk if it means anything though. I’m about 3 months from my birthday and have a feeling it will be my first shift (the full moon is on the 24th or so this year) . I’ve had a few wolf dreams, one were i shifted and chased after something and the other were i was found by other wolves that were shifting from black to white repeatedly. The first one was around April-ish and the other August.
      I have other posts with more info about me in varying places.
      Plus, without the app or a good sense of judgement, i can’t seem to tell what clan i belong to.

  14. I always dream to be a real werewolf but my pack is way more different. but I need help to become a true werewolf type. I need to blood race of werewolf that I feel right at home in. not in this nightmare of humans but I do have humans ables but nobody understand me my language & my point of view. so I need someone to understands me & language & my point of view. & my understanding, if nobody understand me, & about i’m talking about. & nobody gets me what i’m about. I wish somebody who understand my pain. & how I feel & my mood. but I can’t live like a human anymore I want to feel like a werewolf feels & like a real wolf. & but I wish that a real werewolf who can understand me. & change me & I will have a real werewolf pack family who I am. & love me as the same. & I want to have my own family. that I will love & I want a real werewolf boyfriend. please any real werewolves could help me out. please.

  15. Are there any packs/ww in the Jupiter FL area?
    ive been getting bone and joint pains all over my body for about a year now. it seems to be getting worse, but idk. I seem to fit one or two descriptions in each clan.
    Any tips on what to do if you were to shift and there were no forests for hundreds of miles?

  16. I have a question, but first I’ll give you a bit of background. So I can initiate a shift whenever, and when I’m in my wolf form it’s like I have to fight for control of me, also there’s like these times where random thoughts will come into my head and I didn’t think them is this weird? I’m new to this lycanthrope thing and I’ve only shifted 3 times, I’m so confused.

  17. Anyone in Tennessee I need to find a pack my living situation with my roommates keeps getting more and more hectic and in order to keep calm I have to go like 30 minute into the woods every day I need tips on controlling this new anger at this intensity. How do I know what clan I am part of I was born in July, had my realization of being a wolf and getting closer and closer to my P shift.

  18. I dont know what i am… my first transformation was in july over two years ago, and my fur has always changed color, though it seemed to be with the season, darker when the warmer times come and lighter when it gets colder, though the eyes are generally a solid gold/grey color… my first transformation was triggered early because i was surrounded by a pack whose territory i was unknowingly camping in with my sister and a friend, who, as it turns out, was also a werewolf… i joined her pack but not very long after she had to move away, and i have had no help since… someone please help me, ive never felt so alone…

  19. I am an Oak wolf. I am out of the fog of being in denial. But I have a question how can I control my shifts? i only vaguely remember only some. how can i control my shifts and do so at will?

  20. Hoping someone could help me tell if I am born a werewolf or if someone can help me become one? I’ve been trying for 8 years with no results…please pm me if you think you can help

  21. How would I know if I’m a werewolf or not?
    I have everything about me on the page I just finished and if anyone can pm me (how do you pm?) that would be great!
    .May your eyes be keen and your swords be sharp.

  22. I live in knoxville tn and I’m just lookin for answers I wamt to be wolf not goin to go into detail like everyone else has I jus feel it part of me anyone near me plz reach out

  23. This explains a lot of the things I wasn’t sure of so thank you guys glad I stumbled upon this app makes sense that I am an oak werewolf but I’m not sure where to find a nearby clan?

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