Lightning Clan

Lightning Clan is super fast and can use electricity.

Your Moon: As a Lightning Werewolf you draw power from the Lightning Moon in August (Northern Hemisphere) or February (Southern Hemisphere). You may experience your first  transformation beneath the full Lightning Moon or else you will certainly be initiated in what is said to be a very flashy ritual beneath the Lightning Moon. Human Form: Lightning Werewolves are generally nervous, lively, versatile, a bit distractible and a bit neurotic. In human form, Lightening Wolves are normally tall and often develop frizzy hair that stands on end, often with silver or light streaks in it. After your first transformation, you will notice a mark known as a lightning flower, usually on your arm or leg. This lightning flower grows with every transformation and is one reliable way to tell the moon age of Lightning Werewolf. Every Lightening Werewolf invests in a solid pair of rubber boots or shoes and gloves if not a whole rubber suit, to prevent unexpected transformations. That’s because your transformations will be very shocking – they happen in a bolt of lightning. Chances are good you won’t want to wear a lot of metal jewelry except maybe one thing – a metal lightning rod or ring that enables you to channel electricity and trigger your own transformation by raising it above your head. If you haven’t learned how to trigger your transformations yet, at least it will warn you when one is imminent with a persistent buzz or hum. Warning: Lightning Werewolves probably have the worse memories of any werewolf! Lightning Wolves spend a lot of time after every full moon trying to piece together what happened! Wolf Form: As a Lightning Werewolf you may find that you have gray fur and metallic claws. You will have a long skinny tail with real metallic hairs in the tip. This combination enables you to draw electricity to you and channel it in any direction thus creating many different kinds of lightening. On one side of your body, your paws will be cold and the other hot. When you put them together this is what helps you to generate lightning. Unfortunately you will be a little hard of hearing as a result of all the thunder you sometimes create. Hybrid Form: As an experienced Lightning Werewolf you will certainly adapt certain techniques that enable you to quickly achieve a human-werewolf hybrid form. Lightning Werewolves are masters of many dramatic and quick transformation tricks and technologies! However they are also the most unstable of all and have the most difficulty maintaining this form and you may find yourself unexpected exposed in combat… or even public! Habits & Customs: Channeling lightening takes a toll on any Lightning Wolf. As a result, most will usually try to avoid transforming as long as possible. Which is really hard because in the early moons, even the tiniest spark of static electricity from pair of socks or a hair brush can trigger a Lightning Wolf. They must train hard to resist transforming at inopportune moments. However as a Lightning Wolf, once you decide to wolf out and control your transformations, they will be super fast, drawing lightning from the sky. Unfortunately they will sometimes leave a small fire behind you. Social Structure: Lightning Clan generally prefers to crib in clusters below ground. For this reason, Lightning Werewolves prefer to live in cities where basements are possible, electricity is abundant and firetrucks abundant. Lightning Wolves try to stay away from electrical outlets and small appliances that could generate an unexpected transformation. Allies: Lightning Clan often finds allies in many demigod children of Zeus, who can also manipulate lightning but in different ways. Powers: As a Lightning Werewolf you will be able to use your powers in different ways depending in part on your choices, including your choice of Alliance and Mythos. Lightning Werewolves may choose between Metallos Alliance and Hydran Alliance. When challenged, Lightning Werewolves draw power from the South, in the early afternoon and fighting in places that are known to be haunted.

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  1. Hey guys, I just electrocuted my bone werewolf friend on accident XD (note to self: careful of metal until I get my lightning flower :3) :grin:

  2. This page is so helpful, I’ve always had this one stripe/patch of silver hairs and I’m young! I took the test and got Lightning so I would like some advice for first transformation, please? I’m a genetic werewolf on my dad’s side and maybe my mom’s but she seems more private about it. My dad left my mom and I don’t like talking to him any more but I need help with this werewolf stuff, anyone in or near Texas would be nice too. Thanks in advance! (And yes I have done the research but this seems to be the only community of people I’ve found that may actually help me)

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name or your location. Thanks.

      • Also gonna need advice for my Dyan friend who doesn’t yet know she’s a werewolf but I’ve spoken to her family and they all are but she won’t believe me, any advice I can give to her would be good if you have any.

  3. i am a genetic werewolf on both sides my mother bears a tatoo of a native american thunderbird and has natrual white streaks in her hair since she was a child but i do not have the gumption to ask her. my father left me when i was born in fact he was not even at birth. most of his side of the family lives in oregon and his hair started graying in his teenage years. for me i always have willd hair and have a connection to something i can not fathom and i love electrical storms and to top it off i was born in august

  4. Wow yep I have had so much and noticeable red and gray streaks in my hair that I have been having to dye it talk about that I am also a dragon/lighting mix :|

  5. I need help I have done a lot of reach and I am all most positive that I am one of you but have not transformed it is my month January an I’m desperate your my last hope please help me thank you

  6. Hi every one. I’m new to this, so I don’t now much, sorry. We’ll here it is, all my life I’ve felt different, like I was never folly human. I never new why. So ever sens I was little Id pray to no why I felt like that and to no what I really I’m, and how and why I’ve always had mental abilities that others didn’t , but I won’t get in to that. Anyway as I got older the filling just got stronger so I kept praying. The thing is that for the pased few years I wake up on the day of the full moon filling so, so, weird. My entire body ackes the entire day and as night time gets closer I start filling more and more like a wild animal. Thats the only way I can describe it. It happens every full moon, but for the last few months it has encreesed 10 foll. This last full moon it was so intens I felt like I was going to burst out of my scen. Whin it happens it fills like my body wants to Chang and this last time it felt like it got right there, but for some reason it doesn’t go all the way. I also keep having dreams of me as a gray-silver wolf running with other wolfs. Sens it got that far this last full moon, I hope it just goes all the way this next full moon because I can’t take this ever single month. Do enyone no how I can just get it over with and help me Chang all the way. Because it fills like I Chang to about 95%. Plus I’d like to no if there are others out there like me.

    • There are plenty of them, you could actually be achieving a transformation and just passing out from sensory overload. It happens a surprisingly high amount with wolves new to shifting. Their brain can’t handle all the sensory data at first. It gets better over time eventually it can be fully controlled.
      Also sometimes they do things while unconscious and remember it in dreams. It’s rare but dangerous.

      It’s gonna get worse in April. The 15th of April is a blood moon, a total lunar eclipse. The first of four in the next year or so.

      • Omg! You were right! It happened last night at the start of the lunar eclipse, and in only about 5 min I fully changed. But it hert so bad!! But after, I felt really strong and full of energy. I herd people say that you don’t remember anything but I remember Avery thing. I don’t no if that’s because the blood moon or what. We have woods by the house so I stayed there until I felt I was starting to Chang back, then I booked it back home. I couldn’t open the door to go back in, so I hid at the back door until I changed back. Thank you for letting my no about the blood moon so I could prepare for it. Its a good thing I did. Now I just wonder if it will be the same every full moon or just blood moons. Ges I’ll just have to wate and see.

          • That would be fine with me as long as you no it does hert a lot the first time you shift. Or at least it did me. U have any ideas on how. I herd that if wen I’m In wolf form and I scatch or bite someone then thy will be a wolf the next full moon. We can try that. Also anything els that you no of. I would love to be part of a pack, and not to run alone like I did.

              • Ok, I will give a try as long as you no what your geting your self into. After I changed I told my family. And my dad and grandma told me thy new it mite happen but didn’t tell me encase it never did. I was born a werewolf. Thy showed me pictures of me on the day I was born. My entire back was coverd in thick jet black hair and I had a tail. After about 10 days it all fell out. Any way, thy told me now that I have fully changed, I can change others by a bite wen I’m a wolf. But if I do that person can never go back. Thy will shift into a wolf on All full moons for the rest of there life. So I just want to make sher you truly want this.

              • Ok, I will give a try as long as you no what your geting your self into. After I changed I told my family. And my dad and grandma told me thy new it mite happen but didn’t tell me encase it never did. I was born a werewolf. Thy showed me pictures of me on the day I was born. My entire back was coverd in thick jet black hair and I had a tail. Please don’t make fun.
                After about 10 days it all fell out. Any way, thy told me now that I have fully changed, I can change others by a bite wen I’m a wolf. But if I do that person can never go back. Thy will shift into a wolf on All full moons for the rest of there life. So I just want to make sher you truly want this.

    • Here, I’ll walk you through this slow.

      If you scroll all the way up to this page as high as you can go, on the top right you will see your name and a picture next to it. If you scroll over it, a drop down menu appears.

      Go to profile and then change avatar.

      Almost there.

      Open up a new tab/window and search for any picture you want on Google. Save it to your computer.

      Come back here to change avatar and select browse. Once you find the picture, you can select it and crop it as your new image.

      You’re done!

  7. hey its me sorry and did you hear im in the lighting clan now whit you and thanks for repleying to my help my body hurts and i dont know why help

  8. i dont know what happen it keeps saying lost password so sorry but we can be friend still and take to each another oh and im 10 years old

  9. i dont want to do this anymore ok we can still be friends we can talk at this site your a werewolf and im a werewolf oh and i want to know hoe you became a werewolf ok bff please tell me i want to know my body doesnt hurt anymore so thats good and i made a werewolf postion and drank it and now im a werewolf yeah wfeit means werewolfs for ever

  10. I haven’t turned yet, but I feel the transformation coming. The 11th of August is a SuperMoon. Can someone tell me the age most ppl turn at?

  11. fenrir can you plz give me the mark i want to be a werewolf i want to be in the lightning clan i want to be that kind of werewolf werew can i meet you on yll ok plz give me the i beg of you i want to be a werewolf ok :cry:

  12. Fenrir doesn’t normally reply on here I don’t think. But if he does: Ferir, I would be honored to be a werewolf also. I have read that it hurts to transform, and already had a crib. I hope the season has treated you well.

  13. fenrir i would want to be in your pack i want to be your friend cause you are a werewolf and you are so cool and i love werewolfs and i would love a werewolf friend :cool: ok

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