Lightning Clan

Lightning Clan is super fast and can use electricity.

Your Moon: As a Lightning Werewolf you draw power from the Lightning Moon in August (Northern Hemisphere) or February (Southern Hemisphere). You may experience your first  transformation beneath the full Lightning Moon or else you will certainly be initiated in what is said to be a very flashy ritual beneath the Lightning Moon. Human Form: Lightning Werewolves are generally nervous, lively, versatile, a bit distractible and a bit neurotic. In human form, Lightening Wolves are normally tall and often develop frizzy hair that stands on end, often with silver or light streaks in it. After your first transformation, you will notice a mark known as a lightning flower, usually on your arm or leg. This lightning flower grows with every transformation and is one reliable way to tell the moon age of Lightning Werewolf. Every Lightening Werewolf invests in a solid pair of rubber boots or shoes and gloves if not a whole rubber suit, to prevent unexpected transformations. That’s because your transformations will be very shocking – they happen in a bolt of lightning. Chances are good you won’t want to wear a lot of metal jewelry except maybe one thing – a metal lightning rod or ring that enables you to channel electricity and trigger your own transformation by raising it above your head. If you haven’t learned how to trigger your transformations yet, at least it will warn you when one is imminent with a persistent buzz or hum. Warning: Lightning Werewolves probably have the worse memories of any werewolf! Lightning Wolves spend a lot of time after every full moon trying to piece together what happened! Wolf Form: As a Lightning Werewolf you may find that you have gray fur and metallic claws. You will have a long skinny tail with real metallic hairs in the tip. This combination enables you to draw electricity to you and channel it in any direction thus creating many different kinds of lightening. On one side of your body, your paws will be cold and the other hot. When you put them together this is what helps you to generate lightning. Unfortunately you will be a little hard of hearing as a result of all the thunder you sometimes create. Hybrid Form: As an experienced Lightning Werewolf you will certainly adapt certain techniques that enable you to quickly achieve a human-werewolf hybrid form. Lightning Werewolves are masters of many dramatic and quick transformation tricks and technologies! However they are also the most unstable of all and have the most difficulty maintaining this form and you may find yourself unexpected exposed in combat… or even public! Habits & Customs: Channeling lightening takes a toll on any Lightning Wolf. As a result, most will usually try to avoid transforming as long as possible. Which is really hard because in the early moons, even the tiniest spark of static electricity from pair of socks or a hair brush can trigger a Lightning Wolf. They must train hard to resist transforming at inopportune moments. However as a Lightning Wolf, once you decide to wolf out and control your transformations, they will be super fast, drawing lightning from the sky. Unfortunately they will sometimes leave a small fire behind you. Social Structure: Lightning Clan generally prefers to crib in clusters below ground. For this reason, Lightning Werewolves prefer to live in cities where basements are possible, electricity is abundant and firetrucks abundant. Lightning Wolves try to stay away from electrical outlets and small appliances that could generate an unexpected transformation. Allies: Lightning Clan often finds allies in many demigod children of Zeus, who can also manipulate lightning but in different ways. Powers: As a Lightning Werewolf you will be able to use your powers in different ways depending in part on your choices, including your choice of Alliance and Mythos. Lightning Werewolves may choose between Metallos Alliance and Hydran Alliance. When challenged, Lightning Werewolves draw power from the South, in the early afternoon and fighting in places that are known to be haunted.

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    • He’s an actor, hon. He played the character of Louis Pine — Pine isn’t a real person.

      If you go to the about tab, select credits and scroll all the way down, you’ll come to this in regards of the videos: “This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead, places, events or situations is purely coincidental. ©2012 Lupine Productions Inc.”

  1. It depends on your birth totem. You don’t wake up in the morning and say, oh my spirit animal is a horse or my spirit animal is a wolf or something like that. Now I’m into those native american spirit animals. So that’s how you find your native american spirit animal. You get what I’m saying? It will be on a wheel just like those zodiac signs. You get it now? It will also say when your birthday is in between those dates and my native american spirit animal is the wolf.

  2. I was thinking of a really good story. About me and my friend at school enjoying our day in our own classes. But then my pet raven named Midnight slammed into the window. ” Oh no!” I said sighing. “What are doing here? I’m in the middle of school.” I said whispering. “There’s going to be an early transformation!” Said Midnight. “What do you mean an early transformation?” I asked. “Did you tell my friend yet?” I asked again. “No, not quite yet.” Said Midnight. “I’ll go tell her.” Said Midnight. “Alright!” I said. “Can I go to the bathroom?” I asked my teacher named Mr. Sweet. “Yeah! Hurry up!” Said my teacher. I was running to the bathroom and finely I was there. I felt lots of pain just like Louis Pine felt. So I took all of my clothes off and my shoes. 2 minutes later, I was in my wolf state and I didn’t see my friend in the bathroom, but she was. So I went to the classroom just thinking of everyone’s reactions. And so, I scratched on the door. “Knock please!” My teacher said. But I scratched on the door again. Someone opened the door and his jaw dropped to the floor! I was trying to smile but in a wolf state is pretty hard. So I went inside and picked up the phone. I was calling Dr. Doolittle. The guy that speaks to animals. “Doc? I need you to come to Sinking Springs Elementary School. Pennsylvania!” I said in my mind but Doolittle knew what I was saying. “Okay. I’ll be there in 2 hours.” Said Doolittle. I putted down the phone. Then I sat on the carpet and everyone was looking at me like I am actually Selena. But then they went back to work. 2 hours later, Dr. Doolittle was there for me.

  3. If you are a wolf lover, search up Wolf Quest and you can make an account and play multiplayer. My username on there is water727321. Find me there if you see me.

  4. I am 80% positive this coming full moon will be my first transformation. Idk what to do. I have marching band practice during it. Luckily i know we will be outside at that point. Ive looked at the weather report and it says scattered thunderstorms. Idk if that means anything.
    Someone please help. I dont know what to do. I would like to be gone before my mom has the dna/blood test im suppost to have soon to test for rheumatism. I need help.

  5. Hello, I only just started an account on here, “Lipine Life”, and am very inrigued about some events that occur. I am not sure what supernatural being I am, if not at all.
    ( if that makes sence )
    I belive i might be ( hopefully am ) a werewolf. Can anyone help me? I would have gotten the app, ‘Monstrometer’, but seeing as I have an Android phone it’s not possible. I don’t know my true WW name. I just chose Journey to symbolize the path I’m taking to figure out who I am. Please if anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

  6. Anyone in Tennessee I need to find a pack my living situation with my roommates keeps getting more and more hectic and in order to keep calm I have to go like 30 minute into the woods every day I need tips on controlling this new anger at this intensity. How do I know what clan I am part of I was born in July, had my realization of being a wolf and getting closer and closer to my P shift.

  7. This explains a lot. I knew I was a wolf and that I could manipulate and control electricity but never really knew of this and why certain things happened.

    • I understand what you’re saying. It’s like me except being in the singing clan. I sing a ton, I write my own material, and like singing clan members, I can hear higher frequencies. I haven’t found any other of my clan members yet either, but my control was self taught. Just stay calm and it’ll happen eventually. Just be prepared to black out for a split second.

  8. Heya, I have a question. if someone were born in August, would their first transformation occur on their birth month? Just wondering!

  9. im either a wild wolf or a lightning wolf because they both describe me so well, also im a demon fledling so will that interfere in anyway?

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