Hunter or Blood Clan

Hunter Clan is just what you think.

Your Moon: As a Hunter Werewolf or a Blood Werewolf as you may come to be known, you draw maximum power from the Hunter or Blood Moon of October (Northern Hemisphere) or April (Southern Hemisphere). If you are to join a Hunter or a Blood Clan you must first survive a terrifying clan transformation ritual, beneath a full Blood Moon.

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Human Form: As either a Hunter or Blood Werewolf you are generally seen as quiet, intelligent, precise, self-controlled, patient, intense and aggressive individual. You may be known as quick-tempered, even for a werewolf.

In human form you are the kind of friend a human wants at his back, tough, smart, loyal and controlled. You’re likely known as a sensible dresser, with short hair and a big appetite for meat and berries. You have excellent night vision and good judgement. You’re probably really good at laser tag and paint ball. In a staring contest you would probably win, it seems like you can go forever without blinking. So you have to remember to blink or you’ll give yourself away.

Wolf Form: In wolf form the Hunter or Blood is the iconic wolf that humans recall when they think about werewolves in general.

You probably have thick dark fur and maybe a streak of blood red on your head, sometimes in the shape of a crescent moon or a bow. You can identify almost any being by the smell of its blood from miles away.

You are among the biggest wolves, yet you are light on your feet. You have big strong paws with long, sharp claws and jaws and teeth like a steel trap. Your have excellent eyesight and perfect night vision and balance. Under most conditions, you can outrun almost any prey.

Hybrid Form: As either a Hunter or Blood Werewolf  Clan member you will acquire certain techniques that enable you to maintain a human-werewolf hybrid form. However you must remain aware that this form brings with it the surging powers of your transformational lycanthropy to your human side and this can make it very difficult to control the result of your actions. You must train carefully if you don’t want to live a life filled with regret.

Habits & Customs: As a Hunter or Blood Werewolf, you must be highly disciplined and take your training very seriously. You may not reveal your identity as a Blood Werewolf to anyone. The Clan is always watching and listening, ready to support and defend you at all times but also ready to pounce if you slip up. Many Hunter Wolves deal with this by giving up on a normal human life entirely and living in a community with other Hunters.

As a Hunter Werewolf you learn very early during your first moons how to control your transformations with a simple blood magnet that links you to the other members of the clan. It will glow whenever another member of the clan is in close proximity.

However, some Blood Werewolves who rebelled against the group life, will turn in their magnets for the life of lone wolves. As a result they are always on the run from their own kind in addition to all their other enemies.

Social Structure: Hunter Clan society is said to be highly structured, with designated roles and positions that must be earned.

Hunter Clan members stake a large territory and live close together in remote communities.

Allies: Hunter Wolves have always found allies in certain demigods, for instance in descendants of Athena or Apollo or cyborgs.

Powers: As a Hunter or a Blood you can use your powers in different ways depending in part on your choices including your choice of Alliance and Mythos.

As a Hunter or Blood you can join one of two alliances, either Terran or Metallos Alliance and your skills and abilities will be vary depending on which one you join.

When challenged, as a Hunter or a Blood you draw power facing West, at night in a dark, isolated locations during cool weather.

393 thoughts on “Hunter or Blood Clan

  1. hmmm excellent night vision great judge in character calm till I get upset. great at laser tage and the blood moon makes me feel weird all I need to know if im a werewolf and im set

      • One question does this so called hunter blood clan what ever it is, is it actually real like do you werewolves exist at all???? Please reply!!!

      • Hi, my name is Sarah and most all of my life I’ve felt that something was missing, like I never really fit in with society as a whole. I’ve been told stories all of my life of werewolves in texas, especially by my uncle who never fails to call me wolf girl every time I greet him. I have always been drawn to nature and forests and especially wolves. I’ve always been faund of wolves as they are strong and powerfully and at many times fearless. I am just wondering if I should belong in one of the Texas werewolf packs or even if I am a genetic werewolf considering my uncle who has never failed to fascinate me with wolves. If you have any information that can possibly help me understand if what I’m feeling is true please message me and let me know what you have. Thank you for your time either way.

  2. Hello my name is ivy and I need help learning to shift I hurt people and I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore. Can someone please help me

    • Well first off what kind of werewolf are you or do you know? Anyways next full moon before It raises get to the forest but it would be good to build a crib too I mean I just need more info about what’s been happening

      • I don’t really know what kind of werewolf I am but a friend let me use his old crib. And what’s been happening is I would pass out around the time the moon rises. I would feel intense pain throughout my body and I would hear the sound of wolves howling. In the morning I would wake up with my clothes tore to spreads and this last time I woke up with bloody bite marks on my body.

        • Ok that’s a pretty good sign your a wolf lol. Anyways thx for the info and if your friend is letting you use his crib then the day before the full moon at least try to be somewhere near the crib. The next day tell your parents your going to a friends and get yo the crib until the next day. When you feel like you are going to pass out try to stay awake as long as you can. The ” howls” are probably you howling like you are in pain. Is you can stay awake for as long as you are a wolf try really hard not to get in fights with other wolves. Thx again for telling me more info and sorry this comment is so long lol.

          • Btw ummm… This is a random comment but I might help other weres. If you have a dog ( it can be any age but it would be better if the dog was a puppy or a little bit older dog ) but anyways, this can help keep your cover a little bit easier. So what you do is just act like a wolf or in this case a dog. So if your dog is up for it try and wrestle him/her. You can growl, howl, and bite the dog and people will just think your trying to play with it. This is just my suggestion I works for me so I just wanted to see if it could help anyone else.

            • Umm that wouldnt really work in my case…. my dog gets locked up at night, is pitbull and bull mastiff, and bites hard just when playing…. plus i share a room with my little sister…. and our windows are screwed shut..

  3. I really need some help. I think I’m a wolf but I have no idea when I’ll transform. I feel like it will never happen. Yesterday was the Hunter moon and I really felt like it was the one. I was originally going to go out at 12:00 but my parents were still downstairs so I was going to wait until I heard them come back upstairs. Although j feel asleep and woke up at 6:10. I was too late. I don’t know if you have to directly see the moon and be outside to have a transformation but either way if it was my moon or not, nothing happened. I really don’t know what to do now. I feel kinda hopeless. No other moon has worked. I’ve been trying for almost a year now. Going outside and seeing what will happen. I REALLY thought this was the one. But I guess I was wrong. Does anyone know of I’m doing something wrong or not? I’ve known I was a wolf for almost a year now. Yet it’s like I can’t get out of this human she’ll. Does there have to be a certain age or something? My friend had her first transformation when she was XXXX. I’m XXXX now. Please if someone knows anything. Please what and I doing wrong?

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  4. ummm… i need some help… i am a wolf and i keep having the same dream over and over…. i have dreams and visions that predict the future and i keep dreaming about a black male werewolf with amber/yellow eyes….. the dream is me as a wolf and that wolf running through unknown forest….. any suggestions???

  5. Sorry if this is a long message lol. Hi im the alpha of my pack an im new here i keep having these flash backs of when I was little I don’t know what they mean but to me it feels like memories. I’m also having these weird dreams where it starts out when I was young and I turned into a wolf an then it continues to grow all the way until present day me an I don’t know what it means. I also don’t really know what type of wolf I am. Some of my ancestors are still alive an they found me an they told me that I am a very powerful alpha. They also said that my wolf is very strong an very smart. My dreams that I have it at night it’s not even a full moon me an my pack change into wolfs but while we are hunting an playing around there’s this wolf that I feel so attached to an he feels the same way then we turn back in human form that’s when I wake up I don’t see he’s face at all. Then my other dream or memory was when I was little I went out hunting an I change for the first time. I was never bittin by a wolf. I was born like this but anyway I change an i was attack by vampires an I thought I was going to die but I never did. The one who bit me was the leader of the vampire an he told me he knew exactly who I was an when I was old enough he was going to come see me. I don’t know why but then he left an now ever since that night I’ve became a hybrid. For the past month my wolf has been fighting for control more an more because of my vampire side… I keep having this feeling that the vampire is here where I live an hes watching me like he’s waiting for the right moment. An the wolf that’s in my dream is alpha of he’s pack an he’s here for real not in my dreams an he wants me to join him an be with him. We haven’t actually talked but he sends these images in my mind an that’s how I know. Can anyone help me solve any of this??

  6. On the inside I believe I should be a wolf because of the way I am I don’t know how to explain it but I just feel like I’m not complete from the characteristics I’ve read I have pretty much all of them in human form and I see myself in like visions/dreams running with wolves and I’m one too can anybody help me please?

  7. Hi is there anyone out there who’d be willing to turn and accommodate me when I have enough money to travel I’d pay my way or even help accommodate me somewhere else near a pack any help would be greatly appreciated

  8. Aye, I am a descendant of the Viking shifters of New England. I inherited the Shepherd dog shifter gene, after it went dormant in my parents. Could anyone inform me of the process of a pack claiming a pup, much less a dog shifter. But you should know that since I am a Shepherd dog, my kind were bred to guard and defeat wolves. Seeing as werewolves are much more powerful than the average wolf, I would assume the same of dogs. I will have the body of a dig, but the soul of a wolf. But then again I’m a mere puo right now. Why fear me?

    Look up caucasion Shepherd, Australian Shepherd and Tibetan mastiff. All the Shepard dogs that have been in my heritage.

    • Ahh a ratchet. It’s been a while since I heard of a Gabriel Hound still alive.

      The dog shifters are actually more closely connected with the fey than with werewolves. Specifically the Cu Sidhe and the Wild Hunt.

    • I shifted into a hybrid form a couple days ago and found i am a Weredog also but a Dingo.. Which that Shift ended years long confusion and being lost. So now I am looking for other Weredogs.. As it looks like Weredogs are rare more so us Dingoes.

  9. I recently found out I am a wolf. I was born In July. No one in my family knows that I am wolf and to my knowledge I am the only one in my family like myself. I have been having all the symptoms more and more of my first P-shift. Getting really hot with prickly skin and initial my body would like to just stretch out in place it normally can not. Of course I have not P shifted I guess my body was just adjusting and getting ready for what is to come.I tried joining and online pack but was not even allowed to join for a reason that was not even given to me. Being cut off and having no knowledge and resources I am really in the darks I guess and can understand why the “were” community stays so hidden. I now live in Tennessee. I am looking for a pack not only for a resource and new group of Friends/Family. I do not know what to expect and don’t really want to do it alone. I have also had a lot of new feelings I can not explain or a really hard to describe. In the tree of the new feelings they are things that people would normally have I would just say the best way to put it Is amplified. I also want to know what to expect when I shift Is is Painful, slow or fast are you the same after you shift back there is so much I do not fully understand the concept any help would be Great Thanks

  10. If Anybody has any packs in the eastern Tennessee or upper Georgia. area Please message me I feel I am getting closer and closer to my first shift. My friends and I got into it tonight and in order to keep calm and not trigger anything I left my house and roommates to calm down I ha e need been an angry person or atlas to where I can control it it is where i have to be in nature to calm My thoughts. Lately the only place I feel at pieces is a 20 minute drive form downtown into the mountains where I can meditate and relax My thoughts. I just do not want to go through this alone but I already know from my childhood life is tough especially for me. I will stay positive though. Thanks

  11. How does anybody find a Pack and know when they are going to shift I recently discovered I am a wolf. Of course no one in my family is a wolf at least currently to anyones knowledge. I know my family has native american roots and since the mayflower cam the to US and a vibrant native american history do to that. Any advice would be helpful on a pack and what is too come. Last night my friend and I got into it and order to keep a calm I had to drive into the mountains and meditate for an hour to keep from anything happening. I have never been this angry in my life.

  12. Anyone in Tennessee I need to find a pack my living situation with my roommates keeps getting more and more hectic and in order to keep calm I have to go like 30 minute into the woods every day I need tips on controlling this new anger at this intensity.

    • I MEED HELP IV HAD ENOUGH!! Iv had a brother thats been bullying me for ALL MY LOFE FOR NO REASON AT ALL!! Iv tryed to be calm but i JUST CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!! Someone plz help me , tell me how to deal with…HIM

      • Tell him to shut up and tell your parents and if he hits you don’t take it use all your wolf powers but don’t hurt very severely :|

  13. Anyone in Tennessee or know a pack or clan in tennessee I need to find a pack my roommates keep picking conflicts over tiny things in order to keep calm I have to go like 30 minute into the woods every day I need tips on controlling this new anger at this intensity. I do this everyday lately My anger goes through the roof. I have never had anger like this before though.

  14. How do I know if I’m a werewolf? I think this is my moon which is next month. I started feeling tingles all over all the time last month, with a vivid dream to go with it. I can’t tell anyone of course, as they won’t believe me. How do I know for sure? How do I ensure it?

  15. How do I know if I’m a werewolf? I think this is my moon which is next month. I started feeling tingles all over all the time two months ago, with a vivid dream to go with it. It was of me transforming… Another one was a room of cloaked figures who were also werewolves. I can’t tell anyone of course, as they won’t believe me. How do I know for sure? How do I ensure it?

    Are there any werewolf packs in Florida? I know i am a werewolf but i havent shifted, i am XXXXX. Ive had this reoccurring “tingling” feeling for about 2 years now. I dont know wht it mesns, any ideas? My joints pop more than they should and often. My bones hurt a lot on random full moons. My canines are pretty sharp still. I can move my ears voluntarily. My eyes and ears are really sensitive. I scare my friends when i get angry, i dont try mind you. I have ADD, ADHD, and Asbergers that seem to be getting worse, i havent been medicated in 3 yrs. Ive crawled on my knees acting like a dog and playing with my dogs all my childhood. I hate the summer heat and live the winter “cold”(it didn’t get very cold in Florida, just cold enough that you can wear jackets outside comfortably) . Im the only one in my family that has these symptoms. In an Introvert too. I dont like big groups, but i take comfort in numbers. I dont fit in in any groups (band, anime, etc). Once, when i closed my eyes, my body felt like a wolfs. A white wolf too. My hands felt like paws and my feet felt and looked exactly like a wolfs hind legs. Idk what to make of it.
    Any input at all would be great.
    That is my story, i do not apologize for the longness of it.
    If you bothered to stop and read this, i thank you for caring.
    Pyxis, lone wolf

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  17. If anyone knows anything about the bloodshine, please let me know. I’m told that i am a bloodshine, but every time i fully transform, i black out. I’ve also been told that they only appear every something- hundred years…. Please. I want answers. I’d so confused

  18. This clan has drawn my attention.. this description fits to a T almost so perfect it’s like i wrote it myself. I’m definitely lost, confused, and I keep catching myself looking up for answers.

  19. Hello, I was brought up to not believe in such things. Which makes what i’m dealing with a lot harder. I was told by someone who claims to be a nonhuman, that I am not human, and their friends seemed to think i was something else, they would never tell me what though.
    I have always howled at the moon and felt a rush of energy when its full moon, when i hear sirens i feel the urge to howl. I did some research everything is saying i’m schizophrenic and that werewolves don’t exist.
    I am constantly having realistic dreams of people chasing me with silver pistols and these darts that always make me close to passing out, instead of waking up i become paralyzed, later when i awake I feel as if i’d been really running from these strange people.
    i’m old enough to where i just sound crazy and that i should just grow up, but curiosity strikes me. If werewolves are real and i am one what do i do to find out for sure?

  20. I have posted before, but it doesn’t seem to be here anymore.
    I have been so lost since I first showed signs of being a vampire when I was Very young (years ago). But as I got older those signs went away and When I was only a couple years past the vampire symptoms I began howling a lot and when I hear sirens I feel a strong urge to howl, I have tried to control that, because its inconvenient when i’m hanging out with friends. I have not transformed, I don’t think. And I was brought up not to believe in these things but, I can’t just keep saying it’s not real. It is hard to fight the urges to howl out of no where and this most recent full moon about drove me crazy. What do i do to figure out what is going on? I trust that here i don’t have to worry about harsh judgement.

    • Interesting… you probably need to wait and see what happens. If you’re Ulfr you’ll shift eventually… Otherwise something else is up and you’ll need to figure that out.
      Sorry I can’t do more without more details than that.

  21. I posted a comment not long ago but i don’t see it here anymore. I was born on a wanting crescent moon. My birthday is coming up and I feel more concern for the time getting closer. I haven’t completely changed, but when I get pissed off, my eyes, which are usually brown, turn yellow and my teeth, specifically my canines but also other teeth, have grown much sharper within the past few months or so. My friend, who claims to be a witch and vampire, and from firsthand experience I very much believe her, told me a while back that I am a werewolf. At first I was doubtful. But growing up I always had a yearning to run and be free. I love the cold, I hate the heat, I hunt and love being in the woods, even at dark. I love the dark. The moon very much attracts me. When I get pissed off, I feel like my bones are breaking. My body shakes and tingles. I prefer to be alone. I crave meat, especially rabbit, and most regular food doesn’t exactly draw my attention. I seem to match alot about this clan. I was also born on a wanting crescent moon. If anyone can answer me and help give me some advice or anything it would be much appreciated before October, which is my birthday.

  22. can someone please help me I don’t know if I’m a wolf I feel like I am and it feel right when I at it but I just don’t know I like to howl and growl I love meat I get dizzy on full moons I like to watch the moon at night because I’m more active at night then day I’m a fast runner even if I don’t have the best eye sight because I wear glasses but now I have contacts so that help but I do have pretty good night vision I have really good hearing and smell, when I get mad I become destructive on accident I’ve never really gotten used to my strength its as if some adrenaline is released and this overwhelming feeling of power rushes through my veins I’ve accidently put two holes in my bedroom wall and we had to buy about 3 new door because of it, when I’m outside I feel like the moon is right there and when I turn I think I see it, I also love the woods when my family visits it since we sadly don’t have any I feel so alive and it feels so right as if I’m attracted to it I’ve had this repeated dream where I’m in the forest running with other wolves but I cant see my fur color and I don’t know what my eye color would be I’m just so confused I’m young and have lots to learn I’m only still in middle school 8th grade to be exact I have all these questions and I’m curious for answers can someone pls help me I have more to say but I feel like I will make this to long if I do but I would also like to know if there are any packs in Minnesota

  23. So I know I’m a werewolf, and I’m fairly certain I’m of the hunter/blood clan. I’m in desperate need of a pack. I also need some advice. There’s this sweet old lady that I know which I don’t doubt fora second that she’s a witch. Anyhow she said that I was a bloodshine. Can anyone tell what that is and what it means? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I live in western Montana.

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