Ghost Clan

Ghost Clan can learn to disappear in whole or in part & some may even learn to teleport.

Your Moon: As a Ghost Werewolf you draw power from the Ghost Moon in July (Northern Hemisphere or January (Southern Hemisphere), from the South-West and after dark.

Should you be located in time, you may also be initiated by a Ghost Clan beneath your full Ghost Moon when the time is right. Rumours swirl that this initiation involves the presence of ghostly allies, but this is remains a closely guarded clan secret and can neither be confirmed or denied here at this time.

Human Form: Members of Ghost Clan are often reserved, enigmatic, poised, hard to get to know sometimes or even shy and a little bit distant. Humans who don’t understand might think that you’re a snob but Ghost Werewolves are just a little bit preoccupied with the constant din they can always hear from the Other Realms.

In human form Ghost Werewolves are usually pale with pale eyes but they like bright cheerful colors, painting, loud music and dancing to shut off the noise. Ghost Wolves are excellent dancers.

One dead giveaway you will have to be careful about – Ghost Werewolves are said to have no shadows though you will sometimes exhibit a colorful aura in photos. They are said to learn how to trigger and control their transformations and their powers with the help of three kinds of rare shadow dust.

Wolf Form: In wolf form, you Ghost Werewolves are generally small, skinny and light on your feet. You are overall among the fastest and most agile of all the wolves. Your ears are pronounced and longer than other wolves and you use them to sense the presence of ghosts in a location. You have a superior sense of smell. You can make yourself disappear in a swirl of dust but only if you stay moving. As soon as you remain still, the dust settles on you and your form will manifest.

Hybrid Form: As a member of Ghost Clan in time you may learn certain tricks and gain tools that will enable you to achieve a ghostly human-werewolf hybrid form with some ghostly powers. But you must be aware that these powers will be vastly different from other werewolves and will need to be mastered if you want to survive in combat in the real world and should not be trained alone.

Habits & Customs: Many Ghost Werewolves become a little bit obsessive about dust. You will hate it touching your clothing or possessions but at the same time you can sometimes identify a Ghost Werewolf by the dust surrounding them.

Cats generally hate them.

Paradoxically Ghost Werewolves learn to control their transformations with a special dust thrown into the air that produces an automatic transformation on impact.

Ghost Werewolves are not obligated to keep their human and wolf sides separate and secret but most of them prefer it. If their identities are revealed they will attract a lot of human followers begging them to contact ghosts of loved ones.

Social Structure: For safety, Ghost Werewolves prefer to move and hunt in groups of three. They tend to build their cribs in abandoned houses which might be haunted.

Allies: As the only werewolves that can see and communicate with ghosts, Ghost Werewolves find both allies and enemies in the ghost realm.

Powers: As a Ghost Werewolf you will be able to use your powers in different ways depending in part on your choices, including your choice of Alliance and Mythos.

Ghost Werewolves may choose between Pyros and Aeolian Alliance.

When challenged, Ghost Werewolves draw power from the South and in the early afternoon and fighting in places that are known to be haunted.

191 thoughts on “Ghost Clan

    • I don’t know what I am it says I’m ghost but I am XX so I don’t know anything about it. Can you tec
      Ach me what I should do to shift cause I don’t know hwhat todo yet pista comment

      Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your birthday, age, real name, or location. Thank you.

    • It’s actually horrifying and very painful to change…. But you can easily scare people without being a werewolf! Most of the time, you can’t even control yourself when in your wolf form, it takes time and practice.

      • Well that depends on how their turned, the pain goes away in time, if it happens at all. And control depends on the person’s nature. If the person is angry and wrathful as a wolf it will be harder to control those emotions.

    • There are three types of transformation dusts available to Ghost wolves: bone dust, shadow dust and star dust. All are very difficult to find, gather and contain

      Bone dust is obtained by grinding bones, adding wolf’s bane, and charring the bones into dust. Bone dust causes a physical transformation only to Ghost wolves

      Shadow dust is obtained by burning nightshade into ashes. Shadow dust stops your heart temporarily letting you enter the world of the dead in the form of either a demon wolf or a ghost wolf.

      Star dust is tricky to get and to make it function properly, you’d have to wait for the billion to one chance of a meteor not only surviving the atmosphere, but also falling close to you. Afterwards you simply grind it into dust and you have star dust.

      Star dust causes a physical transformation halfway between the worlds of the dead and the living. It causes you to become a fully awakened daemonis which means alpha of alphas or a true demon wolf.

      Star dust is tricky to handle though because too much of a dosage and you will lose your mind and attack anything and everything in sight.

  1. No you don’t want to transform it hurts the first time even if you did you need to NOT scare people you might kill them . I know from experience it’s hard to get off your mind that you were the cause of someone’s death.

    • ya trust me scaring humans is not the way to go. Regular wolves have it bad enough with humans hunting them down. it will be the same with us if us wolves go out there scaring humans.

    • You don’t want to become a werewolf… The transformations are known to hurt and the rage… The rage is the worst. And if you’re found out, you’ll probably be experimented on or end up dead.

      • This is wolfsrule02 I also want to become a werewolf I don’t care if it hurts like u said I don’t mine if it hurts or do I, I don’t know I just really want to be a werewolf so if you know a werewolf in Tacoma Washington send them to 95th street I’m the only girl kid in my house number 1616 also I’m 12 just syn I’m a wanta be werewolf jst sittn here waytn. :roll: :mrgreen: :o

      • It may indeed hurt, you may indeed be found out, but if you are meant to live on, or if fate is to come upon you one day, it is just how it is, we die for a reason, we live on for a reason, and it hurts in the most simplest of reasons: so you know what you have is special. Pain that no one else has is something that makes you different from the average person, well at the same time, makes you the same as another of your own kind. Let all your howls be carried with the wind.,, to be heard and admired

  2. I am in love with a mortal and he likes me back next year when we get back in school he’s most likely to ask me out I am only 10 years old how do I deal with this :sad:

    • Well, it’s probably to late to tell you, but my wolf spirit, nia, says:

      Letting him/her down sweetly and nicely is the best way to go.

      My osprey, adiana, thinks that it would be best if you were just friends, and my snow leopard is smart in school but dumb in life. I won’t ask him.
      Overall, though, I think you should be more withdrawn to humans. Failure to do so could end with extreme consiquenses.

      • I mean, like… Well go to SETHONSURVIVAL (oops cap lock), and the werewolf page, page 160, and read my signs. It’s still WW? I might transform now but both the Blood and ghost clans describe me. I think I might be a hybrid. I believe my transformation will be this full moon.
        Oh yeah, any werewolves that live in Alberta?

        • I think I may have transformed, because I felt tingling and pain before I fell asleep. it was a blank, dreamless sleep but I wonder if I transformed but forgot everything. I woke up with my clothes on again and my blankets covering me but in a way like they were recently recovered on me, and the next night I had a dream of a bluish grey wolf in my backyard…

          • Sounds like either sleep-walking or a shift to me! Haha. Anyways, I think the best way to find out is connecting to your inner wolf. It’s actually easiest to do so if you meditate (I recommend guided meditations, whether online or a class) but lucid dreaming would be the best way if you’re good at it.

    • Midnight i need your help get back to me soon please. I live in edna texas and would love to become a werewolf although the pain is excrutiating and the rage is uncontrollable i can handle it. Please transform me

  3. I have made a connection with ghost and wind but with the transforming things of both with 1 being the dust can both clan ways work meaning I need to choose which one that I want to follow and would there be a difference if I choose one over the other and also wondering opinions if I need to choose what one has its advantages over the other I know they have their own but what one has better adcantages

    • That’s awesome! Pure-breds are the easiest to classify, then there’s the mixed breeds. I’m not hating on them, mind me, I’m mixed too, but they are just a lot easier to classify if they fit the descriptions perfectly. Like the divergent in the book series, well, divergent. Ya see that? Connections.

  4. This makes more seance to me than what my friend said I was… In sixth grade I was an outcast because I could see beings that others couldn’t, and yes, beings as in ghosts…. I admitted to three of my friends that I was a werewolf that year also and wished I hadn’t… Two ended up being vampires and I was immediately seem as a threat, luckily the other was another werewolf. I am in high school now and only two people know of my secret, one vampire forgot about it luckily… Anyone have advice to help me blend in with the crowd now?

  5. Hi! I am a little new to this and I know I’m a werewolf. I know this because I wake up ether nude in the woods or in my room with torn shirts. I also taste blood in the morning. I’m not shere if it is just a stage though. :???:

  6. I think I’m a cross-clan… I get Oak and fit more Oak description (in fact way more) than ghost but get Ghost. I’m thinking maybe I’m Oak but have faint ancestry line as Ghost. I sometimes hear voices in my head and yes, I am small and light on my fight, and I suppose dust is attracted to me. (I haven’t really noticed much though). But I have a Shadow, and bright green silver-flecked eyes. see my oak post or my DarkOne post on sos if ya want… I don’t think I’m Ghost though, I really don’t.

  7. Alrigjt I have gptten ghpst more….. Somebody help me determine my Clan?
    Please jelp me also I am looking for a pack I have a post on sos… For Ghost; I get it alot, I can run fast ahen I want, I can also be unnoticed (though not invisible) in a crowd, group, or small bunch and kind of “not be there” to the people unless they pay close attention. I love to read, am talkative, nice, serious, determined, stubborn, calm, and smart….. I like heat from fireplaces and sunshine however not summer heat (i hate being too hot). I have green eyes with silver flecks. I like watching fires and sometimes lights but not as much. I am sociable but am dominant. When I brush my horse dust seems to get on me even if I do it right, and I spot dust and spot small details…. That’s, oh yeah, when I conjure up a wolf it’s pure black with green eyes. That’s all i can tell any emailers slightly more however not revealing any provate stuff.
    Please help me. Sometimes I seem to have no shadow but don’t pay attention and not often. I also have bright eyes but pal(er) skin and blond hair with matural streaks (many humans ask my mom “is it dyed?”) and the streaks a brown, blacks, and silvers. Usually darker silver brown mix. :) Help would be appreciated.
    Ah yes, about the voices, I need help with that too.

  8. Has any Ghost Wolf experienced deja-vu? I have multiple times and also dreamt of me as a wolf. My deja-vu can be big or small snf barely noticeable… Also what do these voices sound like? I have them in my head but I don’t know if they’re my thoughts…. But they appear often.

    • Hey saw what you wrote about the déjà vu thing and the dream of being a wolf cause i also heave been having both of those things lately like the other day in my dream I was a wolf running through the woods then I stop and just wake up pretty weird isn’t it. :shock: :roll: :| :smile:

  9. I constaly get ghost werewolf, but I don’t think I am one. Besides, cats love me, I see no dust near me, and I have a shadow. I am a slow runner too. Only my personality matches them, but that stuff varies from werewolf to werewolf.

  10. Hi! I need help finding my clan!

    I will tell you the signs then! For now though I love winter so I do not think I am a Ghost Wolf. I am a anti-crib werewolf! Help me please :) If you can. More signs will be told on my email! :) Or repl y to this message asking me and I can offer a few.

  11. Okay guys I just realized yes I sound like a ghost wolf but I love winter (?) Well at least snow . I can just be distant that’s all that explains me. please help! I sound like a Oak or Frost but I need help! Serious help! :) Because I don’t “feel” like a ghost wolf I love snow and winter and I just got Ghost 3/5 times I quized myself! So I am soooo confused (?) ???????? :) HELP ME PLZZZZZZZZZ :)
    It’d be appreciated…. somewhat I suppose. :)

  12. Most of it fits to a T but I have bright green silver-flecked eyes. And a shadow. However I have a tendency to blend in to my surrounding though visible, however until I “suggest myself”. I am talkative but distant. HOWEVER, I am not super obsessive about dust and am bad at dancing and hear no din. So I suppose I am not a Ghost. Please, somone email me to identify my clan with me!

  13. Transformations really hurt and none of you guys want to experience it! All it is is bone twisting, stinging, pain! Sure having your werewolf powers are cool but I just hate transformations. They usually are so severe that you could go to the hospital or it could lead to death. Being a werewolf is no game. It is a very hard life. You have to make sure nobody will know that you’re really a beast. And trust me, it is not easy. And when you’re in wolf form, what if there are hunters? That wouldn’t be good either. So think twice about being a werewolf.

  14. App says ima ghost wolf alright, and I believe it to most of those traits match me (minus the hearing of the other world) but I guess I’ll aquire those traits if and when I transform till then ill just have to keep track of the moon. :cool:

  15. It’s almost Christmas and I’m a creepypasta killer who is a ghost werewolf and I listen to what my victims say in the after life and I tell them about my bloodthirsty nature and if you are a grid don’t expect to see tomorrow (just kidding bit don’t get me angry)

  16. Most of this explains me. But my eyes are weird. They are a dullish blue turn green when I’m mad or get gold rings around the pupil at weird times. Please help I am looking for answers. I think I am I hybrid too. I am ghost and dyan

  17. Oh god, well. At my school they sometimes call me a vampire because of my sharp top canine teeth, and I’ve never lost them… at all. I’m always in a bad mood and disagree with most decisions unless it costs me a moderator position on a Minecraft server. Whenever I am able to stay at home, I like to be alone and not come out of my room for hours on end. Just last night I had a weird… Attack on Titan like dream at my friends apartment complex. I wonder if it will keep up for a few nights. :???:

  18. is it common for ghost wolves to faintly hear vague spirit voices when almost asleep? or when really still and clear? almost meditative? I know I am a Ghost Wolf mainly do to connecting to the spiritual realms and such. As a Wolf I am small and it describes me mostly. In humanoid form i am far from thin fast ect but as a wolf thats a different story. Anyway is what I asked common? i think it is but just looking for advise.

  19. Right July’s full moon was the other day didn’t shift but I felt a rush of energy and at the time I was working and I was pushing almost 2 to 3 times my normal load also 2 of my senses had a major boost I took a sip of my water and tasted only chlorine ( hey who doesn’t ) and when I went to the restroom I nearly vomited. Is this a symptom of it or what?

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