Ghost Clan

Ghost Clan can learn to disappear in whole or in part & some may even learn to teleport.

Your Moon: As a Ghost Werewolf you draw power from the Ghost Moon in July (Northern Hemisphere or January (Southern Hemisphere), from the South-West and after dark.

Should you be located in time, you may also be initiated by a Ghost Clan beneath your full Ghost Moon when the time is right. Rumours swirl that this initiation involves the presence of ghostly allies, but this is remains a closely guarded clan secret and can neither be confirmed or denied here at this time.

Human Form: Members of Ghost Clan are often reserved, enigmatic, poised, hard to get to know sometimes or even shy and a little bit distant. Humans who don’t understand might think that you’re a snob but Ghost Werewolves are just a little bit preoccupied with the constant din they can always hear from the Other Realms.

In human form Ghost Werewolves are usually pale with pale eyes but they like bright cheerful colors, painting, loud music and dancing to shut off the noise. Ghost Wolves are excellent dancers.

One dead giveaway you will have to be careful about – Ghost Werewolves are said to have no shadows though you will sometimes exhibit a colorful aura in photos. They are said to learn how to trigger and control their transformations and their powers with the help of three kinds of rare shadow dust.

Wolf Form: In wolf form, you Ghost Werewolves are generally small, skinny and light on your feet. You are overall among the fastest and most agile of all the wolves. Your ears are pronounced and longer than other wolves and you use them to sense the presence of ghosts in a location. You have a superior sense of smell. You can make yourself disappear in a swirl of dust but only if you stay moving. As soon as you remain still, the dust settles on you and your form will manifest.

Hybrid Form: As a member of Ghost Clan in time you may learn certain tricks and gain tools that will enable you to achieve a ghostly human-werewolf hybrid form with some ghostly powers. But you must be aware that these powers will be vastly different from other werewolves and will need to be mastered if you want to survive in combat in the real world and should not be trained alone.

Habits & Customs: Many Ghost Werewolves become a little bit obsessive about dust. You will hate it touching your clothing or possessions but at the same time you can sometimes identify a Ghost Werewolf by the dust surrounding them.

Cats generally hate them.

Paradoxically Ghost Werewolves learn to control their transformations with a special dust thrown into the air that produces an automatic transformation on impact.

Ghost Werewolves are not obligated to keep their human and wolf sides separate and secret but most of them prefer it. If their identities are revealed they will attract a lot of human followers begging them to contact ghosts of loved ones.

Social Structure: For safety, Ghost Werewolves prefer to move and hunt in groups of three. They tend to build their cribs in abandoned houses which might be haunted.

Allies: As the only werewolves that can see and communicate with ghosts, Ghost Werewolves find both allies and enemies in the ghost realm.

Powers: As a Ghost Werewolf you will be able to use your powers in different ways depending in part on your choices, including your choice of Alliance and Mythos.

Ghost Werewolves may choose between Pyros and Aeolian Alliance.

When challenged, Ghost Werewolves draw power from the South and in the early afternoon and fighting in places that are known to be haunted.

191 thoughts on “Ghost Clan

  1. My spiritual epiphany is that I learned that God is God, but there are other deities in existence as well. Now I understand why God says to worship no other deities because some are bad. All deities that proceeded Him either serve or oppose Him. This life is real and these mythologies are very, very real. I am communicating with Nanna, the Sumerian moon god. If he is real, than certainly God is too. The universe is nothing that expands into anything and everything. My soul is at peace.

    Having control and manipulation over the element of air is very useful. Blow up dirt and dust to create a disappearing act. You can create a vacuum and suck the air out of your enemy’s lungs for defense. If you get better, you can create a pocket and use it to fly or make a ribbon and you can cut through even steal with it. And no one but you can see it, which is scary.

    Don’t get carried away with it. Make sure you have all parts handled before trying to fly higher than four feet. A ten foot drop can be lethal and the higher you go the more your environment changes: wind, jet stream, cold, low oxygen, low gravity, high pressure, etc… also the ice on the wind can potentially shred you.

  2. I’m a ghost wolf and haven’t transformed yet I have no pack and know no one else who is also a lycan other than this website can someone help me with that

    • well me and me friend leaf can help you she can help you more cuz she knows more and she helped me better than ever when i met her well at the age 16 you turn for the first time or you will not turn and you might turn in a old age like in your 20s or 30s or 40 or 50s or 60s or 70s or 80s or 90 well you won’t even get up to 90 well just reply to this comment and i can tell my friend leaf to help you

  3. Hope I’m not interrupting anybody here but…I’m human and I guess you could say I’ve experienced seeing werewolves…but this specific one communicates by mind. Any ideas what to I need to do about that?

    • By mind! That’s certainly a talent. Chances are that you may not be what you think you are. Werewolf genetics may run in your blood and though you may be unable to shift, you could still have some kind of telepathic connection. I would love to hear more if you are willing to talk?

  4. Wait what, the lupine app said i am a ghost wolf but i hate ghosts! I ha e been haunted by 2 so far and i dont like it onebit. Allthough being able togo invisible is a pretty neat trick but since aus has no wolfs here i have nobody to teach me. Can this be right or am i light a half and half breed.

  5. Anyone in Tennessee I need to find a pack my living situation with my roommates keeps getting more and more hectic and in order to keep calm I have to go like 30 minute into the woods every day I need tips on controlling this new anger at this intensity. How do I know what clan I am part of I was born in July, had my realization of being a wolf and getting closer and closer to my P shift.

  6. What’s interesting is I have a lot of these abilities anyways (except for cats, cats love me). Im expecting/hoping to turn for the first time on this full moon, and suspect my astral self/soul self has under this moon(different world, not sure how the moon(s) work there), judging by the abilities. Maybe I’ll end up with both abilities if I don’t turn this moon. Who knows?

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