Genetic vs. Bitten

Although there are many kinds of werewolves and every werewolf is unique there are two main types of werewolves. Now I know that you are saying, “not everything can be dividing into two groups” to which I reply, there are two kinds of people in the world, those who think everything can be divided into two groups and those who don’t, but in this case it really is true and one of the most important ways that werewolves are classified is by how they became werewolves.

Did you get bitten by a werewolf or did you inherit the lycanthropy gene from one or both of your parents?

Bitten Werewolves

The basic premise of what a bitten werewolf actually is pretty easy to follow.

If you are bitten by a werewolf on the full moon then you will turn into a werewolf on the next full moon and then be forced to transform every lunar cycle for the rest of your life.

Bitten werewolves generally have a much more difficult time controlling their transformations than genetic werewolves do. Both resisting transforming during the full moon as well as attempting to transform at times when the moon is not full are very challenging things and most bitten werewolves spend years trying to master these abilities.

Genetic Werewolves

Genetic werewolves are a bit more complex and often harder to identify. The werewolf gene sometimes skips a generation or two so even if neither of your parents is an actual werewolf at least one of them carries a recessive gene that has been passed down your bloodline, possibly for centuries or even millennia.

Genetic werewolves generally have an easier time resisting transforming when the moon is full as well as an easier time initiating a transformation at other times. In spite of the easier time that genetic werewolves have controlling their transformations when they do transform their transformations are just as painful as their bitten werewolf cousins.

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  1. I tried to make an account but the prosses was too annoying so I didn’t. I think I may be a genetic werewolf. I don’t know much about my family tree but the main things I know are that my mom is from Russia and my dad is from the Philipines. I also had a dream where I was something that almost perfectly describes a frost wolf. (That was before I knew frost wolves existed) There are also a bunch of other reasons why I may be one and I’ll type them if someone asks because I may not be read. I hope someone can help me.
    -Insert real name here

    • Though I said I would reply more stuff only if other people asked, the second after I commented it I realized I left out a lot of information that I would like to add. When I was younger I think I was angered a lot more than today, I don’t really feel like everyone else, I have no dreams for the future, and my schedule is basically going to school coming home, reading sleeping and the rare random occurrence. I recently started trying to self-teach myself things that may be important for the future, or at least a future where I know that I’m a supernatural being. (I didn’t teach myself much yet though) At the current moment, I can’t think of much else except the question: how do I end this comment?

  2. And in every dream that I have, no matter where, there is always a silver wolf in the crowd, barely visible.

    Not to mention, in all my dreams, someone always dies, whether its a love, a family member, an enemy or just someone random. Does this, perhaps, mean something?
    :?: :?: :?: :???: :???: :???: :| :| :|

  3. So, I know that this question was asked a very long time ago, however, I’ll answer this for future reference, or if you come back.
    The silver pelts probably symbolize the oldest Oak werewolves (in moon age). As the moons progress and the werewolf transforms more, the pelt lightens until it arrives at a pure silver. I believe there’s also a couple more, like some Storm or Lightning wolves, but the Oaks are the first that come to mind. These wolves could symbolize a pack, or perhaps ancestors / guiding spirits. It may be referring to the wisdom of older Oak werewolves, or the kind that you may be.
    Referring to the death of someone close to you in your dreams… perhaps it symbolizes fear. If you feel obligated to protect these people, then this is why you dream of them. It could represent a fear of failure, betrayal, or loss. These are common among people, and I’d imagine even more so, since wolves are protective of those they love.


  4. I think we may be similar. I don’t know if im a werewolf, but I have had dreams of family members, friends, or random people dying in a forest or telling me to run. It started happening when I was younger and I can recall many of them. I want to also know if I might be a werewolf…. Maybe you could help me.

    Whispering Serenity

  5. Perfectly, sometimes the wolf gene is dormant, so you know he’s there, but your wolf doesn’t feel threatened or the need to shift.

  6. Most commonly, a fascination with wolves, the wolf dream, sharp canine teeth, golden to yellow green eyes, color changing eyes, rapid hair and nail growth, headaches, random inexplicable pains all over, fascination with the moon, a taste for meat and or blood, anger/emotional control issues, heightened senses, sensitivity to very high pitched sounds, and insomnia. All of these are potential symptoms/signs of the wolf gift. Not to mention shifting even partially. Which also counts.

  7. IceFang can you answer this question: My friend says she’s an immortal and she knew my ancestors and she keeps saying “Your family is a special kind” and when I ask her about why she said that she changes the subject or says “No” and then changes the subject to something random. What does this mean? I am part of the Gandolfini family.

  8. When will I transform? I get unexplained headaches. I have emotional/anger issues, I’m hairy, I have insomnia, I like having my meat rare to medium rare, and too much. Once I saw a white wolf in my eyes.

  9. Can you help me? I think i’m a werewolf. I just had my eyes change to a dark green today even though they are normally brown and its very close to the full moon. I have small bits of insomnia, fascination with wolves, Im in love with the moon, I have seen rather a russet or white and gray wolf in my dream, sharp teeth, I just started getting strange headaches, random pains like right now my leg, I HATE high pitched sounds, and my senses are better than most people and just become better at night. I just want to know if I might shift. And yes, I also don’t cool off easily when i’m angry.

  10. I have all of those except the yellow eyes and shifting partially. Icefang, I want to see if I may be a werewolf. If so, I can tell you symptoms. Reply to me soon.

  11. Along with my theory that I MAY be a wolf, I have recently became faster and stronger, I have not been bitten… what is the normal age for a shift anyways?…. im XXXXX and im suspecting that I might be an awakening form that was once living. Someone help….. plz…. I have tan skin as well…. that may be a strange factor to it….. also, I feel comfortable in the darkness and I am faster at night. My eyes change to a coalish color at night and they’re originally dark brown… people say I seem adult like for how young I am and I never really feel as cold as I used to in winter. I am stangely amazing at stealth even though I am taller than most of the kids in my classes. Also, my hair grows fast. I got it cut during the end of the summer summer and its back down to the start of my ribs.

    Someone give me advice and tell me if I am a werewolf! ;-)

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

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