Genetic vs. Bitten

Although there are many kinds of werewolves and every werewolf is unique there are two main types of werewolves. Now I know that you are saying, “not everything can be dividing into two groups” to which I reply, there are two kinds of people in the world, those who think everything can be divided into two groups and those who don’t, but in this case it really is true and one of the most important ways that werewolves are classified is by how they became werewolves.

Did you get bitten by a werewolf or did you inherit the lycanthropy gene from one or both of your parents?

Bitten Werewolves

The basic premise of what a bitten werewolf actually is pretty easy to follow.

If you are bitten by a werewolf on the full moon then you will turn into a werewolf on the next full moon and then be forced to transform every lunar cycle for the rest of your life.

Bitten werewolves generally have a much more difficult time controlling their transformations than genetic werewolves do. Both resisting transforming during the full moon as well as attempting to transform at times when the moon is not full are very challenging things and most bitten werewolves spend years trying to master these abilities.

Genetic Werewolves

Genetic werewolves are a bit more complex and often harder to identify. The werewolf gene sometimes skips a generation or two so even if neither of your parents is an actual werewolf at least one of them carries a recessive gene that has been passed down your bloodline, possibly for centuries or even millennia.

Genetic werewolves generally have an easier time resisting transforming when the moon is full as well as an easier time initiating a transformation at other times. In spite of the easier time that genetic werewolves have controlling their transformations when they do transform their transformations are just as painful as their bitten werewolf cousins.

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  1. Hahah It would be totally outrageous to ask for any sort of evidence or tangible proof huh, I bet that’d really make some people upset for some reason that I happen to be a logical person who easily doubts things without proof.

    I mean I guess I’ll just record myself on a full moon when I go to sleep and hope for the best lol.

    I’m really out of options at this point since this community has been soooo ” helpful “

    • Kyven my friend, the next full moon is on the 28th of this month. I would, if I were you, set up a camera for that night (I find that trail cameras designed for hunting work well but you may use whatever you have). Proof is a good thing to have, especially if it’s tangible, but never doubt anything that may seem unlikely at first. Remember to consider the mental and spiritual aspect of lycanthropy; it can literally be clinical or you may come to the realization later that you are a therian. Others have powers and special abilities seen as “magical” that are beyond belief and may still fall under the same umbrella as “werewolf”. If you have any questions, feel free to make an account and please reach out to me; I’m always here!
      – Maugrim.

    • Kyven please do not become so sarcastic and beligerent to those who tried to help you not everyone has all the answers you seek, some answers are part of self discovery and not the same for all. I know Maugrim and others were trying to help to the best of ther abilites or knowledge. Impuning somone for not having the knowledge you yourself did not have is not the answer. and as far as having to have imperical data do you believe in god ? because the only imperical data I know ofthat proves the existence is the bible and the ancient texts written in the 400 years inbetween the bible’s old testament and new testament. But that would not have god standing in front of so you could believe.

    • Some of the questions I asked also were the type that could not be answered by any one here. Instead of impuning those who tried . I have made friends with them because some day I may have knowledge they may need and I want to be able to provide those answers should the need arrise. I guess my biggest help was always the nagging feeling I did not belong on this planet. that I had to have a larger purpose than being on this planet. Which is one of the biggest give aways of being a Draconian, also my insatiable thirst for knowledge of dragons wether that be mythical information or fictional information or information of any type related to dragons. I dont have to have a Dragon land in front of me and tell me what I am as inside I know and more than likely have always known.

      • Dunno if you’re still alive on this site or not. I am sorry for seeming like that in your perspective, I wasn’t trying to be as you described. I am just merely frustrated with some people on this site (and this site in-general) for lacking answers. How I see it is like trying to look for a needle in a billion haystacks, It’s quite frustrating trying to get answers and not being able to discuss this kind of topic with most of the people I know for safety reasons/ Not being put into a mental hospital. I wasn’t trying to be mean or skeptical on purpose, I was just simply was really upset when I posted my earlier comment. Also to answer one of your questions, no I don’t believe in God, or gods.

          • I don’t really come on here since I really don’t get help about mates on here. So what Countries, States and cities have packs I can visit to find mine. Hopefully someone can help me if not it’s ok it just means that it wasn’t meant to be.

        • kinda of still monitor the site but it seemes dead most of the time. if you need some one to talk to i am a good listner, just not a good source of information for wolves. I have a few wolf freinds from here of course but am not any where a novice on the subject let alone an expert. I am not even an expert on my self. look for the group on here supernatural union i hace a site listed in there you can reach me at

        • I know and understand your frustration I have a dormant wolf and I have said I heard her out loud and end myself in psych and in the presence of therapist. I know just want to be completely me and I’m not with her trapped inside with nothing but my view. I found my mate. Started a family. But nothing and no one to turn to for Help !. I came to this site for insight. With nothing but silence or eeas ends. I just ignore the emails. I’ve cried and became depressed. I just stir clear.

      • My friend is wondering if she is indeed a wolf. can i get in contact with anyone who is a wolf and try to help her out with the signs? thanks.

      • Yeah same I agree
        I also question myself and wonder if I’m really meant to be in this world. I’m half Werewolf half Draconian and able to go in a form that is a wolf with dragon properties,and I think I can also go full wolf and full dragon,

    • Its the other part of myself that confounds me, However Kyven Dorris day said it best “Whatever will be will be”, and I hate I could never give you any answers because I only know what I know about wolves from conversations I have had on this site and without the imperical data, I do believe; there was a time when god was ikn question duue to lack of imperical data. I can only say when the time is right you will have your answers wether they be the ones you want or not. :mrgreen:

  2. Haven’t asked a question on this site in a while, but this is important.

    Say someone with cancer became a werewolf, would that make the cancer better or worse?
    If the cancer isn’t cured outright, would it be normal cancer cells, or change into werewolf cancer cells?

    Because I could see it making it worse, making the cancer far harder to cure. I could also see transforming causing the cells to violently mutate, using the energy of the transformation to rapidly grow.

    On the other hand, I could see the transformation forcing the cells to “play along” and transform into proper cells for that form. That assuming it doesn’t get cured outright by the lycanthropy.

    It could also have no effect, mostly leaving it alone and causing the side effects to persist in both forms.

    Any thoughts or knowledge on this subject? Need to know if it’s worth taking the risk, or if I can continue changing without worry. Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello, I am a new member here :P I was wondering if there was a way to know you’re a genetic Werewolf. Do you trigger it in some way or does it just happen? Are there signs your first transformation will happen soon? And is it true a bite from a WW in its wolf form can turn you into one? Sry I’m asking a lot of questions :V I’m new to this sort of stuff

  4. Hello,

    I am a human who is obsessed with werewolves, and the moon. I have done some research and have gotten different answers for this question. Can a human turn into a werewolf without any of the werewolf gene? Some of the answers I have gotten included the use of spells, blood to blood contact, or being bitten.

    Can someone help me with this question? Thanks.


  5. I had another wolf dream. In this dream I was not a wolf, but human.
    I found myself wondering alone in a silent forest. Suddenly I was surrounded by a pack of wolves. I was not afraid but surprised. These wolf’s were unfamiliar to me. A new pack. From amongst the growling wolves an old she-wolf emerges. She begins to approach me and as she does, she shifts into human form.
    She asked, “Why do you hide? Don’t you know who you are?”
    My image flickers. With confidence I replied, ‘I know who and what I am.”
    With a soft smile on her lips she continues, “You belong with us.”
    I glare at her and with a stern voice, “No I do not.” She chuckles bemused by my answer. She returns back to her pack, now vanishing back into the trees. I am alone again.

    P.s Over the years I’ve had many wolf dreams. Almost like another life. Heck for six years I was in a pack, until I was chased out. After that, once in a while I’ll meet random lone wolves. Sometimes I’ll be human and other times wolf. But at the end I will wake up. I was born human, so human I’ll stay.

  6. can someone help me one of my freinds says tat my eyes look like what a wolves eyes would look like and then my bf said taht i am bearnign hot and i mean that al in body teperture i am so confused so that satrted getting me thinking about teh posibility of me being a werewolf

  7. can someone help me one of my friends says that my eyes look like what a wolves eyes would look like and then my bf said that i am burning hot and i mean that all in body temperature i am so confused so that started getting me thinking about the possibility of me being a werewolf

  8. I’m a Wolfblood more than a Werewolf, but I am a bit part Werewolf I think. But also what’s weird is that I’m part sea monster… so I can kinda breath underwater and become scaly when I touch that water. I was bitten by a sea monster, actually. I had no idea that could make me one, but still…it’s pretty cool though

  9. If anybody wants to talk I’d love to learn more about werewolves if you actually know something. Kind of sad the website is dead know. Everybody wanted to be a werewolf then grew up and moved on. Anyways werewolf or not wouldn’t mind talking. PM if your interested. I don’t bite!

  10. I am pretty sure i am a werewolf but i havent had any transformations I dont know what kind of wolf i am.(genetic/bitten, dyan/other, and idk if im alpha, beta or any others.) I have had most signs exept the wolf dream, sharp canine teeth, golden to yellow green eyes, color changing eyes, and rapid hair growth and a craving for raw meat. I do love double cheeseburgurs with no letuce or tomato just ketchup, buns, to patty’s, (beef), cheese, and a lot of bacon.

  11. i dont know if im a were wolf my freinds say my eyes liik like a were wolf and i have been obsest with wolves my whole life but i i have a lot of energy and im agile and fast but my speed only lasts for a short time i am also adopted i dont know if im a wolf a vampire i have never had a transformation but i have always been a night owl meaning i love the moon i love dogs i never have shifted before i really would like some answers

  12. And in every dream that I have, no matter where, there is always a silver wolf in the crowd, barely visible.

    Not to mention, in all my dreams, someone always dies, whether its a love, a family member, an enemy or just someone random. Does this, perhaps, mean something?
    :?: :?: :?: :???: :???: :???: :| :| :|

  13. So, I know that this question was asked a very long time ago, however, I’ll answer this for future reference, or if you come back.
    The silver pelts probably symbolize the oldest Oak werewolves (in moon age). As the moons progress and the werewolf transforms more, the pelt lightens until it arrives at a pure silver. I believe there’s also a couple more, like some Storm or Lightning wolves, but the Oaks are the first that come to mind. These wolves could symbolize a pack, or perhaps ancestors / guiding spirits. It may be referring to the wisdom of older Oak werewolves, or the kind that you may be.
    Referring to the death of someone close to you in your dreams… perhaps it symbolizes fear. If you feel obligated to protect these people, then this is why you dream of them. It could represent a fear of failure, betrayal, or loss. These are common among people, and I’d imagine even more so, since wolves are protective of those they love.


  14. I think we may be similar. I don’t know if im a werewolf, but I have had dreams of family members, friends, or random people dying in a forest or telling me to run. It started happening when I was younger and I can recall many of them. I want to also know if I might be a werewolf…. Maybe you could help me.

    Whispering Serenity

  15. Perfectly, sometimes the wolf gene is dormant, so you know he’s there, but your wolf doesn’t feel threatened or the need to shift.

  16. The first transformations is not a one size fits all. It varies from person to person. I know a werewolf (technically a lycanthrope) who is 26 and still hasn’t had his transformation.

  17. Most commonly, a fascination with wolves, the wolf dream, sharp canine teeth, golden to yellow green eyes, color changing eyes, rapid hair and nail growth, headaches, random inexplicable pains all over, fascination with the moon, a taste for meat and or blood, anger/emotional control issues, heightened senses, sensitivity to very high pitched sounds, and insomnia. All of these are potential symptoms/signs of the wolf gift. Not to mention shifting even partially. Which also counts.

  18. IceFang can you answer this question: My friend says she’s an immortal and she knew my ancestors and she keeps saying “Your family is a special kind” and when I ask her about why she said that she changes the subject or says “No” and then changes the subject to something random. What does this mean? I am part of the Gandolfini family.

  19. When will I transform? I get unexplained headaches. I have emotional/anger issues, I’m hairy, I have insomnia, I like having my meat rare to medium rare, and too much. Once I saw a white wolf in my eyes.

  20. Can you help me? I think i’m a werewolf. I just had my eyes change to a dark green today even though they are normally brown and its very close to the full moon. I have small bits of insomnia, fascination with wolves, Im in love with the moon, I have seen rather a russet or white and gray wolf in my dream, sharp teeth, I just started getting strange headaches, random pains like right now my leg, I HATE high pitched sounds, and my senses are better than most people and just become better at night. I just want to know if I might shift. And yes, I also don’t cool off easily when i’m angry.

  21. I have all of those except the yellow eyes and shifting partially. Icefang, I want to see if I may be a werewolf. If so, I can tell you symptoms. Reply to me soon.

  22. ever since 2nd grade, i’ve had a fascination with werewolves, my Ex BF back then claimed to be one, and i began suspecting i was one when i was 8, because then after my father dies everything went crashing down and i was going insane, but while that was happening, i realized, my mother was one of them, i took a ot of tests, and it was positive, my friends tried to convinve me that it was fake…and it worked up until now, i heat up in angry flares more often, i have insomina really bad, constant ringing in my ears, color changing eyes (either glowing white, or blueish-gray), rapid hair growth, heightened senses, i drool at the sight of blood and eat meat like i hadn’t ate in 2 weeks, and random pains everywhere. i was born on the dyan moon and my mother is a blood clan wolf, but my father was a human, and im adopted

  23. i have had all of those except the wolf dream, sharp canine teeth, golden to yellow green eyes, color changing eyes, rapid hair growth and large amounts of insomnia, but im still in wolf maturity so i may not be out of the woods yet (get it?) but still i have had all except the above.

  24. Along with my theory that I MAY be a wolf, I have recently became faster and stronger, I have not been bitten… what is the normal age for a shift anyways?…. im XXXXX and im suspecting that I might be an awakening form that was once living. Someone help….. plz…. I have tan skin as well…. that may be a strange factor to it….. also, I feel comfortable in the darkness and I am faster at night. My eyes change to a coalish color at night and they’re originally dark brown… people say I seem adult like for how young I am and I never really feel as cold as I used to in winter. I am stangely amazing at stealth even though I am taller than most of the kids in my classes. Also, my hair grows fast. I got it cut during the end of the summer summer and its back down to the start of my ribs.

    Someone give me advice and tell me if I am a werewolf! ;-)

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  25. She very well may be lying. Vampires aren’t immortal so there are very few “immortal” species. Just be careful around her she could be trying to trick you.

  26. A wolf surfaces when it thinks the time has come, some people can’t shift and I know this sounds weird, but you can trigger your wolf into transformation by meditating, start searching in your body for your wolf, once you find it talk to it until it tells you it’s name and make sure you become friends with it. Most of my pack did this and they awakened thier wolves fully to a day to 3 days. They could fully transform and run with the pack.

  27. i have never gotten along with anyone i have these feelings like my hair will stick up whenever i feel in danger i can never sleep at knight i was born 2 months early i have gotten so mad at one point i tore my door of the hinges and i have no mussels i am skinny i have gotten more hungry and it is like nothing ever quenches my hunger and it is just getting worse like i can hear through my walls the blue in my eyes get brighter or darker depending on my mood yet i have never transformed idk if i am a werewolf but i do not understand what is going on with me

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