Genetic vs. Bitten

Although there are many kinds of werewolves and every werewolf is unique there are two main types of werewolves. Now I know that you are saying, “not everything can be dividing into two groups” to which I reply, there are two kinds of people in the world, those who think everything can be divided into two groups and those who don’t, but in this case it really is true and one of the most important ways that werewolves are classified is by how they became werewolves.

Did you get bitten by a werewolf or did you inherit the lycanthropy gene from one or both of your parents?

Bitten Werewolves

The basic premise of what a bitten werewolf actually is pretty easy to follow.

If you are bitten by a werewolf on the full moon then you will turn into a werewolf on the next full moon and then be forced to transform every lunar cycle for the rest of your life.

Bitten werewolves generally have a much more difficult time controlling their transformations than genetic werewolves do. Both resisting transforming during the full moon as well as attempting to transform at times when the moon is not full are very challenging things and most bitten werewolves spend years trying to master these abilities.

Genetic Werewolves

Genetic werewolves are a bit more complex and often harder to identify. The werewolf gene sometimes skips a generation or two so even if neither of your parents is an actual werewolf at least one of them carries a recessive gene that has been passed down your bloodline, possibly for centuries or even millennia.

Genetic werewolves generally have an easier time resisting transforming when the moon is full as well as an easier time initiating a transformation at other times. In spite of the easier time that genetic werewolves have controlling their transformations when they do transform their transformations are just as painful as their bitten werewolf cousins.

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  1. For me shifting didn’t hurt that much. Just had burning sensation on my feet and legs… burning, hot and all…. couldn’t sleep and fainted. My bone stretched, but didn’t crack. I woke up with stretchmarks and those and found my feet suddenlly grew 1.5cm longer. After then I changed my shoes…

    I think I shift at nights don’t remember though. Reason I know this is that certain parts doesn’t comeback and maintain changed. (not animallike though).. .

    the very first I don’t remember is the hair growth. … huh ㅠㅠ

  2. I tried to make an account but the prosses was too annoying so I didn’t. I think I may be a genetic werewolf. I don’t know much about my family tree but the main things I know are that my mom is from Russia and my dad is from the Philipines. I also had a dream where I was something that almost perfectly describes a frost wolf. (That was before I knew frost wolves existed) There are also a bunch of other reasons why I may be one and I’ll type them if someone asks because I may not be read. I hope someone can help me.
    -Insert real name here

    • Though I said I would reply more stuff only if other people asked, the second after I commented it I realized I left out a lot of information that I would like to add. When I was younger I think I was angered a lot more than today, I don’t really feel like everyone else, I have no dreams for the future, and my schedule is basically going to school coming home, reading sleeping and the rare random occurrence. I recently started trying to self-teach myself things that may be important for the future, or at least a future where I know that I’m a supernatural being. (I didn’t teach myself much yet though) At the current moment, I can’t think of much else except the question: how do I end this comment?

      • Tsunami Fire, “When I was younger I think I was angered a lot more than today”… you sound like Gohan when you said “When I was younger I think I was angered a lot more than today”

    • i don’t know if i’m a genetic or bitten werewolf because my mind was erased by a reaper when i was little, i know my werewolf parents were killed by a reaper and i even know it’s name, i am still trying to get answers myself, i will help you if you will help me.

    • I can help you out if you want… My first transformation will probably the next full moon and I’m a genetic werewolf as well, but I know a hell of a lot about werewolves and shapeshifters in general.

      • My son has always liked and obsessed about wolves. The outdoors and being in nature. He tells me sometimes he just has to howl and run in all fours. He tells me that it seems a piece of him has always been missing and he’s never felt whole. He dreams of running through the Forrest and hunting as if he is a wolf. Now he believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a shape shifter. He wants to do the spell to be able to fully transform. I want to make my son happy. I’ve always believed that myth and lore originate from somewhere. So it is feasable that shape shifting is real. Please help me. Show me or teach me that it is a possibility.

        • anything is possable, Xqyzytmom, but its when you stop searching is when you find the answer your looking for, trust me i was searching for the same answers your son is, but once i gave up , thats when my pack came to me.

      • if you have had a bite, you are bitten says it in the name, “bitten” now its harder to know if you have the genetics of a werewolf, unless youve already transformed or something like that, my uncle is an oricle so i can only decipher so many of his riddle before my brain is fried, but please think before you comment, its kind of upsetting that pepole cant tell the differance between bitten and genetic, thank you.

    • Okay, there are a few things that I must clear up. First, you can’t simply become one of us by being bitten. You would have to be practically torn to shreds. Your blood would have to merge with that of a werewolf and re-enter your body. I may have a spell that will work. Why would you like to become a werewolf so much?

      • There is a few ways to do it actually. The bite thing is because the saliva of werewolves contains a virus that can turn humans and kill vampires very very slowly and painfully. The bite has to be very deep though and well 1 out of 3 turned that way will die, for… reasons.
        It’s also possible to do by carving a certain mark into the flesh of the would be werewolf, on the forearms and the forehead, while speaking certain words in a language that no longer exists. I’ve never seen it done successfully by any other spell, but that could be because most other spells actually turn one into a shadow hound. And well, that’s where those stories about “werewolves” eating people come from. The shadow brothers are corrupted werewolves controlled by the Darkness.

      • I’ve already tried multiple different spells over the years. I want to become one because I feel like it’s the one thing I’ve been missing my whole life. I’ve been trying for 9 years and I haven’t gotten anywhere.

        • practice makes perfect Dav, but have you ever stopped and thought maybe the reason you feel like your missing something is because your something entirely different?

      • My boy believes he is a shape shifter. That his true form is a wolf. He identifies as a mythical or a non earthly animal. He has believed for years that he is different. That sometimes he needs to run on all fours in the woods and howl. He has recently learned of transformation spells is this a reality?

        • Sorry I want to clarify. I don’t want to transform him. I want to know if it’s selfish for me to think that he’s crazy. My gut tells me he is right. But my brain is having a hard time comprehending that myth and lore are reality. I am just hoping for some guidance.

          • I know I’m full of questions. But my son has had multi colored eyes his whole life. They shift from blue and green to somewhat Hazel ish yellow when he’s pissed. He has a hair trigger temper. He runs hot all the time. He has had muscle spasms
            cramps and bone pains in his calves, feet and ribs for years. He has migraines that can’t be diagnosed. MRIs and CTSCANS show abnormal spots behind his eyes. But say it is not note worthy. He has grown 7 inches in 6 months.
            He has been obsessed with wolves since he was 4. He is most comfortable in nature and solitude. He has been craving meat for months and dang near raw red meat at that. He tells me he dreams of chasing prey through the mountains to wake up with the taste of meat in his mouth. Now he tells me a few days ago that he wants to know if I believe in shapeshifters even if I can’t see it. Said I have blind Faith in God so isn’t it likely that shapeshifters are real too. After hours and hours of talking he jumps to the war of 2022 because he intends to fight with the mythicals because that’s what he identifies as. He proceeded to let me know that he’s finally found his way home because he believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a wolf. He thinks he just needs to align his inner self and self by fully and finally going through the transformation.

            I want to know if I’m loopy for believing him. If it is truly a world where myth and lore are real.

        • Xqyzytmom, it is very much a reality, but there are also deseases that cause you to think your something more or not from this world or existance, but to answer your question yes without a doubt, but it is a very dangerous world even more so than thugs and guns, drugs and ho’s, so dont disappoint your son but make sure its what he really wants cuz its not all fun and games, its just as real as anything else, but just cuz you dont see it doesnt mean its there.

      • Hi! I know you may be inactive, but I’d like to ask, could you tell me the spell? I feel as if a part of me is missing, I’ve had many dreams of shifting into a wolf… I wander the woods, chanting incantations, howling, and running on all fours. I’ve found some spells online, and none of them work. I’ve looked for five and a half years. I know deep down if I am to become a werewolf I’d be complete. Now, I ask the question again, May I know the spell?

      • Preach it! These wannabees are flooding my message inbox, thinking the switch is just a little lovenip on the hand or something. They need to do their research. I am fine giving advice and information, but I will not be responsible for the side effects of the bite.

      • Yup. I’m a naturally born werewolf and I hate it when the humans come here seeking ways to become a werewolf. It’s annoying and in my opinion, if you want to turn, it’s for power or some other reason for yourself. It’s not as amazing as it seems humans there is a lot more to it than just shifting on the lunar cycles and/or whenever you please, it’s just not like that. Sorry to my humans out there but you ain’t gonna get help turning here.

        • kidaLeo, you do know we are still human too just with a unique touch, lol im also seeking to grow my pack if anyone is interested, i have a person who goes by the name faceless, and he is very wise and insitefull, and has spoken to the gods personally, he is not only a warlock but he trained merlin himself, till merlin desided to follow his heart and follow a witch into a cave where he is now and forever trapped in a crystal.

      • Yes, I agree. I am not a werewolf, but I am very interested in learning about lycanthropy and possibly helping in some way. I thought when I was younger that I would want to become a werewolf, but now that I know how dangerous and painful it is, I wanted to learn about them and help.

  3. Im not sure if I am a werewolf but how exactly would you know if you are one? Im sure if I am one I would be genetic I havnt been bitten by anyone. I have symptoms like uncontrolled anger, color changing eyes, get really warm sometimes, strength, speed, I shake when I’m mad aswell, random pains in ribs and other parts of my body like spasms, craving for raw meat, obsession with the moon, my senses are better then others, im sensitive to loud or annoying noises, and my favorite animal is of course a wolf (next to dragons). Also what age do you awaken and what are the symptoms of awakening? Im having these symptoms at sixteen 1 6 and im a female. When werewolves shift (genetic werewolves) do they look like normal wolves but much larger like in twilight? Or more man-like like in Harry Potter? When a wolf finds its mate can you feel it? Like how do you know you have found your mate? Sorry I have so many questions. How do you awaken the wolf gene?

    • I don’t know much about how to tell if you are a werewolf or not but your symptoms are the ones that are generally mentioned. From what I have heard, you can awaken at any age but it is most common to do so around your teens. I have heard sometimes you can get sick before awakening though I don’t know how true this is. From what I hear, to trigger wolf genes, you can either have someone perform a spell or have something bad happen to you and I think then you may snap (If that’s the best word used to describe it) and turn. I think weres find it easiest to switch between human and wolf form but they can become a hybrid of the two. I think frost wolves are the ones most able to do so. Now please don’t trust anything I say because I got all my information from this website and the countless books I’ve been reading and I don’t know how reliable either of those sources are. Hopefully, this helps you, and if it doesn’t, I recommend reading all the comments on this site and NOT revealing any information about yourself.

  4. Hi. I’m turning 20 in July. I know that my great grandad was an aztec (which is why i think i may be a genetic lycanthrope) and that my grandmother was a native american who was stolen as a child. I know in some way i am a werewolf. Its just when i was a kid 2 selfish creaturescame in promising what i wanted but only did the oposite. In the process i lost myself. When i was very young (1-2 tears old) my mom befirended an indian man who had a pet wolf along with other large dogs. She was always hesitant and somewhat fearful but me and that wolf becamr the best of friends the first we laid eyes on each other. And before my preteen years i was able to control the rain.Long story short im seeking guidance. If im part lycanthrope i should still be able to physically shift, yes? I know how to mind shift and spiritually shift. I mean no disrespect to anyone and only come in search of guidance and myself (if that makes sense).

  5. i don’t know if i’m a genetic or bitten werewolf, my werewolf parents were killed by a reaper and a hybrid took care of me, later on i was taken from him and given to human parents, my memory was erased and the hybrids was too. i’m still looking for answers and i will help any of you if you will help me. i need all the answers i can get and i know some of you want answers too.

  6. all magic creatures will come to get and be under one leader soon and the demon will be the first to see it then :twisted: werewolf :twisted: then after that is the vampires than other magic creatures.

  7. is seeing a blue or violet ring around the moon a sign of being a werewolf or….? Can someone reply ASAP please?

  8. It’s said that bites would kill most of the humans that are bitten, and that only the ones with a bit of wolf genes would survive. The reason would be that werewolves have a more powerful mind and body than humans (if your body is too weak you’ll never transform, and if your mind is not strong enough you won’t be able to control your actions in wolf form). If a human would transform into a werewolf, most of them would die when having their first transformation, purely because they don’t posess enough energy to survive and successfully achieve a shift. The ones that survive will probably see it as a curse, because bitten werewolves have a harder time transforming and will experience more pain during transformation than genetic werewolves.
    Werewolves that will be able to transform, at least genetic ones, are born with a naturally higher amount of energy, plus a tougher body to survive a transformation than a human or a non-transforming wolf (cause till you actually shapeshift you’re a wolf but not a werewolf).

    I’m not really sure if wolves that carry the gene but cannot transform will be able to when they get bitten, but genetic werewolves are said to not be able to turn others. Meaning that genetic and bitten werewolves were two different species from the start.

  9. Hello…My name is Isadora but most people call me Isa or Izzy.
    I need someone’s help. I was adopted from Russia as an infant and I know nothing of my family. I am soon turning 20 and somethings going on. I’ve become more irritable as my birthday grows closer. My arms and legs get excruciating growing pains (usually more intense at night) even though I’ve stopped growing. My teeth have begun to ache and I sometimes just want to pull them out the pain is so bad. Also my nails seem to be growing longer and faster. WHATS GOING ON!?!?

    • Well you might be a werewolf. Or seeing as Russia is in play a werebear is also possible. It could also be a complete fluke.
      Have your eyes ever changed color? Have you ever become so angry at someone you couldn’t even think? Have you noticed your sense of smell being very strong or sensitive?
      These signs together with the other ones would make determining exactly what’s going on easier.

    • I had that happen and one time my voice changed when I got so angry and I been having dreams of werewolves and I have seen a werewolf. I’m not joking about that. I am a pureblood werewolf. My friend Danny on YouTube can help. Look for 2 axes and black picture on his profile

      Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  10. If I were you I would somehow try to find your family and see if there is an ancestor with the gene in your family. You have to either inherit it or be bitten.

  11. If anybody wishes to join, The Midnight Eclipse Pack is in search for werewolf members. It is organised, supportive, and includes multiple resourceful and kind werewolves open to giving advice and answers to whatever questions you may have. Check out the pack if you wish for a strong, united group of werewolves to stand by you no matter what.

    • Amethyst my son believes he is a wolf. Is there a group that he can talk to that might help him? How do you know if you have the genetic Gene

    • amethyst i understand your intentions, i am an alpha and i heard your story, i am offering you a place in my pack, it has everything to offer a safe place to transform, one of our pack members works at a deli and brings tidings before every transformation so we don’t accidentally mistake people for food everyone is satisfied, with knowledge, food, and safety, just let me know there are currently three people in my pack one of witch is not a werewolf but a warlock, i would love to take you under my wing and show you the better parts of the supernatural world, thank you for your consideration,

      -Baily Laurie

  12. I can’t change but I know it’s genetic I get very angry the day of the full moon and day after I’m very aggressive at times like that she sometimes will take over my pupils will shrink and I will become more easily to piss off I almost bit a kid hard enough to break his skin through his sweater without hurting myself at all my canines have grown quicker than normal I have an ‘alpha’ who is very mad 24/7 and I have never done anything to her please help me I love I black mountain. Bc

  13. I think im a genetic ww. Ive had a fascination with lycanthropy as far back as 5 years old. Its 60 in my room all the time but i still have to keep two fans on so i dont sweat and cant sleep, i have insomia, love the darkness/night, i get really squirlley/alert and agressive before and during the full moon, wont eat anything other than meat (normally undercooked), i have a temper, my father and mother always called me a “pup”, i have randoms pains in my body all they time, sister asks why it smeels like wet dog in my room when i hop out of the shower, never felt comfortable in my own body, can mimic a howl of a wolf perfectly (feel the urge to howl during the full moon, yeah i know thats cliche). I didnt wanna register on YLL because im not for sure yet, but i need some help figuring this out. So please, help me out, i aint no wannabe or anything.

    peace ✌

  14. I do have anger, pains and getting annoyed easy and I don’t feel human. My werewolf friend said I am a pureblood werewolf but I haven’t transform yet but one time I got so angry my voice changed and I started to growl and heavy breathing. I’m XXXX years old and my anger got worse and I get annoyed easy

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  15. I am adopted and I don’t really know that much about my birth parents but I think I might be a genetic werewolf. I am always angry I get really strong and really fast I have really strong hearing I can hear things from like two blocks away and a really good sence of smell can also smell thing from the kitchen all the way from my room with the door closed and I have really good sight and I have a good sence of taste too to you think you can help me figure out if I am a genetic werewolf or not please

  16. How do you trigger the transformation? I know I was born one, others can sense it too and I’ve had certain friends say I smell like wet dog and that I smell like a wolf as well. I’m 19 and still haven’t shifted yet and I know he’s in there just waiting. I can sense him and feel him. During full moons I just get irritable and I’m in pain. Most days I’m in a lot of pain and I’m constantly angry and irritable. My hair and nails grow fast and I always feel my ribs, spine, shoulder blades and everything else popping, yet I still haven’t turned and I just wanna trigger it. I’ve partially shifted before and have had the urge, but have never fully shifted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • i feel the same way. i keep blurting stuff and everyone looks at me like i just sprouted wings or something. i dont know if what im saying is odd, but obviously others think it is. im 13 but i have absolutely no clue if im a werewolf and i don’t know what to do. please help.

        • Same. I met someone on here, who went to a pagan community to get help. They have witches, psychics and etc. They gave him some answers, so I’m going to try that too. I found one in the state I’m in and see if they can help me. I will keep you posted on what I’ve learned. I hope this helps a little.

  17. Alright. There are a few things on this site that I wish to settle.
    1. Werewolves and lycanthropes are not the same. Lycanthropes shift into a wolf, whereas werewolves shift into humanoid-beasts.
    2. The so-called alliances are not a thing.

  18. So I feel like giving up. It’s getting harder to sleep now. All I see is his face when I close my eyes but now it’s getting to the point he is always on my mind and I don’t even know him lol smfh. I’m tired of searching for answers that never come. So if my better half is out there, I’m soooooo done searching. It’s time to permanently remove myself. I’ll find away to do it. I’ve been searching for years and I’m losing hope and I’m always full of hope and light but I feel my light dimming.

  19. You guys suck. I feel like y’all know something and being quiet about it. It’s been dead on here after I asked questions. If someone was keeping something from you about your life wouldn’t you be upset. I guess I’m just going to pay a Psychic then. I’ll just figure it out on my own, go into the deepest forest if I have to. To figure this out.

  20. I was bitten by my fiance last night coming up on the full moon today. He also chanted in a different language while he bit his wrist with his fangs and I sucked his blood.
    I went to bed ok, Woke with 101 fever over night with chills. Have had flu like symptoms all day. Head hurting, aching, feel foggy. I can not eat. He says it is the change. There is no doubt that he is werewolf from his heritage. He says that tomorrow I will wake different and feel rage.
    All new to me.
    I know I have been “cursed” my whole life. Adopted with changing eyes and dark european features.
    I guess we wait and see.

  21. Last night I shift in to a wolf look I know this sounds crazy but it actually happened non of you wouldn’t believe it the first thing I’ve eaten was a raw kangaroo then I howled I was loosing control so got away and sunrise I back to a human so had stay in the house until I control it

  22. I think I am a genetic werewolf. I will go to bed and I could feel myself running as a wolf and when I wake up the next morning every muscle in my body hurts. My anger has gotten worse my sense of smell hearing and sight has improved since this has started happening. I have become a lot stronger with my eyes changing colors that it has never done before. On the full moons here I find myself wanting to run and be free. At times I get so anxious I can feel my body itching to go change and run.

  23. Ive been looking into this, taking as much as quizes as I can answering them honestly, and it shows the same answer every single time. I think im a genetic werewolf (It means i was born this way my parents arent werewolves but they carried the ‘werewolf’ gene) I dont know what to tell my family; if i tell them im looking for a cure but so far no luck for genetic wolves dont get me wrong I loves wolves, I just dont wanna BE one. Contact me if you know a cure I really hope these quizes are wrong and all this is some crazy thought… My best advise for you is just stay who you are ’cause this isnt anything anyone would want there is also a good chance of death its not worth it, trust me.

  24. Ive been looking into this, taking as much as quizes as I can answering them honestly, and it shows the same answer every single time. I think im a genetic werewolf (It means i was born this way my parents arent werewolves but they carried the ‘werewolf’ gene) I dont know what to tell my family; if i tell them im looking for a cure but so far no luck for genetic wolves dont get me wrong I loves wolves, I just dont wanna BE one. Contact me if you know a cure I really hope these quizes are wrong and all this is some crazy thought…

  25. You guys should pay attention to what your saying and stop begging to be turned. Chances are your probably talking to a young person. It’s quite obvious to tell if somebody is young or not just by the way some of you speak.Also I’m sure 99 percent of the stuff people tell you is BS. Everybody tells a different story. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was 100 I only said 99 cause I’m still open to the possibility that they could be real. Be happy with who you are and maybe just maybe if it’s meant to be you could get your wish and be turned if they are real. Just be careful what you guys say because you are on the internet and don’t use your real name. BTW you were born the way you are for a reason whether your human or something else.

  26. Also just wanted to say to all the people who say our kind can’t be discovered that if werewolves are real l can basically guarantee that the government would know about it. If you were a werewolf and were smart you would try to blend in with normal everyday people so nobody notices. Bragging on werewolf site might not be a very good way to blend in.

    • Yeah but who in their right mind in the government would pay attention to an outdated site about werewolves. I mean really.

  27. It’s been years since I last posted on this site and I still see lots of the same questions being asked. Aren’t the seniors tired of repeating the same answers?

  28. I just discovered that my blood line contains traces of Faoladh blood. I googled them and it brought up Ossory Ireland. Thats were my family is from. I got into a fight yesterday when a man tried to grab my best friend and I made this horrible growl and and clawed him. I felt this voice in my head telling me to let it take control. I did and my eyesight became perfect and my sense of smell tripled. My strength was crazy. I didnt even realize that I was part of one of the original clans of OLd Ireland

  29. Hello everyone. It’s been about a year since I posted on here.
    Since that time I have confirmed that I am a genetic wolf. This past week has been hell though for the super full moon really effected me. All I remember was waking up with my window wide open and I was soaking wet. Most times during my past transformations I’d been able to remember some of the night but this past full moon I remembered absolutely nothing and just woke up like and felt like I had the worst hangover ever. Has anyone ever experienced this? Genetically wise? I am still discovering new things about myself and I’ve only been aware of my condition for coming up on two years now. This week threw me though….

  30. i have never gotten along with anyone i have these feelings like my hair will stick up whenever i feel in danger i can never sleep at knight i was born 2 months early i have gotten so mad at one point i tore my door of the hinges and i have no mussels i am skinny i have gotten more hungry and it is like nothing ever quenches my hunger and it is just getting worse like i can hear through my walls the blue in my eyes get brighter or darker depending on my mood yet i have never transformed idk if i am a werewolf but i do not understand what is going on with me

  31. What about those with one werewolf parent can they still be bitten and transformed by another wolf? Would the same work with a person who has been skipped by the gene?

    • Usually, halfblood werewolves (one human parent, one werewolf parent) are already able to transform into a wolf form (although they are generally smaller and weaker than a pureblood but also have better control over their shifts) so it is not necessary for them to be bitten. Although if the mix is one human parent and one halfblood parent, They usually lose the ability to shift and only gain the strength and speed in human form when exposed the the full moon. And in that case, a bite usually wouldn’t activate any transformation, although there have been rare occasions. And for people who were skipped by the lycanthropic gene, yes a bite will work to activate lycanthropy, although it will only turn you into a regular (bitten) lycan who has a recessive pureblood gene. If you were skipped my the gene, then you yourself can never be a genetic werewolf, only your children would be.

  32. I have reason to believe I am a genetic werewolf. A half-blood specifically. I don’t know who my birth parents are or what form of being they are but considering the symptoms of magickal lycanthropy that I’ve been experiencing, at least one of my parents seems to be a lycan. I am friends with a pureblood werewolf who lives in my town and from her personal experiences, the first shift should happen during the full moon after my fourteenth birthday. Although I’m very much sure that I am in fact part werewolf, it would be very helpful if others would share their experiences and symptoms with me so I can learn more about it to fully confirm my suspicions and to prepare for when the day comes that I get to truly be free from this human form for the first time. Also, if anyone would like to ask me questions about my symptoms to learn more about them to better help me in my quest for confirmation, feel free to do so. Signing off, ~Eclipse

  33. Years ago I had a strange dream which I decided to look up. I don’t remember exactly what I searched but I ended up here. It turned out this site had an exact description on it of what I dreamed I was. This may seem stupid to trolls on this site, but I thought this was real. I mean, I sorta still do in a way, but that’s not the point. The point is, I was stupid enough to make many ill advised choices based on this website. I distanced myself from my friends in hopes of being able to become part of the supernatural world. It sounds stupid reading this back but at the time it was logical. Now because of this website, it sounds stupid again and I fully understand but I’m basically friendless I mean there are many people I am friendly with but no one knows me. Finding the supernatural was my purpose and when ever I found new information I instantly decided to research it. Despite this, the last year I’ve been wondering if any of this is real. I mean if the answer to this question is no, then I would be like a scientist who spent their whole life locked in a lab trying to find a cure for an illness only to discover one morning that everyone is immortal. If you are a troll reading this, please stop and if you are someone who knows for a fact this is real please give me a bit of proof. I know in a community like this proof is hard to give, but partly stealing this from a book, I am like someone falling off a cliff and I will reach for even a blade of grass to keep me from falling. Currently my only strategy is to keep telling myself this is real even though I’m almost certain it isn’t. I’ve posted on this website before and reading what I wrote then makes me cringe and reading this doesn’t make me feel much better so if I do decide to post this and if someone is reading this, please give me something definite. I may not read it because I really don’t like coming into this site anymore (it makes me feel sad) and I know I sound like a total fool but please, I need something.

  34. Anyone have problems with freezing cold hands and feet but really warm body? I’m trying to figure out if this is some kind of werewolf body temperature regulation method or just some weird thing just with me.

  35. I wish there was a legit way to ask someone about what I’ve been experiencing. Something in me tells me I know the answer, but I am a little frightened to accept it. Plus, I’ve been doing so much research just to find someone who might hold the answer wish I could know where to find a non poser to help me figure it all out. I feel like most of the people on here claiming to be whatever are full of crap and see this as a way to role play. Well I’m not playing and it’s not a game to me. Sucks I’ve thought about going to try to find someone but then the thought occured to me what if they dont wanna help me, or what if I find something worse. Being a female and not fully understanding what’s happening to me makes it hard to ask or go looking for the answers. I guess I’ll do what I can to reveal the answers to myself since I doubt anyone will ever help me, and probably most people on here see this as some kind of game. But seriously if any of u were werewolves any of what u claim to be, would u really just put it out there like that. Knowing how horribly destructive humans knowing about u would mean ur death and has since ancient times. Ya no didnt think so. At least I wouldn’t tell anyone. They would think I was crazy or delusional anyways. All I can say is those out there really struggling and that are all alone. U aren’t alone. Maybe u don’t have a pack but if u keep searching for the answers I believe you’ll find them one day. I think I will too.. I know I’m destined to find my destiny… grrrrrrr so tired of all that’s been happening though and sore… meh

    • Don’t know if you’re still active or not but this site unfortunately has a lot of RPers, Predators, and Furries… Sooooo I can feel your frustration for sure. This place is like trying to find a needle in a haystack when trying to find a legitimate werewolf.

      I feel the same way you do about this whole shitty situation. I also am anxious to find real answers.

  36. Also wondering two things besides all the other symptoms has anyone heard of tingling or numbness in the arms and legs been a part of the firsttransformation, or lightheadedness, but only at night? And if one were a werewolf would it be normal for them to get upset at a regular dog for being to submissive…? I know weird questions but maybe someone has the answer. Plus when the transformation is occurring could it cause severe back pain?

    • I have had that happen to me as well. Yes it is normal to experience some tingling or numbness in certain areas before transformation. The answers to the two other questions is yes.

  37. I would like some help, I have always felt close to the woods and wolves, as a child running through the woods as fast as I could was just natural and made me happy. The moon enthralls me Now as an adult I noticed some changes, it’s like I know I’m a wolf I just don’t know what to do from here. I get angry easily and would like to talk to someone about it. I had a dream of a thick Forrest and running through it. I also keep seeing the Siloette of a man. When I hear about wolves or the word pack I get anxious and dizzy. When I think about it my heart starts to beat faster and my breathing becomes rapid. But I’ve never changed. Any advice would help. Thank you.

  38. Well t- 6 days until I start school as a Regent Royal at Regent University online, so I need the help of someone really really good at College Alegbra I nbever took it in high school which gives away may age greatly. I working toward my B A in healthcare administration, as I have learned in this life you never stop learning no matter what your age.

    • ᛁ ᚨᚷᚱᛖᛖ ᚲᛟᛗᛈᛚᛖᛏᛖᛚᛁ ᚹᛁᚦ ᚦᚨᛏ! ᚾᛖᚢᛖᚱ ᛊᛏᛟᛈ ᛚᛖᚨᚱᚾᛁᚾᚷ!!!

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