Genetic vs. Bitten

Although there are many kinds of werewolves and every werewolf is unique there are two main types of werewolves. Now I know that you are saying, “not everything can be dividing into two groups” to which I reply, there are two kinds of people in the world, those who think everything can be divided into two groups and those who don’t, but in this case it really is true and one of the most important ways that werewolves are classified is by how they became werewolves.

Did you get bitten by a werewolf or did you inherit the lycanthropy gene from one or both of your parents?

Bitten Werewolves

The basic premise of what a bitten werewolf actually is pretty easy to follow.

If you are bitten by a werewolf on the full moon then you will turn into a werewolf on the next full moon and then be forced to transform every lunar cycle for the rest of your life.

Bitten werewolves generally have a much more difficult time controlling their transformations than genetic werewolves do. Both resisting transforming during the full moon as well as attempting to transform at times when the moon is not full are very challenging things and most bitten werewolves spend years trying to master these abilities.

Genetic Werewolves

Genetic werewolves are a bit more complex and often harder to identify. The werewolf gene sometimes skips a generation or two so even if neither of your parents is an actual werewolf at least one of them carries a recessive gene that has been passed down your bloodline, possibly for centuries or even millennia.

Genetic werewolves generally have an easier time resisting transforming when the moon is full as well as an easier time initiating a transformation at other times. In spite of the easier time that genetic werewolves have controlling their transformations when they do transform their transformations are just as painful as their bitten werewolf cousins.

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      • I’ve never felt like I fit in, in this world. I always felt empty inside like I’m not the person k see in the merrier. You say you can remember, help me. I need to figure out who I am. I haven’t shifted before but I’m XXXXXXX. Well maybe I have and I don’t remember but from what I know it’s that I dot feel like I belong. Everyone says it’s depression but I believe it’s much more then than that. Please help me.

        Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

      • Please if you can help please do. Pm me @wolft . I’ve had some dreams that I believe I’m one of these wolves that have been reawakened. But I can’t remember what happened in the past. I will tell you what I seen in the dream its just one dream that I remember very well. I’ll explain in the private message

      • Hi i m looking for answers to wether i m a werewolf or not i dont think i m bitten i feel the need to eat raw or almost raw meats i m stronger then i should be same with speed and i got te feeling of a beast watching over me i have never turned but as i get closer to the full moon (18th aug) i been feeling more angry an uncontroable plz help i feel like i m one

        • Hello there, it is possible that you could be a genetic werewolf. As the article above says, the gene could’ve skipped some generations. Do you know of any werewolves or lycanthropes in your bloodline?

          • Yes it is possible. The genes can be complex though, because half-werewolves exist as well. It all can just depend. I read that even if both parents are human, the child can still be a werewolf, as long as either both or one of the parents is a carrier. But take note as well that even though the gene skips, whoever gets the gene isn’t a pure werewolf, because if humans have interacted into the bloodline before. Therefore, anyone who is a human from a bloodline that’s even had a were old in it isn’t pure human either. Just some information I thought would help you.

        • Hey man same here I noticed how I’m dreaming of wolves and I have a rahe induced sense when I look at the moon my grandfather told me that I would not become a werewolf if I don’t kill anyone but he said my strength will be great and my speed undipsecible my bloodline dates back to ancient times my grandfather said but I keep a strong diet based on raw rabbit meat and beef

        • Your fine but the werewolf gene lives in you and it’s like a curse that can be inacted by killing someone but me personally I was told this by my grandfather your strength will be greater than usual people’s and your speed is induced but to hold the grudge of hunger I eat raw meat

      • I had to read this a few times for it to click. Re awakened wolves? Was there perhaps another war, on a different place /planet? I know two other people in my school that said they have the same slight memories. Mine are more repressed than others. I know something terrible happened. As a child my mom said that I was once taken from the house, she couldn’t find me anywhere. She finally found me in a corner, huddled in blankets on my bed sleeping. Sometimes I would sit in the bathroom, and literally feel the animal in my sit in front of me and we would take. We’ve developed a telepathic connection and talk in my mind all the time. There’s another person named Michael or something like that ,that sometimes makes wisecracks and guides me through life. My parents are not any time of were. I am of a viking and Indian lineage. Any help for me or any ideas on this let me know.

        • Well, the wolf could be your totem(spirit animal). Have you visited a shaman or do you have an eclectic store(spiritual store that sells crystals(or stones), incense, tarot cards, angel pendants, etc) near you? They may be able to help you. Maybe they have classes for open discussions. Beware of spirit groups that have vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein as their totems, those are people who will pull you into their dream wars and drain you of your energy(my sister was vulnerable). Hope that helps

      • how do i know if i have werewolf in my bloodline?

        Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

      • I like just being a :razz: cynanthrope, but it also gives me like 0 lycanthrope info. Wtf is this war? Usually I’m happy with just laughing as lycanthropes chase tails :lol: , but I kinda wanna get my claws bloody too!! :cool:

      • Not saying i’m one or think i’m one. But my whole life I have been Crazy of the thought of vampires and werewolves etc. My grandmother raised me and opened my eyes to these “Mythical” creatures. She had told me she believed in them, but never in her life has seen one of its kind. Movies and books (manly books) urge me to learn more. Unfortunately the internet, is in my opinion the worse place to get any information, But with no other souses, I have to look to technology. What I have studied was there are two types of werewolves. One being the genetically born werewolf, Shifting whenever pleased basically. Then the Bitten, which are forced to shift on the full moon painfully? But I really don’t know hence why I would love more information.
        I always thought it would be exhilarating to be a werewolf. To be running in the woods with wind rushing through “my fur” and enjoying the nature around me. It’s been a life long dream I guess you can say. I know it may be hard ,(or might not be) to give your information to a random. But I can insure you that my knowledge wont go any farther then my head. This is just for me. Yes, feeding a slight obsession is bad, but this obsession can’t hurt me. At least not for now. :?: :mrgreen:

      • Please get your friend to pm me. I can feel it, and it isn’t fun. I can’t hold on anymore, every night it is harder and harder to hold onto reality, and these damn wolves won’t leave my dreams. Warning me, of the war, I guess. I feel like I am being watched. And I can’t get rid of all of this energy. Also I keep having visions, please help me

        • Hey I am on the east coast and I am alpha male of the largest and strongest pack on the east coast and I was wondering if there is anyone close to me I holding a tournament for our warriors and considering testing them before sending them to war

        • By saying this slell in full moon night atleast 10 times
          By the light of the moon and our Pearcing howl we are further transform into a cunning beast from the circle of life to the revolution of man i shall be reawaken as ine with goddess of land

      • Im an alpha looking for a pack. I was disowned for personal reasons. If you know any packs near my area please let me know or know of a pack recruiting. But I hope to get a response .
        Luna Lisana

          • hello so im a witch and i was wondering if i can join ur pack even thogh im from altoona IA i really need a pack or something or someone to fight for i can do magick and can fight am not supper strong but dont mess with me when im mad plus i was born with canines on my bottem teeth i am NOT a lycan i am human I think… anyway can i join???!

    • Hello sir, I have many questions regarding the war, including some about myself. I do not know what shifter I am, which is a devastating blow to me. Not only does it rip holes to my ego, it makes it hard for me to concentrate, knowing my animal is inside me yet not knowing how to call apon it, as I do not know it’s species. Also, regarding the war. A friend of mine, supernatural like me, a descendant of the Satan / Lucifer bloodlines is acting odd, and it scares me, I care for him deeply. He has been called back to the other world / underworld, so I believe it has something to do with this war. Can you brief me on what is going on.

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve not been bitten. At least not by any wolf like creatures. Closest is a dog. However, I know for a fact that my mother became tired and ill during full moons. If she actually restrained transforming into a werewolf or what I don’t know. She died many years ago now.

      For me I have realized that I can hear noises most humans can’t be able to hear and I smell when my food is finnished cooking.

      Once I became really angry at a fellow students. I didn’t even get time to think about what was happening until I realized I had lifted up a desk on one end of the classroom and threw it in a straight line over to the other side of the classroom hitting the far of end on the other classroom which the guy barely got away from. I was in shock over what had happened and ran out of the classroom trying to calm myself down. To be correct the desk didn’t feel much different then it was a small and light object. Like a book or a ball.

  2. OK, so I shifted for the first time. During a full moon while I was asleep.
    Claw marks, even black marks on my door.
    Anyways, just wondering, I have had mixed replies on wolfs-bane, will It kill my inner wolf?
    Also silver?

    • Yeah, the black marks don’t come off.
      I could show you pictures…

    • You shifted! Congrats!! And you slept through it. Also a bonus. Wolfsbane should burn. If not congrats you have Beta blood. Silver will just kill you. It’s potent to all of our society so don’t feel bad by that.

      You have just shifted and are most likely in need of a pack? I would be willing to accept you.

          • Your body likes to wait till it is capable enough to handle transforming. It requires a lot of energy and mental focus are transformations require rapid reorganization of your tissues and organic matter. It’s extremely stressful on your body. Not to mention the flood of new hormones in your brain makes you rather feral your first transformation. It will happen when it is ready. Just wait and be prepared. Perhaps look at some of the pages on this site for more info on first transformations.

  3. So I have lots of these symptoms but I’m not sure if I have lycanthropy. A friend of mine says I do.

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  4. I have transformed but sometimes it wasn’t a wolf it was different creatures. I was always with 7 other people my age who transformed like me and we always had adventures. I think i’m a shapeshifter but my main form is a wolf. It always happens at night or when i’m sleeping and I remember what happened. Sometimes my human family and I will do something or go someplace that I’ve been before or done before but they tell me I’ve never been there or done that. I’m always getting de ja vu moments almost everywhere. What does that mean that I am?

  5. Alright so I’ve been reading up on this type of stuff because I feel I have a wolf spirit in me that somehow just gives me that mental strength (sometimes physical) and so I feel like it’s a part of who I am a strong proud wolf but even on the full moon I feel nothing, but is weird that in my dreams I sometimes see a human wolf and most of the time I’m running like a wolf In my dream and the same thing happened in real life (a few times) I doubt I’m a werewolf mostly because I somehow believe human anatomy explains that human genetics can not physically do any of the transformation without having your internal organs cut open from the rearranging bones. What mostly concerns me is that my 6th sense can pick up human emotion and give me animal instincts so I need to know … in what reality do we perceive our true nature over a fantasy in our minds…am I a werewolf or not

  6. So a long time ago I thought my mom was transforming and she could go run into the woods always found marks on her and she always disappeared. Then a lot of times I have a dream I’m running in the woods and something is chasing me and I remember bits and pieces if I made a deal with a wolf. I’ve had my suspicions for a long time but what was certain when I felt myself starting to change I haven’t yet at least I don’t think I have but when you talked about genetic wolves I kind of made sense.. I don’t know maybe I’m just going crazy or I had a lot of imagination as a kid I just want answers

  7. People always tell me I’ve been a strange kid. I grew up in a good family with 3 meals a day…..but I still find myself angry all the time. I don’t have any friends anymore except an Asian who has a great Japanese warrior for ansestors. He believes I’m special in ways I don’t know. I’ve thought about it and I’ve come to this website to see what people would say. Everywhere I go I see people tell me werewolves aren’t real but deep down I know their wrong. Please help me. I really need to understand who I am.

    • I understand you there, young rouge. For I am an alpha I could help you find your way. However, this would require trust and respect among each other. In my pack you would not be beta, for that position has been taken by my brother, Tyler.

      • I want to know if I may be one. I have an obsession to the moon, I stay up late, my father was born on a full moon and I was born a month early. My skin is hot other than my hands and feet for some strange reason. I love the dark and the silence. I have dreampt of being a wolf before. I don’t normally have deja vu, but one time I was walking in an area of trees and it felt like something hit me. I have seen a brown and gray wolf in my dreams like a shadow constantly following me. I’m good at stealth on my feet and I can walk on all fours quite fine. I am more mature than I look. I had an out of body experience and it was strange. I never fit in. My eyes turn darker or turn green in the dark. I have gotten stronger as well.

        Any words?

      • dear Alpha Female Bella:

        I know this might sound a little silly but I would kill to become a werewolf. do you know anyone who will bite me In Ireland. it sounds sketchy I know but I would do anything to be blessed like you are.

        • You cant BECOME a werewolf
          Its genetic. No ones going to turn you especially if you ask
          no ones going to magic you into one
          no ones going to bite you into one because it just doesnt work that way
          your either born a therion or your not. That’s it!

          Frankly im so sick and tired of you people continuously bringing up this garbage and others for putting such bullshit ideas into your heads
          Ever wonder why less and less of us therions bother being around? Its because of garbage like this!

          Stop asking! Seriously! IF you not born a therion you NEVER WILL BE ONE.

  8. I have transformed for the first time, I’m a genetic werewolf. Also, I’m scared as hell. I ripped apart my room and tried to eat my cat. My dog is giving me a very wide berth. I can smell what the people four doors down are eating and my ears hurt so bad from the hum of the technology.

    • how do i know if i have werewolf in my bloodline? I everyone thinks they are fake and i swear to god i know they are real. ive never seen one but it feels wrong of me to assume they are not. ive allways seemed to be able to understand my dogs and know when they are sick before it showed. i wanna know if im of werewolf blood. when ever i think about where wolves i start to hear a voice loud and clear through my ears i can never make out the words. someone please help

      Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

    • Greetings!
      It’s common on here that people ask to be turned, however, the site wasn’t made to find werewolves to turn you. Though it’d be really convenient, seeing as there are a bunch of werewolves here, this site does not approve of turning people.
      It’s very dangerous giving strangers your location, not to mention that the process of turning can potentially kill you. This isn’t necessary something to take lightly, either. Many werewolves on their first change (and especially bitten werewolves) have little to no control over their wolf selves, and thus may end up harming someone.
      There’s also no going back. You turn for the first time- BAM, there goes your casual life!
      Anyways, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a werewolf here to turn you. I hope you enjoyed my little rant, by the way :)


  9. I need to speak with any active pack leader who may be observing this page. If you are indeed the real deal and you do in fact have certain answers please find me. I know those who are real have the ability to find me and my information even if i do not openly post or share it.

    I can not risk saying much here. But if you are still around and your pack is indeed one of the few that hold the old ways. Find me. and make great haste.

    • Greetings,

      What is it you want to know, for if you are not our kind you may only know so much for you safety. Sadly if you already know anything of our kind, I can not expect you to be safe at all.

      -Alpha of Bloodhound Pack

  10. None of you actually believe you are werewolves right? Because the werewolf is Native American based and I’m mostly Native American and I don’t think I’m a werewolf even though my dad says that my ancestors were werewolves. This can’t be real, right?

  11. Well….. Umm i was born a genectic but a while back my grandfather passed and he was a werewolf but my parents arent werewolves and they didnt know about my grandfather only i do and he told me he was and dont tell anyone so im freaking out on what to do im scared and i dont even know how old i have to be before i turn and im panicking about it and i have no one to turn to for help cause no one believes me not even my parents so please get back to me asap please im scared.

    • Just chill. The more nervous you ate, the more likely you are to hurt somebody when you shift.
      The first time you shift you won’t be able to stop it. Worrying about it will only make things worse.
      Just relax, stay calm, and good luck.

          • Here are things that help me..

            stretching/yoga (I hate yoga but it helps my friends sooo)
            squeeze a stress ball
            drinking green tea- its an herbal tea that helps anger and stress
            eat chocolate
            chew gum
            creative visualization
            find a place to be alone
            be in the warm sun
            get organized
            take a stress relieving walk
            listen to your favorite song and music
            SMELL OF CITRUS!!
            be in nature (my favorite)
            write it down

            Hope this helps!
            -Whispering Serenity ;-)

        • Easy, I will help you. Close your windows and bedroom door, then turn on a cooling item (fan.etc.) then lay on your bed and try to keep cool. A lower body temperature helps with the first 5-10 shifts then it doesn’t hurt as bad. You then have to learn to control your wolf.

          • I just would like to talk to someone to get some answers (preferably someone who has shifted before) I don’t know if I’m a werewolf or not but I keep coming back to it. I’ve had dreams with wolves before not as common though, I’ve always looked at the moon since I was young, I tried to talk to my parents about their history and they don’t give me anything, I remember once at night we were heading to the car (I was still young) and when I looked at the moon, my grandma said something about me howling to it before but I think it was kinda a joke. I have other things like whenever I get angry people Say my eyes change and it scares them but i haven’t seen it myself. I just would like to talk to someone who could give me a yay or nay about being a wolf. Please if you have any information respond, it’s my Last try before I just give up completely on the subject.

  12. Odd…considering most betas ate female for pack presevation.
    Also if your a “true alpha”. And I say this due to how many fakes I’ve ran into in search of a legit pack…obviously anyone who meets you will need proof of validation for multiple reasons. And respect isn’t given or earned it’s shared mutually

    However…if your a true alpha and your a true therion (werewolf and lycan is a bit overdone) I would hope you can’t act me.

  13. I have a question for BloodhoundPackAlpha : you say you know the White Wolf and are friends with her. I have had a “wolf dream” last year where there were three wolves, each of which were black and white in color, although the black and white moved as if alive on the three wolves. One wolf came close to my dream face and looked quite happy to see me. It was daylight. Then it went to a guy, middle aged I think, wearing Indian/Native American Chief type clothing, he too looked happy to see me. After that I heard “We have found you.” I have no idea what this means. What do you think?
    Anyone else is free to comment if they have anything useful.
    Still working on getting an account, damn thing doesn’t seem to like me…

  14. I need a wolf that can tell me whats up, I will send videos or voice recordings of my growling, barking and snarling, and hopefully someone can tell what rank, or mytho, or pack I belong to. I just need help, I don’t think that I am being a regular werewolf/lycanthrope/wolf blood , if you even call being this species is normal

  15. Hey there! I need some help. I don’t know much about myself at all, but I know that I am a Norse Wolf and am a Genetic. Could someone please help me out? I will do whatever is neccesary.

  16. I am an Genetic werewolf, I haven’t shifted yet and I am wondering how do you really know when you are going to shift because I have been so confused lately because I feel like my wolf is ripping inside of me and I don’t know when I am going to shift. I am kind of scared.

  17. I recently found out I am a wolf. No one in my family knows that I am wolf and to my knowledge I am the only one in my family like myself. I have been having all the symptoms more and more of my first P-shift. Getting really hot with prickly skin and initial my body would like to just stretch out in place it normally can not. Of course I have not P shifted I guess my body was just adjusting and getting ready for what is to come.I tried joining and online pack but was not even allowed to join for a reason that was not even given to me. Being cut off and having no knowledge and resources I am really in the darks I guess and can understand why the “were” community stays so hidden. I moved from My hometown as I Have family issues… I now live in Tennessee. I am looking for a pack not only for a resource and new group of Friends/Family. I feel further and further form my current friends and family and I do not know how I am going to explain the shift if they are nearby. I am looking for a pack for a lot of the right reasons as well as i do not know what to expect when I have my first shift and the precautions I should take. As well as I know it can happen anytime but if there are any particular indicters. I have also had a lot of new feelings I can not explain or a really hard to describe. In the tree of the new feelings they are things that people would normally have I would just say the best way to put it Is amplified. I also want to know what to expect when I shift Is is Painful, slow or fast are you the same after you shift back there is so much I do not fully understand the concept any help would be Great Thanks

      • How do you find out if a werewolf??? I’m adopted and barley know anything about my real parents. I have dreams about wolves and moons and supernatural stuff. I always feel out of place like I’m different

  18. I just kinda want some confirmation of some type I recently been having a lot of dreams of me have turning and running. I love the moon sometimes I can feel my canines when I ger mad or when I want to bite something ive always loved wolves and found them interesting ive always randomly have headaches but recently they have been getting worse. I give little burst of low growls when I get frustrated or someone irritates me. I have great control over my emotions as I don’t show them much at all. but sometimes I don’t want to and I get immediate urges to completely claw someones face off or bite their throat clean out. when I was younger I was more violent as drawing on the back of test very detailed wolves tearing “said” person apart. when I get actually angry or feel challenge my friends and grandma have been scared of how my eyes changed idk how they changed not color I don’t think but I have dark brown eyes they just say they change and become extra dark sooo..I just need to know I like my room dark blinds closed, and I really like the night specially the moon. just want to know what someone thinks?

    • Im like you. My eyes are a dark brown but when im angry, they change darker. Whenever im angry, i want to hit something. I LUV the moon and will sit under it for hours. I feel more comfortable in the darkness and i actually become faster. I don’t know if im a werewolf, but im similar to you.

  19. I’ve never fit in. Sometimes I have dreams that feel too real. I’ve dreamt of my birth before. I’ve had an out of body experience when I was young. I’ve always felt a dark side of me, threatening to consume me. I’ve never shifted that I know of. Sometimes I get really angry. Or sad, or emotional. I’m attracted to the moon and the forest and the night, but I have a fear of the night. I feel that all truths come out in the dark, whether you like them or not. Maybe I’m just scared to know the truth. I always feel as if I’m being watched. As if they’re waiting for me to do something or something to happen to set an event in motion. I walk around all day putting on a smile, but it feels so fake, as if it’s not real. I only truly feel alive at night, surrounded by certain friends. I just want to know what I am. Am I a werewolf? A lycanthrope? My mom and dad both have black footed Indian in them if that helps. Also, my dad seems different as well. I look into his eyes and he “feels” different, if that makes any sense. Someone please message me back, I am afraid. GCNj

    • You literally
      Just explained my life. Everything you just said is the same with me. From the heritage down to the feelings. This is really freaky.

    • You literally
      Just explained my life. Everything you just said is the same with me. From the heritage down to the feelings. This is really freaky.

      • Sorry for the repeat. I am the same with my father as well. I have never shifted before and I can feel a dark part of me always threatening to take over. I can always feel someone watching me.

      • Wow.. to be honest that’s a relief. Though it is weird our lives are the same, I have to say it makes me happy knowing I’m not alone. If you ever want to contact me use chrisnance30@gmail. Yours truly, Gcnj

        • Thanks it is a relief to me too. Sorry I am getting back so late. I have been pretty busy lately. If you ever want to contact me as well, you can at ( I know it’s a weird email but my parents made it for me when I was younger. Don’t know why, but I still use it.)

  20. SOMEBODY help im confused………. :?:

    I just figured out my dad was born on a day of the true full moon, it was at its 100% peak during december. Does that mean I have werewolf in me? Also, my step-sister might have been born on the full moon and I was born a month early, also it was three days before a full moon. I’m freaking out because I don’t know the outcome. Nothing very strange has happened but i do imagine myself as a wolf sometimes and i feel powerful at night and on the full moon. At night, my speed and eyesight is better. It’s crazy because its my eyesight, AT NIGHT. I have 20/20 vision. I can hear my friends whispering far away. I have an amazing memory and i radiate heat. My dad calls me a “walkable heater”. I always beg to go outside, even now, my window’s open. I turn on my fan when i go to sleep to make it feel like a spring or fall meadow and i take off my covers, for i feel my body heat is enough. Tell me if i could be one, if im not, i will leave your secrets in peace.

    • Also,when i was younger, I have had a strange out of body experience when my friend passed me in the hall. I suddenly could see myself from a different view. I could see my blonde brown and ginger hair. The tips were platinum. I had a shocked expression on my face. Then i went back to myself as suddenly as it had happened. I shook my head and carried on to class. After that class though, i imagined my brother telling me something after school. As it happens, he says the thing and i complete his sentence. it scared me.

      Just help me… :sad:

      • The other thing, i dont want to fall asleep, but i have too. I have a small amount of insomnia. It’s past the time im supposed to go to bed. I dont feel tired until 11, 11:30 at night. Then i wake up really early.

  21. Im getting scared…. I have become angrier today and more independent on people. I am getting angry easily and I have a strong wanting to go outside and be in the night. I’m currently suffering insomnia and my eyes just now changed darker as I got angry. I’m faster and more aware of my surroundings at night. I have been starting to turn on my fan when I do go to bed and thats like at 11:30, when my parents expect me to be asleep, im playing games on my computer. I feel a strong connection to animals and i have realized I never fit in with people. I don’t know whats going on. Earlier, I yelled at my mom for no entire reason as a realize now and I have been in the position of a running wolf in my dreams and during the day when im bored. I have been looking around and I know I was born a month early, as well as about three days before a full moon. I fit the characteristics for a lightning wolf. My hair a mix of brunette and blonde and the tips of my hair are naturally platinum, like lightning. I feel strong in the gaze of a moon and will watch the moon rise for hours. Suddenly, I have a new bruise on my leg that happened to appear when I was sleeping and I feel sore… but that might just be the fact that im on track. My dad calls me a walking heater because my body heat will wake my brother up whenever i sleep next to him. I don’t need covers anymore. I stay up later and keep windows and my fan up and open.

    I need words of advice, or the fact I may be a werewolf.

    Whispering Serenity/ AKA- Carson

  22. Can somebody help me. I’ve done a lot of research on identifing werewolves but I think I one of my siblings may be a werewolf but I’m not sure, he was born during a waxing gibbous like me, and both my parents were born on full moons but i doubt they are werewolves themselves. Also, he has green eyes that seem to…. Change. He has bad anger and when he was 14-16 he was really strange and had bad anger and secrets.

  23. I had a dream a few days ago. Everything was pitch black, as if I was in an underground tunnel. I was talking to a wolf. I don’t know how I knew it was a wolf. I don’t know how , but I did. We talked for a while then the wolf jumped at me and I woke up. The strangest thing is when I woke up, I had no recollection of what the wolf said.. I stated before that I had an out of body experience. Don’t read this at night. It was a normal night. Well, as normal as it could be living with my mom. I was five or six at this time. I was lying down on a couch in the living room and staring down the hallway. I must have drifted off because the next thing I remember I felt floaty.. as if I would rise into the sky and never return. This is the scary part. My sister walked out of the bathroom and stared directly. She put her finger to her lips to shush me. I wanted to call out to her, but words wouldn’t come to me. Wherever I was speaking wasn’t needed. My sister turned and walked down the hallway. Then a creature walked out of the room my sister was in, and my body locked up. I couldn’t move, couldn’t scream as the creature looked into my eyes, looked into my soul. I was helpless. I don’t remember anything after that. This is a true memory that I have. I’m assuming it was an out of body expieriance. This was hard for me to say

  24. I always wonder if I’m a werewolf, but I never know. I wouldn’t know if I was one because I’m adopted and I don’t know anything about my birth parents. I get really bad headaches and I’m angry all the time for no reason. My teeth and gums hurt all the time. And I have dreams like I’m in the woods and I’m lost and something is guiding me to where I need to b. My legs and very shaky and they ache. I’m always really tired and my eyes hurt. They feel like something is changing in them. I really want to know if I’m a werewolf. I have a runny/stuffy nose. My two biological siblings have brown eyes and I have hazel. I like staring at the moon. I makes me tingle and powerful. Some dreams I have, I’m jumping on a trampoline with one of my brothers and I say something and the next day I do that same thing. Another one is that, I’m sitting in a Sunday school class room and my dad told my sister to go get something and when she gets back, she walks in and behind her is my brother-in-law, and he closes the door and the next day that same thing happens.

  25. Can somebody help me? If werewolves truly are real, then I may be one… not sure. For the past year, I have had these symptoms: chronic(ish) headaches, amazing night vision(sight just like, or better, than that of daytime), I do better on less sleep mostly, can hear dog whistles, high pitched noises bug me. I’ve always loved the cold, wolves, meat, and the darkness (mostly, not so much when I was little). I’ve dreamed about wolves before, and occasionally control my dreams (idk how). I also have talked to animals (long story, but they understood, unless it was an extremely rare coincedence that keeps happening to me). I’ve always seen wolves wherever I go, too… whether on the coast, in the bush, etc. And they usually act strangely. I don’t know snything about my biological dad, either.

  26. Can somebody help me? If werewolves truly are real, then I may be one… not sure. For the past year, I have had these symptoms: chronic(ish) headaches, amazing night vision(sight just like, or better, than that of daytime), I do better on less sleep mostly, can hear dog whistles, high pitched noises bug me. I’ve always loved the cold, wolves, meat, and the darkness (mostly, not so much when I was little). I’ve dreamed about wolves before, and occasionally control my dreams (idk how). I also have talked to animals (long story, but they understood, unless it was an extremely rare coincedence that keeps happening to me). I’ve always seen wolves wherever I go, too… whether on the coast, in the bush, etc. And they usually act strangely. I don’t know snything about my biological dad, either.
    I’ve also had strange experiences before. Dreamt of my birth or past memories I truly don’t remember. I get deja-vu sometimes. I always feel like i’m being watched, and am paranoid about it.

  27. Hello, I am curious about somethings, my grandpa’s bloodline is a very old werewolf line and yet I know my wolf’s name. I can travel to other realms, I can understand animals, I have visions about people and many other things. I haven’t yet I haven’t shifted yet, I know some people don’t believe in past lives, but I have seen all of my past lives and I have a friend that was my love from almost all my past lives. I am 50% werewolf, 18% vampire, 5% ice dragon, 10% fire dragon, 5% lightening type dragon, 2% fairy and the rest is Werelynx. I know that I will shift at some point, some people can actually talk to their wolves and I am one of those people, but I am confused and curious about when I would shift. My friend is what some people call a Incubus and Werewolf mix, but he doesn’t know about his wolf side and he believes in the same things I do. I am just confused how I can tell him without making him upset and I don’t want to upset him because I have a crush on him, so I don’t know what to do. Can someone help me and help me figure these things out, I am really lost for answers and my brother is Werewolf mix of some kind, but he won’t tell me anything. My brother was the one who told me our werewolf bloodline, but he won’t tell me anything else.

  28. I don’t know if I am a werewolf and if i am idk how old i have to be in the first place or how to even tell if i’m even born a werewolf because i know for a fact i wasn’t bitten i need help ;-)

  29. I will always remember October 15th. It was the day my dog went missing. I knew that she liked to run on the trails behind her house, so I assumed she had just ran away. It was late at night but I heard howling coming from a tightly knit group of trees. It didn´t sound quite like her, but I was so relieved that I went after her anyways. The tragic scene that lay before me was not what I anticpated. There was more blood than I´d ever seen before. My dog lay sprawled on the ground. Dead.

    I don´t know if I can finish this. It makes me very emotional. But I really need some help, so I will try to go on.

    There was a massive black wolf standing above my dog. It growled and lunged at me. I don´t know how I survived. Part of me regrets living after that moment. I woke up with a huge bite mark on my shoulder.

    My symptoms are itching and dreaming about that night on the full moon and my nails are growing really fast. After looking out my window at the full moon like I usually do, I got very hot and had a dream about running with a pack of other wolves. In choir class, my voice is able to hit bothe the high notes and the low notes. Sometimes I growl or hiss when I get angry. I have a strange aversion to dairy products. I think I killed my cat! Please somebody help. I found this community and and hoped it was supportive enough to help me. Tell me what´s going on. Please. Thank you so much.

    • Yes, these all seem to be the symptoms of a werewolf! I believe you are turning. Im so excited for you! What pack are you joining?

  30. I’m a werewolf genetic. I believe that one of my parents has the recesive Gene or maybe both. I don’t think they can transform. I’m older now I’m not gonna leave my current age on here. But when I was younger I seen my whole right arm transform into like this monster thing that I couldn’t decribe. I asked my family about it. I did my own research I came up with a couple conclusion that I could be a skin walker? Or werewolf. And then I thought I was switched at birth some how cuase I was in a nursy when I was born it was like one of the last year’s that hospitals had nursy. I’m still young and I’m looking for awnsers. Lately my instincts kill things with my mouth when I’m watching the nature channel or seeing a helpless animal like fish or lizards maybe even birds anything I don’t have a problem killing I want to kill like a dog gone mad. I don’t remember my arm hurting as much I do remember it feeling like really bad pens needles more like needles then pens. I’ve never fully shape shift but I’m scared to because I just don’t know whats gonna happen.

  31. Hi, this is my first comment so it might be kinda stupid. So, I was wondering how can you tell if you are a werewolf. Also same with genetics how can you tell plz help. Even though I like mythical creatures I don’t know much about werewolves as I would like.

  32. what age do werewolvs transform at and i have brown eyes but last night there was little brown in them and the rest was yellow am i a werewolf please reply.

    • As far as I’ve seen, there is no universal age in which all werewolves experience their first shift – although most will become aware of what they are capable of during or around the time of adolescence. But just as a fair piece of advice, confusion is almost guaranteed so let time be the test and the judge. Virtually any creature can change eye color under the right conditions, but at the early stages of a young werewolf’s realization s/he may be the only one that can judge where they stand. So it is ultimately up to you to determine if this is something you know deep down inside that you truly are what you suspect to be, or if you should let time show you more and allow you to decide. Also bear in mind that most werewolves (about 70% of the total population) do not show all stereotypical traits commonly attributed to werewolves, so the occurrence of someone on the internet being able to answer your question with the highest accuracy possible remains in very low chance.

  33. i think im a were wolf but im not sure. i hear voices and every time its a full moon i black out and wake up the next day with no clothes on. i am always very angry with my teachers at school and most of the football team. i always growl in my sleep and im pretty sure i imprinted on taylor lautner. i dont want my mom to find out im a werewolf but she is very suspicious of my howling in the night, i am always craving meat (if you know what i mean☺. i can hear really well and cant ever go in the public school bathroom because of the smell is so strong. and i am also very hairy. i have a hard time trusting my uncles due to the fact that they are bald. dogs love me even tho i have a constant urge to kill. i feel like i have a connection with the moon. my teeth are very sharp (my girlfriend likes it but i do not). i also need an alpha type to show me whats up.

  34. I think im a genetic werewolf, since from birth I have been really high, Im agressive and I personally want to learn more about that.

  35. I’m not going to explain the pain the pit of my stomach that I feel when I see sites like this. A curse is a curse…. But when the other half of yourself is ripped out and lock away till she is dead.. That curse is even worse. For those of you that are real? Revel in the soul that shares your body.. Because when it gone… You are just broken.

  36. I have been searching for a long time for a pack that wpuld be willing to accept me. For now i am human but that is another reason for looking for a pack. I know it is rare but i have been trying to join a pack that would be willing to change me and teach me. I am a quick learner and i will take any test necessary to be accepted. I understand if no one wants me since i am still a mere human but i can only hope that one will accept and change me. If so leave a comment and i will try to find a way to contact you.

  37. I’ve had visions as well, and dreams. I believe it was me in a past life in the 1700s, but someone from my bloodline. I’m not necessarily a werewolf but more like a hybrid, a Dhampir-wolf hybrid. I was a Dhampir-werewolf hybrid but then this werewolf who was a close friend of mine turned me, making me who I am now. Throughout my life I have gradually put the pieces together about all of it, my family history, and who I am, and am trying to find others like me. I’ve felt alone in this for so long. I’m a distant relative of Vlad Dracula. I was taught to hate werewolves, not knowing that Dracula was also half wolf. I read about it and watched a documentary. I eventually remembered a few times where I’d sort of turn, and then it all came together. I managed to turn two people, but I’m not sure how it’s been doing for them since they don’t practice their abilities. We were a hybrid pack but it ended up not working out. If there are any others out there feel free to message me.

  38. So 3 or 4 years ago in the middle of the night I got this really wierd feeling in my arms and legs coming from between my shoulder blades. It went on for a few minutes along with some shakes and being really warm, I think. This happened during the January full moon on the 4th and 5th. Afterwards i got really sensitive to touch (that makes 5 of 5 senses) especially my back. If touched there, it almost feels like it’s burning.

    Ever since, if i concentrate, i can call it back a little bit. Sometimes it will flash all over and my heart rate speeds up, my breathing slows almost to a stop and I get really tense. In the beginning, it would cause my bones to hurt.
    If I’m really active my bones hurt. No one has any idea why.

    My eyes are very sensitive to bright light (sunlight mostly)
    My ears can’t handle high pitched sounds or really loud bass
    Touch, smell and taste are bad, but not as debilitating as sight and hearing.

    The back thing almost feels like a second something
    I’ve had a few “wolf dreams”, but none recently. One particular dream was me talking to a female white wolf while a male black wolf sat to the side in the shadows. Me and the shewolf were in the moon light. They both seemed like the two parts of me ish. I’ve always had a thing for black and white, along with blue and gold. Gold especially.

    That seems like enough info.
    Please respond with idk what. Advice? A yes or no wolf?
    Any packs in FL? Still working on the account.

  39. I do not know if anyone will answer to this post, but I’m writing it any ways. ( I will not include gender)
    Every single week, for many years I dream of wolves. All of them involve a pack. We run, play, and hunt together. At first I was treated poorly. They nipped, growled and ignored me; but they allowed me to stay. Now I have earned a place amongst them. Unfortunately I feel separated. But that is not my reason for typing.
    In all of my dreams, wether it involved the pack or not, there is a black wolf. I have caught his interest and it is complicated. At first the black wolf was a loner that seemed to stalk the pack. Soon I realised I was the target. Our meetings will either be aggressive or passive. If the black wolf made the first move, I became furious. If I was the initiator, it will ignore me. Most of the time I felt haunted.
    Later the wolf joined the pack. Now it has become alpha. I admit that since the pack seems to thrive. What I do not like is that now I cannot ignore it and my agressive behavior is frowned upon. The black wolf’s interest in me has not gone away. In fact I feel it is stronger.
    What I do not understand is why the attention? Why would it not leave me alone? Who is it? I ask because it has personality. Symbols do not. The black wolf does. I am confused by this.
    (I am a white wolf)

  40. hmm… shifting didn’t hurt that much.. Didn’t feel the cracks but I felt like stretches and burning sensations… but not that hurt. I guess for other people too. It’s irritable, might cause insomnia. then I almost fainted and found my feet 1.5cm longer. Well I was surprised and bought new shoes.

    • Oops didn’t know I had a comment there. Generally face shape has changed, and my whole emotional state has changed. After shiftings some random parts of my body hurt and they change or grow. I wish I can control that, but won’t probably.

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