Genetic vs. Bitten

Although there are many kinds of werewolves and every werewolf is unique there are two main types of werewolves. Now I know that you are saying, “not everything can be dividing into two groups” to which I reply, there are two kinds of people in the world, those who think everything can be divided into two groups and those who don’t, but in this case it really is true and one of the most important ways that werewolves are classified is by how they became werewolves.

Did you get bitten by a werewolf or did you inherit the lycanthropy gene from one or both of your parents?

Bitten Werewolves

The basic premise of what a bitten werewolf actually is pretty easy to follow.

If you are bitten by a werewolf on the full moon then you will turn into a werewolf on the next full moon and then be forced to transform every lunar cycle for the rest of your life.

Bitten werewolves generally have a much more difficult time controlling their transformations than genetic werewolves do. Both resisting transforming during the full moon as well as attempting to transform at times when the moon is not full are very challenging things and most bitten werewolves spend years trying to master these abilities.

Genetic Werewolves

Genetic werewolves are a bit more complex and often harder to identify. The werewolf gene sometimes skips a generation or two so even if neither of your parents is an actual werewolf at least one of them carries a recessive gene that has been passed down your bloodline, possibly for centuries or even millennia.

Genetic werewolves generally have an easier time resisting transforming when the moon is full as well as an easier time initiating a transformation at other times. In spite of the easier time that genetic werewolves have controlling their transformations when they do transform their transformations are just as painful as their bitten werewolf cousins.

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    • :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
      Hey, I was wondering than if I were to be a genetic lycan, could it skip my parents and gone missing 2 generations.

      Because I am one, I had turned when I was 4 years old. So if you could reply back to me. And I am XXX years old so I was a baby when I first transformations of the full moon. I am in need of help.

      Thank You,
      Tatyanna B

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      • Hey I saw your comment I triggered it it skippe my perants and only got to me so I’m the onl werewolf in my family and they don’t know and I don’t tend to tell them either I’m only thirteen and I triggered it out of rage and anger Idk what to do at all…I’m scared…..about this I’ve know werewolves for ages but only found out that I’m one…and yeah

        • Oh yeah I forgot I loved wolves and had a dream about a past relitives and a black wolf beautiful wolf I never it bitten though and it runs through the family I’m the only one that got it

      • Please I’m only younge I don’t know anything about this stuff only that I’m a werewolf I searched it up an stuff Ik I triggered it I wanna know what x- thing I am and how to shape shift someone please help I’m only XXXX and scared

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        • hi I am knsaki I am also a pup I haven’t joined a clan yet no it is not my real name it is but a alias I am a very natural born werewolf unless I was bitten at a very young age for I never have known my real parents I cannot know if they were lycans but I am scared I try to suppress my transformations but I now get horrible stomach pains and feel as if I would run into the wild I could live being free plz help

          • someone plz help me, I think I might be a werewolf but don’t know how to make sure If I am. I’m not even a teen yet so I don’t think I’ll change until I’m older is this true. I wasn’t bitten but I think I’m genitic not sure though coz I can’t find any history on my family.

    • Hi my name is Chris and I just turned XXXX in April and I need help I’ve been going through some drastic changes like heightened senses , for some odd reason I can’t get electrocuted and I am having a gigantic growth spurt and I’ve been having the weird urge to bite into things my teeth have gotten Sharper and my eyes have changed color they keep getting a lighter color than they originally were I’m starting to get stronger and more muscled toned than I was it could have seething to do with the fact that my great grandmother was Native American but I don’t know can someone give me answers am I different what’s happening to me

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      • Oh and ILast night I had a strange dream. my dream was about Teen Wolf. I have discovered my uncle and everyone in my family has gained new werewolf powers but I don’t how .but it seems that it all started when we were goofing around walking on top of a roof and it was abandoned apartment complex with a galvanized roof . it was me Scott and styles. Scott ,Stiles , and I are walking looking for something but I can’t remember what. We kept on searching but eventually searching for this thing and as we kept on walking they disappeared . later on I decided to look for them with an actual pack of wolves . When we couldn’t find anything for hours a man came out of a white van and gave me groceries for my mom but each time I blinked he changed everything he had on changed . I said thank you nervously but I was way too focused on the task at hand to actually care . Later on my dog leads me to my uncles Flo where he has disappeared also. It was then I realized that he was killed . It was actually my uncle flow himself that killed wolf . then I discovered That uncle Flo ,DD ,John , and Robbie ,all of them were werewolves and they wanted me to join their pack. So they captured Scott and Stiles and . Uncle Flo temporarily took away Scoots power some how and demoted him back down to beta. Which was really weird because he was a beta with blue eyes himself . And I was the Alpha I stayed there because they couldn’t kill me I was their family ,but they tried to kill Scott and stiles . Luckily I helped them escape but I was captured instead . I tried my best to call them but nothing worked .

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  1. I was bitten by what I believe was a werewolf oct. 8. I am very scared, my bite is horrible and bloody red. I have cuts from its claws also. I have a high fever all the time now, 102.5°F and I dont know what to do. I dont know who to tell, what should I do! Is there someone to help.

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  2. I believe I am a born werewolf. I have loved wolves ever since I can remember and so does my aunt. Strang things happen. I am not going to be one of those people who just make up things; this is all 100% real.
    At night mostly, I get very angry sometimes. I sit up in my bed and I feel my neck and spine crack. I get a argue to go after people. I clam myself, but then I get massive head aches and the rage slowly comes back.
    I dream about wolves, Everytime I see myself as the same wolf; white with brown eyes. I see more wolves with me. I know them well in my dream, and it’s like I have never known anybody but them. In my dreams I feel safe and powerful.
    I can hear much better than most people. I can hear the buzzing sound of my phone getting charged. I can see shapes in the pitch black.
    Also I had some expiences with wolves. I have gone to zoos and wolf reasues. The wolves watch me, and only me. At a wolf presurve a pack of black wolves followed me back and forth in their inclosure. This may sound crazy, but it’s true.
    Do I transform into a werewolf at night but just don’t rember anything? Am I seeing my pack In my dreams? I need answers and can’t seem to find any. Help…

    • Nicole, the reason you feel as you know the wolves in the dreams you repeatedly have is because you do. That is your pack calling to you. As for your heighten senses that is the start of your full transformation. The anger you feel is because you are not with your pack and you can feel their influence yet you can not frolic with them. Next full moon you must howl to it, as it is your God. Unleash your power and allow the transformation to take over. If you don’t you will loose control and possibly harm some one you care about, this is why you need to channel your energy and pray to your God like the Christians do. Good luck young pup.

    • I too, also inherited the werewolf trait from my ancestors. I even have my own pack! I’m the alpha. I sometimes get visions of wolves near my house, or me being a wolf.

    • Dogs seem to go weird around me and wolves I have. Dreams about my wolf black and alone weird idk I would really like I here more

      • I’m a werewolf too I’m XXXX I’m a lone wolf though

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    • I can relate only haven’t had any dreams. If you find an answer to this comment please! I have also had my eyes change color, I feel drawn to the moon ever since I was able to remember, and for some reason I wake sometimes with bruises pulled muscles and scars I have no idea where they came from. Also wake up feeling like I hadn’t slept at all.

        • Your a werewolf you might hurt your family so you have to lock yourself in your room lock the widows if you have widows so you don’t get out and turn in your room till day but try to control yourself ok

    • i do to but the wolf was black they got killed but one of them lived
      but was heart so i help her in return i was a wolf i didt know what to do a nother wolf pack came the same guy tyred to kill them and killed a little boy and i heled the other get a way and that was it i wake up they had told me that they was looking for me that night

    • I agree, especially if the lycanthropic gene is an X-linked chromosome; males would thus be more susceptible since they only inherit one X chromosome and both recessive and lycanthropically dominant females would be common. Yes, I find it extremely interesting.

      • It’s a little bit more complex than that. It’s a Polygenetic trait. Parts are linked to X but also other sections are affected. Recessive gene = dormant. Dormant’s powers can be awakened in certain ways. Causing the rest of the traits to form. It’s actually one of the simpler genetic mods the old ones made.

          • Polygenic traits, traits controlled by multiple genes. Quantitative traits or having 3 sets of alleles for a characteristic. Skin color is polygenic. There are 6 genes responsible for this characteristic. BBBBBB = Very dark pigmentation where as bbbbbb = the opposite, very light pigmentation. All the other genotypes are intermediates of these combinations.

      • i dont know if i am a werewolf i havent felt like i changed but i had a strange dream about a wolf a it looked very real but i really dont know

      • ;-) i dont know if i am a werewolf i havent felt like i changed but i had a strange dream about a wolf a it looked very real but i really dont know

  3. i feel like i have a good connection with wolves. my mom always told me that i use to act like a dog and walk on my hands and knees when i was little. i don’t know if that means anything or if i was just weird.. i seriously cant stop thinking about werewolves and being one. i have dreams that i am one and im protecting the person i love. i just want to know if werewolves are real and if so .. im willing to be one.

  4. Being a Wolf isn’t about what you people think it is … We have hidden ourselves for a reason from the humans . we have a greater sense of purpose you could never imagine

  5. If you are a genetic werewolf does the gene become active at a certain age or some vague time period in the person’s life?
    (this will probably get that edit about not putting personal info like age here)

    • Well it begins around puberty due to the awakening of greater amounts of hormones in your system, there are two main hormones that activate it, testosterone and adrenaline, adrenaline is for dangerous situations but is also released when angry or hungry, meaning one’s emotions must be in control at all times. Testosterone makes one aggressive, defensive and for some reason makes one even more defensive of their home. Lycanthropy activates with your hormones rising.

  6. Outside of this discussion, but I forgot my password and I reset it a few times and I still can’t get into my account

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      • Hi, I don’t actually think that I am a wolf, although, I have always been very, very amazed by wolfs all my life, I dont dream about being in a pack or anything, nor have I ever changed. I had a breakdown last year and I was talking a load of jibba jabba outside the hospital at the end of all this rubbish I was talking, I just said as clear as day, that I am the white wolf and god sent me but I got corrupted and I felt a massive sense of relief like I never had experienced in my life, I had no idea wher it came from but felt so good to say it. I am a very aggressive person and feel like howling a lot of the time when I am angry,no matter wher I am, my mouth waters in supermarkets when I walk past the raw meat in the butcher’s section, I love dogs and can really get on there level, I am open minded enuf to realise that humans can’t be the only race on earth and I have been to many spiritual healers and I am a great believer in the spirit world etc, I have been in a bad place for over 10yrs as I am a targeted individual and I asked for guidance the other day and with in 10 seconds I had seen a huge wolf outside my house and then a different colourd wolf in my back garden stood upright, I had also had two other sightings in the weeks before, I am not sure if its my mental illness and wish full thinking due to my situation but I am mentally and physically, stronger then I ever have been. As I mentioned I am a individual, so please bare it in mind. Thanks

  7. Hey. I have a strong feeling that I may be a genetic wolf. Dogs follow me every where. I keep seeing these yellow eyes every where. At night I can get really angry at some things that I didn’t event know I was mad a bout. And there are these killer migraines. What do u think?

    • Is your house haunted you mite want to cleanse your home and your self but ask for a shelld of protecshtion first from the north to south east to west from top to bottem and on the inside and the out side with gods holy spirit in the center before you do anything.But it mite be a wolf spirit following you but the shelld non- the less. Hope this helpes. :lol:

  8. I have a question; I’m still unsure of this website or even existence [I believe, I hope it's all true- but I can't know for sure, not yet.] For genetic werewolves, do they turn when they come to be a certain age? Or would they have been turning their entire lives?

  9. I have always had dreams of wolves, since puberty i have also had bone and muscle aches and migraine headaches. I have a tendancy to growl and snarl, without thinking about it, i hate crowds and love the woods, specially at night. I cant shift or phase, am i a real wolf? my moms friend is a witch and says there is wolf blood on my dads side. how do i unlock it in myself?

  10. I know this will sound crazy but I wanna be one I wanna protect the people I live and care about I don’t need no more dead people in my life please contact me if you can help me

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      • Could you please help me as well? I’m new to everything and would love some advice and guidance. Especially from anyone in the New York area.

    • i need help figuring out my life i am a werewolf and i know it because every time im outside when the moon is full i feel ore at peace with myself im more powerful and i can hear everything around me phones cars people talking like just a couple of months ago i was at a friends house and we were playing video games the tv was louder thatn hell and i could hear his parents whispering two rooms away when i get angry or frustrated i tend to howl even when the moon is not full i can hear the wolves calling to from the mountain top when i dream i always get visions of being with my pack we run together and they care for me i have visions of what my wolf looks like grey with a shade of black i know i change because when i wake up i usually wake up outside somewhere or in my room with blood a scratch marks on me going all they way down my arm i cahnge but i want to change when i want to because i seem to be changing whenever i get really angry ill go to a little place and run free then i wake up in my room i just need help

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      • That same thing occurs to me too…but with me I usually wake up outside by this cave… The last full moon I finally went inside the cave and there were scratch marks all on the walls…idk if it was me but it doesn’t only look like its from one wolf…idk if I’m in a pack or not…. But I know that my grandad is one…I’ve seen him change in front if me so I wonder if it skipped my dad and came to me…

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  11. nobody hasnt seen a hybrid in awhile so i will create more of them they are the strongest so why not have the best of both worlds there must be more hybrids made

    • One they are not the strongest. Two If you haven’t seen one in a while then you don’t pay much attention for hybrids everywhere due to the us scattering and people actually bred with humans among other species.

  12. To let you know I am a Hybrid
    Half werewolf ,half Vampire
    You can not make hybrids
    It’s in their DNA
    unless you know a witch powerful enough to make a Hybid
    Then you can’t make one they are born
    NOT made
    Just so you know I’m not trying to sound mean in anyway
    I have nothing against you
    I just wanted to let you know that :smile:

  13. I am a werewolf and oddly I am XXXX and I don’t shift… Hopefully I do and lately my teeth have been feeling like they are growing and they been hurting lately too I don’t know it this is a shifting sign or not

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  14. I’m not sure what is going on with me. Since I was ten I’ve dreamt of a black wolf with green eyes. In one of those dreams when it started the wolf was a man and he saved me from some idiot that shot me. This wolf/man healed me. I’ve always had an obsession with wolves and I practice in witchcraft which is so natural threw my blood. Lately weird things have been happening. Dreams are getting more intense but then I can’t remember them. I’m drawn by scent to a certain person and every time I pick up that scent I feel like Im loosing a sense of control, I want so badly for her to bite me to make me bleed. She claims to be part of a pack and I’m not sure if this is real but lately like I said its been getting weird. I need some type of answers. I don’t know where to look to get them and at the same time I feel time for something is running out. Is shape shifting into a wolf in my blood? And where could I find the best knowledge on this subject?

        • i dont know if i am a werewolf i havent felt like i changed but i had a strange dream about a wolf a it looked very real but i really dont know

    • i had one dream that these people were turning into there wolf form and a dream i had before that dream i was in my school P.S 55 and i was following my friend up or down the stairs i dont remeber with way but i was going to go up or down the stairs i turned into a wolf

    • My friend I’ve had dreams about a girl ownin a black wolf until her father shot her wolf she craved revenge the black wolf returning my wolf was black with gold or brown eyes….no they were brown with gold in themI’ve been getting these symptoms and my teeth are like razors my eyes have gold in them that only I can see and other humans can just see its weird dogs go strange around me they sniff the air and go quiet backing off wolves I’m not sure i have
      To wait till I go to a zoo or something I’m scared cause I triggered it when I turned thirtee.n I am thirtee.n now I need help cause well I don’t know what to do

  15. I don’t know if I am a werewolf or not, my parents don’t really tell me anything about it and I havent really asked in case they think I’m crazy,, I’ve been getting really anger at the smallest things and ive been getting stronger, at school someone was sitting in my seat and I literally lifted them off my seat with one hand and I was amazed at how strong I was, and so were all my friends, Ive been getting angrier at school and Ive noticed my eyes are changing I don’t really know how to explain it, I done some quizzes and they’ve all said I’m a werewolf I’m nervous and scared, the other day I was with my friend and she told me my eyes look wolf like and Ive always been quite fond of wolves and I just don’t know what to do please help?!

    • -what age are you cuz you could be over 16 if you are than thats why your going through all this- -if you are 16 than you might turn on the full moon you gain power from- look go to home and go to one of the comments that say my name than you will know what to do when you gonna turn

      • I’m XXXX

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  16. Ummm.. I’ve went through puberty late I grew two inches the weirdest things happened to me idk what to do I don’t think I’m a werewolf but I have no other explanation I only came here cause I finally told my parents my problem and they said oh your a werewolf so idk if its possible but nothing happens on a full moon I notice weird stuff happens on a crescent moon my jaw locks my saliva increases and I have pain in my jaw I have like energy burst and a super craving for beef and its so bad that I get really uncomfortable and I’m in so much pain I’m tossing and turning in bed full of rage and my dad always seems to know what to do but Im also a blood whitch but I don’t practice that my ancestors do and I come from a line of taino Indians from both sides of my family so idk I also have pointy ears and my eyes change colors I’m not an attention seeker I’m just running out of options and this is my last resort I hope some one can help me out I’m desperate and I feel Like an out sider

      • So what do I do now it started last year and now I’m gonna be XXXX soon and I don’t recall turning but I always wake up with my bones and muscle hurting and I have a lot of nightmares of people in hoods trying to get me so if any one knows about that too please tell me

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        • when you turn tell your mom or dad that you feel sick cuz your sweating and your hot so they will think you are sick go to a woods near you or a park and you can turn in the woods in the park find a place that no one can see you and then you turn there but don’t scream very loud in pain k

          • Hey I am interested in becoming a werewolf I am human I always liked wolves and I just recently found out about there being real werewolves anyway you can help if you know away just contact me

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  17. To be honest, I’m not sure about typing this. I hate dogs. I’m a cat person, I own two cats. But…eh.
    I have ten years questioning myself about what I’m about to type. It’s quite complicated.
    The problem is that I’m not so sure about the supernatural. I have a lot of experiences, but I’m just going to stick to the wolf ones.
    Tens years ago in my dreams I was part of a wolf pack. For a month I dreamed about that pack three three times a week. What I experienced with them was amazing. After that month, my teacher appeared. She was my imaginary friend (I’m not sure) for six years. Her name was Silver and she was a wolf spirit made out of blue flames. She would teach me about being a wolf and controlling my transformation in my dreams; in the wakening world she taught me to be patient, kind, adaptable and calm. I could almost call her a guardian angel. In my dreams I am a white wolf. But sometimes I appeared as a spirit wolf made of golden light. I left my pack a long time ago in search of a forest hidden within a tundra of snow. I still dream myself as a wolf and it has been happening more often. I might know why, but I’m lost. These ten years are so complicated. There is too much. The only reason why I finally have to the courage to look things up is because in my dream a black werewolf told me to call him with a certain symbol. I’m not going to do it because I’m afraid to try anything strange.
    There is still a lot of information I withheld about my situation.

    • That she-wolf wasn’t your imaginary friend. She was real.
      Some dreams aren’t just a dream; some dreams are real, they show you who you are.
      When I was young, I started to study shamanism. I liked animals like Pangolins and Penguins. I thought that those are my animal spirits. I never thought at Wolves. Or that I am a werewolf.
      I found vampires beautiful… at that moment.
      Then a wolf appeared in my dreams… often and more often.
      He told me to come after him. I saw a pack then… he told me to look in every lake and every pond and every ocean I see in every dream when he came. And in every dream I saw myself a werewolf. At every end of the dream he told me: This is what you are.
      I didn’t controlled this dreams. You can’t control those dreams… who show you who you are.
      I will give you something to study. Please… read it carefully. Take time to read what I’ll give you.
      Read those two articles. And please study about astral projection.
      In shamanism, every animal is special. It isn’t a reason to hate an animal and to love another. Love them in the same measure.

      • While I appreciate your goals Therae I must warn you. undertaking such ritual without proper precaution can open the door to all kind of nasty things. I suggest working slowly. Also while simple shamanism can seem innocent, Demons can masquerade as friendly things or even dead loved ones.
        Proceed with caution if you do. And remember in the dream Every thought has power.

        • I know. I practice shamanism.
          You must have experience to realize which spirit is good or bad and where to find help from other spirit animals. :3
          I saw demons disguising in spirit animals. But is easy to recognize them if you have experience… with demons.

        • Mhm… I will explain you through my own experience.
          From when I had 14 – 15 years old… I started to dream a wolf… often and often… he guided me to a frozen lake in the north pole.
          I had this dream every night… at the very end of the dream the wolf told me: Look in the lake.
          When I saw myself in the lake, I saw the shadow of a very large wolf. And then he told me: This is what you are.
          He often appear in normal dreams…
          Once I dreamed that I was in a sailboat on a big river… and on side to side of the river it was a forest, and I saw the same wolf running there… he looked at the river and then at me… and then again at the river. I went at the edge of the sailboat and I looked in the river… I saw my shadow as a very large wolf.
          And then… the wolf that haunted my dreams told me: This is what you are.
          He came every night… especially when I was confused about what I am. He told me to look in a sea, river or lake… and I saw myself as a very large wolf. And at the every end of the dream he told me: This is what you are.
          This it means…

          • I gues i now have to share what has been happening to me..

            In recent weeks i am being “haunted” by dreams i never had before. They are not nightmares, and usualy i forget my dreams the same day i had em, however this particular one sticked.

            It starts when im in an cabin of sorts, 2 rooms, one room for me and for someone i care about, yet i have no clue who.

            Then an large black wolf with silver looking manes, apears at the door and tries to get in, to my own shock i open the door and the door slams me to the ground.

            As i fall i feel an intense pain in my right hand and the wolf rushes to the other room. I noticed at that point my hand is bleeding as i have been bitten. Moments later the wolf returns to me, its large black head covered in blood, and it bites my stomach taking some flesh off.

            The he starts licking the wound, the pain is so intense i black out.

            When i wake up i am running together with this same wolf next to me through the woods under a large full moon. I feel happy that i am running, and to my shock i realise i am now an wolf aswel, and i wake up covered in sweat.

            This dream sticked, i didnt forget it but from this point it starts to get wierd, in the following week and a half every dream i have this same wolf apears every single time, staring at me from an distance and getting closer every night.

            This wolf just never Spoke to me, and i have no clue what it could mean..

            Any ideas?

  18. Ok. I’m not sure if this site is true. But if it is and I really hope it is. I need someone who can turn me into a werewolf, I don’t believe I’m genetic. I want to be a werewolf. I would rather go through the pain of changing than live a normal life. So if you can help me turn contact me. Plz

  19. Therrea I would like to thank you for your comment. It has been a long time since I posted a comment. Since then I took your advice and it made me rethink a few things.
    I have tried to study shamanism a few years ago. The reason was because I had a strong connection to nature. I love to listen to the whispers of the wind. The problem was that I gave up very early because I was afraid.
    I also found it interesting when you mentioned astral projecting and lucid dreaming. My mother can already astral project. At first I didn’t believe her, until my siblings and I started to experience some strange things. I just never thought of trying it myself. I can already have lucid dreams. I have been doing since I was 6. I’ve learned to tell the difference between a normal dream and a premonition. Dreams are very important to me. They have told me so much and a lot of it has come true (to the point that it is scary).
    I am having problems contacting my animal spirit. Mostly because of fear. I am afraid of what it could be and what it will tell me. A few days ago I tried again. I withheld my fear and tried to relax. To tell you the truth, I did saw it. When it got close, I became aggressive. I had to control myself from trying to attack it. He just asked me one thing “Why are you hiding?” I knew what he meant, but my fear forbids me from explaining.
    I think you might be right about Silver. I’ve looked through this website. What I found was interesting. There might be a connection between Silver and the Turkic Myth. Another reason why I think Silver might have been real is because other spirits have contacted me both in this world and the dream world. There were four spirits: a young man, a black cat (who still hangs around and a has been seen by more than one person in my family), my grandma (I saw her in heaven), and death (who haunted me for a week! I was freaking out!) Dreams are important.

    I still feel lost. I don’t care if I am werewolf or not. I don’t even know if they are real. I just want to know why I have a connection to wolves. I have been pondering this problem for many years, but fear is holding me back. There are a lot a things I don’t want to admit to myself. If it is real, than all I have been through is not an illusion of the mind.

    • You welcome. If you started to practice shamanism, then you’re missing something. Werewolves are real… and sometimes… most of the powerful shamans have dragons as their spirit animals in which they can shapeshift. Look, I’ll give you something long to read… but I think you’ll like it very much… is about the 7 consciousness of a shaman… a shaman never stop to study, even when he is 60 years old. A true shaman potential is at 50 years old. It’s a long road. So I recommend you to read this:
      I’m on this path too… it’s a very… very long road, but is beautiful and full of satisfactions. Anyway, not everyone shall try it. Only the ones who have a Gift from God about spirits and especially animals spirits, and from what you tell me, I think you have it.
      Yes, dreams are important to me too.
      You can also read this book too… after you read that thing about shamanic consciousness:
      It’s about every shaman shall know, every step of astral projection.

  20. To be honest I came to this site by accident. I quickly clicked away. But for some reason it this site kept gnawing my mind all day. I decided to visit it again and explore its contents. I did this for about a week. The reason why I finally decided to put up a comment because to me it was time to investigate my connection to wolves. I may or may not be a werewolf and I don’t really care. I am not looking for power, just answers. I know that the possibility of finding them here is going to be slim, but it is still worth a try.
    At first wolves in my life were not important. I could care less about their life. I was more of a cat person. In fact I have two right now. I connected very well with cats. I even had the pleasure of being hired as a kitten sitter by one ( seriously, she just showed me to her kittens and left me to watch over them while she went hunting) and my siblings and I were astonished when our pet cat yelled at us to let it go. It used some sort of telekinesis. We heard her loud and clear. We will never forget that experience.
    At the age of twelve was when I started to get my wolf dreams. I found it strange because I never did anything that involved wolves. In my dreams I would appear as a white ordinary wolf. I would run, play, and hunt with the members of my pack. We did nothing strange. It felt like if I was living another life. As a wolf, I had no memory of being a human. The dreams were amazing. I had the dreams very often. They seem to follow time because I started as a pup, as the days passed I grew. The last dream I had with my pack was a few years ago.
    It was the middle of winter. Our alpha was leading us through the heavy drift to find new hunting grounds. Suddenly he stopped. He shifted his head, trying to listen to the strange sound that was heading towards. We waited in anticipation, wondering what we should do. He decided we stand our ground. It didn’t take long for whatever that was making that sound to approach. It was heading towards us in great speed. It was a strange creature that we have never encountered before. The light from the sky reflected off this beast. It rode upon the back of another beast we knew of. A beast that we hunted, but it also looked strange. We became scared and rushed back to the cover of the woods. My pack ran as far away as possible from the strange beasts. Once our alpha knew it was safe, we stopped and rested. He decided that it was best to go back to our old hunting ground. The rest agreed. Fear now guided their path. I disagreed. I split from my pack and decided to travel a head to find a new home. Two other members joined me and together we began our journey. I knew it was going to be tuff, but at least I was not going to be alone. Also the end of the journey would be worth the trouble.
    Then I woke up. The dream I had was not like the other wolf dreams. This dream was a foretelling. The strange creature was a hunter on horseback. A danger that will follow me. The two wolves that went with me are important. The grey male was to be my guide, the tawny brown female was to be my support. At the end they will become mates and create a strong pack. The unfortunate thing is that they will leave me half way through my journey. I do not know how it will end. It all depends on me.
    Even though the wolf pack dreams have ended. I am still a wolf in my dreams. I don’t want to be anything else. Not even a feline, even if I love them so much.

    I’m sorry if this comment is so long.

  21. I’m pretty sure I have some werewolf in me from both sides of my family. I have Native American on both sides, and my great-grandfather was adopted, so we don’t know for sure. But from what I’ve heard, I may have some in me. Is that possible? And if I am a genetic werewolf, how can I get the transformation to come?

  22. I’ve also had a lot of dreams about wolves and a pack. I’ve seen myself only in human form, but there was one dream where I saw a black wolf with me and my family. Does this mean anything? The dreams started happening when I was 11 or 12.

  23. Hello, I am new to all of this and would love some help from anyone willing to deal with me lol I would prefer help from the New York area but anyone willing to help me out would have my gratitude. Thank you :)

  24. Since I was a young child I’ve dreamt of grey-ish Wolves, with blue or brown eyes. I do believe it is my pack waiting and calling for me.
    When we went to the zoo the wolves there would look at me as if I was something. My parents told me I would always howl when a dog was in the house, the dog would run up and nuzzle me. I’m allergic to dogs, with asthma on top of that. I rarely eat in the mornings or at lunch as I’m more aggressive and hungry at night. I wonder as to why this is happening.

    I’m in the city and I’m unsure how I’m going to transform. I do get fevers and other symptoms. I’m not sure what is going to happen. I’m lost, confused.

    As of right now I stand in the lower ranks. I don’t have a pack, as I said, but I’m a rouge.

    If anyone could help me out, that would be awesome.


  25. idk if im a wolf I get mad around the time of new or full moons and i get realy tired around full moons I have never been bitten so it must be genetic probaly on my dad side and before u say it I cant ask hime hes dead btw sometimes I get mad for no reason and it feels like my fangs and nails grow not to mention I can see better than other people at night and when I get mad my strength almost doubles a few times ive blacked out from being mad btw this happened when I started puberty I was pretty timid as a kid and almost nothing could make me mad but now even the little things set me off and if I get mad enough I get a bad head ach and my body hurts a lot plz commet

  26. ive also had some nightmares recentaly there was this monster no it was a werewolf it ripped my friends and family apart it looked at me its eyes were made of fire and it roared it scared it felt like I knew the wolf and I woke up tramatized just thinkin about it is terrifying

  27. I had a dream that I turned into a white wolf with blue eyes I even sang with some random person who was being my mom first I was singing in human form alone and then my fake mom came in and started singing and then I got off the stage and turned in this dark corner and I went on stage in wolf form and I started singing with my fake mom by howling in a tune

        • Well it could be that you are a Singing Werewolf. And also I have some questions for you. Was the crowd scared, confused, or amazed? Were you nervous while you were singing in wolf form? If so, the crowd would be confused or worried.

          • um the crowd was amazed and I was not nervous I was pretty happy i was singing in wolf form I felt free at that moment when I was singing in wolf form but thats weird cuz leaf said I was a wild werewolf well I do like to sing a lot and when I’m in the bathroom and I feel board I start beat boxing trying to get the right music so I can start making up lyrics

          • Well that was just part of my dream there was more before that and after that but I can’t remember what was before that I only remember the ending and the singing part

  28. Hi. I think I might be a werewolf, so I’m looking for plausible evidence that they exist/info about them/help determining if I’m a werewolf. Thanks.

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

    • as per the first two things…look all around you, read through this site, but only you can convince yourself that werewolves exist. as for finding out if you are one BEFORE you’ve shifted…thats a bit tricky. as you can see, there are two basic types of werewolves, genetic and bitten, and if you dont have a mysterious bite wound you aquired last full moon, you probably aren’t a bitten werewolf. which leaves you to the possibility that you could be a genetic werewolf. in which case, dreams, rapid hair and nail growth, eyes changing color dramatically (Ex. dark brown to yellow) when your angry, stressed, ect., or unnatural strength when you dont work out. any of these can be hints worthy of recognition; however, its impossible to tell for sure until you expirience your initiation, aka your first shift.


    • You could be dreaming, then again, it could be real. You can also just be tired there are any possibilities.If you think it is real then tell me a little bit more about it like, did they start to take on the form of paws? On those nights was there a full moon? If you know the answers then plz tell me cause I just wanna help :)

      • It’s pretty much every night. But I’m awake, I’m aware of that, and they do look like paws after a short amount of time. Sometimes I see a paw behind my hand or one that looks like static.
        I can’t really see any fur colors because it’s dark. Also, are you aware of what happened after you transform? Or do you forget about what happened?

        • Well sometimes I remember but just a couple of days ago I was awake for a really long time. Before I went to sleep I looked out the window and saw what I think was a full moon and then I fell asleep. When I woke up my arms, legs, and muscles where so sore that I could barley move. It felt like I had been running around for hours. Btw thanks for telling me more about what has been happening it’s nice to talk to other weres :smile:

    • You could be dreaming, then again, it could be real. You can also just be tired there are any possibilities.If you think it is real then tell me a little bit more about it like, did they start to take on the form of paws? On those nights was there a full moon? If you know the answers then plz tell me cause I just wanna help.

    • it could…but i have the same thing, and i beleive its you seeing your aura…like seeing what you are before you become it…

      that also happens to me when i look into a mirror when the lights are off…


      • That will sometimes happen to me too, like one time I looked in the mirror in the middle of the night and saw my face was muzzled. It will just kinda happen tell me more if you wanna talk about it cause I might be some help.

        - Kate the wolf

  29. hey, im new to MLL…you might know me as Ravenwillow on SOS…anyway…

    i dont match any of the 12 clans here…anybody got any info on any other packs/clans…? or if you know of a type of wolf initiated under a solar eclipse??? in the dream where i first saw my wolf form and learned its name, i went outside later and saw what i think was a solar eclipse, and then there was the white wolf…but i wont get into that unless someone asks…any help is much appreciated.


    • no its fine…its just a long dream…

      it had started out with me in my bathroom and i was sweating and breathing hard while looking into the mirror. then this icy/electric-blue color spread through my eyes. the lights started flickering and in the breif moments of light i watched myself shift. then there was a long pause in the light and in the mirror i saw a black wolf with blue eyes. in my head i heard someone whisper the word ‘Nightshade’ and it stuck as my wolf name. the light flickered again and i returned to normal…then i heard a low growl coming from my hallway and peeked out the door. in the hall was a white wolf with sapphire blue eyes. it charged at me, using a zigzag manuever…i notices that when it moved it left a misty trail… it slamed into the door and got its muzzle and front paws through, but i managed to get it out of the way and close the door. i sat with my back against the door while it repeatedly rammed itself against it. then it went quiet and i stood and opened the door a little, nothing…then the wolf came running from the livingroom at the end of the hall. i was slow to react and when it hit the door, it knocked me backwards managing to regain his footing before me. he lunged and the last thing i saw in this part of the dream was his teeth sinking in to my left arm…the pain was real…

      as for the solar eclipse part…
      i went outside for some reason and looked around, my gaze fell on the moon (three lunar paths that were merging together…) when they moved into position i believe i saw a black tripple goddess symbol (representation of the new moon) just before i was forced to look away by a blinding light. the ground was unnaturally dark, with a red hue to the light. with my hand shielding my eyes i caught a glimpse of movement in my perepheral vision. i looked under the shadows of the trees in front of me and saw the white wolf’s eyes and heard its growl, then he left.

      however, later that week a friend of mine had a dream involving this wolf…
      we were at my locker after school and nobody was around, when its deep growl made us turn around. it was in front of the stairs and when he took another step foreword i stepped in to protect her. he lunged and i tackled my friend out of the way…he had dented the lockers where we had just been. she the told me that i had disappeared and the black wolf appeared in my place. i fought the white wolf to protect her…however i lost…he left a bad slash wound in my side. the white wolf left and i reappeared with the same wound the black wolf had aquired. my friend dragged me downstairs to the nurses office, it was night now and nobody was even here. she baracaded the door and brought me to one of the beds, laying me down. we found another one of my friends there, and friend1 had friend2 get her a needle and thread. she sewed me up. the white wolf appeared on the stairs and waited. when i began to come to (i had passed out) the wolf walked by the door and said “the one that lies within you”. by the time i had almost fully recovered he rammed the door down, top tipping over the barracade. it lunged at friend1 who brought her hands up to block and knocked him back with some kinda magick (her moms a witch). the three of us escaped the room and she doesn’t remember anything after that…but she doesn’t normally remember her dreams unless they’re important…


      • Ravenwillow well i don’t even know what kind of wolf I am again cuz of my dream and I can tell you about it if you want and help me a little just scroll up and you will find my dream comment I think my wolf form is a white wolf with blue eyes but in my dream I wasn’t myself I was in someone else body and I turn in my wolf form idk what kind of wolf I am now idk if I’m wild wolf or a singing wolf or just a different kind like you I also had the same form in a different dream where I was in my old school p.s55 and I was following a friend and he or she went to the stairs and idk if he or she went down the stairs or up I can’t remember well I was behind and I didn’t she him or her and I turned in to a white wolf with red eyes and I went the same way my friend went

      • I think one of my eyes are red cuz I can’t have one form with red eyes and another with blue eyes dont wolves have different forms but with the same color fur and eyes just there taller bigger

      • Thanks for talking about it that’s… That’s incredible. I mean maybe your dream ( or maybe it wasn’t a dream idk lol sorry ) wasn’t very cool to you but I’m sorry I just think that’s just amazing that this happened. Again thanks for the info and if I may I want to tell a story that has been recently happening to me. So these past few days I have been seeing a white wolf with what I think was brown eyes. Idk what kind of eyes they were because it has been watching me from the bushes near my house. I have also been having dreams where the white wolf shows me my pack and somehow I become alpha ( I can’t explain how because I don’t remember ) but do you think that white wolf is in my pack? Is it trying to show me what might be happening in the future or what my pack will be like? Every time I see the wolf I start to growl, even when my friends are around I just can’t help it. But every time I growl the white wolf just nods and silently runs off. So I have been getting a little use to the white wolf watching me and I kind of don’t want to get comfortable with it because it could like attack me. So any advise?

        • In rare cases wolf packs that have recently lost their alpha will gravitate to a new one. If you have shifted before and they came across you, its possible you were the perfect fit for the position… So they follow your lead. Growling is a warning, in your case it’s a warning to back off, so if you are the new alpha than it would make sense for the white wolf to head the warning submissively.

          I think my dream was amazing, but it bothers me that the white wolf was the only wolf to scare me in a dream. I used to think the wolf was trying to kill me…but now that I think about it, I think he was testing me for some reason.

          • Thanks for the advise, so just one more question. Do you think the white wolf will attack me for like a test or something? To show how strong I am? Should I get comfortable with the white wolf coming around? I hope I don’t have to worry about it because I got too much on my plate already. Also, ( here is a question for you ) why are you scared of the wolf in your dream but not scared of any other wolf that has been in your dreams or whatever? Do you think that wolf is your alpha in your pack or are you alpha? Sorry I just have a lot of questions. I didn’t mean to make this comment so long lol.

            • Also my friends usually refer to me as an alpha of there group, I have also always been the one to make the shots on what we are going to do. The boy I have a crush on is also referred to as an alpha, he is a werewolf too but doesn’t know it yet and I don’t know how to tell him. Lol any other advise?

              • on the wolf, just be cautious. for you, its just about people uncomfortable with leading. try to make him believe in the possibility of ww before you tell him he is one. be subtle about it though.

                and as per your question. i dont know, but i dont think hes my alpha…but like i said idk. ive never met the white wolf, but according to the time frame, i shift sometime in the next 2 years and then he shows up…so


                • Ok thanks I’ll start taking about ww when where alone like not about the website yet that’s way to soon, but just about how ww and witches and other stuff is real. Once he starts getting the idea that they do exist then I’ll start talking mostly about ww. When he is thinking about ww the most I’ll tell him. Think that’s a good plan? I’m only going to talk about it when where alone though because all of my friends besides one doesn’t no about my ww side. Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it!

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