Dyan Clan

Dyan Clan has reflecting & doubling powers that increase on a Blue Moon.

Your Moon: As a Dyan Werewolf, you draw special power from the Dyan Moon in June (Northern Hemisphere) and December (Southern Hemisphere), in the daylight and moonlight, in particular on the blue moon and in the proximity of reflective surfaces.

If you didn’t experience your first transformation beneath the Dyan Moon yet be prepared to experience a transformation ritual on your first Dyan Moon as a member of the Clan.

Human Form: Dyan Werewolves are curious, excitable, spontaneous, quick, affectionate, charismatic and very well-groomed. You make friends and allies very quickly but sometimes dissolve them just as quickly. You are likely an excellent, almost empathic communicator. Dyan wolves like you are almost never encountered alone. You always seem to have at least one friend or ally somewhere nearby.

Wolf Form: As a Dyan Werewolf you may have a streak of silver or blue fur and big, reflective golden eyes.

Hybrid Form: As an experienced Dyan Werewolf with clan training and right secret tricks, you can learn to channel many different wolf-human hybrid forms. However these forms can be highly unpredictable, sometimes lasting for mere seconds and others for months or even years! Not to mention the documented phenomenon of unwanted mirror forms.

You can read about the Dyan Wolf experience of unwanted mirror forms here.

Habits & Customs: A Dyan Werewolf likes mirrors and glass. Not because you are vain – on the contrary you are not vain. Dyans just find them very useful for channeling their powers. As a result, Dyan werewolves decorate their surroundings and their person with objects made of mirrors and glass.

As a Dyan Werewolf, it’s said that you can trigger and control your transformations with the use of a special mirror backed with silver. Rumor has that should these mirrors break into an even number of pieces, the Dyan Werewolf can transform into two or even more wolves, all clones of each other but with their own distinct personalities.

Dyan Werewolves love peas in the pod and corn on the cob.

Social Structure: Dyan Clan prefers to make their cribs in big cities where there is an abundance of reflective surfaces. They prefer to hunt and travel in pairs or in groups that are multiples of two. Dyan Werewolves are very likely to pair up with another Dyan and combine both their human and wolf lives.

Allies: Dyan Werewolves are able to communicate with many aliens, owing to their unique mix of communication skills and empathy. While they can by no means summon aliens at will, if an alien happens to be touring the area, a Dyan Werewolf can usually make contact.

Powers: As a Dyan Wolf you will be able to use your Dyan powers in different ways depending in part on your choices, including your choice of Alliance and Mythos. These powers will be amplified on months with two moons.

Dyan Werewolves may choose between Akasha and Pyros Alliance.

When challenged, Dyan Werewolves draw power from the South and at noon and fighting in a densely populated urban setting.

268 thoughts on “Dyan Clan

  1. My jaw hurts so much, and recently I’m able to feel everything move in my body. Like if I walk I notice it and I tend to stare at my legs as I walk. I’m always howling when I’m alone or when I’m in my room. Sometimes I want to chase squirrels and I want to hunt

  2. I feel this is the closest to myself. June is my birth month. I’m troubled. I am XXXX, and I haven’t had my phantom shift yet. I’m drawn to many things, but they never seem to succeed in making me shift. Am I just not ready, or is something wrong with me? I’m beginning to worry.

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  3. My wolf comrades is there a reason to why we can’t transform? I always feel the urge to run through a forest but I stop and think about my family and what if I get lost? what do you suggest guys?

  4. Can someone help me? I did a werewolf spell about a month ago and at first the side effects where pretty slow. I only got really mad sometimes, I didn’t really crave meat, and I only went outside sometimes when it was pretty nice out. ( Some of the side effects that where in the spell ) Then a month later every single side effect started happening to me. My teeth became sharper, I felt like I had to constantly run on my hands and knees, all I wanted to do was eat meat, and I got mad at ever little thing! Literally, today I think I almost had my first transformation! My cousins started hurting me and I got so mad I got on my hands and knees and then I started growling and baring my teeth. Later today my cousins told me that my teeth looked like they where dog teeth, and that my ears had started to get pointy. I’m just happy that I calmed down before I got too mad. So can someone help me cause I’m pretty sure I’m a werewolf nad I’m kinda new to all this stuff.

  5. No doubt, I am a Dyan werewolf. My whole family is, actually! I see quite a few of my fellow Lycans are unsure whether you are a Dyan werewolf or not. Well, if you need to find an answer, there’s a genetically bitten Dyan wolf right here!

  6. I need help. I don’t know if I’m a Frost wolf or Dyan Wolf. I don’t really know anymore. I consider my self an introvert, and so do my friends. I have many, but I only have one best friend. I also think I’m creative, more or less, on the reading-type side. I write, it’s somewhat my special talent. So… If anyone could help me, that would be great.

  7. I need help my anger I can’t control it I find myselfe howling my bones and teeth hurt so bad I don’t know what to do I’m scared

  8. Anyone in Tennessee I need to find a pack my roommates keeps picking battles over stupid things more and more order to keep calm I have to go like 30 minute into the woods every day. They make me have physical symptoms last night I almost shifted but LuckilyI did not. I need tips on controlling this new anger at this intensity and I need to find a pack.

    • sometimes the best thing is just to go outside and try to release that anger SAFELY! you don’t want your roommate to get hurt. try to ask them to be a little bit less harsh (in a very polite manner).

  9. I pray to 4 ghosts and friends with domestic dogs and under a mental disorder, audtisim.i tend Rome in the woods, wats wrong with me?!

  10. Yeah I feel like running through a forest bare foot for some reason and I tend to look at my self in the mirror longer than I should

  11. I shifted when i was five. Dad said it was just a bad dream and that the pains i was having were normal growing pains and said not to tell my mom that she would worry (they were seperated) The pain was excruciating. Felt like my ribs were breaking. Mom left when i was 8 so i didnt get to really know her till i was 14 and seen her. I had started messing with spells didnt know a lot about my family history. Dad was always obsessed with wolves and stayed away from home a lot says certain things about our indian heritage. My mom well shes a whole other story not a wolf side at all, but says my great great great greats were indian princess and medicine man. It so confusing.Anyway im here for help and ill anwser whatever you want to know. I just hope you are capable of helping me. I really need an adult that understands an adult.

    The website would not let me register to email anyone to ask for help

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