Dragon Clan

Your Moon: As a Dragon Werewolf you draw max power from the Dragon Moon in May (Northern Hemisphere) and November (Southern Hemisphere).

As a Dragon Wolf you will likely experience your first transformation when the Dragon Moon is at its height. Or if you are lucky and they find you in time, a Dragon Clan may locate and initiate you on the Dragon Moon when your the time is right. Some say this ritual involves the involvement of real dragons, but this is remains a closely guarded secret and cannot be confirmed or denied here.

Human Form: You are known for being strong and confident, a leader who is both talkative and fast, a result of a mysterious deal your clan made with the Dragons centuries ago.

In human form, you Dragon Clan are usually a gregarious bunch and tend to have a lot of friends and may be known for your bright eyes and constant conversation. Most Dragon Werewolves love spicy food and they tend to drink a lot of milk and chocolate milk post-Moon to counteract the effect of the breathing fire in wolf form and also to prevent unwanted transformations. As a result, you may often have a sore throat and a hoarse voice.

Wolf Form: As a Dragon Werewolf in wolf form, your eyes will likely be orange when you are relaxed and bright red when you are challenged. Because of your ancient deal with Dragon kind,  you will have extremely strong jaws and teeth you can use to transform certain rocks and plants into fire by chewing them. This enables you to spit fire in battle. almost like a dragon.

Your claws are made of a flinty material that glows red and gives you the ability to draw sparks from rock. Nobody knows yet if Dragon Wolves can actually grow wings and learn to fly or if it is just a myth but that doesn’t stop everyone from checking.

Hybrid Form: As a trained and experienced Dragon Werewolf you can learn how to achieve a few hybrid forms that suit you using certain clan secrets. However many of these secrets are said depend on the use of a flame or a spark which can make them more difficult to achieve at some times than others.

Habits & Customs: When Dragon Werewolves return to human form, they do it in a ball of fire. Understandably, this can be tricky. Luckily you can learn to control this through your use of lava rocks.

However even the most experienced Dragon Werewolf will experience singed hair and missing eyebrows in their lifetime, the result of an unexpected firey transformations.

Dragon Werewolves sometimes use dragon tattoos and red fingernails to signal their secret identities.

Social Structure: Dragon Clan members like you usually prefer to move and hunt alone or in small groups up to a maximum of four. Any more than that is too many alphas! Most members of Dragon Clan make their cribs in caves in hot and geologically active areas ie: near volcanoes and areas of geothermal activity.

Allies: Dragon Werewolves are long time friends of the Dragons. Some believe this explains the origin of their powers, that a Dragon Werewolf once helped a Draconian who granted him dragon powers as a reward.

Powers: As a Dragon Werewolf, you will be able to use your dragon powers in different ways depending in part on your choices, including your choice of Alliance and Mythos.

Dragon Werewolves may choose between Metallos and Pyros Alliance.

As a Dragon Werewolf when you are challenged, you can draw power from the East, mid-morning and by fighting in geologically active areas.

218 thoughts on “Dragon Clan

    • Sorry. It’s impossible. Wanna know why?
      1.) You need to be born with it
      2.) It’s mental. You mentally become a wolf
      3.) It’s annoying at times
      4.) Theres no possible way
      5.) Who the f will come to whatever place you live in and ‘turn you into a werewolf’
      6.) You can’t even spell it correctly
      My job is done. Good damn bye. :!: :lol: :roll: :x ;-) :twisted: :shock: :smile:

      • Its possible I think but a new kind has risen in and turned me in my sleep I’m experiencing rage on every full moon I’m faster and I’m hungry all the time for meat my bones hurt my teeth hurt and I just want to bite everyone I see

  1. I’m a hybrid of Phoenix and Wolfdragon and I haven’t even shifted yet. I’m XXXXX years old. ;)

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  2. Im a dragon werewolf, i first shifted about two years ago during the first year i joined a small pack of seven wolves, i quickly rose up the ranks becoming the alpha’s right hand man. On a hunt one day we were betrayed one of our beta’s killed the alpha not known to us it was him i kept him in our ranks as i ascended to alpha, however this was temporary as he and two others had planned to take over, they pinned my alpahs murder on me and made me an omega, a lone wolf, im looking for a pack to join to get revenge on those bastards

    • I have a pack that is looking to recruit me, Anthony, add me: “Taylor MF Red”, I am not sure what clan they are but i have been hinted it as Dragon. i confused this information with the chinese zodiac though i now know what my friend meant by “I am a Dragon”

    • How do you transform?? I havnt shifted and Idk if Im even a werewolf… what are the signs?? I have this bloodlust and headache that gets worse and worse and I really wanna act on it but idk what to do

    • I’m so sorry for your loss, is it ok that whichever pack he joins I join too? I want to learn how to shift, and to control my powers

  3. It is so hard to have your mouth always dry…..I wish I was some other kind of werewolf….. I am also an omega because there are no wolfs around here … I have never been in a pack but the place that I live in is my territory and I protect it… So the only problem is not being able to sleep at night because my dry throat is literally burning like hell.

  4. Hi guys …. If i am on the right site then u guys can be very helpful …….i will go staright into the matter……..listen being of the dragon clan……your guides and witches must be knowing about dragons…….all i want is to be a weredragon…..i know some believe they do not exist…..i don’t know if they are or they r not but if they do not …..i think it is the time to bring them back…….the supernatural world needa a change …….i want to give it one…….if any witch or druid or anyone can help me…..please do…..9953055145 ph. No.

    • Please stop with the unnessesary ……. in between each sentence. I will explain this all. Being a weredragon, being anything that can shift is mental. It’s impossible to shift. Anyways, I’m your mind, mentally you become it. Age has no part but it’s normally when you reach normal puberty. Let’s not get into hat, tho.

    • Us weredragons very much exist, I’ve never personally shifted but I am a weredragon, I have first person dreams where my scales are a pure snow white color with a black streak going down my back that breaks off at my wings and go down my wing bones with a beautiful pattern on my face

  5. Hi. I want to join the dragon clan if possible. I don’t know the age to join but of any members see this and live in Philadelphia, New Jersey or New York. Please reply and maybe we can exchange information. Thanks????????????

  6. Hi. I am an XXXX year old girl, and I have a question, well, multiple questions. 1.) Is there proof your actually a dragon wolf thingy? 2.) Is there a test 3.) Anyone in a pack that I could join

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

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