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“My Lupine Life” By Louis Pine

My name is Louis and I’ve always suspected that I’m a werewolf. A genetic werewolf on my dad’s side. Of course when I finally told everybody my theory, they didn’t believe it. Not my family. Not even my best friend Mauricio. So what could I do? I had to prove it. That’s why I made these videos.


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Episode 01 – Crib Notes
After a hard day of lycanthropy tests, Mauricio and I go check out an old werewolf crib I found in the woods.

Episode 02 – Were’s Mauricio?
Looks like I’m not the only lycanthrope here. All I’m saying is Mauricio should not have wandered off in the woods.

Episode 03 – Werewolf Intervention
It’s an old fashioned werewolf intervention, complete with colloidal silver (I made it myself) and sterile bandages. Unfortunately my neighbor Sydney wants to help.

Episode 04 – The First 48
Acquired lycanthropy can be cured in the first 48 hours post-bite, any genetic lycanthrope knows that. Now if I can just convince Mauricio.

Episode 05 – Stage Two
Great. Mauricio’s still mad at me even though I cured him and now Sydney wants to be my keeper. What next? Oh yeah, the full moon is coming…

Episode 06 – Cribbing
Full moon fever, Part I.

Episode 07 – Keep On Keeping On
Hey! It’s that guy from the Internet, Seth On Survival. Turns out he was reading my messages too.

Episode 08 – Were Dad?
My mom is pretty mad at me for staying out all night.

Episode 09 – Uncle Lincoln
My mom called in my dad’s identical twin brother Uncle Lincoln to straighten me out. Yeesh. What is that thing he gave me????

Episode 10 – The Cure
Well it’s official. The results are in and I am cured. Definitely cured.

Episode 11 – Dragon Moon Part I
Did I say there’s no such thing as a Dragon Moon? See for yourself.

Episode 12 – Dragon Moon Part II

Episode 13 – Dragon Moon Part III
Is that really me? And what’s happened to her?

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175 thoughts on “Werewolf Videos

  1. Guys don’t you know Louis pine went missing. Well…that’s what is said on SOS….but it said that he went missing. I am pretty sure I know how/why he went missing cause he turned to a werewolf and is now living a werewolf life. I am not sure if he will make more videos

  2. This is so intesting. And this kinda of reminds me of my and my best friend, she’s a vampire and a werewolf. We both hate yet really care for each other. I want to know of there’s more episodes so I can see maybe I this can help with me and my friends’ relationship.

  3. inea dosta fresh and brood inesh caitaru ishven we drache , we lycaon ren bush kata(we shall crave flesh and blood because we are dragon wolves)you guys do know werewolves and vampires repel eachother’s scent it’s involuntary

  4. Hey guys I really want to be a werewolf I live in Alabama please help me if you can change me please reply.

    [Edited: Please do not post personal information like your full real name, birthday, age, address (state or country is okay but not town or city) or email. This rule is for your safety. Thanks.]

    • I agree doesn’t it make you want a well I can’t say it’s to graphic but they do need more episodes like now otherwise grrrrrrrrrr !!!!

  5. louis we need to talk,

    your uncle is in PA, he is homeless and he is the one who bit me… I saw him change a week ago.so would that make us related some jow

  6. Sarlapaiam melogana ye edua o ye dua, immortalian limograma sampaluim mo gansghi Brahmadeune oh mana shiva em paran chaoge fenruma limograma ye edua o yedua Vishnadenama immortalian fenruma

    • I hope he comes back cause if v girl does the episodes they won’t be as good. Let’s just hope he comes back. :shock: :sad: :cry: :| :smile:

  7. Louis and vampire girl make more episodes now cause I love them I can’t live without them their my life I can’t get enough I’m addicted I watch them over and over again. Also I so want be a werewolf oh and does it really hurt that much to turn cause so what if it hurts it’s okay just make more episodes kk so love them . ;-) <- just for you

  8. I forgot exactly were on here I read that the episodes can’t go on unless Louis pine comes back so if anyone can give me his age color of fur weight and a guess on how many deaths he’s made its cause I have a werewolf locator it can locate him that’s if your still looking for him. Any way contact me by replying to this message thank you ;-) :| :x :twisted: :sad: :smile: :shock: :roll: :oops: :razz: :mrgreen: :o :lol: :grin: :cry: :evil: :cool: :?:

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email or your location. Thanks.

  9. We’ll basically I’m like Louis ima genitic werewolf from my dad’s side and my friends keep calling me a dog cause of my ears and I get angry fast . I feel like I’m gonna transform cause I feel my bones morphing but I try my best not to transform cause I don’t like killing people

  10. Hi guys it’s me again well I was not a werewolf I thought I was a werewolf and I was not so I’m going to do a werewolf spell and I hope it works if not I’m going to do a ritual that is going to turn me in to a werewolf

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