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“My Lupine Life” By Louis Pine

My name is Louis and I’ve always suspected that I’m a werewolf. A genetic werewolf on my dad’s side. Of course when I finally told everybody my theory, they didn’t believe it. Not my family. Not even my best friend Mauricio. So what could I do? I had to prove it. That’s why I made these videos.


Play all 13 episodes in order! (this Playlist only works on a Mac or PC. If you have an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone then please watch individual episodes below)

Episode 01 – Crib Notes
After a hard day of lycanthropy tests, Mauricio and I go check out an old werewolf crib I found in the woods.

Episode 02 – Were’s Mauricio?
Looks like I’m not the only lycanthrope here. All I’m saying is Mauricio should not have wandered off in the woods.

Episode 03 – Werewolf Intervention
It’s an old fashioned werewolf intervention, complete with colloidal silver (I made it myself) and sterile bandages. Unfortunately my neighbor Sydney wants to help.

Episode 04 – The First 48
Acquired lycanthropy can be cured in the first 48 hours post-bite, any genetic lycanthrope knows that. Now if I can just convince Mauricio.

Episode 05 – Stage Two
Great. Mauricio’s still mad at me even though I cured him and now Sydney wants to be my keeper. What next? Oh yeah, the full moon is coming…

Episode 06 – Cribbing
Full moon fever, Part I.

Episode 07 – Keep On Keeping On
Hey! It’s that guy from the Internet, Seth On Survival. Turns out he was reading my messages too.

Episode 08 – Were Dad?
My mom is pretty mad at me for staying out all night.

Episode 09 – Uncle Lincoln
My mom called in my dad’s identical twin brother Uncle Lincoln to straighten me out. Yeesh. What is that thing he gave me????

Episode 10 – The Cure
Well it’s official. The results are in and I am cured. Definitely cured.

Episode 11 – Dragon Moon Part I
Did I say there’s no such thing as a Dragon Moon? See for yourself.

Episode 12 – Dragon Moon Part II

Episode 13 – Dragon Moon Part III
Is that really me? And what’s happened to her?

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194 thoughts on “Werewolf Videos

  1. Hi i am a filipino.. I have friends here that talks a lot of creature and they tell me that i’m one of them that have.. like lizards name Yohan.. Vampire name Fury, Carmilla, etc, they say i have one too but not vampire like them.. they say a Wolf.. they always talk about if they are travelling in Trans? Trance? Sorry , i dont know whats the right spelling.. when theyre bitten me, i leaves only 2 marks of blood.. and it makes me feel scary..

      • I agree. My friends are saying that I act different and at lunch, I don’t eat the rest of my food. And also I don’t sleep as much. I say to my mom that I’m not tired yet. I don’t know yet what I look like. I am searching up more and more anime wolf pictures that look like me, but none of them look like me as much. I am part of the Parnham family. I moved away from my dad, because my mom thinks he’s a smart a**. I am worried about him already and I don’t know what he looks like. I am picturing him in wolf form eating the opussom my grandpa threw out in my yard. I am worried that he’s fighting against vampires. It gives me nightmares…

        • I’m sorry your father was like that.

          I as well don’t eat at lunch. And I tend to curl up at night. I don’t sleep, like at all. My friends, like yours, say I act differently.

        • not to anger you if you get on but… why… are you.. serching.. anime.. wolfs…..
          i mean.. dont wo turn to real and not anime… sorry.. i just cant pic anime as a real life thing o-o

  2. I love these videos, I’m a huge fantasy fan, but didn’t know there was a lot of history behind werewolves. I’m not sure if I think this is real or not, but either way, my perspective on werewolves are wide open! ya got me hooked for sure! Thanks for sharing these awesome vids, now i might wanna go researching them more, but if they are real, be careful, people ain’t afraid to turn them in as prizes when they hunt :l

  3. Not all Werewolves are the same for as varied as humans are Werewolves also vary in when they change and what sets off their ability to change. For some its food, for others its feelings,for others it can even be very particular things that may take place during the Lunar Calendar Year. All stuff you should take the time to learn Louis Pine.

    • Dark moon.. right now… im not seeinga gift.. who knows.. perhaps.. it may not be so bad.. but untell then… im… freeking…. out…. also….. can you help me plz……. :cry:

  4. I think I’m a genetic werewolf. I think it’s a heritage from my father’s family side. Both me, my father, my grandfather and my brother have a somewhat wolfish appearance. My grandfather sometimes even bark when he’s happy! We are also very quick to anger. Sometimes, when my father and/or brother are angry, they have that animalistic look in their eyes and I’m very often scared that they would change in big angry wolves and tore me apart. But I don’t suspect that my grandfather and father are true werewolves. They don’t believe in them. But my brother and I are somewhat different. When my brother is angry he growls. He’s very fast, sometimes faster than me and he’s seven. Yesterday I found a Lego brick. I know that my brother played with it in the morning but that was seven hours ago and I can still smell his scent on that brick! I was really scared what was happening to me. Tonight is the full moon. I’ll see what will happen. But my parents don’t know about it and I don’t want to hurt them. What should I do?

  5. some are iffy yet again… i am a new… pup.. or.. new werewolf.. im not ginetic.. but.. i was bit.. last week..
    and i am geting the sideeffects.. it started when iw as camping.. in winter couse i like winter..
    any way i was on my own at it was night time i have to.. use a bush.. any way.. when i got out side i herd a growl.. a big….. wolf…… eyes were kinda witha redish brown glow.. my battery died and the wolf attacked.. my arm.. my friend was there and she grabed a stik light it on fite with the camp fire and we excaped..
    sence then.. all weard and pain full things been going on.. worse part is.. idk… what… werewolf.. i am :cry:

    • not to mention.. the howling started the growling and barking even runing on al 4rs.. IDK ANYMORE D: ALL I KNOW IF THIS IS NOT normal.. and….. the… speed the bite heald … that w as scary……

  6. ok… not gonna lie.. i did do the twilight spell befor the bite BUT STILL GETING BIT BY ONE HURTS O_O i mean ya i wanted to be one but this.. IS CREEPY.. all the werewolfs out there dont explan.. pain.. and creepy DREAMS SUCH AS ONE MIN HUMAN NEXT RAMPAGING WOLF.. in dream or one i had a tail growing… so reolistic o-o IDK IF THERES ANY OTHER WEREWOLFS PLZ I NEED HELP BE FOR THE 2-3 WEEKS ARE OPEVER AS IN HOW I CONTROLE HOW I TURN BACK AND STUFF LIKE THAT! IM FREEKING OUT I HAVE BULLYS THAT GET ME MAD D: THE LAST THING I WANT IS TO DO BAD!!!!!!!! :evil: :cry:

  7. Please help me. I’ve tested MANY spells through the years and I’ve became a spiritual werewolf. But i can’t turn physicaly. Can you help me?!

  8. I’ve always found the supernatural most interesting, but could never find proof. I would like nothing more than to know what people speak of regarding supernatural creatures are indeed real , but how can you believe if not seen with your own eyes.

    • Proof is not needed for me I am a Draconian as in I shift into a dragon, so If I shift into a Dragon why would i need to see proof that the werewolves can shift to. I think that would be pointless for me, However you must be human so let me put it this way, you do not see the air around you yet you believe it is there, if i told you your friends were just your imagination and they are only alive when you think or are around them you would not believe that because thats a load of bull.

  9. Hi sadly i am not a werewolf but i was hoping i could learn some things for a friend of mine. is there anything she should know??

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