20 thoughts on “My Lupine Life

  1. omg LOUI UR SO AWESOME I TRUELY BELIEVE UR A WEREWOLF I mean like I wish I was one but I open my window and always sleep under the full moon light but never worked for me I wish I had a friend to scan me as one but maybe my age. maybe when I get older I might be one my grandpa was one I never thought it but he was. I watch ur videos all the time and I love it!

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  2. The dragon moon is real once the dragon moon known as the new moon always go to a forest or something where u might cant escape and don’t hurt ppl. then make sure u have a buddy u can trust to help u if u change during the day by anger or something grab a trust worthy friend to grab wolfsbane to make u smell it and it could make u stay human but not at night. You can do everything as a were just becarefull behind ur back u never know who might know what u r and could kill you.

  3. Well not a lot of werewolves transform every night. And plus: What did his uncle gave him?! That looked discusting! When I saw the episode, I was grossed out when is uncle gave him it! I was wondering what that was! Maybe he should throw it away!

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