Secret Moonlight Meeting of Oak Werewolves and Faeries

Oak Werewolves and Faeries meet in the forest on the full moon.

The full Oak Moon tonight is a very special and dangerous time for Oak Werewolves. If you are an Oak Werewolf, you will be asked to journey to a certain tree, deep in the forest for a very special moonlight meeting. A meeting in the deepest, darkest part of the woods between Oak Werewolves and the faery folk who work together to preserve a magic flame.

For an Oak Werewolf like you, it will all begin with a secret signal from the faery tree. Remember that strange bracelet or keychain you have? It is probably made of wood or else it has a tree on it and maybe looks something like this one?

Oak Werewolves have an object or talisman like this one to help them.

Well can you remember where it came from? You can try to remember but chances are you can’t remember their face. Because it is a faery talisman that is given to Oak Werewolves like you. It is a very powerful talisman that gives you special powers, along with special responsibilities.

One Oak Moon like this one, the talisman will begin to glow with a signal from the faery tree.

Don’t be afraid when it starts to glow. As the moon waxes bigger and bigger in the sky above, the signal will grow stronger and your oak pendant will glow brighter.

This signal is from the faery tree telling the Oak Werewolves where to meet. You must travel to the meeting tree. You will run wolf at night and sleep in human form during the day.

As an Oak Werewolf, you must learn very quickly how to identify the best trees for sleeping before the sun rises. They may look small and cramped from the outside but if you can find the entrance, marked by a certain knot before the sun comes up, you will find a place inside that is better than the best hotel room in the world! There will be a warm hammock and all the hot chocolate you can drink. And in the morning you can have pancakes with tree syrup, the most delicious and filling breakfast you can have at this time of year. But no sleeping in! Remember you must get to the tree before midnight on the second night of the full moon. That’s when the secret meeting begins.

As you get closer and closer to the secret tree, your talisman will glow brighter and burn with a kind of cold heat on your skin. Don’t be afraid, this just means you are on the right path.

You will know that you have arrived when you see the biggest, oldest tree in the forest, full of faeries behind every branch, who wait for you with glowing eyes and shifting faces. Don’t be afraid of them. They can’t leave the tree. And besides, they are more afraid of you than you are of them. Faeries are terrified of werewolves. But they made this deal with your clan because you are the only beings on earth they will trust to help keep the flame of their warring world alive.

As an Oak Werewolf, you don’t help the faery realm alive because the faeries give you special powers. Although they do give you special powers. Powers you can channel with your talisman. But that’s not why you help them. You help them because you know that if their world is lost to the forces of cold and darkness, then our world will fall soon after.

One last thing. If you are a new werewolf and you have never made the Oak Moon journey before, you must not try to to it alone. You will never make it. You will get lost in the woods or freeze to death trying to find a warm tree to sleep in. You must make your first Oak Moon journey with an experience Oak Werewolf who will bring you on the moon of your first transformation. If you haven’t made the journey yet, be patient. It won’t be long!

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  1. Am i a werewolf i dream about a white one and talked to me my dad talked to me about the moon and i am strong when people bother me i feel the madness in my heart and when i am mad i have to inhale and exhale

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