Powerful Ice Moon Makes Halos

Ice Clans Celebrate Powerful Ice Moon

When the moon glows with an ice halo like this one last night, Ice Werewolves everywhere glow with its power.IceMoon

If you are an Ice Werewolf then you know about the ice halo that forms around your moon and even around your person this month. It grows stronger and more visible as your moon rises.

You catch glimpses of it in your reflection. It grows stronger and more visible as your moon rises.

Sometimes other people will see it too. They may even comment on it and you may worry about giving yourself away but you learn to let them think the source is your good health, or your pale skin maybe, or maybe even being in love.

By the time the Ice Moon is full though, everyone will be able to see your ice halo, as this UK news photographer did last night. Photographs make the ice halo especially visible. As a result, many Ice Werewolves tend to hide from snapshots during their moon.

But what is this ice halo exactly and what powers does it hold for the Ice Werewolf?

Ask one if you dare, but they probably won’t tell you. Certainly not everything. Ice Clan members are cool conversationalists at best and when it comes to their icy secrets they can be downright cold.

Only one thing you can be sure about and it’s this. When the world witnesses a powerful halo like this one on the Ice Moon, there will be many new Ice Werewolves glowing around the globe.

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  1. Given the opportunity to turn I would take it honestly looking for a cuase to serve as I’m just a wandering soldier with no war to fight

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