Of Wild Werewolves and Witches A Natural History

This is the true history of the Wild Werewolves and the Wood Witches. If you are seeing this then no doubt you are one of us but know that reading this binds you to an oath of secrecy. An oath that if broken will cost you no less than your life.

As Wild Werewolves we started out living deep in the forest with our wolf families, where we spend our whole childhood as regular wolf cubs, just part of a pack, no knowledge of our human form or human ways, until the first Wild Moon.

Wild Werewolves start out their lives as simple wolves.

The first Wild Werewolves started out life as simple wolf cubs and only find their human form on the first Wild Moon.

On the first Wild Moon, our hidden human form emerges for the first time, but only for the duration of the full moon.

For 72 lonely hours you would be separated from the pack for the first time. Cubs you once played with would be confused and angry to have a human among them. Some of them would even try to attack you. At first, the entire pack might shun you, refuse to take you back, even when the moon begins to wane and you regain your wolf form. Over time, your pack would probably learn to accept you back but would keep you at a safe distance. They would probably never fully trust you again and always remember the human smell. You could never be the alpha or even the beta. You would always eat last. And to win a mate, you would have to challenge the whole pack. There would be many other challenges and you would have to find a way to win the trust of the pack if you wanted to remain a member.

The problem is, in those early days, you wouldn’t be human long enough to learn human ways and customs. At first, all you know is how to howl and growl. You won’t even know how to dress yourself or where to find clothes. Understandably, this can get you into a lot of trouble in human society. As you can see, the earliest Wild Werewolves of yore got into a lot of trouble with both the wolves and the humans.

Unknown to these earliest Wild Werewolves, we were being studied. A Wood Witch known as Sylvana had been studying one Wild Werewolf, who came to be named Connor, for a long time. Sylvana saved Connor’s life twice. The first time she saved him from the rage of the pack when Connor fell in love with the Alpha’s mate and challenged the whole pack for the right to be with her. She took him in and healed him with her spells.

On the new moon, Connor returned to the forest to form his own pack but every full moon after that, he brought his children in their human form to visit Sylvana, who taught them how to speak and read and think like a human. Soon word spread among the wild werewolves and more and more Wild Werewolves began to come to Sylvana’s full moon school.

In exchange for this kind witch’s teaching, we the Wild Werewolves pledged to protect her and her kind. As the tree is your witness, you too will be obligated to take the oath. Acquit yourself heroically and you will find there is no better, freer, more magical life you can live. But fail to live up to your pledge and you will find the opposite, a life that is nasty, brutish and very, very short. Choose wisely and live well, young Wild Werewolf.


100 thoughts on “Of Wild Werewolves and Witches A Natural History

  1. I think I’m a werewolf I was born on a full moon, I crave meat on a daily basis, I have super sharp teeth, I wake up on my bedroom floor once a month with my cloths torn almost completely off, I get very hot and sweaty almost every night, I find it really hard to sleep, and The full moon seems to put me in a trance.
    I’m really not quite sure so if someone could give me guidance or tell me if I’m a werewolf :roll:

  2. I am a genetic werewolf from my dad’s side. But my mom is half vampire half witch. I don’t know what I am. Can someone help? Also I have been having dreams of turning my mortal crush into both a werewolf, and then a vampire, does that mean anything? I’m confused please help.

  3. Hey guys, I’m a genetic werewolf who lives in Texas. I’ve yet to meet another wolf in the area and would love to meet some of y’all. I’m also a lone wolf, and would really enjoy if I could start my own pack here in the city since I know of none in the area, though if someone could notify me of any packs in the area I would greatly appreciate it, thanks :3

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, full real name, birthday, or location (state or country is okay but town or city is too specific for safety).

    • i dont know any around there sorry but i started out as a lone wolf too but now theres only 2 of us. if you want to find others like you just find a witch. im a witch myself and i used a locating spell. hope you find some others like you. good luck

  4. I am not your typical werewolf. The wolves in my family have been repressed and the younger generations are feeling the problem. I know I have werewolf blood on both sides of my family… and I can feel my wolf…. Sadly, I cannot turn into or talk to her. The closest thing I have to a pack are humans friends. Any advice?

  5. Hi my name is Kate, well my wolf name is Moonset. I’m a moon wolf, but I have star wolf and wild wolf in me. I’m a lone wolf and I don’t really need a pack or anything cause I’m perfectly fine on my own. The problem is that I have a really big crush on a mortal and I keep having dreams where he becomes a werewolf like me. The thing is that I don’t know if he is a werewolf, I mean he acts really animal like but he has a crush on another mortal. He likes me too but he says we can’t be together and will not tell me the reason. He kinda knows I’m a werewolf but will not tell me why we can’t be together. Plz give me some advise he has been acting really strange.

    • i hope you find luck. i have a crush to. he doesnt know i like him and i think hes dating someone else to but i have some ideas. just find a witch. im a witch and werewolf but i know how it feels. write me back if you need anything

    • First of all fate has other plans for him and for you. He’s destined to be with someone else, just as you are. We all have destinies, many too blind to see. He’s acting strange because he was or is in transition to becoming a wildling werewolf. He’s older than you with rich history. He’s a son of one of my members of my pack. My name is Laura and I am the reincarnated original she wolf. My name then was Zakara. If you’ve heard of that name buzzing around, then you should know how powerful and ancient I am.

  6. Hey, I don’t want to be an odd ball or sound stupid but I do believe in werewolves and vampires I shown alot of wolf like thing such as howling randomly going out on full moon only to stare and have a erg to howl sometime but all I want to know isn’t there some spells to be one and is the story true

  7. You all have no idea what you’re talking about and if you are a Mythical Creature you don’t blurt it out to strangers on the internet. And where did you hear of this story? I’m interested to know because I’m a witch wolf, known to be The princess of wolves and queen of the werewolves once upon a time. But those are one of many things I am. But for all we know we could just be human who happens to have a disorder. Be careful out there, cause you could be blurting important information to the wrong person.

  8. I am alone and being persecuted I’m very weak and dying people are starting to figure out my identity and I’m being poisoned by my own family I’m being left to die help me brother s of the wilderness , I will keep fighting for my mate and children but please do not let me battle alone

  9. I have had a dream about a wolf who then changes mid form and talks to me flirting then to human form but has no reflection in the mirror I asked him what he was but can’t reacall but recall every other detail. I had a dream after about running from someone and calling out the name of someone called Zathanail and arriving at a circle of candels and being in a forest I remember the woman saying he knows I’m here and felt afraid but I don’t know who he his yet know she was a witch. I then had a dream about arriving at a house that belonged to a witch and then she told me to hide with her son a wolf there was a man coming up the driveway as we were hideing a wolf came up behind me and seemed about to bite me but instead nuzzles my neck and cheek I told it to flee for I fears the man would Sence it and he left then another wolf atacked it and I jumped in and got bit by both. What does it all mean I’ve also been drown to a specific location and the call of the full moon and forest I’m confused and not sure what to do.

  10. Hey i need help. I dont know if I’m in transitting or have finished but i haven’t changed yet. I’m all alone and have no way of knowing anymore. And i dont know when I’ll change. Reaching out for help because i can hear my wolf telling me soon and the Gods as well but need a pack or recruiters to help me. Kinda freaking out.

  11. The other thread went too small.

    Yes I was quoting something called the Voluspa. Or “the words the witch spoke” in English.
    Fenrir is the first werewolf. Your comments made think of that particular quote, especially since you seem particularly interesting to me.

      • That was a lie created by Odin to make me look bad.

        Also that Ergi thing you call a shaman is an abomination. A man that mutilated himself to use seidr instead of Galdr. The Norse would have burned such a creature alive.

        • Angrboda is not bad, nor evil. She is called the mother of wolves, and whoever spoke with her knows this. Every channeler who spoke with them knows this. Is already a known fact.
          I’ve meet almost 4 people who believe themselves the “mothers” and “fathers” of all werewolves, and everyone gave a different story, and everyone believes they are so right. And they always hide themselves, because “evil” will get them. And I’ve meet one more person who believed itself “Fenrir”, probably there are more… just like there are dozens of “Jesus”.
          But there are channelers who gave real infos about these stuff.

      • It’s best to stay away from the supernatural. Few people have the mental strength to cope with it. Life is going to be tuff sometimes ,but you have to understand that you have lots of time. (Unless you are super old) . Like they say, take the bull by the horns; but I suggest you put some armor first and don’t forget the sword. It’s good to have some insurance.

        • Right got it message received 1 measly Crawford witch dies no buggy I mean after all she’s no wolf and were not responsible for the others. Just know if a Crawford witch dies on a full moon she’s reborn pick your poison

  12. so my animals are acting really wierd and I seen evidence of something not human scratches 8 feet from the ground and no bears in Oklahoka lol possible werewolf and seen something with red eyes

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