Lupine Life App for Real Werewolves Like You

Are you wondering what kind of werewolf you might really be? Or facing a real werewolf and need to know more about who you’re dealing with? You may need The Lupine Life iOS app . Luckily it’s finally available now for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, free on the App Store.

Ever wonder what kind of werewolf your friend is?

As you may know there are many, many kinds of werewolves from many parts of the world. On this site alone you will find there are 12 Clans of werewolves who come from 11 different true werewolf histories from all parts of the globe. There are also 6 alliances that invite werewolves like you to study and grow their powers.

But there are many more and so this list and the true stories about them continue to grow. With the Lupine Life iOS app you can uncover your true werewolf identity and give you clues about the kind of werewolf you might become.

The Lupine Life mobile app also helps you keep track of the moon phase so you can plan your lupine life without wolfing out. Even if you are a werewolf who time travels like the Aeolian wolves and some members of the Oak Clan, you can know the lunar phase on the day you are going to and also the day you were born.

Lupine Life Lunar Phase Tracker

Special thanks to Seth G. from for replying to our emails late at night when we had problems with the app and of course for his continued friendship of werewolves like us. He helps us all keep on keeping on! There’s lots more stuff coming up to the site and in the app so check back regularly. Also check out Seth’s site tonight for his Blood Moon Survivor of the Month Contest and more.

(Seth is also helping us now with a little bug in this first version of the app. If you have found it, thanks we are working on it now.)

Also stay tuned for the Frost Moon when there will be a special report from Seth himself in the app! One warning though, it’s a pretty long report. More of a book actually! Just what you would expect from the 4th biggest and 1st most long-winded supernatural survivalist on the Internet! (No offense, Seth.)

129 thoughts on “Lupine Life App for Real Werewolves Like You

    • Not necessarily; you can still live out your human life as much as you’d like. You can keep the wolf side of you a secret, or share it if you’d like. Nonetheless, you’re still the same person you were before you changed. Just because you changed physically, it does not mean you changed personality and mentally wise. :smile:

  1. I would like to become a werewolf. Will someone accept me or give me information to get accepted? I need this much more than it sounds. I really do.

  2. I believe I may be a werewolf. My senses are better than most I know except for a small group of friends I hang out with. I have weekly dreams of running through a forest and always can notice every animal near me. I’m insanely good with any animal and dogs have recently started to act respectful towards me when ive never seen them before. I have also recently felt strange and have felt stronger faster and more energetic. I can sense my friends when there near me and I suspect they are werewolves too. I also seem to have an unnatural attraction to the moon. Whenever I notice the moons out at all I stare at it constantly and feel something stir in me. I need help finding out if my suspicion of myself is true. if anyone can help me please do.

  3. I need help telling here lately I’ve been acting weird I’ve been growl at everyo
    ne plus I’ve lost when I lost 12 teeth in there place came canines plus when ever I’m out side I can’t keep my eye of the moon I know I’ve not been bite but how do I know for sure. :|

  4. Could time travel be an innate ability? My interest on this subject is piqued. Aeolian Wolves are werewolves with aerokinetic abilities. Aerokinesis is the manipulation of air. Members of the Oak Clan are winter werewolves who are frequently aided by faeries. What does the element air contribute in time travel?

    • It’s not so much air as that those who use the air are better able to understand the fluid twists and turns off time.

      I don’t condone time travel more have I ever seen someone really go into the past successfully. Even if one could accomplish this any “changes” you made would have already happened before you moved through time and therefore you wouldn’t really be able to change anything.

  5. I have always wanted to stand up for myself redeem myself from my miserable life. I get bullied and pushed around for the littlest of things I want to make things right I want to be a new person I want people to accept me. But they don’t. I have tried a werewolf spell and I believed it worked. My friend sayed
    It did work and I will wolf out in the full moon. But I get dreams of wolfing out not real life. Can someone finally help me please. I want to turn. I want to be bitten or how ever else you can do it. I want to be useful. I want to have the feeling to be wanted someone help. Please. :sad:

    • I know how you feel too I been bullet in 2 grad I almost hurtled the girl’s eye she was the one bullino me every time in the bathroom I hate it and I was standing up for myself and I took my sweater off and I hit her with the hard part of the sweater and she started to cry and she told on me and I got in trouble it is hard to be nulled but you got to get use to and I want to become a werewolf too

  6. I have always wanted to be wanted. I have never had that feeling from my friends. They would backstab me and say your weak, your stupid, your retarded, your crazy! People constantly bully me, and I want that to change. I’ve tried a spoken spell i found on the internet to turn into a werewolf, but I don’t think I’ve change in the past full moon. My friend was born a werewolf. He did a chant and checked if I was a real werewolf and he said yes. I doubt it. I get dreams of turning and killing but I know it isn’t real. I’ve woke up with grass on me and a ripped shirt once. I really need to be a werewolf. I’ve always dreamed of this moment. Someone turn me someone bite me i don’t care how you do it. I just want to be turned so my life can be better. Please help :sad:

    • If this friend of yours is a true wolf and he says you are then you are. But I fear hearing you story that you will misuse this power for revenge, or other selfish reasons. Resist the urge to do this and use the power for good.

  7. Why does everyone lie to me ;( First oh ur a werewolf cuz u said some Greek gibberish. Next OH sorry now all of the sudden werewolves can’t transform because you wouldn’t survive the force of transforming. WTF FTW!!!!!! TELL ME THE TRUTH I WANT TO BE A WEREWOLF please help!!!!! ;( :cry:

  8. i blanked out for most of it, i remember when i collapsed i was in the kitchen. then i dont remember anything except waking up in the woods across from my house

  9. Hey guys kujo here. I see there’s a lot of new members joining and this is for you people werewolf, or human who need advice if you do my door is open so if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask me if so just send a reply or if you want it to be private then click my username and private message me. my name may be kujo but I don’t bite (cheesy pun intended) whatever you need just ask I’m an open book ( for the most part ) that’s all iv got to say for now so,

    take care guys, & be safe, Kujo out. ;-)

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

    • Howdy ‘do, Kujo.

      As you can probably guess, I’m human as of right now…
      However, I’m curious to know what some signs of a Genetic Werewolf are or if I don’t fit the bill, find an alternate way to become one…
      Can ya’ help me out?

  10. Am I a werewolf?
    I hear and see things my friends and family claim to know nothing of. I have déjà vu about 3 times a day. My dreams vary from others, I always see this girl who looks like an ancestor who turns into a werewolf. She’s constantly appeared in recurring dreams for months now. My dreams are much more vivid.
    I have on occasion bared my teeth or snarled at people. Animals immediately fall in love with me. I feel watched all the time. Maybe I’m just paranoid?
    I’m faster and smarter than anyone else my age. People always stare at me and shiver. I see them shiver. My attention span is horrible. I suspected ADHD, but no one else seems to notice. I sense something wrong in me. Something sets me apart from others. I feel it.
    I don’t brush my hair unless I’m forced to. I keep my appearance tidy otherwise.
    This is me. Am I of the Wolven Kind?

    • I feel so sorry for you. People treat me different in school. They run away from me and I always think they’re scared of me. My point is, they don’t treat me like them.

      • I guess. They show me who I am. I love my life as a werewolf, but I’m fighting against something that is now in my neighborhood. I don’t know what it is, but it has got to go away.

          • Thank you. It has been a pleasure meeting you. I know how to draw. I drew a picture of an element wolf, which was water. It stands on hind legs. I could copy it off and make me a Bone Werewolf. I will make it ferocious. Like me. I love to draw. I could draw you something. What do you want me to draw?

    • I could have wrote the same thing and everyone would say, “Yep that’s you all right, -not giving out my name xD-” I wonder the same question, I started getting these feelings of extreme pain since the age of ten every full moon before they abruptly stop and I black out. I thought there was something wrong with me and after being diagnosed with anxiety I thought it was a bad panic attack. I found this website, looked into it and thought otherwise.

      As you said, am I one of the Lycanthropes?

      If not… I cannot express my disappointment, sadness and I-give-up-ness. I think I finally found diagnosis for my condition. Maybe I haven’t. Maybe I’m in denial.

  11. I often have dreams about a white wolf, my father does as well though we don’t speak of it much, I researched my family history about a year ago and found that we came from a Germanic tribe called Randolph which means shield wolf, I suspected that these dreams might be linked to that, are dreams a precursor to some kind of change??

  12. When you feel like everything around you is dying. When you get treated like garbage. These are some problem I have I want to become strong and face them. Can someone help me I want to become a werewolf.!

  13. Ice fang I feel with every fiber of my being that I amay a wolf. I am young but have never had a change. A family member claims we are decended from a native American werewolf line but I have never asked for his research to check myself. How could I know if he is true without talking to him myself I try to avoid him. I just know, I can feel that I am meant to be a were but it hasn’t happened yet. Can u help me find my way?

  14. i don’t know what i am sometimes i get the feeling i have wings, horns, and wolf ears. i have dreams where i am flying and jumping super high. when i was little i saw a person and i got the feeling it was me. if you know what i am please tell me

  15. Hello. I want to know if I might be a wolf. I have currently figured out that my father was born on the full moon. My half-sister was too so i’m worried about her because even though she’s 5, she acts like a wolf sometimes. Anyways, I have a strong connection to the moon. I feel more powerful under it’s gaze and I feel stronger. I can sense heat coming from a person and now, I end up feeling like i’m being watched. I have gotten strange bruises on my legs sometimes after I fall asleep. I have had dreams of being a wolf’s footsteps and I have had the same dream vividly for about a month. I am 11 year’s old. I suffer from small amounts of insomnia. When my parents expect me to be asleep, i’m playing games on my computer or watching t.v shows. For a few month’s I have not been able to keep still. At least one part of my body is always moving, rather that’s my finger, leg, or toe. At night, i’m faster and stronger as well as I can SEE better even though it’s dark. As I said, I can sense something that may be there. I prefer to be outside at night then at day. I don’t get as cold as I used to. Last night, I got angry at my parents for something pointless and ended up like, killing my pillow. I grow fast and I was born a MONTH EARLY, three days before a full moon. I have a strong connection to animals, dogs specifically and whenever I go close to them, some of the meanest dogs shut up and pay attention to me. The only time something bad happened to me because of a dog, a dog bit me hard on my leg. When i’m angry, my eyes sometimes turn darker. When i’m not angry, they are a dark brown. When I was younger, I had a strange out of body experience. As I was walking swiftly in a hall way, I seemed to have become my friend. I could see myself from across the hall, with a shocked expression. As quickly as it happened, it stopped. My dad calls me a “walkable heater” because I give off heat from myself. I have an amazing memory and can hear my friends whispering from a few yards away. After my whole out of body incident, I imagined my brother telling me something later that day while i was sitting in class. As it happens, when we were on the bus, he told me the same exact thing and I completed his sentence. I don’t need covers anymore and I will beg to sit outside. I will watch the moon rise from the porch of my house. I keep on my fan and i will open my window when I go to bed.

    I just want to know if I might be a werewolf

    Sincerely, Whispering Serenity

  16. I have been a werewolf for a while now- almost 9 moons. My life changed. I am happier, more confident and more secure in myself as a werewolf than I ever was when I was human. To any newbies who are nervous of the journey ahead, it gets better, it really does. Figure out your plan for the full moon, and keep to it, and you will be able to enjoy the rest of the month with ease. Stay hopeful.

  17. When do I know when I will change? I really need to kinda know so I can be ready. I don’t want to hurt anyone I hold dear to me. I have held a fascination of wolves for longer then I can imagine. I am currently 11 and just plain worried. How do I truly know if I am a werewolf? remember, I am 11 and just want to know if I may change soon

  18. Hello, I’m a genetic werewolf on my mums side, my friend noticed my eyes turn yellow last time I got angry and later figured out I was a werewolf, does anyone have any ideas of how to help conceal it?

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