Ice Moon Werewolves Seek Key to Icy Universe

Well the Ice Moon is rising but if you are an Ice Werewolf, chances are good you won’t be staying locked up for the next 72 hours. Not that you don’t want to hang out in your crib. It goes without saying that Ice Werewolves like you have the coolest cribs in chill locations around the globe.

(Some even believe that you crib on other icy planets, like Saturn’s ice moon Enceladus, see below. Enceladus is covered entirely by different forms of ice.)

Ice Werewolves know that ice is everywhere in the universe.

Ice Werewolves like you tend to build your cribs out of crystal materials on the dimensional cracks of existence. As a result your crib is translucent to prying eyes, almost invisible to outsiders,  while the inside is in a constant state of flux. In fact, depending on the time of year, your crystal crib could be huge, with 12 rooms or it could have only one big room. Until you understand the crystalline patterns of the icy universe, you never know how big your crib will be on any moon so be careful not to leave valuables inside! You might not see them for a whole a year!

Even more complicated, sometimes you – and the whole crib – will disappear too. Especially on the full moon, you will have a tendency to slip through the cracks of the crystal ice structure of the universe and travel through space and time.

This is because Ice Werewolves were among the first to discover this truth about the universe, how it froze into existence leaving these invisible ice-like cracks everywhere in space and time. Crack patterns that Ice Werewolves study and learn to manipulate.

Back when many scientists still believed that ice could only be found on earth, you Ice Werewolves knew the truth, that ice was everywhere in the universe. How the very structure of ice is the structure of the universe itself. The Ice Moonlight in your veins enables you to learn to “hear” the vibration of all the different kinds of ice and see the crystal structures and how to use them.

Before you knew that you were an Ice Werewolf, you might have wondered why you could chill people out or stop them cold in their tracks with just the sound of your voice. Or why even in human form, you could stand so still that other people couldn’t see you, even if you stood right in front of their eyes. Or you might have wondered if you could slow time and spent hours experimenting, staring at a clocks or people, trying different ways to slow them down.

Well wonder no more. To you Ice Werewolves, all of these things are possible, with time and study. Ice Werewolves were the founding clan of the Akasha Alliance and still count among the strongest members. Every year that you train with them, your powers will get stronger. You will learn all the different powers and structures of ice and how to use this to achieve your goals.

Just try not to make any enemies of Frost Werewolves. Don’t listen when the Frosties tell you to spend more time flinging frost darts and icicles and less time staring down the true structure of things. This rivalry is not helpful, especially when you actually have so much in common.

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