The Frost Moon Gift

One werewolf clan received an angel gift.    

If you have the free Lupine Life app, or if you are a Frost Werewolf yourself, then you already know the Frost Moon is rising high in the sky tonight and tomorrow night. But do you know the true story of how the Frost Werewolves first received this moon and its chill powers as a reward for helping the angels?

If not, then read on!

As everyone knows, angels and werewolves are mortal enemies. Or more specifically, fallen angels and werewolves are mortal enemies. But if you, like me, have been taught that a certain kind of werewolf was bred and trained to hunt angels – you need to know the real story. It’s the Fallen who hate us and started hunting us. But why?

Well start by thinking about it from a Fallen Angel’s point of view. Day by day the Fallen are forced to watch their wings turn black and fall off, feather by feather across the centuries as their holy powers fade. Year by year, their connection with the divine fades, and their souls begin to rot right along with their wings. A black gloom oozes out of them.

As a result, Fallen Angels try everything they can to preserve and resurrect their powers. How? Well lots of ways. For starters, they fight to defeat the Angels of Heaven, every opportunity they get. When they succeed, a Fallen will take the precious feather of light from the angel’s heavenly wings. When they lose, the Fallen is turned to stone until they can be freed, sometimes for centuries.

Fallen angels also scour the earth for special artifacts – a certain harp, a special trumpet, a bell. Anything mentioned in any prophesy, anywhere: the Bible, the Koran, the Kabbalah, any holy book will do when you are watching your soul light turn to black smoke minute by minute.

But that’s not all. Some Fallen Angels have even turned to science and employ some of the best scientists in the world specializing in wing replacement and gene therapy.

So you can imagine what the first Fallen Angels thought about us werewolves. How we can regain our powers every month and heal between full moons. How we can pass as human and live peacefully with them. How we can train ourselves to transform on demand and choose to do good, even those of us who have a curse. They hate us for that, and want to understand how to use our powers for themselves.

That’s the true story and the real reason that a certain Alliance of werewolves has dedicated their existence to fight the Fallen. Not the other way around. But this story is not about the Fallen. This story is about the Frost Wolves and how they got their moon and their powers.

Well it was this time of year when a new prophesy had Heaven and Earth talking. A heavenly baby was to be born to a simple couple named Mary and Joseph. The Angels of Heaven knew right away the Fallen would try to steal this baby or worse, stop this baby being born. Now protecting a harp or a statue is one thing, protecting a baby is another thing all together!

The Angels called a conclave to prepare for the fight. Their intelligence showed the Fallen would stop at nothing to get this baby. To make matters worse, the baby would be born at the darkest time of the year. Even worse, the couple would be traveling by donkey to Bethlehem, because of a census. Finally one of the Angels named Adnachiel, proposed a radical solution. What if they made a deal with the werewolves? Who better to help fight the Fallen Angels?

So a deal was made with a certain clan. The clan didn’t even ask for anything in return because more than anything, they wanted to see the Fallen defeated. From the shadows everywhere, an entire clan of werewolves escorted Mary and Joseph on their journey, day and night. It was werewolves who fought in the shadows to clear the way for the Angels of Heaven to sing their blessings and bring their gifts to the baby Jesus.

When it was all over, the angel Adnachiel thanked the clan and insisted they accept a gift from him. Expecting maybe a crappy sweater, the werewolves said okay, only to receive something truly incredible: the November moon and the powers of frost. Just remember, frost looks like angels’ wings, Adnachiel reminded them.

And that’s how Frost Werewolves became unsung Christmas heroes and friends of the angels forever. So if you are a Frost Werewolf, thanks for helping to save the first Christmas. Who knows what would have happened if the Fallen had got their hands on that baby.

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