Friends Don’t Bite Friends – But What If You Do?

Did you ever bite a friend by accident? If so, how do you tell your friend that he or she is going to turn into a werewolf on the next full moon? How does your clan deal with this situation? Are you responsible for your friend’s life now forever? Or does your clan demand that you go back and finish the job? 

An interesting question for yourlupinelife from SOS today. Seth writes:

Hail My Lupine Friends!

SOS just received an interesting message from a werewolf named Wild Moon. It appears that Wild Moon may have accidentally bitten one of her friends and wants to know how you handle the situation. How do you break it to somebody their human life is over? What is the etiquette here?

Thanks for any help you can give me. Keep on keeping on.


51 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Bite Friends – But What If You Do?

  1. you must break it to your friend gently but quickly, be there for them you must protect them and guide them, but hey don’t be rough on yourself accidents happen certainly not many of this magnitude, to error is human remeber that.This is what advice can offer for i am not a werewolf but i figure that you should handle this as a friend, not a wolf.

  2. I would break it to them carefully. who knows maby their like me and want to become a werewolf. on a side note looking through my family’s records i came across a cure for the run of the mill only turns on a full moon were. if asked i would gladly dig it up. be cautious this “cure” is from around the 1600′s and has never been fully tested.

  3. I know this is a serious question but I must do this. Walk up behind them and whisper “ravioli, ravioli, you’re gonna kill your famioli.” Ok sorry. You should break it to them gently and in private.

  4. Okay, so what I’m going to tell you is like what everyone else said. Tell them. Take them to get coffee or something, tell them what you are, and what they are going to become. Let her take it in and take her under you wing, and guide her and help her. Let her understand, don’t leave her in the dark scared! :smile: Don’t worry I think you’ll figure it out just fine.

  5. well being the oldest werewolf i have encountered a similar situation being a new werewolf in the situation its best to tell your friend whats going on i know it maybe hard at first but it should just go fine she maybe in shock for a few min but dont give up shell understand sincerely darkblood :lol:

  6. Hi im new to this im XXXX years old love meat howl really good and dontKnow if im a werewolf and plzz tell me if this stuff is fake i dream about being a wolf with reddish brownish fur plzz awnser as soon as possible :)

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal details like your age, full name or location.

  7. My friend keeps trying to bite me. He keeps joking about being a werewolf but I belief that he really is I can see it in his eyes. I can know stuff about people :from their eyes. And he says he’s the alpha and he wants me to be his mate and stuff. But recently I’ve discovered that I very well could be a genetic werewolf. So please help me out on this one.

      • thank you for your advice! :mrgreen: :grin: I really didn’t think anyone would answer me. But I might not do that for………….safety reasons. He’s well, a really good fighter and he is……..ugh!!! I don’t know to explain him! :???: but I will do that! Thanks drache morte! :smile: :lol: :grin:

  8. :cry: my mother has broken my spirit. We’ve always called ourselves a wolf pack and not really a family but….. :cry: ……I’ve been telling her about my WW theories and when I do she gets mad and says ” :evil: don’t talk about that……..they are not real. :evil: ” like she’s scared. Then she said that we were no longer a wolf pack family. This made me almost die inside. :cry: actually, I think I did die. But then my siblings started to squabble and cry so my mum said that we could be a wolf pack again but now I am A OMEAGA!! When I WAS a BETA!! But enough of my sad story, :| I need to have back up on if lycanthropes are real. Cause she DID re-program/de-program me.(Even if I am one which I believe I am if I could be re-convinced that they are real) :evil: :cry:
    (and also if theyh are real then I would suggest to listen to”chezas lunar lulaby” for wolves I love it). )

  9. Werewolves are real I am one and I wish I wasn’t because something horrible happened i almost killed my frien when I was in wolf form I can’t control my self she was the one pirson who I knew hew could help me controll myself

  10. Hey I know a cure if you get bite by a werewolf… I am not a werewolf my self I am really a red fox but that’s besides the point!… Put Charcoal poultice on the wound and it will draw out any saliva fromt he wolf and it sounds weird but you can take poison and then Charcoal and you will not die!!!! True!

    • I don’t think if you bit someone in human form you can turn them. I think only in werewolf form if you bit them or scratched them in wolf form then you can turn them. But I guess you can try in human form. it might work. Oh and can you plz tell me how to change my avatar (if you can) because as you can see mine sucks

  11. I tend to bite people a lot I guess it’s natural defense…kinda like when you have a worm and it poops on your hand and you drop it cause it’s nasty….but I’m not a werewolf so I don’t worry about it much only if I draw blood. I got some grey bloodline in me somewhere or else I couldn’t have an mate now could I? So I couldn’t turn nobody into an ww just make them yowl in pain for crossing me…now to turn somebody into a vamp I don’t have to worry about either because I was born without much venom I then got the gift of have four pointy teeth instead of two…..beware though if I concentrate hard enough and bite you enough times while drawing blood with each bite I could possibly have just enough to turn you :smile: :smile: :smile: …… :twisted:

      • Well I haven’t mention a lot of things about me and that’s for another rainy day when we get there….and actually I don’t know how all these rumors about vamps came from but turning is a lot more complicated I just haven’t said the whole process because I’m strictly not allow to teach other vamps how to turn people sowwy….

  12. i think that it Is a good idea to ask her to sleep over when the full moon hits, and if she can, then explain it all to her and if she doesn’t believe then let her see for herself when she turns that night. And just a tip, do not transform inside the house or any buildings were any living humans are so that they are not in danger. And try not to transform so close all the time. Werewolves in wolf form are not as friendly as in human. Hope this helped and hopefully you haven’t told her yet because I would feel pretty stupid if you did and im still here giving advice. And btw can anyone tell me how to change my avatar cuz this one is ugly and it sucks and I really wanna change it so someone help if they can.

  13. can someone plz help! I went camping one night and I saw what I believe what was a werewolf and it tried to kill me but I ran. it bit my leg tho and I have abad mark to prove it! plz help asap! tomorrow is full moon and im not sure if it made me a werewolf and I want to be sure if I am one so I can go to the woods and not hurt anyone! plz help! :sad: :cry:

  14. There has been some debate over a cure. After many years of hypothesizing and experimentation I have discovered both the cure to vampirism and the cure to lycanthropy. You may give your bitten friend a choice, remain human or change. The answer lay in the most unexpected place, the fangs of the one who bit you. You can extract from the fang of the one who bit you some of the venom that causes lycanthropy and vampirism to spread. Once extracted, dilude it with good and massive amounts of water and inject a small amount of it over time into an animal such as a rabbit, the animal will not die nor will it be cursed, it shall experience some of the symptoms that occur before change as in a raise in appetite and higher temperature but will not change. Once after a few months pass the animal will be immune to the curse and produce antibodies that can be extracted, cultivated and can then be injected into your body. It is the antidote and the cure, I have not tried this on human test subjects so I can deduce that humans will end up being cursed by the smaller amounts as well or mayhaps you could gain immunity. You can give the antidote to the lupine and methuselah turned by the subject from which you extracted the venom at any time as long as it is preserved properly. The antidotes effects are that it stops you from changing and returns your bodily functions to normal standards. Vampires will again no longer need to drink blood and werewolves shall lose their ability to shapeshift. However overexposure to the antidote may make you allergic to it so be careful not to overuse it. Good luck and may this help solve the problems of many.

    • This would likely work neither of the vemons were designed to infect non-sentient creatures.
      I know that Lycanthropy can infect elves and Jotuns as well as humans, but most other species are immune.

      Now, just make sure you don’t mix Vampyr and Varulfr blood or venom. As they will seek to destroy each other, and the resulting black goo is VERY unhealthy.

      All in all a very sound method.

    • See. That method actually has scientific backing, but… when it comes to a desease, or virus, it’s a method to create a vaccine. Vaccines wouldn’t work once someone’s already sick.

      Second issue. This would require that it actually has a bacteria or virus inside it. If it’s the actual blood cells, or saliva cells of the organism this could just straight up not work.thats not even counting the energy component to vampirism or lycanthropy.

      Third, animals aren’t effected by either. They have no reason to make antibodies or form an immunity. It’d be like trying to get a mosquito to create antibodies for malaria, it just wouldn’t work. At most they’d become a carrier, meaning the “antidote” would just be the poison. For this to have any chance, you’d have to use a human subject, and if one cell is enough to turn someone, you’d need someone already immune. Again, this is ignoring the energy component.

      Like I said, this is based on sound science, it’s just the wrong idea.

      A suggestion for vampires would be using something that stops energy flow, like lead or aluminum (which would kill the newly raised person shortly). You’d also need to literally drag the soul back from the spirit world to make the person living. Dilute garlic would help too, but it’d need to be crushed dress and used fresh.
      A stake is always a good alternative to a cure.

      As for werewolves, I’d suggest dilute silver, quicksilver (toxic to humans), and/or highly dilute wolfsbane. These allure all likely to kill the subject. Also, there’s no good reason to cure lycanthropy, werewolves are amazing.
      Meditation is always a good alternative to a cure, learn to use and control this newfound power.

      • Not technically a vaccine actually since a vaccine is literally just giving someone the a shot of the dead or weakened virus. In this case what you’re doing would be using the animal to make antibodies which can target and destroy the virus.
        The energy or magic needs a base, a template for what to turn into, and the Werewolf DNA given by the virus in the saliva and blood serves as that template. Removing the template would in theory allow new uninfected cells to grow.
        Although for me this is highly hypothetical and the memories of creating the original strain are confused by the bizarre combination of magic and technology we were using at the time. And since I can’t remember the perfect translations of the symbols in The Tower, that knowledge is likely lost.
        Silver doesn’t work at all really. The only things I’m aware of that will kill a wolf at their prime are wolfsbane, the destruction of the brain, or the complete and total destruction of the heart (lesser wounds here can still be regenerated.)

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