Fear In A Handful Of Dust

If you are a Ghost Werewolf and July is your moon, you might be thinking about dust right now and the words of poet T.S. Elliot who was very likely talking about your kind when he wrote his famous words:

Shadow Dust bottled by artisanjouel

I will show you something different from either

Your shadow at morning striding behind you

Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;

I will show you fear in a handful of dust.

This poet knew the power of dust in the hands of a Ghost Werewolf like you. Many Ghost Werewolves wear an emergency vial of dust like this one, on a strap or a chain – anything that doesn’t contain silver. This vial contains Shadowdust. As a Ghost Werewolf, this dust is what helps you change your form quickly and easily. The dust is your link to the other worlds, the spirit worlds and to each other. It makes you a very valuable member of almost any pack as a Psi or sometimes a Theta scout, able to find out things the others can’t and call on resources from another realm.

But take a minute to consider what kind of dust will you choose? Shadowdust like in the photo? Or Stardust from before the world began? Maybe Bonedust? All are very difficult to find, gather and contain. And your choice will determine in which ghostly realms you can travel and hunt –  or just hang out for a while.

(This is why many Ghost Werewolves choose to join the Akashas, an alliance where many different kinds of werewolves study the other realms.)

But if you are a ghost werewolf don’t spend too long in the other realms. Too long in any other realm and you risk never coming back. Why?

Well, many believe that you Ghost Werewolves are the only werewolves who must leave your human form behind you still intact when you transform. For safety reasons, you must never confirm this to anyone except another Ghost Werewolf but if it is true, that would explain why some of you never return to your human self. What happens when your human form is found by somebody who thinks you are hurt? Who thinks you are sleeping and you won’t wake up? Your human form could end up trapped in a hospital attached to tubes and machines that interfere with your ability to transform back.

And what happens if your ghost form is defeated or otherwise prevented from returning to your human form? These are secrets to which only Ghost Werewolves know the answer.

If any of this is true, as the Ghost Moon rises, a Ghost Werewolf like you must be very careful about where you leave your human self and about not staying away too long.

28 thoughts on “Fear In A Handful Of Dust

  1. Hey there,
    I’m a newly bitten werewolf since last full moon when I was attacked while out for a late night run. I’m new to this strange world so I require the help of any werewolf who may be reading this. Also while searching through my attic I found some old photos and notes that lead me to believe that my Great Grandfather was a werewolf which means I am a bloodline werewolf, so what will happen to me now that I have been bitten and a bloodline werewolf? Please help if you can.

  2. What will happen is since you were born a werewolf the bit won’t do anything and you will be a genetic werewolf. If you have anymore questions just ask

  3. Since you were born a werewolf the bite won’t matter. Watch out for the werewolf that attacked you he or she might still be out there. If you need anymore help just ask

  4. I am a genetic werewolf I need help because I have already almost killed one of my friends. I can’t control myself in wolf form

    • Bone dust is obtained by grinding bones, adding wolf’s bane, and charring the bones into dust.

      Shadow dust is obtained by burning nightshade into ashes.

      Star dust is tricky to get and make it function properly, you’d have to wait for the billion to one chance of a meteor not only surviving the atmosphere but also falling close to you. Afterwards you simply grind it into dust and you have star dust.

      • Bone dust causes a physical transformation only to Ghost wolves.

        Shadow dust stops your heart temporarily letting you enter the world of the dead in the form of either a demon wolf or a ghost wolf.

        Star dust causes a physical transformation halfway between the worlds of the dead and the living. It causes you to become a fully awakened daemonis which means alpha of alphas or a true demon wolf.

        Star dust is tricky to handle though because too much of a dosage and you will lose your mind and attack anything and everything in sight.

    • My sister is a Ghost Werewolf, but she thinks she’s a Guardian Werewolf. My friend told me about the Sabuleys, and their favorite possessing is werewolves. I know why they want them. It’s because they trap them in cells and they’re confused about they’re pack. They don’t remember a thing about their pack. The Sabuleys are in human disguise. When you’re walking outside, take out your hand and feel the wind. When you feel heat and there’s humans nearby, you’re in their territorial bubble… Don’t look at them in their eyes. You’ll get possessed very easily…

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