Dragons of the Dragon Moon

If you are a Dragon Werewolf, this is could be your moon. The Dragon Moon rises every year at this time in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing with it not just new Dragon Wolves but new dragons too.

Dragon Wolves have a special bond with dragons.

Dragon Wolves have a special bond with dragons.

The alliance between dragons and the werewolves we now know as Dragon Werewolves is a long and ancient friendship about which conflicting histories are told.

Some date this friendship back to the dragon known as Niohoggr or Nio for short. Nio became known as one of the first Wood Dragons. Before Nio, the rest of Earth decided that dragons should stay in the mountains or oceans, where their fiery breath could not cause any fires.

Unfortunately, nobody told this to little Nio who hatched on the Dragon Moon eons ago in the foot of a giant ash tree. How did Nio get from his mountain top cave to the heart of the forest? There are differing accounts, but it is generally agreed upon that a certain eagle took a dragon’s egg – Nio’s egg – and transported it there. Depending on who you talk to, you may hear that the egg was stolen, as the dragons like to report, or you may hear that the dragons abandoned little Nio because his egg was too small and an ugly brown colour and besides it didn’t hatch on schedule.

(Dragons as everyone knows are famously punctual and fastidious about their time.)

Whatever the case, when Nio hatched at the base of the ash tree in the heart of the forest, all the animals were surprised and impressed at first. Here was a little bird who could climb trees and spit funny sparks as well as fly. Baby Nio was a lot of fun to have around and everybody loved him, especially the wolves, who sometimes let him ride around on their backs and especially one wolf in particular, the werewolf Fenrir whose mother was a human giantess.

But as Nio grew and grew and grew, the animals began to wonder. Why doesn’t he have feathers anymore? And why does he have such a long tail, like a snake? And where once, they thought his sparky breath was really cute, now Nio was spitting flames and burning down some of their favourite trees and plants.

A meeting was held and it was decided that Nio must go home. The eagle who knew Nio’s family was sent back to the mountain with a message. But Nio didn’t want to go home. To him, the forest was his home. So Nio asked Fenrir to help him build a secret cave under the ash tree where he could hide and still be a part of the forest. Fenrir immediately agreed. Of anyone in creation, Fenrir could understand how it felt to be bigger and different. The gods were always busy plotting the best way to chain Fenrir but to this point they had not been successful.

So Fenrir helped Nio dig a secret cave and Nio hid among the ash tree roots. When the eagle came back with a message from the dragons for Nio, they couldn’t find him. Poor Nio though just kept growing and growing beneath the earth and got tangled in the roots of the tree in his sleep. He was also bored. His only amusement was shaking the tree from below and seeing if he could make the animals fall out. Some of the animals started to wonder if it was him shaking the tree and they didn’t find it very funny. They started to make up scary stories about him to keep young animals away from the tree.

Nio was starting to wonder if he should burn down the forest and run away after all. The only problem was, to where? The tree was the only home he had known.

Fortunately, Fenrir came to visit him just in the nick of time with a gift from the human side of the family – a spell to help Nio learn how to assume his human form, like a werewolf.

Once he learned it, you can guess how this knowledge changed Nio’s life. Once he could assume human form at will, he and Fenrir became fast friends. To this day you can’t read a story about Ragnarok that doesn’t mention them both.

When the gods finally succeeded in chaining Fenrir, Nio vowed that he and all of his descendants would serve as guardians for Fenrir’s descendants. It’s a promise the dragons keep to this day to all true Dragon Werewolves.

66 thoughts on “Dragons of the Dragon Moon

  1. well done. i new the weres would have something on the counsel. let me update the legend. when the gods chained fenrir his descendants formed a counsel. nio’s descendants viciously guarded them. after generation after generation nio’s descendants had become powerful soldiers known as the heavens guard. and it was all working quite well until the counsel sided with the shades in hopes of freedom. the shades asked only one thing. the extinction of the guard. this started a war. ending just a few years ago when the final descendant of fenrir was killed. the guard have been rumored dead since the start of the war. naturally this only apply to direct descendants of the two. i have been following a lead on one of the guard but haven’t found enough evidence to be definitive but i have found enough to keep the search going. (the war started over three thousand years ago).

  2. How do I know lycanthropes exist if I have never seen one… Or one of my friends as one, or why is there no news on them? If someone can send me footage someone may have recorded to me? Thanks,

    Edited: For your safety lease do not post personal information like your full name, age, email address or location.

      • Well, kinda both, I kinda believe in them because all the sightings an legends, but I won’t full believe until I do see one. Thanks for replying

                • thank you for agreeing i think that mortals like myself fear and hate what they can’t control and most will act violently or run from us you weres will most likely never be accepted because since birth we are taught to be close minded you have earned centuries of fame as killers but i don’t believe you are i see clearly humans always deal the first blow and what i’ve learned in puerto rico is that fame is how people see you if you are rumored to be a demon the people will treat you that way i was called many names like, fork tongue demon or slip tongue evil just because i can speak in a tongue almost nowone can understand except two kinds of creatures it is in human nature to attack first out of precaution but then they will wonder why it fought back

  3. Hi everyone im new to this web is this werewolf stuff fake or real and how do I know if im a werewolf all i Know is i love meat short temper and the strongest one in my grade so plzz tell me if i am werewolf or this is fake plzz awnser as soon as possible :)

  4. Hey guys, is your clan chosen by birthday? Because if so im a hunter wolf, but the description of the hunter clan as human does not fit me at all, the wild clan does though. I was born in the Northen Hemisphere just so you know.

    • sometimes, i mean in my case yes (born in october-hunter clan), but if you really want to find out download the lupine life app on the ipod, iphone, or ipad. then you can take a quiz to find out your clan. hope this helps

    • I was in the same situation but the description fit for me. I’m actually in Dyan Clan so it might not be the same as your birthday but it is possible. I was born in October too BTW

  5. I just turned XX and I been feeling the affects of the moon more strong this time. I went out a couple of nights ago and the pull of the moon was really strong. It wasn’t just drawing me in, it was the feeling of freedom. I didn’t want to go back inside. I wanted to walk and shift into a run. I know I am a werewolf, I just haven’t shifted yet. I want to be with my own kind, but I am alone on this. Nothing that I plan seems to be working and the full moon is approaching. I’m scared because I’m not sure what is going to happen…I just know that I’m in the dark on this.

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  6. Um, I have a question for everyone. What is your werewolf eye color. Mine changes to purple (as a human I have green eyes). I feel as if something is wrong because… I just don’t know I feel as if something is wrong just answer the question. :|

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