Black Moon Rising Chaos Werewolves Rule

When a Black Moon slivers the night sky, Chaos Werewolves from many clans prepare to find the new initiates and gather them together. BlackMoon

If you are a Chaos Werewolf then you already know what it means to be a member of an Akasha Guild.

No Akasha guild will permit you to divulge your secrets, not even to your own clan.

You know it means you are among those who train their whole lives to harness the powers of the Chaos and Void. You must tell your clan to trust that when you assemble with the Akashas under this Black Moon, you will be studying advanced scientific arts and performing certain rituals that will make you a better member of your clan, no matter what your position.

But that won’t stop them from asking. Others want to know more about the mysterious Chaos Werewolves who transform unexpectedly on the Black Moons to be recruited by the Akasha guilds. So what can you tell others?

Maybe you can describe how you always thought you were one kind of werewolf for the longest time and how confusing it was when your moon would come and go and leave you alone in the den, still human. You always felt, well, different than other werewolves and you never knew why.

Maybe it was your intense yearning to see the invisible, feel the untouchable and know the unknown. Likely you had a passion for advanced theoretical sciences /or arts. Then one month, a tiny Black Moon slivered the night sky and it happened. That tiniest beam of light, almost invisible to others, shining like a spotlight for you. Your pulse began to race and you knew it was happening. You were transforming. But without your clan and their full moon protection, how would you survive?

Only you know the full story but if this happens to you on this Black Moon, have no fear. The Akashas will be searching for you, prepared to make you a Chaotic proposition. On second thought… some fear is healthy. There are enough rumours about the Akasha guild practices swirling around. If even a fraction of them are true, it’s more than enough to justify a little fear when they approach you with an offer on this Black Moon. Does any of this describe you? If so, know today that a Black Moon rises in less than 48 hours now. Some say it will call mainly Ice Werewolves, Death & Bone Werewolves and Lightning Werewolves but many reports exist of Chaos Werewolves from other moons too.


  1. I realize that the chaos werewolf isn’t on the list of clans. But they maybe one of the secret clans that are unknown. Believe me! These werewolves are gonna be unknown to this future.

  2. If you see a Chaos Werewolf tonight, give some information about these werewolves to the people who made this website. The people who made this must know what all of the werewolves are. They must be discovering more and more werewolves.

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