The Secret of the Blue Moon Werewolves: Contest

With the Blue Moon, readers emailed to ask the following question: with all the different moons and their clans, what kind of werewolves transform on the Blue Moon? Is there a Blue Moon Clan?

In honor of the Blue Moon we had a little contest inviting werewolves to tell us what they know. So without further ado, congratulations to Izzy, a werepyre, who wrote in to tell us what she knows about Blue Werewolves. Her reply is printed below. Izzy will receive a small iTunes gift card in her email.

Blue Moon Werewolves: They do exist!

I’m a werepyre myself and I believe I have run into a couple blue moon clans. Now to answer the first question, “What type of werewolves transform on a blue moon,” I will tell you. Most bluewolves as I call them, are a very bright shade of blue, however the clan leader or alpha usually has a much darker shade to show he’s the alpha. Unlike my clan they don’t hunt in packs, they all split up when the blue moon comes out and they hunt on their own, then when they are all done they’ll meet up back at wherever they hide themselves to share everybody’s kill. There are some signs to tell if someone you know is a bluewolf. 1. If they can’t be separated from the color blue by anything. 2. If they tend to go their own way somewhere or try to find new ways of getting somewhere. And last but not least 3. They will share everything they have, even if it’s unreasonable to share. Bluewolves tend to be stronger then even a werepyre and are the mortal enemies of the werepyre’s and lightningwolves. If anybody could ever get the bluewolfs to all attack something or somewhere all at the same time while working together it would be unimaginable death. I travel quite a lot and I believe I have found some prophecy’s written in ancient greek. Since I admire demigods and their culture so much I learned ancient Greek. I read the prophecy’s and I may not be the best Greek reader but I think they say something about a newborn bluewolf that will be born on the blue moon on Friday. He will age faster then the others and surpass the alpha where he will stop aging at just the right age to become an alpha. He will be voted as the new alpha and will lead all the other bluewolves in an army where they will all work together to destroy any other type of wolf out there. We all must try to stop them because as I said if they make an army and all work together to kill something. They will succeed. Unless we all work together to and stop them.

Thanks to Izzy for sharing her knowledge of the Blue Moon Werewolves.

To find out more about the history of Blue Werewolves, please read about the Blue Werewolves of Asena here.


27 thoughts on “The Secret of the Blue Moon Werewolves: Contest

      • Yes but that story has bin lost wolf pack hate teaming up with other pack i dont think it will work again and if they do come together what if it dont work and fright each other

  1. Blue moon is a second moon on a month in the gregorian calendar… nothing special! This article is the ultimate BS. Some “Blue” Werewolves are the wolves of Ashena… they got nothing to do with a second moon in a month.
    Please study your calendar… the gregorian calendar have nothing to do with the true phases of the moon or with the wolves. Is not even a lunar calendar… it’s a lunisolar calendar.
    In ancient mythology, wolves and wolf-people are connected with Sirius! A purely Lunar calendar is the islamic calendar… and there is not a second Moon in a month in the Lunar calendar! The oldest known lunar calendar was found in Scotland at Warren Field and dates back to around 8,000 BC. The Moon is not subordonated to the human calendars.
    I can see that the one who had done this site have nothing to do with occultism, mythology or reality.

  2. this next blue moon will be my first shift im so happy and scared wait does this mean im a blue wolf :shock: :shock: :shock: :razz: guess i will figure it out :cool: :cool:

  3. I just wanna know how i become a werewolf plss somebody tell me i tried everything and i really think i got something special

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