Of Wild Werewolves and Witches A Natural History

This is the true history of the Wild Werewolves and the Wood Witches. If you are seeing this then no doubt you are one of us but know that reading this binds you to an oath of secrecy. An oath that if broken will cost you no less than your life.

As Wild Werewolves we started out living deep in the forest with our wolf families, where we spend our whole childhood as regular wolf cubs, just part of a pack, no knowledge of our human form or human ways, until the first Wild Moon.

Wild Werewolves start out their lives as simple wolves.

The first Wild Werewolves started out life as simple wolf cubs and only find their human form on the first Wild Moon.

On the first Wild Moon, our hidden human form emerges for the first time, but only for the duration of the full moon.

For 72 lonely hours you would be separated from the pack for the first time. Cubs you once played with would be confused and angry to have a human among them. Some of them would even try to attack you. At first, the entire pack might shun you, refuse to take you back, even when the moon begins to wane and you regain your wolf form. Over time, your pack would probably learn to accept you back but would keep you at a safe distance. They would probably never fully trust you again and always remember the human smell. You could never be the alpha or even the beta. You would always eat last. And to win a mate, you would have to challenge the whole pack. There would be many other challenges and you would have to find a way to win the trust of the pack if you wanted to remain a member.

The problem is, in those early days, you wouldn’t be human long enough to learn human ways and customs. At first, all you know is how to howl and growl. You won’t even know how to dress yourself or where to find clothes. Understandably, this can get you into a lot of trouble in human society. As you can see, the earliest Wild Werewolves of yore got into a lot of trouble with both the wolves and the humans.

Unknown to these earliest Wild Werewolves, we were being studied. A Wood Witch known as Sylvana had been studying one Wild Werewolf, who came to be named Connor, for a long time. Sylvana saved Connor’s life twice. The first time she saved him from the rage of the pack when Connor fell in love with the Alpha’s mate and challenged the whole pack for the right to be with her. She took him in and healed him with her spells.

On the new moon, Connor returned to the forest to form his own pack but every full moon after that, he brought his children in their human form to visit Sylvana, who taught them how to speak and read and think like a human. Soon word spread among the wild werewolves and more and more Wild Werewolves began to come to Sylvana’s full moon school.

In exchange for this kind witch’s teaching, we the Wild Werewolves pledged to protect her and her kind. As the tree is your witness, you too will be obligated to take the oath. Acquit yourself heroically and you will find there is no better, freer, more magical life you can live. But fail to live up to your pledge and you will find the opposite, a life that is nasty, brutish and very, very short. Choose wisely and live well, young Wild Werewolf.