What Makes the Harvest Moon Sing?

How did the Harvest Moon become the Singing Moon?

On the Harvest Moon, Singing Werewolves everywhere prepare to howl for three nights in a row as they celebrate their moon.

If you aren’t a Singing Wolf, you may be wondering, why is this moon, referred to by half the humans on Earth as the Harvest Moon, known as the Singing Moon for some werewolves?

You’ll find the answer lies in the history of farmers and werewolves of yore.

As everyone knows, the Harvest Moon is the bright low-hanging moon rising over the farmers’ fields tonight, when farmers in the Northern Hemisphere would race to bring in the crops before winter. It’s also the equinox, when the nights have begun to stretch out and steal a farmers’ valuable daylight once again, making it harder to finish the harvest.

Over these ancient fields, the Harvest Moon rose like a big orange nightlight to help the farmers see their work. By Harvest Moonlight, the farmers could work all night, as long as they could stay awake.

This is where the singing part comes in. In the days before coffee and energy drinks, these overworked farmers had to do something to stay awake. And the werewolves who lived among the farmers used their unique vocal powers to help out in this unusual way, by using their deadly howl in song. The werewolves sang to the farmers, “talking” to them and keeping them awake.

Scaring them awake, some would say. Some thought the werewolves were singing down the moon. Others farmers understood that the werewolves were trying to help, not trying to cause the moon to crash into the earth and they began to sing along. Some farmers even started leaving out big bowls of grain for the werewolves to thank them and keep them near.

Even the humans who didn’t really understand, could see that there was a kind of harvest peace between the species that needs to be respected. That’s why among rural werewolves, it’s still a tradition to greet the new Singing Wolves and join the farmers on their Harvest Moon or as we call it, the Singing Moon.

So if you are a Singing Wolf, have a happy howling harvest moon and enjoy your bowls of grain! You can read more about the Singing Moon here.