Lightning Moon Brings Lightning Flowers

If you are a Lightning Werewolf, do you have a lightning flower? Or a lightning tree? If you’re not sure then the Lightning Moon is an excellent time to find out.

Lightning Flowers left by Lightning Werewolves transforming fade in a few hours.

Lightning flowers like this one are left when a Lightning Werewolf transforms.

This full moon is sometimes called the Lightning Moon by many cultures because of the large number of electrical storms that naturally occur at this time of year.

So it’s no surprise that the werewolves who like to channel electricity aka: the Lightning Werewolves would claim this moon. For three nights, Lightning Clans will use this storm electricity in the air to initiate new werewolves, teaching you how to channel it to transform and fight.

You will also learn about the distinctive tracks or lightning flowers that your transformations will inevitably leave behind for others to find. These fractal patterns will appear on the ground, or in the glass of a window or on another conductive object as a result of your massive burst of electricity.

Lightning flowers are impossible to prevent when you are channeling up to a billion volts of electricity and equally impossible to hide from werewolf hunters but with any luck, they will fade in a few hours, before anyone can track you.


This Lightning Werewolf has many moons.

This Lightning Werewolf has many moons.

Now you must also know about the lightning flower you will find somewhere on your human skin, immediately after your first moon.

Your lightning flower normally first appears on your upper arm, chest or back but may begin almost anywhere. The pattern and placement of the design will be distinctive and revealed by your clan on your first moon.

Your lightning flower can tell other werewolves a lot more about you than just your clan affiliation. For one thing, it communicates your moon age. With every transformation, the so-called flower grows, the branches getting almost imperceptibly thicker and longer until finally it becomes the lightning tree of an older more experienced werewolf.

The number of “leaves” on this tree can also tell another werewolf how many battles you have fought and won or lost.

Above all, whether you have a lightning flower of a lightning tree, it tells the world that you are a Lightning Werewolf so if you don’t want this fact to be known, you would do well to keep it hidden.

If you are Lightning Werewolf who doesn’t have a flower yet, you may still experience some strange effects on the Lightning Moon:

1. Your hair will be more unruly than ever and as the moon reaches its fullest point, it may stand on end.

2. If you wear any metal jewelry, you may hear it start to buzz and hum.

3. Your bank cards may stop working.

If these moon effects bother you, don’t worry, it’s just time to invest in a good pair of rubber-soled boots.