The Werewolf In The Mirror

Look very closely at your reflection in a wolf mirror at the height of the Dyan moon and you might see something strange – especially if you are a Dyan Werewolf.

To a Dyan Werewolf, the wolf mirror always tells the lupine truth. While your face may appear normal, just an average human, the mirror never lies. When a Dyan Werewolf looks into a wolf mirror, the image staring back will undoubtably be all or part werewolf. Sometimes it’s just the eyes or the ears of the teeth or the whiskers but at the height of the Dyan Moon, it will always be your full werewolf face staring back at you.

That’s why the wolf mirror was originally invented and why many cultures who fear werewolves like us still hang a wolf mirror in the entrance of their homes. Wolf mirrors are made of many different fragments of silver mirror glass, usually in the shape of a moon. They may be different colors but all of them are backed by a special silver that reveals the inner wolf.

An example of a wolf mirror.

An example of a wolf mirror by Contois Reynolds.

You might think that Dyan Werewolves would hate and fear wolf mirrors, avoiding them at all cost lest they accidentally reveal their true identities, but they don’t.

No, Dyan Werewolves like you learn to use the wolf mirror to control your transformations in unique and powerful ways.

When you, as a Dyan Werewolf, look in a wolf mirror and speak the secret words, your inside wolf can come out, in several unique ways.

Sometimes the werewolf image just reflects back on your human face, triggering your transformation from human to werewolf. That’s why many experienced Dyan Werewolves wear a wolf mirror on their person at all times, and use it to transform in a fight.

But sometimes on the full moon, if the mirror breaks, the werewolf looking back at you can escape the wolf mirror and enter the world, flesh and blood like you. It’s a paradox but this werewolf is separate from you, but still part of you. The wolf part of you.

This other werewolf self will never leave you, but may not always behave in the ways that you want.  So while hanging out with your mirror wolf in the real world can be strange and fun, for most Dyan Werewolves it can sometimes create challenges. Your mirror wolf may get you into a lot of trouble! And putting your mirror wolf back can be very challenging after the mirror is broken. You will need another wolf mirror, along with the ability to get your wolf self to cooperate and look into the glass with you long enough to say the secret words in reverse. This is sometimes called re-mirroring the wolf.

If you are a highly trained Dyan Werewolf of many moons, you may also know a different spell. A spell that you can only use if your life depends on it. Because with this spell and the right wolf mirror, at the height of the full moon, you may be able to break your wolf self into three separate werewolves. Each of these werewolves will be different from you but still part of you. But if you use this spell, you should know that your chances of ever re-mirroring your three wolf selves are slim to none. Maybe one or two of them, but almost never three. It seems there is always one mirror wolf who will do anything to remain free, even if it means destroying you.

These escaped mirror werewolves have no human form at all, ever. And they are not always happy about this. Which explains why the Dyan Werewolves alone have a super-elite, internal remirroring agency, whose agents will hunt down your escaped mirror werewolves.

And what happens if one of your mirror werewolves dies, killed by a member of the Internal Remirroring Agent? Is it something you really want to find out? If you are using a wolf mirror this Dyan Moon, think about that before you free the wolf in the mirror.