Roman Werewolves

Lopa’s Little Lobos

In Rome around 758-728 BCE, a demi-goddess named Rhea Silva had secret twin baby boys named Romulus and Remus by a secret father who may have been the god Mars or the demigod Hercules.

When Rhea’s uncle Amulius found out, he locked Rhea up, snatched the boys and abandoned them in the woods to die. But luckily Rhea was a demi-goddess of the forest and she could talk to the forest animals. She called to a mother wolf called Loba or Lopa, in some stories.

Loba found Romulus and Remus and brought the babies home to her cave where she fed them with her own milk. Miraculously the boys lived and grew up strong. Lupine strong in fact as a result of drinking Lupa’s milk they had become werewolves.

After they experienced their First Moon transformation, they hunted down their evil uncle and went on to make a new city called Rome but they never forgot Lupa, the wolf mother who saved their lives. They declared a festival in her honor on February 15 every year called The Lupercalia which later became Valentine’s Day.

The lupine descendants of Romulus and Remus still call on Lupa and/or Rhea Silva and/or Mars for help from time to time.

19 thoughts on “Roman Werewolves

  1. I think I’ve seen her before. When i was like 10, i woke up one day on the ground in the woods, and saw a tall wolf lady. the only problem was i couldn’t tell if it was a dream or not. Although usually dreams don’t hurt when you get conked in the head with a tree branch five times from sparring with the guy your partnered with.

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