Pyros Alliance

The Pyros Alliance is composed of mainly younger werewolves. They have in common a love of speed, heat and fire. They are quick to form friendships with other wolves but equally quick to dissolve them and become mortal enemies.

Pyrans meet and train mainly in hot, volcanically active regions, close to active volcanoes and on mountain tops around the world.

You can sometimes spot a member of the Pyros Alliance in human form by their diamond piercings – the only jewelry that will survive their heated transformation.

Among Pyran ranks you will find many Lightening Wolves, Dyan Wolves and Dragon Wolves.

130 thoughts on “Pyros Alliance

      • I’ve been a pyromaniac since birth always got burned but I loved the feeling. Almost got arrested for arsenal because of it. Being a dragon wolf is hard but I’m used to it. Anyways, the heat lovin’ thing is usual, who doesn’t love heat? Well… Unless you’re like an ice wolf or something. As for the fire lovin’ it all just depends on how and where you grew up. I lived in the country and the forest for 3 yrs each so we had bon/camp fires every night.

  1. I need someone to help me. I’m kind of lost and confused. I love heat, it relaxes me. And trust I an easy thing for me, but once it’s broken. You will reget everything that u have even thought from the beginning. Also I am young, and looking for a chance to live my life. Please contact me. Thx

  2. So I am a shadow wolf. But I have fallen for a human and he doesn’t know exactly what I am. But he says he can feel that I’m different and that he knows I run off into the woods when he’s sleeping.

    Any way, I’m drawn to fire. It calms me down and stuff. But once I got to close to the fire and it jumped onto my hand… It didn’t burn… It fealt natural… WhT does what mean?

    • Nice but can some on ansewer my ? Some times fire semes to follow my mood one time I got mad and a candle flared up some one plz tell my was that normal

      • A human could do that, the negativity and harshness of anger affects everything around it. Write ‘hate’ on a glass of water and ‘war’ on one, write ‘love’ on a glass of water and ‘friendship’ on one, freeze them and look at the patterns of the ice. The patterns of the negative ones are harsh and confusing while the patterns of ‘love’ and ‘friendship’ were soft and symmetrical. Talking about violence poisons water. Kin John Un’s followers were talking about bombing a country, drank their water and died. Their negativity had poisoned it. Also, I was mouthing the words to a positive song with my mouth in the water and the waves were soft. But water is fire’s opposite, but opposites have a way of acting similarly, for example: flame flickers continuously, water ripples continuously. So the negative thoughts running through your head affected your surroundings and sent the flame crazy. I’ve broken my lightbulb playing depressing songs on repeat.

      • Yes it is normal for a dragon and pyro werewolf, but not for a normal person obviously. I am unusual because I am a dragon werewolf, but I hate the heat. Can anyone tell me what this means? And yes, I am positive I am a dragon wolf because I am a wolf/dragon hybrid in wolf form. And when I read what the dragon clan is about, I felt a big connection. Also, the dragon moon is in May, and my birthday is in May. It is just meant to be :)

  3. :???: please help. I’m lost and confused. I do not know if I am a werewolf but I think i am. I have a birthmark that looks like the moon, I love for meat, speed and fire, and I am very athletic. Please help me!

  4. Hi my name is Amminee and I’m a wolfen. But my human body will not allow me to change into my wolf form. But since I got ahold of some human blood my human half has been showing my wolf half. It always starts a week before the moon or with my moods. The first thing that always happens is my eyes will stay yellow and look like they can glow. And I want blood something bad before every full moon but again my body won’t let me change. I feel all the pain and my bones will move and ect but my human half always wins I guess. Does anyone know what I can do to just go ahead and change? So I can take back control over it please help me out :) and thank you

    • Just wait. If you have dreams of wolves, or a wolf, watch these dreams closely. They mean something that is the reason that your not shifting. Hunt and kill the dark figures, or the things that send waves of terror through your body. That is the fear that you are supposed to kill in order for you to transform. Just trust your instinct, it will lead you away, but in a way don’t trust it and go in the opposite direction.

  5. You need to help me! I said a spell at full moon light and real the next full moon i was sweating i dont know what to do my teeths r huge and im eating alot of meat i can move and shake my ears and i can put them dow dogs follow meh when i pass by and i can understand them in real and i can answere them i have a question: Am i a Werewolf? Plaz answere me dude im freaking out but ancious i really want to be 1 answere as soon as possible plz next moon is today and today is May 1st 2013!! :shock:

  6. Look, er.. I’m having troubles connecting with the Wolf in me. I need help. Does anyone know how I can connect with the Wolf inside me? Please, help me. :???: :oops:
    Oh, and.. Please Call me Shadow.

  7. I am a blood moon alpha wolf my silver fur shines brilliantly in the moonlight and I’ve almost grasped how to control my transformations… Need some advice on a few final bumps.

    • Same here I can get that way but then I put it into my own words in my mind. But also you can’t just make up something that will never get understand causes then you and others will never get it, so chose words carefully.

    • I don’t want him to be a wolf forever too, but he might be past the point of no return. This is the point where they have been wolfed out for so long that they lose humanity and are a wolf forever. For newer werewolves this is usually an hour, though more expirienced wolves have been known to go for a week in full wolf form.

  8. Help me!!!! I think I’m a werewolf!! I have weird cravings for meat and on full moons my eyes turn grey and their blue :shock:

  9. I love to run and I also love fire but when ever there’s a full moon I ache and my back and arms hurt but I don’t change or transform its really weird and I have strange cravings for meat and I love the night and the breeze it has when I run but I don’t know what I am entirely and I can’t change but my body aches like I did can someone help me?

      • Yeh i know that. My cousin changes and he started to change around his 13th birthday and I didn’t on my birthday but he said i shared the same things he went through and we both have the gene from our grandpa

  10. Help! I have no clue if I’m a werewolf or not! All I know is that after every full moon it feels like I broke all the bones in my body and I can’t remember anything from before the full moon. I think mines genetic though because my cousin is a werewolf and he said that he wasn’t bitten I need answers right away this is really staring to freak me out and it would be nice if I had answers.

    • Hi mi name is Sachi.I’m a female werewolf and I love the cold I don’t hate fire but the cold makes me fell good. I’m very fast and my eyes change to color silver and when im angry blue. I have silver fur. I have only changed once . My cousin she is about to transform and I’m helping her. I’m the alpha of my pack including me they are four members. My family is supposed to be able to control the cold,snow,water and the color of our eyes to blue,silver,purple,black and green. Please help me I’m new at this I need someone to guide me. ;-)

  11. Ok anybody know of a pack I can join but this would most likely be my alliance because I love fire I have not gotten burnt but I love being near fire it calms me down

  12. Hey, so anyways. I have mostly considered myself a Ghost wolf (i am in process of confirmation) and I have looked at this alliance. now, I love starting fires, in fact lately they start nearly instantly. I love the heat of a fire or the sun but hate summer heat and gettigg over heated. I easily get transfixed by fires and can run my finger through a candle flame (a large one) and not get burned. I am young. Also, I may be a hybrid (oak and ghost) if you can help go to oak and ghost pages. Ah yes, when I have to blow out candles on my last birthday i could barely do it not just because I was smiling just when I blew my breath was so weak and I only blew out one candle! Please help me figure out my clan, find a pack, and figure out my aliance (choose one to help wih or all if you want)

    • I’m in all clans don’t worry stay clam you can get through this yes you can be in different clans all at once but that means that in your family long before you were even born that these clans combined with one another.

    • Uh well you know you don’t have to put your full name down especially when there are a group of people who are called hunters….so good luck and hope you don’t get killed tonight or tomorrow….whichever comes first….and I dunno I’m just another goddess to fix mistakes don’t talk to me…plus just being helpful….

  13. I was wounded by a werewolf last week tho I wasn’t bit I have been having visions and dreams that scare me I’m stronger, faster, and I can here things no one else can. But during the full moon I don’t change into a beast I stay the same but I have an urge to kill I need answers!!!

  14. Hi I am well a werewolf. I’ve always LOVED fire and heat but not the burning sun on me. I’m a bit of wild, and ghost and heat or fire wolf. I just need a pack to help me grasp the ways of the wolf

  15. A few times in my life, I’ve very obviously have been identified with fire. When I was little I’d go to a friend of the families house and play in the fire place with the ashes (no lie) and the warmth has always calmed me down. I also just find myself fascinated with it and always end up playing with this lighter I have. Also once when I was younger, I was cleaning and a candle was burning, I had a rag which accidentally brushed the flame and caught fire and the huge flame consumed most of my hand, it hurt for a second and naturally I ran to the sink for water to put it out, but I wasn’t burned whatsoever. This makes me think the whole fire thing with Pyros fits me haha.

  16. Being one with the wolves is pretty amazing but still it’s only a curse if u choose what u do with ur wolf form ;-) I’m part wild and ghost clan plus pyros cuz I just cling to fire… It’s always been my friend :lol:

  17. I don’t know dude. They wouldn’t even tell me if I’m really a werewolf. I’m certainly not human though. My mom says we are wickeds. Don’t know what that means but then why do the veins in my wrists form W’s and I am tall, strong, and fast for my age. My fingernails grow extremely fast and to sharp points. I can see really well in the dark. I can understand animals,mostly dogs and I’ve seen quite a few wolves following me around since I was attacked one night on a full moon by something extremely fast and strong and huge. The veins in my wrists used to look random but on the next full moon, my arms and my very bones hurt. After I managed to sleep, I woke up to W-shaped veins in my wrists. My eyes get darker a lot. They turn yellowish-gold or red or black on full moons. Am I a werewolf? Help me please

      • And my little sister says i howl, growl, and snarl in my sleep.( on the full moon mostly) on full moons i start to feel really weird and I tend to get a little aggressive at times. My mom has some raw steak laying in the microwave to defrost(ugh frozen meat) and I almost couldn’t stop myself from ripping the package apart(controlling myself around meat is hard) on full moons i start to hurt like my arms, legs, spine, etc. am I really a werewolf for sure? Think of this and my last comment. I’m really confused. I was born in XXXX so I’m probably a lot younger than most of y’all but please help.please help me find my true path in this life. All help will be appreciated. Thank you.

        Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

    • The f$&k?most what you said I can’t comprehend but some of it makes sense so ya you area werewolf and one I never heard of before. You said you were attacked by a beast on a full moon right that might’ve been a werewolf but what did you get hurt dering that attack if you did and if you got that werewolf to bleed the blood from the werewolf might’ve been mixed with your blood coseing you to go through the werewolf transformation

  18. During a full moon I discovered claw marks going across my stomach and side. What’s going on? I had no animals in my house when it happened. What happened? I need answers now please. Does the mark mean something? Or am I really insane? Answers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

    • Samething like that happened to me a cuple nights ago to me. Woke up haveinng a scratch Along the back of my neck and a scratch on my hand it might be the transformation or it could also be a shadow person

  19. If I’m really a werewolf and am XXXXXXXX when can I expect my first transformation? I need answers

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  20. How do I know if I’m a werewolf I think I am but I’m not sure I was born on a ghost moon (moon age 6 days) the profiler sais I’m ghost and Japanese mythos plus my hair and nails grow back quickly and I have this app called monstrometer and it keeps saying werewolf(vampire, zombie) mostly werewolf.

    • Same here but the moon I was born on is the wind moon and you don’t know for sure If your a werewolf or not but best way to know is when you do transform or if you have an inner color line around the senter of your eye ( make sure it is a different color then black).

      • Hi my mane us wolf and I’m an animal expert (Manley with wolves,wolverines,and bangers) and monster expert ( Manley with werewolves). I choose this alliance because I love Berning thing and I specially love fire I’ve grown so well with fire that my family calls me ether mr.inferno or firefly. I am mostly werewolf but I’m not fully sure that I am a werewolf I mean I could be a werebear who knows. The rest is a dragon person and a fish monster. Most of my family forgot about my family’s werewolf history and the only people who know about is is me and my two nephews ( manly because we saw big foot and heard him) me and my nehews refer to each other as three of the four ninga turtles. I like explosions,fire,wepons,guns, and off roading

    • Yes I’m like this too, but opposite. I’m a dragon wolf, but I hate the heat, although I do love fire. I have seen many dragons, and I even have pet dragons. I am a wolf/dragon hybrid, so I can fly and breathe fire. My fire, that I’ve learned so far, heals the good, harms the bad.

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