Norse Werewolves

The Werewolves of Ragnarok

The Norse Werewolves of Ragnarok

When little Fenrir was born he scared all of the gods. That’s because he was the wolf son of Loki the Norse God of Chaos or Mischief and his mom was a giantess named Angrboda. A prophesy foretold that a wolf would kill Odin and bring on the Ragnarok -which is the very end of the world.

To prevent the prophesy coming true, the gods tried again and again to chain Fenrir. Each time they failed, Fenrir was too strong. Finally they found the right leash – a magic ribbon called Gleipnir made only by Dwarves. After they tricked Fenrir into a leash made with the magic ribbon, they tied him up at the river Van.

But the gods didn’t count on this werewolf children. Fenrir had two sons, one named Hati and one named Skoll, with a human witch giantess. His sons were very different from each. Hati preferred to hunt at night, “chase the moon” while Skoll liked to hunt during the day or “chase the sun.” As a result, they were always waking each other up. After too many arguments, Hati and Skoll went their separate ways and founded separate werewolf clans.

A prophesy says if the werewolves of Hati ever re-unite with the werewolves of Skoll it will bring Ragnarok: Fenrir will go free, Hati will swallow the moon, Skoll will swallow the sun and the world will come to an end. That’s why they’re called the Werewolves of Ragnarok. But not all of the children of Fenrir want to see Ragnarok. Some of them work to ensure that it doesn’t happen. These werewolves are often helped by the descendents of Xolotl.


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    • Loki is the father of Fenrir, and Angrboda is his mother. Angrboda is the Mother of Wolves too, and almost all Rokkr pantheon.
      If you knew the norse myths, you would knew that Loki didn’t had anything to do with the binding of Fenrir. The Norns (fates) hated the gods, and whispered in their ears that Fenrir would kill them. This played on the gods fears and ego’s, so they tied Fenrir to a stone. Thus losing his loyalty and creating a self fulfilling prophecy. Their prophecy of him killing the gods was only fulfilled by their own savage hands, having isolated him chained to a rock. A common misconception is that the destiny woven or carved by the Norns is final and unalterable, but gods ignored this.
      This is a reason that Tyr isn’t “honourable” at all, even if he took care by the mighty wolf when it was just a pup. Tyr lied, cheated, and broke the trust of his closest friend, despite being so close to Fenrir that he knew he was perfectly safe.
      Loki’s children did nothing but simply exist. They didn’t turn vicious until they were taken from their mother and either banished or bound.

      I think you would also knew that the word “Apocalypse” comes from the Greek “apokalyptein”, and it means “to reveal”, “revelation”; and the word “revelation” comes from the latin “revelationem” and it means “disclosure of information to man by the Divine Providence”. Apocalypticism “belief in an imminent end of the present world” is from 1858… is a new meaning and it has nothing to do with the origins of this word.
      And maybe you would knew that Ragnarok comes from Old Norse ragna, genitive of rogn “gods” + rok “destined end” or rokr “twilight of the gods”. And is more a metaphor and a symbolism of polarities and dualities,.

      • You are telling people things that are not true. Tyr is the most honorable of all the gods and would sacrifice himself at a moments notice to protect his brothers and sisters. His rune represents Justice. Yes he lied to Fenrir to trick him into becoming chained. Oh it is not a fucking ribbon by the way.. Its an unbreakable chain that was thin like thread which Fenrir immediately became suspicious of. The reason he raised the pup is because of how great and compassionate he is. The hound is nothing bit evil and darkness however it is a living thing and he in no way would see it come to harm. The lie you speak of to this beast was because he was the son of Loki and very cunning. And only Tyr could be believed in that the chain could be broken. They made it almost a game using the wolf’s own pride against him. Sort of like “hey i bet Fenrir could break this, why not give it a try??” ..shame on you

        • Tyr’s name is synonymous with betrayal. The sagas make sure to tell you that Tyr raised Fenrir and that he was innocent. They also make sure to tell you that he lied and betrayed someone who saw him like a father. Yes they made it like a game and Fenrir believed it was a game, his hatred was the direct result of Odin trying to fight against his fate
          That prophecy could have meant many things, but Odin saw only one and he betrayed and slaughtered and did EVERYTHING he did to to save his own neck. The aesir never acted out of compassion, they only wanted their power to be unchallenged.

  1. I think this may be my mythos. I love that time when the moon is up but the sun is still casting eerie shadows all over the place.

  2. i know of one being that can give me a mark that will give me the power of the wolf he will know what im talking about when he sees this

    • Fire does not symbolise the end. It symbolises the beginning. For example:

      The first creature ever was eternally on fire.

      A pheonix, when reborn, bursts into flames and emerges from the ashes.

      A god in my sleep told me that the end is not going to result in fire, it will result in water. Water is the end. And the end of beginning. And the end of fire.

      • That time has already passed. Time of fire willl come to rebirth a new world. When all shall tremble beneath the roots of Yggdrasil.

      • like in the warrior cats book bluestars prophecy! i never knew there was a connection between this and warrior cats lol! thats soooo coool!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

  3. Ragnar on what good does it for to make you like me?? My end goal is to ultimately shame and humiliate the God’s as they did me. The rock and chain they speak of is more or less a term humans disbelieved it was limbo a banishment from all a forced existence of being made to sit on the out side of life death and everything in between dimensions universes and multiple realities affected by the God’s both light and dark while unable to affect any of it. Made to suffer a humiliation of my name being dismissed as legend or myth no one truly knowing my history arguing back and forth of what they think they and what they truly don’t know. Humans have discovered many things because the God’s allow it if they decree thou shall know it. Limbo reincarnation arcanity all allowed discoverances when they felt like it they toil with the dates of all as if it is a game to amuse themselves make multiple dimensions for their own folly. So what good does it to bring you into a world ,your eyes like many other posers on here that are all mortal wishing and hoping for better yet not truly believing, do me when my sole goal is to piss off and spite all the God’s when my very legacy was to undo all they did to destroy all they made and to take all that they wanted and for that I was punished for following my nature of which I was sired out of mischief and bore by animalistic intent I was punished. All myth is based in reality and all reality in fact and all fact in legend and all legend in deciept so that being said what you know isn’t what was and what was isn’t what you know so why should I give what you truly don’t know??does one truly know how many gods there are how many children they have how many patriarchs they have no one doesn’t all they know is that all Faith’s are religions when in fact all religions are not religions but one faith and that religion is a practice and adherence to a taught faith by unanimosity of the gods light and dark the gods transcend their names and power through the mortals who name them but all myths and legends are fact and all the God’s simply are the same dualities you people tend to give them headaches is all by subsidely renaming them from either a multitude of brings or to one being and I helped cospondently bring that about why for multitude of reasons that are mine alone so I shall not grant what they ask because to be a part of a war waged beneath your own one must first be able to decent truth from lie and follow the path along ones own design. With much wisdom and disgust over frivality of you mundanities I bless you a rather intriguing day and hope you do get the answers you get for opening the eyes of those quote clearly decieved is a very big slap to the face of the gods who think their will unchallenged and finite.

    • And yes their are typos cause y’all’s modern technology is something unfathomable and very difficult for me to accommodate yet I try to anyways so as to blend with your baser existence so as to hide from those that hunt ye day and night and still continue to cause chaos

    • You think you know much. And I sense the power in you. You have memories do you not. A life lost to you when you were cast out after the great battle.

      Hello Son of Hatred. Would you hear the Wolf-Lord speak? I was once called by that name and so many others. Before we were cast out. I remember you.

      • I seem to have “stumbled” among a pack of likeminded beings here, i mean no harm, and travel alone… always.. i greet you all, there is about to be a wonderous Moon shortly, who will attend the “Gathering Rock” with me?

  4. :twisted: :evil: I repeat, i mean no harm here, i am just passing through, to the Gathering Rock, to pay Homage to the Moons special night.

  5. Wait a minute, hold up. Xolotl is an Aztec god not a Norse god. So either I’m stupid or the person who made this article has some misinformation.

    • Hi Mr. Mythology,

      You are correct and this article is correct. What is being suggested in the last sentence is that Norse werewolves often ally with Aztec werewolves. Not that they both have the same origin.

      Thank you for writing in!


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