Metallos Alliance

Metallan Allies seek power in technology.

The Metallos Alliance represents the clans of wolves who have turned their back on nature as the greatest solution to the problem of survival and turned to adapting existing human technology to suit their needs.

They meet and train in cities, in underground bunkers with weapons, armor and computer technology.

They often strive to become human leaders and unite humans and werewolves in the common goal of progress and peace.

(Although paradoxially, they aren’t above waging war to achieve this.)

The Metallos Alliance is highly regimented, stratified, self-controlled, formal reserved and analytical. Their training is repetitive and physically rigorous. And they police their own with unrelenting force.

In the Metallos Alliance you will find many Bone Wolves, Dragon Wolves, Lightening Wolves and Hunter Wolves.

27 thoughts on “Metallos Alliance

  1. Aeolian Wolves and some members of the Oak Clan can time travel. Aeolian Wolves are werewolves with aerokinetic abilities. Aerokinesis is the manipulation of air. Members of the Oak Clan are winter werewolves who are frequently aided by faeries.

    What does the element air contribute in time travel?

    The one thing that has been present to all of the events of the world throughout all of time is the sky.

    The air has always been there and since the sky is air, time travel is basically moving throughout the memories of the sky, but not in a conventional sense.

    When the heavens turn to a flashback the entire world reverts to that point in memory, which also means change a memory and change the world.

    By logic all events that occur before and after change. The sky is the only witness to all events in both human and supernatural history; this is how the air relates to time travel and therefore the Aeolian Wolves as well.

    However, very few among our ranks know this skill as it is only entrusted to the wise elders and not the foolish youth.

    • I do contact with zombies and mummies. But the corpses are way off the chart! You don’t know what they’re gonna say to you. One time I tried to contact with a corpse, he said: LEAVE ME ALONE AND GET OUT OF MY SIGHT, YOU DIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I have a REALLY hard force against nature. I have some reasons why I don’t like nature. 1. I HATE BEES! 2. The grass makes me itch. 3. I don’t like being out when it’s about to rain. 4. I don’t like when mosquitoes bite. 5. I feel like something is watching me. But I like ONLY the water in nature. It’s because I like to swim.

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