WW Name


Genetic or Bitten?






Pack Affiliation

Pack of diversity

Moon Age


Skills & Abilities

I'm a hunter and a protector of my town, family, pack, and friends.



Favorite Quote

My past has not defined me, destroyed me, deterred me, or defeated me. It has only strengthened me.


I'm 15 and I am the youngest of six siblings. I am a genetic werewolf. How you may ask? Well my father is a werewolf too, and his father and his fathers father and so on. I was told us werewolves came from Spain as they were protectors of ancient land. This much I learned recently through my father who has been translating ancient text which was given to him by his father. I am the alpha female of a pack called the pack of diversity. My boyfriend is the alpha male. We had an idea for a pack when we first met and creating this pack has only brought us closer together. We created the pack for all supernaturals who were seeking a family in which to understand and help them. As of right now we have twelve members in our pack. I have been looking for ways to get help and questions answered ever since I moved away from my father. I call him all the time but I fear of my mother finding out and she would not like me being a werewolf as she is not as supportive as I would think sadly. This is my story, my history, my life.