Hróðvitnir Vanagandr


WW Name

Hróðvitnir Vanagandr

Genetic or Bitten?




Pack Affiliation

Alpha of alphas

Moon Age

Too many to count.

Skills & Abilities

Can control and manipulate the ethereal, the last remaining god. All the skills ofa werewolf due to my status as a wolf god.



Favorite Quote

"Men must live and create; live to the point of tears." – Albert Camus


Millennia on millennia ago, the gods ruled in Asgard, side by side with the world tree. We ruled in harmony with the roman, greek, Egyptian gods, you name it. We were savagely slaughtered and our rebirth cycles ended by the Necromancer, a little rival of mine. I alone escaped and have been existing throughout dimensions and universes, inhabiting a different host and using them for energy for an unquantifiable amount of time, until I ended up on this planet at this time. The revolution of the Mythicals is coming.