WW Name



Blood Clan (Oct)

Genetic or Bitten?






Pack Affiliation

Crimsonpaw Pack (Alpha)

Moon Age


Skills & Abilities

Fast, able to detect dark entities, able to fight and defeat them, willing to fight them if needed.


Less energetic than I was during the first few days before the Hunter moon.

Favorite Quote

You think you can beat me? The person who I used to be…no longer exists. Now, I have become the most powerful being in this universe! And if you try to stop me…you will die.


I finally realized something about me, It seems I have always had my abilities, but two years ago, I lost a lot of my power to an extremely powerful dark entity. I have tried to restore what I once was, but I’ve had no luck. While I can spiritually shift to the Wolf you see as my profile picture, to physically shift to him has become an impossible task. Ever since then, I made a vow to hunt down and destroy dark entities to protect this world. I have faced many of them since I first chose to heed the call of the original Hunter wolves. I have also made a vow to destroy other Hunter Wolves that I know who refuse to heed the original mandate of the Hunter Wolves. It is unknown if I’m the only one that has remained true to the call of the Hunter Wolf mandate. I also learned over time, that there is more than just a Wolf within, I am able to choose between the Wolf and a Black Gryphon. Ever since I learned this, I’ve been trying to integrate the Wolf with the Gryphon and have been met with some success.