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    Listen up, while I may not have the powerful personality of an Alpha, let’s clear up a few things shall we? Firstly, since I’m not always active in this group, that doesn’t mean I expect it to go into ruin. There will be times when I try to start some conversation or another. Secondly, Like Maugrim and Eirik before Blitzer and myself, I expect this group to hold together. Even if that means trying to find any and all supernatural beings that we can find, be warned however, as I’m a Hunter Werewolf, I’ll leave much of the conversation to Blitzer, because my clan isn’t designed to work that closely with vampires or things of that nature. I will accept them though, and finally, I leave the recruitment to this group in Blitzer’s paws as well, I will answer questions though, at least to the best of my ability.